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Found 48 results

  1. Do any of you ponies use Chrome Extensions? Which ones? I have some basic ones like AdBlocker and a video downloader, and I also have a couple other mostly useless ones that I made using a tutorial. I'm trying to learn how to make them. Oh, and I also have Ponyhoof, which I love a lot!
  2. So basically lately my schedule lately has not allowed me much free time on my PC due to circumstances. I used to have a lot of free time in this case, so I spent a lot of time playing video games and programming. Well now that I have less time I have been taking the lazy path and just playing CSGO, and let my skills in programming sit to rot. I used to feel inspired to want to code this game, but lately I don't feel motivated at all, or ibspired, and I end up using all of my free time on playing video games. Now being about 17 now, it seems normal for soneone to just finish their school and just spend the rest of their time playing video games. But I want to create, not just use. Do any of you have any ideas or tips on how someone like me (lazy/unmotivated/un-inspired) can get to be how I felt before, creative and inspired? I used to write passages about the fictional worlds I had thought of, but now I just sit around wasting time. If you have any experience in such a dilemma, or just anything to say, it would be much appreciated.
  3. Which programming language would you prefer and why? I will go with Python because it’s up there, and it’s easy to read. It also has a flow to it.
  4. This past month has been the most productive by a mile. A nice new tradition I'm starting up is putting up 2 Patreon updates a month now. One at the beginning of the month and one at the end. These posts are getting super meaty and full of news now, so the separation gives some breathing room to the avalanche of content to talk about. This month's posts are about finally finding a programmer to help me exponentially speed up development. We got a lot done in just the past 30 days and now the prototype phase is at least 50% complete. See the full Patreon Exclusive posts here! Otherwise come back in a month for some big news. Because now that we have momentum going, a new demo you can play will be here before you know it. Or for now, come checkout a quick summary of October's progress on the Yotes Blog.
  5. Hi! I'm new here and I wanted to start making pony stuff like apps, games and animations, but I don't know where to start or what programs to use! If you could help me out, I'd really really love that! Thanks lots!
  6. So, just a random question (if no one has already asked it): How is MLPF coded? (ie. PHP (on a LAMP server), django / flask (+ gunicorn & nginx), etc.) I'm more in how it's coded than the actual server architecture. Probably not the standard question, but I've been wondering for a bit (and this is not leading to a 'hiring? ' question xD)
  7. Hope rises as pieces of the overworld are coming together. Weighed down by post-delay sad vibes all week and only just now getting back into the swing of things as I write this at 3:30am on a Wednesday. This week was code fever and I wore a programmer cap tight while sprucing up BGP's bones. Lots of things are working better than ever, and lots more are sure to come. The real issue right now is seeing how much can get up and running before BronyCon. The panel is going to be a slideshow about game development in general, some Q&A between slides, how I came up with and created BGP, and what features I have left to create and how I plan to implement them. And all that will be sandwiched between a Trailer to show off the game and a gameplay demo of the battle system and overworld. Then I'd like to have some sort of teaser finale to send everyone off with and encourage them to download the demo to their phones on the way out so they can remember the game later. But how much I can show depends on how far I get in the next 6 days, so fingers crossed, I won't hit any more road blocks. Every precious minute counts right now, and I think I might just barely make it. So let's see what's been done in the past few days.Read More:
  8. Once again, starting from scratch. But this time it's in regard to how I code things. Going forward I'll be using new organization tricks to make sure I understand how the entire game works inside and out. No more endless bug hunts because I'll know exactly where they are and what that line of code interacts with, all to better help me deduce the cause of any problems. Also took a stab at rearranging the development schedule to aim for a July 25th release. The path is laid out, but the main factor determining if I can make it is getting to that Alpha build I've been yapping about for years now. All this reorganization stuff should help with that, because things will be more efficient than ever. No more hardcoding, no more just copy/pasting from solution forums, and no more being stingy with line spacing, name lengths, or comments. Read More: Yotes Games Blog
  9. Just powering through and coding my heart out. Nothing to show yet, but things are progressing behind the scenes. Working towards that Minimum Viable Product with a few days to go til showtime! Pretty much every feature from the last demo needs to be remade and bug free using the new development tools I have. The next demo has to be ready by Saturday morning, or I'm going to have to introduce countless strangers and fellow devs to my buggy pre-alpha from December! Can't let that happen. It's crunch time. Check out the devlog.
  10. I'm kinda bored, so here's a thread for computer programming, and all that it entails. Maybe to be used for (people) networking if people/ponies are into that. So I guess to start off, maybe discuss about yourself as a programmer: My level (for lack of a better word): currently a hobbyist, although I am seeking out employment opportunities for software development My languages: Python (3.5+) and C (still learning all the ins and outs) and I dabble with Go and Java Current Projects: a 2D pygame platformer that I plan to put on my RetroPie; various system tools for win32 (so it can suck less); messing around with Django, machine learning and nltk
  11. I've had on my mind the idea of making a discussion and support thread for Raspberry Pi users, so here it is. If you don't know what a Raspberry Pi is, it is a small, single board computer from the UK that's around the size of a credit card. It was mainly made for educational uses, but has evolved into many more applications, hobbies, and projects. Look up some RPi projects, people have made arcade cabinets, FM transmitters, robots, and more. The small computer primarily uses Linux distributions adapted for the RPi, such as Raspbian and Arch Linux ARM. Other OSes can also be used. I have only less than a month of experience messing with a Raspberry Pi, but I've learned alot more about computers (and Linux for that matter) than I have since I was in grade school. Discuss the Raspberry Pi, projects, and more.
  12. using System;class Derp{ static int Main(string[] args) { try { if(true) { Exception ex = new Exception("DERP"); /* Look at this .NET, that I just found! When I say go, be ready to throw! Go! */ throw ex; } ... } catch (Exception) { //Ugh, lets try something else... return -1; } return 0; }} Pointless, but kind of a fun idea. I like it more than "Let it throw."
  13. I am just going to start out by saying, that this is a post of random stuff. What does this mean? Well, I just talk about random things, tech, programming, and other stuff. Feel free to talk to me about (almost) anything, if you have any questions, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK, no matter how well you know what is is you are asking, I will get with you soon.
  14. Hey everyone! I'm here to seek out anyone who'd like to help me make a game! Now I'm not talking about anything that'll be sold or anything, just a free game. A 2D platformer to be exact. I have the idea, but I need someone with the skills to help create it. Namely I need an animator(for some mini cut scenes) and someone who knows how to program a game. In case you're curious, here's the synopsis of the game's story. ----- A beginning animator's bouncing ball sketches are concerned when one is turned into a stick figure. He's ridiculed and can no longer fit in with his spherical peers, so he decides to venture across the desk to the eraser in order to remove those pesky new limbs. To do so he must traverse the doodles and drawings along the way. Slowly new additions are accidentally made. More details, a refined texture, and color! Over time he begins to realize that while these further isolate him from his rounded pals back in the sketchbook, they're not bad. He likes the control, the form, and even the style that he gained. When he finally reaches the eraser he decides not to, though another drawing isn't pleased with this. One drawing that decides only he can look that good. A final fight is had and our guy has won. He shows all of the ball sketches that difference is okay, and all decide to indulge themselves in their own unique designs. ----- And here's the design of the player/main character, as well as his progression from the beginning to the end of the game As you can see the style of the game is quite simplistic, so no super professional-ness is needed One more thing, this is not a paid job. If you want to help out don't expect money, just a good fun game making time! So if you like the idea and want to join and help, leave a comment here. Preferably with an example of your work Hope to hear from you soon!
  15. This is a thread for those who have played the wave 3 demo of Fallout Equestria, for those who need help installing it, or for those who want info on the team or its project. You can also chat with me if you want, I'm pretty active but I may not reply immediately so don't cry pls. Any ideas for things we could implement in the game are welcome too! Oh, and this is also just a general chat, so go bananas if you want, I won't kick you. So Basically, This is my attempt at reaching out to other sites and forums.
  16. I'm tired of trying to do and learn everything by myself, solo, in an isolated bubble... it hasn't got me very far or motivated to keep going, so Im finally making this post. If theirs someone out there thats interested in learning and making videos games (the art, animation, programming, writing, music, design, etc) and would like to do it as a together thing let me know. Thanks. A little about me: Ive been wanting to make video games for pretty much my whole life, and i kinda have... well nothing that I finished anyways. I have have some programming experience, some art, animation, music, designing(on scrap paper), and virtually no writing (unless you count a creative college writing class). Tools & skills: I primarily know flash and construct 2, and a little of Unity as far as game engines go. Some photoshop, inkscape, and illustrator as far as 2d art tools go. Tiny bit of Blender and even less of Autodesk (working on it) for 3D. Cubase 7 and audacity for music. Word 2010 and various 'whatever i feel like' for writing. Spriter and flash for animations. Knowledge for game design and production comes from online classes and videos, and a couple books I own (Rules of Play, Blueprint for Designing Virtual Worlds, How to be a Video Game Artist: an insiders guide to making in the video game industry, How to Create Fantasy characters, and various digital books ive downloaded from somewhere. More about me: I work, alot. I'm serving fast food (which you might here me complain about), and I'm working as a Video Game Tester (which you wont here me complain about). Typically Im free on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursday nights (I'm pretty much booked every other day and night of the week). I'm a 90s &early 2000s kid. Pretty much an adult, a good listener, and relaxed. I keep an open mind, have a down to earth persona, and was raised in CA in a small town near but far from the coast (so you'll here use term like dude a lot). I smoke, I drink, I enjoy life. I also lean towards the design of the creative design of things. If you've read this an are interested in creating stuff, learning to create stuff, have an be a support for pushing one another in their creative endeavors, like comment sub... oh wait thats youtube. Reply below with thoughts comments and questions.
  17. Hello! So I have been experimenting with 3D game engines for a while and have been wanting to move into learning to make / messing around with and never finishing 2D games because I overall prefer the simplicity of some 2D games and their art style and just find it more fun to play with, so, my question is pretty simple: Do you know of any good 2D game engines? By this I mean top down, sidescrolling, or pseudo 3D any or all. I have looked at programs like construct, and they don't really seem to be right for me, I prefer to be able to write the code myself, as apposed to having it pretty much all built for you because I think it allows for a more diverse enviroment. Possibly important info: I know a fair bit of programming, enough to get by and learn in most engines I know the overall development that goes into a game as I have made a few before myself. Anyway, Thanks for coming here at all, I would really love to hear your replies. Thanks!
  18. For those of you programmers out there: If you could have a fully-functioning optimized language for application programming, what features would you want it to have? What would you want to be optional and what would you want built into the language? Is there anything you would definitely want kept OUT of the language? (I've been designing a programming language optimized for frame based programs (games, videos, etc) over the past few years and thought it would be interesting to see if our tastes matched up)
  19. I wrote this thingy that has a list of several hundred ponies and it will randomly ship them for you.
  20. Hello! So I have been learning c++ for a bit now and I have a few questions regarding string(s) and char(s) I know how to get a string or char input but I am wondering how to separate a sentence into words without using multiple strings. For example: string example; cin >> example; If I input "Hello World" as the example string is there a way to tell the computer to separate the example string into two words, "Hello" and "World"? I would think that this would be done by detecting spaces somehow but I am not quite sure how. I am also wondering if there is a way to make the string ignore if the example string has uppercase and lowercase. And one last thing which is not about strings, how would I make a float or int random, for example: if(example == "hello") { cout << randomInt; } I would really appreciate any help, THANKS!
  21. Hello. I'm searching for people to help me out in a very big project. It is a game and its called MLP: Welcome to the circus (based of of Dark woods circus and a sequel to Part Time Job). I'm currently writing the story and script for it and thinking of the different pony icons and event pictures that could go in it but I need some help with this project. I need game programmers (as many as possible). I was wanting this to be a sort of rpg game with some puzzles, items, save points, unlockables, different endings, hiding, and possibly cheat codes. I think rpg maker handles this kind of thing but I'm not sure (I kind of live under a rock). requirements: you will need to be able to code practically anything without a problem and can do it at a decent pace. you'll be putting pretty much everything together. next I need voice actors~ the game will have voice acting in it soo I WILL need a recently recorded demo from you and please have it at a decent quality. these are characters that I will need actors for... Fluttershy: (not taken) Big Macintosh: (Taken by Sky Cutter) Applejack: (not taken) Applebloom: (not taken) Pinkie Pie: (not taken) Lyra Heartstrings: (not taken) Twilight Sparkle: (not taken) Screw Loose: (not taken) Golden Harvest: (not taken) Lemon Hearts: (not taken) Ringmaster: (Taken by Will Dana) Sad Clown: (not taken) Pastel Sketch: (taken by Me) Requirements: must be able to act out any emotion. microphone must be decent quality. UPDATE ON ANIMATORS: I believe that using animated cutscenes looking like the show does would be a little too complicated for rpg maker. so to make things easier we'll just have sprite animators. so we'll need as many sprite animators as we can get. Requirements: must be able to animate sprites with no problem at all. Music!! No game is complete without it! Every character and event should have a different theme. like some events should have a peaceful theme and some dramatic etc etc. and 90% of this game takes place at a dark woods circus so it should have a bit of a circus feel to it. Requirements: must be awesome at making music. if you want to help out with the music, please send me a link to your best work or create a 10 second demo of what you can do. We'll also need sprites and maps for this rpg. I will sketch out how the map should look like and then send it to you. Requirements: You must be really amazing at creating and animating sprites. and make sprite maps (I'm not sure what to call them) Background OCs: I don't know how many we'll need but there will need to be some things going on in the background of the cutscenes and such. so we'll need background OCs requirements no alicorns. no crazy patterns. please send us a picture of your oc. I think that's about it for now. please let me know if you are interested. (and if you have a skype, you'll need to give it to me so I can contact you and see how you're doing on your part of the project.)
  22. Hello! so recently I have been wanting to learn C++, I have some prior programming knowledge and I know the basis how things work in a program. I think that if I understand how it works I will be able to learn better. So I have a few questions. If anyone could do their best to answer that would be great! 1. what does this mean? int main(int nNumberofArgs, char*pszArgs[]) 2. What do these mean? cin.ignore(10, '\n'); cin.get(); return 0; Thanks for any help! I'll probably have further question in the future.
  23. Sorry guys if this is in the wrong place... still getting used to the where-stuff-is here. So here's my sob-story: I've been in Mexico for the last two years without ever being on a computer or anything (props to whoever can guess WHY I would go to a foreign country for 2 years without internets) and honestly, I've forgotten almost everything I knew about programming. It's been years since I've taken any classes and right now I'm getting ready to get into college this next year. SO! That gives me something of a unique opportunity. Before all this happened, I had been taught Java. Java had been my main language, with some snooping around in C++ and some toe-tipping in Python. I think with the completely lost sense of syntax that I have now, I could easily start from zero and learn a new language and have that language be my strongest. I'm trying to move away from Java, and I'm kind of partial towards C++ and Python, but is there anything else I should look into? Opinions? Experiences? Thanks to everypony for helping me get my brain back into gear. Any advice will be appreciated.
  24. I consider this crafting a program, how about you? (I coded this By the way) ---------->
  25. This is going to be a bit of an unusual thread. But I know some of MLPForums are very tech savvy, even more so than I am. So here is the scenario: I have an opportunity to be a site administrator for a website that is part of a YouTube Network's brand. Specifically If I got the role I would be recruiting YouTube partners to make content around a particular niche' I was thinking technology. In order to do this I need to come up with a business strategy that will help the partners on the site grow, what I do to support them, what my business plan would be, goal, work strategy etc etc, and of course I would need to recruit partners to make content on the site. I'm currently in my second year of college doing my degree in IT Software. Currently I know HTLM5, CSS3, some JavaScript and JQuery, barely just started on the CMS side of things such as php and MySQL and I have a reasonable understanding of SEO. I would be given a wordpress based site to run so most of my technical knowledge is unlikely to come into play. Naturally I will be doing a lot of independent research but I also need a starting point, and of course I need to be able to come up with a strategy that is worth the network having me run the site. I have college 2 days a week so I have up to 5 days a week I could work on the site. Below is a more specific look at the types of things I need to look into to create a business plan. Any feedback is helpful, however specific or general. I have been developing content for the web for some time and I regularly look into ways to build my presence but this is the first time I have attempted something on this scale. How will you provide support to your partners: What methods/tools will you be using to help your partners grow? Mission Statement: Business Plan: Marketing Knowledge: Management Skills: Network Description: Team: Work Strategy: Competitor: Goals: Financial: (Optional)