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Found 12 results

  1. Here, Prince Fang has to choose between two beautiful, powerful princesses: the cool and frigid Whitney, or the fiery and mischievous Audie. Deviantart:
  2. Looking back at season 8 and the Student 6 raised an interesting possibility we may never see in this generation. All but Sandbar in that group are nonponies, so there’s a high chance that eventually a leader would emerge, much as Twilight did from the Mane 6. Presumably, Starswirl was supposed to be the leader of the Pillars of Equestria, but they were sealed away and his inability to reach out and help Stygian prevented hus ascension,to alicorn. But assuming a leader emerges and goes through a transformation for the Student 6, how would the process work for each individual? At least in the comics we have an example of a Starswirl as a male pony ascended to alicorn: and of course we have Thorax as the changeling ruler: But what happens if say a griffon, dragon or hippogriff becomes a Prince(ess) of Friendship and ascends? Do they become bigger and grow a horn outta their heads with super strength. Would a yak like Yona also grow a horn and wings, which sounds both funny and awkward? Perhaps this is a realm that fanfiction can best explore. Share your thoughts.
  3. When I listen to the music of Prince of Egypt (1998), I feel more impacted by the song Deliver Us, because of the similarities of My OC's backstory, the slavery of my people outside the midst of a civil war in his kingdom, working down to the bone, as Princess Victorias (my real mother) and Prince Valconos (my real father) is forced to send their child away to protect him from the horrors of the war. And the time of ancient Egypt brings me that feeling of ancient nostalgia for my OC, to which he was from, which was Ancient Equestria, where Changelings and Dragon(ponies)s were once accepted and feared just like anypony in society. The river scene also gave a sense of rememberance, as my OC's mother gave Eternal as an egg to her best friend River Nature to keep me safe as a guardian. And the find the final line and scene of the song "send a shepherd to shepherd us" was what I find to be an inside nod to my OC breaking the war from it's knees by his return, and return his kingdom to the way it was supposed to be, a paradise for all ponies to enjoy and stay, where all races are accepted among society, like the ancient times of Equestria. and the video done by Youtuber artist Jonathan Young an Caleb Hyles is especially reminiscent of that feeling increased tenfold. What are your thoughts on this video, and what do you think of my oc's backstory? can ya'll find the similarities of my backstory as I mention in the video as well? I'd love to hear thoughts as well.
  4. Today, another great star of 80s music has left this earth. Prince died today with 57 year of age, supposedly through a flu that he got a week ago and has lied in a hospital since then. Prince became famous in the 80s, where he became famous for songs like Kiss, Sexy MF and Purple Rain, where he got an oscar for. RIP Prince, i hope you will laugh forever in the purple rain.
  5. Hello! This is my remix of '12115' by PrinceWhateverer~! I hope you enjoy! ^^ I'm glad to have had the chance to make a remix for such a good friend of mine. --- Soundcloud Stream : Bandcamp (Download) : --- Original mix, master, composition by PrinceWhateverer Art by Dreamchan PrinceWhateverer on Youtube : PrinceWhateverer on Facebook : PrinceWhateverer on Google+ : Pronc on Soundcloud : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : ---
  6. Hello! It is just kind of a random question, but I am wondering what it would be like to see a male alicorn in the show? Personally I think it would be really cool to see a stallion alicorn. I think it would be interesting if he was either played as a villain, maybe not someone long ago defeated as that is pretty played out by now. Or as someone that the princess's need to work with to stop another enemy. For the most part I would just want hasbro/dhx to do something original and interesting. what do you think would happen? How would he be played? or what would he be like? How would the fan base respond?
  7. Hey everypony!! Got a new one of my Dislestia kid, Prince Pax. And you know some little kids, they just can't help but bring home every critter they find... Yes, that IS a baby manticore. XD Celestia was mildly confused, Discord was highly amused. I just loved working on the designs for BOTH these little cuties. I've always been a fan of the idea that Celestia and Luna had more normal looking manes when they were younger, and as they got older and more powerful, their manes become more wavy and sparkly. Pax is the same way. And manticub = D'AWWWW!! <333 Here's a link to the Deviation page: Enjoy!! Comments and feedback are loved and appreciated. <3
  8. Hey guys!! Just finished a new picture!! It's Dislestia kid, Prince Pax again. This time with Aunt Fluttershy. As always, feedback and comments loved and appreciated: Oh my gosh, so proud of this one!! <3 First time drawing Fluttershy, and the background turned out nice. I was considering not making it too complicated this time, but once I'd started, I couldn't stop. But hey, at least I finished before friggin' midnight!! XDD Here's the link to the DeviantArt page: I wrote some info about the piece's developement, and a little dialogue between Pax and Fluttershy in the artist comments. XD Hope you enjoy. I love doing pony art. <3
  9. Hi! I need some help. I want to make an OC but I can't do it myself. It just doesn't work out. :c Name: Arua Prince (Yes that's first and last name. He is usually called Prince Arua or just Prince) Colors: Light blue/aqua/something that fits Cutie mark: See picture, doesn't need to be exact but something with a crown Keywords: Clouds, the sky, birds, royalties, cute victorian Personality: TL;DR Kind, Shy, Non-selfish and a hardcore daydreamer Arua is a pony who's mind never is down on earth. When he isn't flying around in the sky, flying through cloud to cloud he is daydreaming about it. Flying is his passion. As a person he is one of the sweetest and kindest ponies you'll ever meet. He never puts himself before anyone else's needs and wouldn't harm a fly! He is shy though, really shy. Some people call him a male version of Fluttershy. The only time Arua gets mad is when someone is mean to his friends or does something mean to someone. If something could make me this I would love you forever and praise you like if you were a god. Thanks ;w; (The pictures are inspiration for how he is supposed to look like in human form)
  10. So we all have seen them before. The mother, whose appearence is probably based off of previous generation Twilight Sparkle And the Father, who I can't relate to anything I can think of. Their Son and Daughter are now Prince and Princesses. Are they still considered "Townsfolk of Canterlot?" Or are they now a part of Royalty? I mean, they gave birth to the one of the Princes and Princesses for Pete's sake! What do you think life is like for them now?
  11. I made wallpaper for Pinkie Pie in a recent fit i had today, so i wanted to show you guy's opinion and i also made myself a new personal wallpaper, hope you love it!
  12. I got a request and a challenge in the last 2 days, can you guess which was which? :3 both are not my OCs nor vectors