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Found 3 results

  1. Well? They seem rather unpopular nowadays, so I was just wondering. I used to use one until my mom found a way to open it, told my family my secrets, and they proceeded to laugh in my face....wasn't a good day. So, how about you all? Still use one?
  2. Sooo, I decided to write a fan fiction as I currently have writers block on my main project(a full length book based on League of Legends that has been stuck at 40ish pages for months) Please excuse poor grammar and spelling, I wrote this on an iPad and what the autocorrect doesn't play havoc with, the general lag from typing ruins. This is my first fan fiction and the first price of writing I have fully completed, it's also the first time I've written in first person(I decided to read the hunger games, it is written in first person and inspired me to do so too) I would like any feedback on this work, if you liked it but can't think of anything to say a brohoof would be nice Here it is:
  3. So for the people actually interested about hearing about my day, I had a load of tests today. I had 3 all together. One in Biology, one in Algebra 2, and one in Geography... I think I failed them... The last question on the Algebra 2 quiz didn't even make sense... Anyway's other then tests... My band added 4 new songs to our set list... I am so excited about this because one of them I'll fly Higher by Mandopony and Acousticbrony... The other songs are just as awesome. "Perfect", by Pink. "Imagine" John Lennon, and I even fit in "Rolling In The Deep"... I know Awesome right! We have our first gig next week. I will be sure to record it and put it on here for all of you... (that actually care) So there you have how my day was. Dusty S.