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Found 25 results

  1. This has only been a little irksome for me to deal with for a while now, now but this incident has really pushed my patience over the line. To explain as calmly and clearly as I can, I want to know, why text cannot be saved in PMs? Why is it only actual posts and blogs that have the auto save function? ...and not PMs? That blank text box used to be a huge essay worth of text to my girlfriend by the way. That was... until I accidentally clicked the dreaded enter button. Such genuineness of words that I can never get back now. I really need a good explanation for this. -_-
  2. I would like to start a topic in the fanart fourm for tutorials, resources, and tools for the artists and future artists that are looking to draw ponies. However when i try to post an image i keep getting this devination does not exist, or just a bunch of code. Iv tried the special bbcode and keep getting the blank image saying devination does not exist, I also tried posting it in the code button but all i get is a jumble of code no image. I dont know if this is prehaps a problem, or im doing something wrong myself as im not the most code savy person. If someone could prehaps help me id very grateful.
  3. By GOLLY! It's another entry about computers, huh? Wow, I never realized my life consisted of so many bad computer stories. Hmf. Anyway, this is probably the most serious issue I've ever had before, so stay tuned, will ya? About a month ago, just after my copy of Watch_Dogs had become corrupted and after I tried to grease to disk, I realized that it was a lost cause. Yes, the car wax did work, but not entirely. All in all, it let me play about 30 minutes before the entire system shut down, and about 49% of installation on Xbox Hard Drive. Nonetheless, I managed to torrent a copy of Disk 2 (I've got all rights, don't I? I mean, I bought the game) and it required me to put it on a USB drive, or rather, stick. Now, I'm not the kind of person who has twenty USB drives floating about my room; I like to keep everything on one 200GB External Hard Drive. So what do you do when you've run into a problem? You ask the next person above you, in my case, that'd be my father. Simple as that, I ran downstairs and asked for a USB about or greater than 8GBs of space. He said he'd look. About four days later, he comes back with an old USB drive that had approx. 30GBs on it; I was grateful and didn't dare hesitate. I wanted to play W_Ds as soon as possible. I don't remember if I've ever said this before, but I have four computers. Three of them are Laptops, which one of my laptops died (rest in peace), and one of them is a large Dell Dimension from the year 2002. My main laptop has now become what I call, "Le' Brick" or "The Craptop" because it's date goes back to around the same time as my Dell. My third laptop is a Chromebook, but as I said before, I hate that thing. So I plug my USB into the Craptop and find it's got about twenty gigs of movies, which wasn't a problem. Nothing was, until I tried to unplug it. Y'see, for all the new kids on the block (I know there are a few), Windows XP required you to "Safely Remove Hardware" before unplugging it. You can still do it today, (Especially with Macs), but it's not necessary and hardly ever called for. My issue was that my Craptop could no longer remove hardware. Of course, I grew angry and just ripped it out anyway. Shame though, I lost one of my Blog Covers. . . This is when things started to escalate. That night, I plugged in my External, the grande' 200GB "Declassified" Government Property Mofo (with Sticker!), and I noticed the icon for the device was a standard folder icon rather than it's "storage bus" logo. Strange, huh? Well, I then came up with another stupid idea. In the middle of the night, I took my external downstairs and plugged it into the FAMILY COMPUTER to see what was going on. If you hadn't caught on to what happened, Autorun.Inf is a trojan that acts as a contagious virus like the flu. It's origins always come from USBs and, in fact, this is the very reason people tell you not to plug in USBs found on the streets. If you happen to plug in the device, it'll run the Autorun file and that will execute a second program that launches a seed into your Registry. From there, every time autorun is activated on "clean" drives, it'll leech onto that and so forth until the entire world is infected. Their effects are always varied. They can go from disabling hardware to permanently removing all internet access for that one computer. I stayed up to about 3AM figuring out how to get rid of the bug, and eventually, I discovered something that really helped. First off, Anti-Spyware Remover, the most malicious looking antivirus, is actually useful. It managed to pull off and detect (mostly detect) the trojan a mile away. Secondly, that Chromebook I give so much crap? Actually helped in this case. Turns out, because Chromebooks don't run ".exe" files, they are immune to the "disease", not to mention their default (and only) view setting is showing invisible files. Allowing you to access otherwise restricted drive folders for alteration. In the end, I took a kitchen knife and had a bit of fun chopping the drive to pieces. The movies were destroyed and all the computers and externals were disinfected thanks to the Chromebook. Norton 360, an antivirus on my family computer, was able to block all the drives' efforts to sabotage. I was never able to play Watch_Dogs. Lesson of today is a real one. No jokes here. Don't look down at the underdog. Someday, he'll be the one pulling you out of a pickle. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of my MLP Collection after a year of Bronyism. It's a special blog post. -RealityPublishing
  4. Now, I know I'm on hiatus, but I really wanted to get this one off my chest. Consider this entry as a bonus episode, mkay? I like to stay up to date on all things computers. Whether it be the announcement of the Nintendo NX, or the release of Intel's new 10-Core Processor line. It doesn't matter to me; knowing it's out there is good enough to satisfy my craving for faster Specs. Recently, I received the honor of watching the Apple Conference, who, presented their new iPhone 7. Do I have anything against the iPhone? Yes, actually I do. I despise Apple products and their company. Why? It's quite simple. People, this generation of brats, keep trying to find "slim" products to satisfy their fetish for more space in their pockets. In a way, computers today have become a market of companies who compete to create the slimmest laptop. Why do I have a problem with this? Because it destroys the market! We're turning otherwise great computers into potatoes! Wanna get a Chromebook? Sure thing! Hold on while I remove the fan so it can fit in your pants. Wanna buy a top-of-the-line gaming laptop with 4K compatibility? Sure thing! Lemme just remove the Disk Drive so you can't take advantage of any of it! See what I'm going at? Thin computers are okay, but do we really have to sacrifice performance and capability to make it so? What's the point of a 4K gaming laptop if you can't watch 4K movies, or use install disks? I know people rarely buy physical copies, but I'm the kind of person who likes to have a large collection of DVDs or Game Cases. Sure, I'll buy a couple of games on Steam, but what's the point if you can't have that hard plastic to prove you bought it? Why do I give Apple so much crap? Because the computer market today is evolving and Apple is just holding us back. As I mentioned above, Intel released a new processor that completely destroys the rest. 10 Terabyte hard drives are being developed and Nvidia released one of the most powerful GPUs to date, the "Titan X". With these in mind, Apple is no longer the top of the food-chain. They keep trying to reinvent the same old idea like it's some kind of Call of Duty formula. The world's trying to become more powerful in technology, and Apple isn't helping. Their OS, El Capitan, is crap compared to Win10, and even the critics say so (go on, check the stars rating). Their hardware is about as powerful as my Nintendo 64. Apple 4K? Psh, crap. For a price that trumps the rest, you don't get much. Why we still have Apple is a mystery to me. I'd choose Linux XFCE4 over Apple any day. -RealityPublishing (Yes, I'm working on Season Finale Part 2)
  5. I bought one of the Funrise brand Rarity plush toys with shoestring hair a week ago and today the paint/vinyl had scraped off the eyes, leaving them blank white. I bought a Funrise Vinyl Scratch three years ago and still have it and so far none of the paint has scrapped off the glasses. Anyone else have any issues?
  6. So, I came back on the site, and now I can't mention or quote a single person on the site, is this something others are having issues with?
  7. I'll upload this image (1920x1080px, 244kb) to be my background, and when I go to press "Save Changes" this page pops up.
  8. As many may remember, back when the Xbox One was revealed, it was said that it was going to have a full on DRM on all games including physical copies and digital downloads. Obviously this blew up in Microsoft's face and now they seem to be a totally different company after that, the One is now one of my favorite systems ever. It has no DRM to speak of now on any games. Now, my friend owns a PS4, he prefers Playstation and I think that is awesome, we all should just enjoy what we enjoy, hence why I do not want any insults thrown around in this topic whatsoever, I just want a serious discussion on what I think is a legit issue with the PS4 that I wish did not exist, for the sake of gaming. The PS4 actually has a DRM that seems to go unnoticed by most of the gaming community. It is for all downloadable titles. How this works, is that if you are disconnected from the internet for more than 45 minutes, then all of your downloaded games will become locked and 'Ineligible' for startup, meaning you cannot play them at all until you log back in and verify the license. This will happen every time if you are disconnected for more than 45 minutes, your downloaded titles, no matter what they are, no longer are yours to play. They are then 'ineligible'. My friend who owns a PS4 actually has a decent amount of downloadable titles and his internet currently is off for specific reasons. Because of this, the vast majority of his game library is unplayable. This is such a shame too because the PS4 is a very good system too, and he really enjoys it, and this DRM is currently impeding his enjoyment to a great amount. I am just wondering why this issue is not more known and discussed more in gaming, especially after the outrage over the Xbox One DRM now never existed thanks to backlash. Granted its version would have been worse definitely, but now that system has no DRM at all and for the sake of gaming, I really wish that the PS4 did not have this either. Your thoughts? (Remember, please keep this civil)
  9. So, I know this isn't about the site, but I had no idea where else to put it so....... Anyone know what I'm doing wrong here?
  10. for some reason, when i post, it tends to appear more than once. anybody else have this problem. I'm using opera mini on an android phone if that helps.
  11. They seem to have a problem with grown men through their teens-adult, making immature comments and whatnot. Have you ever seen an incident where any of them has had a problem with female bronies watching the show through their teens-adulthood? If not, do you think so?
  12. My mom was talking to me about Babscon today (TOMOROW AHEIRVBGYAJHRVC U) but she doesn't want me to stay later then 5. FIVE. Euro Beat Brony is not going to perform until late! I HAVE TO SEE HIM. I HAVE TO!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP
  13. Alright, hypothetically speaking, user A and user B get into a conflict. User A disagrees with user B, and uses various in his opinion trusted sources to prove his statement. User B can't swallow what user A is saying and passively provokes user A into being over aggressive, and the reaction of user A gets user B to block him. From now on, there is no communication between user A and user B. User B won't have to take user A's bullshit and user A will forget for everything, everything will be fine. ... Or not. What if user A and user B were, let's say friends to a point, and that there was a huge misunderstanding, or that user A changed his opinion, or that he just wants to apologize? How is he supposed to do that, when user B blocked him? What if user B wants thing to be like before, but has already acted, and it takes more will power for him to unblock user A, and he subconsciously is afraid of user A not giving a buck, which might even be the case. I understand if someone is spamming, or being overly abusive, but I think people misuse it often. I just think it limits people, and puts them away from each other. Maybe if the default block time would be for 5 days, and if you want to change it to a longer period or forever you need to click on more options or something, which will subtly make you reconsider your decision, or something like that.
  14. Okay, so Jedi gave me a Doctor Whooves vinyl figurine as a Valentine/anniversary gift yesterday, but its tail broke! I tried fixing it back on with this "all-purpose" adhesive my stepdad gave me, but it wouldn't stay... Now I'm sad because I'm afraid my little sister is going to lose the tail (she is only two years old and doesn't understand the concept of "this is a look-at thing, not a toy," but I have to share a room with her, and she always gets my stuff and plays with it) if I don't find a good way to permanently fix it. D: Does anyone know of a way to permanently stick vinyl together that will dry relatively quickly and not make a mess? Where can I buy such an adhesive, and how much does it generally cost?
  15. Okay so last night my headphone plug broke off and is stuck in my headphone jack. Now I can't hear any videos or anything related to sound. Do any of you have any suggestions?
  16. Okay, so...on the advice of Artemis, I decided to try and put into words a small issue here. I wasn't sure if it went in Life Advice or something to put in the actual RP thread, soooo...disregard this post and remove if it's in violation of anything. Or something, iunno. So I've talked about it a little in my intro post instead, but as best as I can put things... ...I'm trying to find a way to join in the RP here. Problem is, I don't exactly have a conventional OC. I could make a "Looking for Group" thread, but I have a feeling that might get me in trouble, not without a plan as described in the forum rules. Which also brings up the other point of making a new OC - I myself have the misfortune of being rather creatively bankrupt at my stage. While others can churn out dozens of new ones at a moment's notice, it took quite a bit of crafting to get even one character into a good position. And we have tried, but they never gelled very well. So pent-up frustration, anxiety, stress and...I'm going to get reported for this aren't I? In the event this thread is not removed, this is NOT a request for an OC Review. I'm just trying (and failing spectacularly) at working out where I should go and what I should do. Unfortunately, I lack a massive capacity for independent thought, so I haven't been able to reach a decision by myself. I wasn't even sure where I should even talk about it before Artemis suggested it. EDIT - And by posting this, I've just compounded the stupid haven't I? -_-
  17. I don't know if it is some type of writer's block or something, but let me explain the problem. Now, I write fanfics in my spare time on Google Docs. Sometimes, I wanted to post a fanfic on, so I type the first draft on Google Docs but then I'm not too pleased with it. Even if I modify it, it still isn't too pleasing. And then I delete it off. I'm great at spelling but for some reason, I can't get into describing things, and keep using the same words. I don't know what the problem is, but it has been affecting me for a while now. Does anyone have a solution? I really feel like I can't write a good fanfic.
  18. Greetings. This is something I've been wondering about for a while, so let's share and hopefully get some opinions. At first, I've been thinking that what "hurts" the bronies or fandom, whatever you prefer, are the omnipresent haters and/or ignorant people who love to judge everything they don't like or care to know, but the more I get in, the more it seems to me like it's the fandom itself that produces the most pressure. What do I mean? The lesser evil - Let's divide (and conquer?)! Do we really need to point out who is -real- brony and who's not? I see the term "real brony" more and more often. What the buck, people. Who gave us the right to judge each other. Did we become a religious cult somewhere along the way and I just didn't get the memo with the tenets? Let's not do this "He writes fiction I don't like therefore he cannot possibly be a real brony." routine. The bigger evil - While most of us who travel around the world of internet probably met a hostile people going "your gay cuz your watches ponyez!!!!111!1", I doubt many were offended or touched by the intelligent display. Many also met self-righteous people who aren't really "hating" but will lose a giggle or a remark over a MLP shirt or avatar - while I see how it could make someone feel bad, especially if that comes from a friend or a family - it's really easy to ignore or turn the joke around. I don't really think either of those can be overly frustrating. On the other hand, what I find to be somewhat frustrating is the number of people within the fandom who keep going on about how embarrassing it is, how to hide that you're a brony, how to secretly buy pony stuff, how to confess that you watch MLP, et cetera, I'm sure you've seen a few too. As I've noted somewhere else, when someone walks to me, tells me that he or she is new in the community and immediately follows with "So, how do I keep it a secret?" I find it to be very frustrating, firstly I don't know whether I should be actually offended by that or not and secondly, what about some self-esteem and self-respect? This tells me that the people often actually see it as if they're doing something wrong and make me feel as if I'm part of some creepy fetish porn community. Or maybe the Illuminati. But more like the fetish porn. For crying out loud, there is nothing to confess to your family and friends, not even mentioning embarrassment or doing something wrong. Walk with your head held high, it feels good and you have every right to do so. Either way, that is how I see it, if something is not clear, ask me and thanks for reading and possibly leaving your opinion. Cheers.
  19. So i was at school. I was taking a little beating for being bi. But you know what? I didn't really care! This is who i am! Once I was open about my 'bronieness', people freaked. They started saying stuff like "You're just a faggot!" and "You're such a loser!" but the funniest insult that i heard was "You like My Little Pony? You're gay!" i could stop laughing. I didn't understand how this was an insult because i was open about me liking the same gender. I realized that they are just spewing out insults left and right because they were afraid of me. They felt threatened about how i didn't care for their insults. The next Monday i can to school wearing a Fluttershy T-shirt. One bully came up to me and started pushing me. I told him to stop. He pushed. I pushed. He shoved. I grabbed his arm, kicked him in the groin, twisted his arm and pulled him the ground, and kicked him in the leg to get him on the ground and walked away. I didn't fight him. I only defended my self. I now that this story seems to lead to nowhere, but i just home that somepony can take some information from it and use it to better themselves in the face of their enemies. Thank you for reading.
  20. Betez

    What's going on?

    Has the post editor changed recently? I tried to quote something and instead of getting the [quote][/quote] I get a box with the text inside of it. However, I can't get rid of it. Is this just me, or is this happening to anyone else?
  21. So...the last month I joined tumblr because I wanted to be up to pace with a certain tumblr (Princess Molestia). At the moment it seemed like a good idea. A few days later I started to follow other tumblrs from other artists and groups. Now I'm currently following over 40 tumblrs...I think I might have a problem here. So I want to know if there are any other people who have the same problem. Also if you'd like to recommend me a tumblr, please do so here. List of the tumblrs I've joined so far. The ones with "(Not work safe)" are not for children. They contain stuff for adults know like politics and global warming...
  22. Does anyone else out there have a problem with heading to sleep when you know that a big day is ahead of you? For myself, my big day is that it is the first day of Junior year. It is not that I am nervous about going to school, but that I KNOW it is important. I've been laying awake for a few hours, and sleep is seeming like a distant memory. The reason for this is that: I have had a bad virus all weekend, and have been sleeping throughout the days. Now that I have school the next morning, I worry about how it will go. Lord knows I will not be able to rest tonight, so I am in big trouble. So, question time guys! Answer these in the comment section below: Do you have trouble sleeping (In general)? Do you have trouble sleeping when you know a big day is ahead? Thanks for reading you guys! Don't forget to follow my blog, comment, and brohoof c: Crona, out~
  23. Not sure if that's intentional, but IIRC there's no character limit in PMs on the full site. Is this just another side effect of not having as much control over mobile?
  24. So the problem is the font is Times New Roman when I didn't change it ITS CHANGED RIGHT NOW!!! Heres a example: Any solution? Edit:Click picture to make it better to see.
  25. so now that everyone and their mother have their own ask threads, i figure an old fag like me (quite literally, actually) can have his own ask thread here. so, uhhhh ask away ask me anything i'll answer anything if you're not satisfied, i have money back guarantee! note i actually don't hahaha