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Found 20 results

  1. Hi! I'm new here and I wanted to start making pony stuff like apps, games and animations, but I don't know where to start or what programs to use! If you could help me out, I'd really really love that! Thanks lots!
  2. Hi Everypony I and I'm assuming Otherponies are looking for free and or affordable programs/apps for making art content related to MLP or anything in general. if you know of any app or program that a newbie can use to start their Ponyart please comment below, you would be helping me and Anypony interested in creating their own masterpieces. also any YouTube content related to learning about said apps or programs would be going the extra mile and now for random some Emojis
  3. I don't know a good drawing program to draw, perhaps some of you know the one that is free and quite good? Why the free one? Don't judge me! I am only doing this for fun, ok! Thanks for your help!
  4. Hello, I don't know if I'm posting this in the wrong discussion area but how do YOU, create your OC or fan art. I don't RP or even tried (Only in-game ex. Garry's Mod) But I'd love to make fan art if I had a drawing tablet and proper editing tools. Anyways I wanted to know how you created your art. Or what program, tools, tablet or maybe even a scanner from paper. Do you think using the Pony creator is "cheating"? I created my profile picture with a reference photo and made it from Paint.NET, anyways I just wanted to know if that's okay :3
  5. I'm fairly new to this fandom, and while looking through people's fanart and ocs on deviantart, I saw some people mention a program called Ponyscape. I already have Inkscape for vectors, but I've read that Ponyscape is better for MLP stuff. My issue is that I can't find the program. Does it still exist?
  6. Hello! So recently I have been wanting to get into doing 2D animations, I have done 3D things for a while now (a couple years) in blender, so I have a decent bit of experience with modeling and animation, the work flow and such. But on to my real question: If I was to get into doing 2D animations what programs are good for this? I would want it to be very capable, as easy to use as possible (but not dumbed down) good for art assets (drawing characters) and worth using. It would also be nice if it had good documentation to learn from. A prime example of what I would be using it for is making MLP animations. The program does not have to be free, although free is always best, I can't go and spend hundreds of dollars on a random program, so I guess my top price would be about $50. Any help is good help, Thanks!
  7. just a general thread about fitness and healf if you have any questions on the subject i would be happy to help and im sure other ponys would to . or just general discussion. i got the image from
  8. So, I decided to make what feels like my thousandth thread regarding something to do with computers, which makes me realize how much I really don't know when it comes to computers, even if I know a bit more than the average joe. Anyways, today's topic is on CCleaner! For those of you who aren't aware, CCleaner is to my understanding, a program that goes through your registry and deletes errors and useless junk left in your registry and stuff like that. But as someone who isn't super techsavy or anything, I don't really know the in depth stuff when it comes to CCleaner, and i've heard from others that it can actually mess up your computer. And since again, I don't really know the ins and outs of the program or anything, i really can't say I know either way. So i decided to ask some more knowledgeable people on here about what they think about CCleaner, and if it's a program you use, or would use, or you believe is not a good program to use, and will cause more issues than anything. Feel free to explain yourself, but keep in mind I am not highly knowledgeable when it comes to this, so there is only a certain amount I may understand. Your free to just really discuss Ccleaner in general if you wish. So let the discussion begin!
  9. Hi. I'm deciding that I should write stories and fanfics and also do digital art. According to what you use and know, which art program would you recommend that I use? I know GIMP, Inkscape, Sculptris, Art Rage, OpenCanvas, Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop, CorelDRAW, and Google SketchUp. Which one is reasonably better than the other?
  10. Hello everyone it is me derpflutterbrony and I've been trying to make commentaries lately but I've been having a really hard time especially with syncing the audio and video. I would try to record, and the audio would get all scratchy and wouldn't turn out right. Do you have any recommendations for software or anything I can do to fix this? If you make commentaries what software and program do you use? Is there any free programs that will work well? I also want to make blind commentaries and I don't want this to affect it. I don't want to not have to not be able to do a video like an episode reaction because I can't make a blind commentary.
  11. ( Feel free to remove if this happens to be a repost. If so, my bad ) What do you guys do after school? Lessons? programs? teams? sports? I personally do: piano guitar karate bronze cross(atm) cadets( f anyone knows what that is) This is probably gonna be for the younger bronys I guessing..(middle school to high school?) But feel free to pitch in if you have anything going on. Just wondering what people do in their free time I guess. Tell me if I'm missing anything in the poll that you'd like me to add in!
  12. I have enough tips to make a start, thank you all for that, but now I need some honest feedback on the concept art I've been drawing, scroll down to my later posts to see them, thanks very much! Hello ponies! The Brony community has been such a huge help to me in the past I'm now making it my first port of call for all matters artistic So I've been re-reading Scott Pilgrim and it's really inspiring to see such simplistic art carry such a potent story and it gives me hope in my own abilities. I'd like to try my hand at a mini semi-autobiographical comic and was hoping somepony here would be more experienced than I and could share some tips. In a nutshell it's going to be a short story about myself, a coffee shop, a cute girl and my habit of drawing ponies in public. So what I wanna know is: What program/s should I use? What's a good resolution or ratio? Any tips on panel layout or rules of thumb I can follow? Any books you can recommend? Anything else I should be asking but am too much of a noob to think of? Also, if anyone would like to collaborate with me on this I'd be delighted to work together with another artist to make something fantastic. I shall be working on some concept art for the characters and will post them here for all to see/critique. Much love to you all x
  13. Lately I've become more interested in creating electronic music (the interest was already there, but I seem to have run out of patience with myself), and I was wondering what programs you guys would suggest I use. A friend suggested I download Audacity, and I have played around with it a little bit, but I'm not entirely sure about it yet. *Whatever program I get, it has to be free; alas, I am broke and cannot afford to spend on computer-related things. *It also has to be idiot-friendly, as... I am an idiot. -facehoof- *I'm really looking for something that would be good for dubstep and other techno/dance types of music. The ability to easily insert short, random sounds (like blips, beeps, and single words) is kind of important. Aaannnnd... if I'm just being an idiot, and a thing like this does not actually exist, then please let me know that as well, because I would hate to waste my time (or anyone else's) in a vain search for a fantasy item.
  14. I saw the cartoon thread and was inspired. What live action shows do you watch and enjoy? Nowadays, I watch more live action than cartoons. So I enjoy a few of them. Mostly old cheesy sitcoms from the 90's are the things that get me. And cheesy sitcoms from the 2000's as well. Hell, if it's a cheesy sitcom, I'll watch it. I love those things. Here's my list: Family Matters The Nanny That 70's Show The George Lopez Show Friends The Office Parks and Recreation (my favourite live action show of ALL time. This one is good, I love it! It's hilarious and has the best theme song I've ever heard.) Doctor Who (On occasion. Just can't seem to get into the newer seasons though.) Misfits (Another good British show! It's not that well-known, but I recommend it if you're a Doctor Who fan. I probably like it better than Doctor Who, to be honest. And it almost ties with Parks as one of my favourite live action shows) I can't think of any more, so what about you guys?
  15. So I'm like in love with music and My Little Pony and I kind of want to expand my horizons and create some of my own music to be shared with all you lovely bronies Anybody know of any good programs I could maybe download for free or possibly buy cheaply? I'm kind of on a budget at the moment. Suggestions and everything is greatly appreciated! Have a good day everybody!
  16. I've been thinking of making some small MLP fan-work due to the sheer amount of fan-content MLP has helped to inspire. I really love to Draw which i'm currently practcing and i was wondering if anybody could help share their wisdom about Animation with me. I would really like to give back to the Brony community in some way or form. I really need to know any good ways to get started with animation such as any free programs out their that are a good start, The process of making an animation, and any other useful advice, so Everypony what's your advice? PS. Please give me free programs since i don't have the money to really afford anything such as flash and please get into detail about any advice you have for creating animations.
  17. I've been looking into going into voice acting but the only problem is i need a good USB mic. So i'm wondering if anybody here can give me some suggestions on good usb mic's that block most if not all background noises and static it will really help me a lot the only rules i have are 1.) it doesn't cost more then $80 and 2.) u can vouch for it due to personal experience. I would really appreciate the help also if you can send me the link to it that would be great. PS.) I also need the names of some good free beginner audio editing software or programs and i posted this here because i'm not exactly sure what type of topic you would call this.
  18. What do you use to draw/sketch ponies? I sometimes use MSPaint, but most people say it's crap. Since I bought an iPad not too long ago, I have been using SketchBook Pro, and that has been working pretty good for me. Should I just stick with SketchBook Pro on my iPad? Is there any other painting programs for Windows? And tell me, is GIMP still any good? The last time I used it was back in high school a few years ago. If GIMP is still good, is there any way for me to re-learn it?
  19. Lately I've been trying to draw fan-art for mlp, but failed miserably every time. So I was thinking that I could get some online drawing courses. My dad wants me to get better at drawing anyway, and he was going to get me Rosetta Stone but that never happened so I'm sure he'd be happy instead to get an art program. Which brings me to you. I was hoping you could recommend some online drawing courses. They can be any price but I'm a little short on money so please don't recommend anything too pricey.