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Found 11 results

  1. After almost a year of procrastination, I am finally ready to release the first chapter to my fanfic, Solitary Twilight. A new day had just begun in the village of Ponyville. As the sun emerged over the horizon, rays of light turned the black night into orange morning. The air was moist and warm, with a gentle breeze to accompany it. The quite village began to awaken from last night’s slumber as residents slowly emerged from their houses. Among those returning to the realm of the awakening, was a purple unicorn mare who lived inside a tree library in the middle of Ponyville named Twilight Sparkle. Twilight was giving an unpleasant sting that immediately jolted her awake. Her head ached and her neck was stiff due to being keep in an awkward position last night. Twilight groaned. She wanted to go back to sleep but the morning light kept bombarding her eyelids with a never ending stream of light despite having slept like a foal last night, Twilight felt like she just napped for little more than an hour. Her head throbbed, like she had been clubbed repeatedly. As her senses returned to her, Twilight gave in to the illuminated sting and opened her eyes to find herself in her bedroom. Her sheets were mangled in a twisted fashion and were dampened with sweat. She was greeted by a dusty wood-like smell that she had grown accustomed to since she first arrived in ponyville. Her bedroom was coated the rising sun’s pink and orange hue that warmed Twilight, almost as if it were comforting her from last night’s ordeal. Still, her headache plagued her like a splinter in her mind that just refused to stop poking her, and the sun refused to let her sleep in any further. Twilight dragged herself out of bed and fumbled downstairs as she tried to regain her balance. The pain in her stiff neck began to get much worse. As she made her way down to the kitchen, her body aches began to depart from her with every step. When Twilight made her way down to the kitchen, she immediately noticed that Spike, her assistant baby dragon was nowhere to be seen. “Spike?” Twilight called out, but there was no reply “Where is he?” Twilight said irritably. “If he’s sleeping in, I swear to Celestia I don’t know what I’ll do!” Twilight said with a growling tone. She went over to his bed, only to find it empty. Twilight became confused and impatient with hunger. As her stomach became racked with hunger, Twilight clumsily stepped back into the kitchen when she noticed a hastily written note under her coffee pot. Twilight, We were out of breakfast items. So I’m going to the market to grab a few things. I’ll be back in a bit. Spike. Reading those words gave Twilight warm feelings of affection and washed away her irritation. “Well at least the coffee is ready.” Twilight thought. “Maybe a little caffeine will help me wake up and get rid of this darn headache!” She said as she poured some coffee into a mug. The sweet roasted aroma and warm steam lifted her senses and revived her from the weighted sleepiness that was dragging her down. As she began to take her first sip, she noticed a newspaper article on the counter a few inches from the coffee pot. She looked at it and saw the bold headline; MAGIC DOLL CAUSES RAMPAGE AND DESTRUCTION! It was about the events that had occurred last night, when Twilight had needed to get a friendship letter to Princess Celestia. But since there was no friendship problem for her to solve, she decided to make one by making almost everyone in Ponyville mindlessly in love with her smartypants doll with a “Want-It-Need-It” spell, which backfired and caused many ponies to be injured and property to be destroyed. Despite her reckless actions, Princess Celestia had forgiven Twilight and had lightened the conditions of when to send her a friendship letter. Feelings of shame returned to her as she recalled yesterday’s events, but she soon shrugged it off. “Well it could have been worse.” Twilight said with relief as she proceeded to throw the newspaper in the trash can. As she continued to drink her coffee, she looked up at her clock, which stated 8:46 AM. She had plenty of time to enjoy her coffee before it was time to write down and plan today’s schedule. She had forgotten to do it last night because she was stressed out and tired from yesterday’s events. As Twilight thought about what she needed to do and accomplish today, she began to pace back and forth like she normally did. As she finished her coffee, the incessant headache began to disappear and she was able to think a lot more clearly. As Twilight began to completely free herself from sleep inertia, she felt that despite yesterday’s events, things were going to be alright. Twilight began to feel buoyant with optimism with thoughts of joy. She felt like bouncing around like Pinkie Pie. Twilight sat down at her desk, levitated a quill and parchment towards her and began to write down what she was going to do today. She planned to help Applejack on the farm, have lunch at Sugercube Corner with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, and help Rarity out at her boutique with a few of her designs. Her thoughts were only interrupted by the loud growls of her stomach. By now, Twilight’s hunger was starting to get really out of control. She wondered when Spike would be back with those groceries he said he was getting. Twilight began to get impatient. “Where is that dragon?” She thought. “ He should have been back by now.” She then started to worry. “What if he’s having a hard time deciding what to buy?” She thought. “I should probably go out and find him.” She said. “Besides, he may not have brought enough bits to pay for the break-“ Twilight was interrupted and spooked by the sound of a teleportation spell. “Hello!” She called out. “W-who’s there?” She stuttered Twilight glanced all over her library to see who had teleported into her humble abode. She saw a tall mass concealed by shadow in a corner. “Reveal yourself!” she shouted. The mass then came forward to reveal a tall white alicorn with huge wings and dressed in regalia. It was none other than her mentor, Princess Celestia. Twilight, who had gotten out of bed not to long ago was shocked. She had not been expecting Celestia “Princess!?!” Twilight said in a surprised tone. “What are you doing here?” She asked. Celestia said nothing, but instead turned her head as her facial expression went from blank, to one of regret and sorrow. Her pupils dilated as a tear began to trickle down her eyes. “Princess, whats wrong? Did something happen?” Twilight said out of curiosity. “Forgive me Twilight, my star pupil.” Celestia said in a saddened tone. Twilight immediately felt a force tackle her to the ground and pinned her to the ground. She let out a shriek as she saw a pair of shackles were placed on her hooves. Twilight tried to fight back, she was powerless as she felt her horn being wrapped in a cold, heavy like material that was followed by a ring like object that made a loud click and secured the horn cover. “PRINCESS, PLEASE HELP ME!!!” Twilight screamed. But her mentor just stood there and watched her student squirm as hoofcuffs were levitated and latched onto Twilight’s front hooves. The force that had tackled her to the ground and pinned, lifted from her, as a dark coated stallion, clad in dark grey armor that covered its face stepped in to view and stood by Celestia. “What’s happening!?!” Twilight cried. “What are you doing princess!?!” There was a short pause before Celestia replied in a stark tone of voice. “I’m sorry Twilight, but I have to put you under arrest.” Twilight was dumbfounded. She began to panic. “W-what? Why!?!” She replied hotly. “ I am arresting you for the crimes that you have committed yesterday.” Celestia replied. “B-but you forgave me for that yesterday Princess!” Twilight replied with confusion. “You said yesterday that you would forget my punishment if I se-“ “Somepony suffered a fatal injury and died in the hospital last night Twilight.” Celestia interrupted in a voice of intimidation. Twilight immediately froze. “S-some…p-pony d-died?” Twilight stuttered. The feelings of happiness that she had moments ago were extinguished like a candle light. Her heart began to race, as thoughts of guilt and fear began to take hold of her mind. “Yes Twilight.” Celestia said in an increasingly adamant tone.” Somepony suffered a puncture to the heart and died of internal bleeding.” She continued, “And that is considered involuntary pony slaughter, which is something that I simply cannot let go unpunished.” Tears began form in Twilight’s eyes. “Does this mean you’re putting me in jail?” She asked in high pitched sobbingly manner. Celestia closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I don’t like this anymore than you do Twilight, but this is a crime that is too serious for me to just ignore, so yes, I’m going to have to take you to jail.” She said in a cold, emotionless manner. Celestia’s words sent a cold shiver down Twilight’s spine. Her world as she knew it felt as if it was suddenly falling apart. She had unwittingly killed somepony yesterday because of her reckless actions, and now she would be held accountable. “N-no...” Twilight sobbed in a hushed manner as tears began to flow across her face at a much faster rate, like a cold river overflowing across her face. “Please princess, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!” She cried. “I know my faithful student.” Celestia said. ”But a princess I am obligated to protect my subjects and to carry out justice and punish wrongdoers!” Twilight attempted to plea to the Princess not to arrest her, but she was soon interrupted. “I’m taking you to the Canterlot Detention Center, where you will be held until your court date. I will see if I can get you a lighter sentence, but I can’t make any promises.” Celestia said in a very serious tone. Twilight’s blood went from cold, to frozen to the point where not even the sun could keep her warm. Celestia’s horn began to illuminate as she teleported out of the Golden Oak Library, taking Twilight, and the armored guard with her, leaving Twilight’s humble abode empty and silent, as if she never existed. On Twilight’s desk was her coffee mug that was half full and her incomplete schedule that she never finished.
  2. Hey, I actually posted this topic back in early April. I've been working on and brainstorming ideas for a fanfic that I hope to have out in July. Its an alternate ending to Lesson Zero where somepony dies during the events and Celestia has to hold Twilight accountable. Celestia Incarcerates Twilight in a northern prison that is hundreds of miles away from ponyville, where she is cut off from her friends and family. As she serves her time, her character begins to change as she becomes less of a nerdy bookworm and more aggressive, before being visited by the res of the mane 6 and realizing that she had turned into a monster. I've already greenlighted the project and I'm shooting for July 11th as my launch date complete with the first 5 chapters and coverart. That being said, I am looking for editors who can revise and edit my work. If you're interested in applying as an editor, please PM me or contact me through deviantart.
  3. As she lies down on her stained, stinking mat which barely cushioned her against the cold ground, Twilight exhaled heavily as tears began to fall down her face as thoughts began again to race through her mind. She began think about things she had already thought about. She knows that the Want-it-Need-It Spell she casted was a Class 3 Banned spell, and that Mr. Cake had died in the scuffle that followed. Twilight knew that she would be held accountable for her reckless actions and lack of judgement. Nevertheless, she kept wondering about several things; How long was Princess Celestia going to put her away? Will her friends and family still love her when she gets out? Will her life return to normal after she had served her sentence? What will happen to Spike while she's incarcerated? What will happen to her in prison? Just the thought of having to spend years in a dingy, cold prison cell far away from her friends and family and surrounded by criminals sent chills down her spine. All of these questions and more would be answered tomorrow, when she goes to court to be judged and sentenced. "Get a hold of yourself Twilight." She said to herself. "You'll make it out of this. You can get through." To alleviate stress and to take her mind off her predicament Twilight thought back on the days when she was a little girl. She was a lonely little filly, with no friends and was socially awkward throughout most of her childhood. But despite her anxiety, she always had Princess Celestia to comfort her. She had always looked up to the Princess as something of a second mother who guided her when she needed her the most. But has her heart began to warm up from her sweet fillyhood memories, it fell back into a state of cold sadness and fear, because that same Princess that she loved her whole life was now going to put her away in prison to live with other criminals. Tears flooded down Twilight's face with hard and heavy sobbing. Eventually her tears began to form a puddle on the cold, dusty, concrete floor. Truly, her heart was broken. For those of you who do not know what is going on here, this is part of a Fanfic that I have been working on for some time now. If you want more info on it; click here: Tell me what you think, let me know in the comments.
  4. After a girls night out with the mane 6, Rainbow is drunk from too many ciders. Twilight insisted that Rainbow sleeps at her library for the night, but Rainow dash, too stuborn to take advice from an egghead, attempts to fly back to her cloud home. She swirlved left and right before crashing into a house and leaving a big hole. The owner called the police who upon trying to arrest rainbow dash were puked on by the drunken mare before she passed out. Hours later, Dashie woke up in jail cell on a cot. As she regained concious, she noticed that she was shackled in chains and was clad in an orange jumpsuit. Still hung over, she freaked out and cried for help. She was later informed that she had been charged with flying under the influence, drunk in public, assaulting a police officer, and resisting arrest. She was sentenced to two years at Canterlot Royal Prison.
  5. After the events of Lesson Zero, Princess Celestia arrested Twilight under the charges of illegal usage of magic, mass destruction, brainwashing, disturbing the peace, public nuisance, multiple counts of assault and serious injury, and filly abuse. Twilight, feeling betrayed by her mentor made little defense during her trial. In the end she cut a plea deal and received a reduced sentence of 3 years of incarceration at Canterlot Royal Penitentiary.
  6. Shining Armor is devastated when he finds his little sister imprisoned.
  7. "Hurry up and get your Jumpsuit on!" The Guard yelled as Twilight hastily buttoned up her prison issued orange jumpsuit. She then looked at herself in the mirror, and her heart sank as she saw herself wearing what was basically a badge of shame. Her tacky garment felt snug but made it a little difficult to move her limbs. The fabric was also stiff and not very flexible. It felt as though her body was imprisoned and restrained. Next, she was taken to what was the booking room where she had her hoof prints and mugshot taken. When she looked at her rapsheet, it reminded her that she was no longer Princess Celestia's Star Pupil and was now a lowly criminal. At that point, she began to tear up and started sobbing, but the guard's expression remained unchanged. "This way prisoner." He ordered her in a deep authoritarian voice. The moment he referred to her as prisoner and not ma'am or miss, Twilight's heart became heavy with sadness and guilt. The thought of being called Prisoner was unbearable to her, but she would have to accept that's what she now was, and would be living like that for the next two years. The guard led twilight down a dimly lit corridor with rows of steel doors on both sides. Finally, they came to a door on the left. The guard inserted one of his keys into the keyhole and with a loud click and thud, he opened the steel door. "Get in", He ordered Twilight. She did as she was told, and entered a damp, dark cell with a weathered cot on the right with a a toilet on the left with no sink, and it cold despite it being in the middle of spring. "Welcome to your new home little girl." the guard taunted before slaming the door shut and locking it. When the door closed all of the light suddenly disappeared, and with it all of Twilight's hopes and aspirations as well as her old life. She collapsed on her cot and began to sob and cry. Tears poured across her face, sadness took complete control of her heart and mind. She had been betrayed and abandoned by her former teacher who had condemned her to this dark pit of despair. She missed Applejack and her delicious apples. Rainbow dash with her talk of how she was going to be the best flyer. Rarity and her beautiful dresses. Fluttershy and her cute cuddly animals. Pinkie Pie and her fun parties. But above all, she missed spike, the baby dragon she had raised since he was an egg and considered her little brother. She would never see any of them again until she was released, which seemed like centuries, rather than two years.
  8. This OC is Eden Shallowleaf by
  9. Inmates Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust doing their 6 hour shift of janitor duty
  10. This is a remake of another piece i did 2 years ago:
  11. Source: News Report Here What are your thoughts and concerns on the recent out-break of the deadliest Drug Lord in Mexico? Did the government back this up? Was the Prison rigged in the Cartels favor? What will be the implications of his escape? Will this effect the world in a major way? Do you think they will be able to re-capture him? Is this the start of something bigger?