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Found 66 results

  1. Metaphorical Twilight Journey Then, when the day ends (Celestia), during sunset (Sunset), the twilight makes its brief appearance (Twilight) that unites day and night, but also divides them, brings the night back (Luna at the season premiere 1) next to the stars (Starlight in The Cutie Re-Mark), the entire night would be Twilight's journey (from whens she arrived in Ponyville until she left). The twilight would be from when she moved to Canterlot until the appearance of Luster Dawn. Again twilight appears and welcomes dawn, which means a new beginning, leaving behind the night and the previous day, beginning a new cycle of harmony. Celestia (day); Sunset; ---- Twilight (Night; Luna (moon) and (Star)light) Twilight ---- Luster (Dawn). -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- So what do you think? Makes sense? Does it fit the story?
  2. Who is your favorite princess in the show? Celestia, Luna or Cadance? My favorites are Cadance and Luna, but I like Celestia too.
  3. Lately, on Deviantart I've seen Bronies complaining about Twilight Sparkle becoming an Alicorn and Princess at the same time and that they said that she's a 'Mary Sue'. How in the hell does that make her a 'Mary Sue'? :| I've nearly watched all five seasons(I missed some episodes) and the first three seasons is that she barely shows signs of being a canon Mary Sue. I don't think that some anti Twilicorn fans(not the sane ones and I'm fine if you don't like her) even knows what Mary Sue is, they just throw it at her without researching her. One Brony(I won't say the name) compares her to Bella Swan from Twilight Book series. The difference between those two is that Twilight has flaws while Bella has none. Twilight had to earn things and learn it the hard way while Bella barely does shit and everyone loves her for it despite that she treats her friends and family like shit and wants to leave them with Edward(she wanted to be a vampire so she won't age and become old and ugly, how shallow is that?) despite that her family is not abusive. If Twilight was a Mary Sue, she would have become a Princess Alicorn on the very first episode without working her way up or that she would have learn a high level magic to defeat Trixie or that she would have gotten her crown back in Equestria Girls without going through all the trouble. What do you guys think?
  4. I think the writers had a bit of a problem with the whole 'Princess' title, first with making Celestia a Princess rather than a Queen, then with Cadance and Twilight being princesses. But its not like traditional concepts of 'Princess' can be tossed away either, because Princess Platinum is a princess, meaning a daughter of a monarch. The Journal of the two sisters, and if you accept it as canon, the IDW comics, provide some insight into what Princesses are. And why ponies don't seem to care too much that Twilight is a Princess, especially in manehatten So here is my theory. The 'Journal of the Two sisters' makes it clear that Celestia and Luna are not really 'rulers' of Equestria, more like 'protectors', so I think the princess titles that they have are just that, just titles. They didn't make them Queens because they don't have the authority. In the Luna micro-comic, Celestia's main job (other than protector) is a Bureaucrat, and has another job as head of a magic school (in the Celestia micro-comic). Luna fights monsters and... I guess jumping into ponies dreams. So if they rule Canterlot directly, they don't seem to rule anywhere ells in Equestria directly, like the people in Manehatten don't seem to care about royalty (entitled aristocrats can wait in line for the taxi like everypony ells!) So maybe Princess Twilight was just a curiosity at best because as far as anypony knows, all she did was was study in a library (not including the times she saved the world, nopony remembers those for some reason, so lets forget that point), so who cares what some minor-aristocrat with no job does? But now Twilight both has a Castle and a job, and so does Cadance with that Crystal Empire thing. So to put it simply. For Equestrians I guess its like this... Twilight becomes an Alicorn = Rare, but whatever, its just wings. Twilight is a Princess = And Blueblood is a Prince, so what? Twilight has a Castle and a Job? = OK, now she is important. Thats how I think it is anyways.
  5. Hello there! So, I run this MLP Webcomic, where it is about a young inexperienced Dragon, who does not know what he is doing. He is trying to help gain allies with the ponies, while his own homelands are under attack! However, Pony Politics is not as easy, is it seems. So the young and inexperienced ambassador, has to learn the hard way as to how pony politics work. I am the story Writer/MOD and my friend "The Professor" is the one who draws the strips. Will the Ambassador Gain the ponies as Allies? Will he make a fool of himself? Let's Find out! Link to the web comic in Story Order: Link to Front page: Below you will see a handful of panels from the web-comic and sending in questions or statements via Tumblr, does help influence the story. Come on down and help the Ambassador!
  6. Hi everypony! hope you like my latest finished drawings !! Shimmering_Starlight ( My OC ) This is Jet Black he is not my OC He was a request from a friend This is my sisters OC Cloud Catcher! she was a request from my dear sister And of course we all know who is so I decided to try drawing from this angle and im glad didn't completely fail lol Just some pony practice .. the best thing about this is ... The are drawn with scented marker so the smell amazing!! that is it for now Thank you all every so much for taking a look
  7. Just because you're the Princess of Friendship Twilight, doesn't mean you're above Equestrian Law.
  8. After two weeks and around 60 hours, I present my first digital painting all done in Adobe Photoshop. Also I based this off of a certain video game cover.
  9. Some silly duckpone for a change :3 Enjoy! <3 Direct Link:
  10. So, some time not too long ago, there was something tweeted about "not all alicorns keep their wings". After today's episode with how Twilight acted towards Starlight and Trixie, it made me think a bit... Twilight has been kinda uppity and egotistical since season 5 started, but in S5 is was kinda small and gradual...but S6 she seems to be REALLY blowing it out there. I somehow doubt today was her peak in that.... So, after thinking a bit I thought of a theory...Twilight is going to get her wings taken away and be a non-princess or whatever. Considering how she's been acting recently, and how she seems to be forgetting or ignoring what she learned through the first 3 seasons, and her gradual progress in S4, made me think she's gonna lose her alicorn status, and have to probably go through some relearning thing to realize what she's been doing. Anyone else think so? I know it would be kinda lame IMO, but I also thought that with the news of the pony movie, that maybe she might end up being a unicorn before it, then re-earn it in the movie?
  11. Should Midnight have crossed over into Equestria, she would've met resistance, most likely from her Equestrian double in Alicorn form. Who would win in a fight between an Alicorn princess with a wide arsenal of powerful spells, and a dark magic wielding human that can rend reality itself?
  12. Are celestia and luna immortal in eqh? If mlp's concept of alternate dimensions runs correct - all alternate instances of all characters in all dimensions are connected - so if you hurt one you hurt all instances of them in every dimension. Under this logic luna and celestia would also have to have lived as long, because as EVERYTHING is aligned the same , all the same characters etc, events would have to have transpired similarly, which means celestia and luna have to be over 1000 years - and without magic this forms a plot hole. I believe as a result of this magic DOES exist in eqh, it just has been dormant for a long time - otherwise magic wouldn't even be able to be BROUGHT into their dimension. I think the crown simply activated "the magic within". It might also explain why luna and celestia seem to be so "unphased" by all of this. It is stated that celestia visited a lot of other dimensions - perhaps she has already visited this one and thus both celestias are already aware of each others existence.
  13. my last big piece of this year ;3; Im really liking how Twilight turned out! she seems older and more graceful <3
  14. made a quick drawing of twilight ;3; i draw her a lottttttt
  15. this took FOREVER but oh gosh I love how it turned out ;3;
  16. As we all know, Twilight Sparkle becoming a princess in the Season 3 finale was a huge game-changer. I love the idea of Twilight solving Starswirl's spell and saving her friends in order to become a princess, but if this is the reason that she became a princess, I feel that Twilight should've went a step further in her discovery. She "solved" the spell by pairing up her friends with their corresponding elements of harmony, but to me, a solution like that to a spell like this is not satisfying enough. The use of the elements of harmony in the finale left me with some fairly legitimate questions. "What would happen if somepony that wasn't in the Mane 6 got their cutie mark switched like in this episode? How would they regain their memories and change their cutie mark back if they did not have a corresponding element of harmony?" These are some thoughts that I've had for a while now, and although this is a bit late for discussion, I'd still really love to hear everypony's thoughts on this topic. Please let me know any and all of your theories and/or solutions that will justify Twilight earning her royal position. Your participation in this discussion is greatly appreciated.
  17. So Twilights a princess, and she's not complete as the princess of friendship without her friends. Their mission now is to solve all anti-friendship problems in Equestria and beyond, patrolling the streets stopping feuds, gangs, and dying traditions. What could we call them, exactly, that we have? Are they like the police? army? national guard? freedom fighters? girl scouts?
  18. eee finally got my computer working enough to finished this ;3;
  19. I finished the sketch of our pretty princesses. on deviantART Princess Luna © Hasbro Princess Twilight Sparkle © Hasbro Art © Me
  20. This is a sketch of our two pretty princesses. Moonbutt and starbutt. EDIT: Forgot to put Starbutts cutie mark there. oopsies. Will remember to add that in the final drawing.
  21. I hope this meme stays around for a long time. <--- Image credit. P.S.: Fixed link.