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Found 15 results

  1. Hello! This is my first post here on MLP forums! Introducing you my song: Aftermath. This is a warlike song, I was inspired by some of the artwork from Rain-Gear and thought I wanted to do a song that could go with some of it and here it is! let me know what you think about it and I hope you enjoy the song! some people thinks this contain spoilers but it doesn't at all. "When all is said and done dear sister and you the 'light of Equestria' has extinguished all others tell me, will you be satisfied with your mountains of ash and ruin? Does this cup you choose to fill have a bottom? In a few minutes I will be ash like the countless others but I hope my words will help you recall in due time...remember what you once were my dearest elder sister..."
  2. Hey guys, I've just found some amazing brony-metal band! This is not my music, but I just thought I would share it there...hope this not against the rules? Equestria Metallers - Feel the Harmony (2014) Tracklist: 1-Take That! 2-The Ponyville Metal Show (Part 1) 3-The Ponyville Metal Show (Part 2) 4-Discord's Making Chaos (Flutter On!) 5-Pinkie the Party 6-Faster than Lightning 7-Kindness Well, if you ask me, I found this music pretty amazing... Album is just flawless. My favorite tracks are probably the first part of "Metal show", Pinkie the Party, and Faster than Lightning (this one fits so well to Rainbow Dash *___*). The last track, Kindness, is very beautiful as well, but a bit slower, didn't caught me that much, probably because the other songs are very fast comparing to this's pretty calm though.
  3. ...Whom I bet you don't know about because the corrupt Democrats that are falling to corporate fascism don't like progressives, as we've seen. They ride on their coattails and then trash-talk them until there's no tomorrow because endorsing their beliefs would harm Wall Street... Oh poor Wall Street... How many wall street bankers have you seen in homeless shelters? Pretty sure the answer is zero. On Main Street? It's at least in the hundreds of thousands. Anyways. This man is a German immigrant that spent his childhood in Lancaster, Ohio. He is a veteran of the US Air Force. The average citizen other than the fact he's running to be the chair of the DNC. This helps my image of him, as he isn't like Hillary Clinton or Cory Booker (Barack Obama 2.0), who weren't humble to start with even. Just average Mc-Liberals (also known as Neo-Con Lite) who wouldn't know the people's interests if they heard the people yelling them in their ears to the point that they would go deaf. Or at least they've acted like it. If they know what REAL PEOPLE are interested in, it'd make me like them even less than I do... So yes, by appearance alone, he seems a man that is representative of the people. His platform is progressive, and all about the middle class. He's for Single Payer healthcare (as over half of the US is according to surveys conducted by Gallup), Regulating Wall Street (including POLITICAL powers that they have), Ending tax dodging, and opposing any (real, Hillary...) bigotry. As well, he's all for making the minimum wage actually tolerable (If you didn't know, it's $7.25 an hour. I must say, that's pretty freaking meager if you expect to be able to afford even a small apartment with the fact most have price tags around the range of $700 or so a month WITHOUT utilities...) which I can absolutely stand behind. Oh and he will STAUNCHLY OPPOSE TRUMP, instead of LETTING HIM DO WHATEVER HE WANTS, even voting FOR his nominees... Though he did at one time support a flat tax rate, but he's said too many times to count that he isn't for that anymore. We all develop politically over time, after all. Fun fact: I supported Mitt Romney in 2012 semi-vocally because I used to be conservative until I realized that conservatism is absolutely backwards soon after I said that. He also takes NO CORPORATE DONATIONS (if he did, I'd slam him as a hypocrite... What he'd be...). He only takes money from the people, the ones who SHOULD have the right to vote and decide elections. No donations by Goldman-Sachs (Steve Mnuchin would absolutely hate the platform anyways...). No funded speeches to assure Wall Street crooks that they're still above the law. Not today. As I said, he fights for the people. So, what do I think overall? Time will tell if he's an Elizabeth Warren (a little iffy, not really fighting too much. Though part of that is that she got censored by ) or a Bernie Sanders (An old man who's tired of the trashiness of our country and absolutely rips on Neo-Cons and Fake Liberals when he gets the chance). Though he seems the latter, I can't be sure yet. I don't know of him as well as I do those two, so...
  4. Literally, after a year of breakdowns and depression, plus all of the kind words that SO many people have given me, I have broken through my shell and produced what I think to be a great start to my future as a music producer! -EDIT- Apologies for improper post-placement.
  5. I did a chill house remix thing of Fall To The Clouds by Vylet Pony and LillyCloud I hope you enjoy and critique is always welcome
  6. Synths were recorded from my AX60, essentially a progressive house/experimental/sort of moombahton track I created about Pinka. I hope you all enjoy it.
  7. hey bros i was just watching a couple vids on youtube and one that caught my attention was by a person called orangeL89 and it was a tutorial on how to vector. me being the curious Peron i am watched the videos and then tried my hand at vectoring and here is what I've got so far so what do you think ?
  8. Let's do this. Meshuggah has always been a great band for delivering progressive metal without too many overly fancy complications attached to it. Their music hasn't usually included noodly guitar work, 10-minute epics, or lots of added instrumentation. Albums ranging from all the way back to "Destroy Erase Improve" and "Chaosphere," with their thrashy and fast-paced energy, all the way up to "Nothing," "obZen," or "Koloss," all focused on slow and pummeling grooves with more complex riffs. Their music seems to take more influence from bands like Pantera and Sepultura than Dream Theater or Porcupine Tree. "Catch Thirtythree," however, is easily Meshuggah's most intricate release. Rather than a collection of ten or so songs, this thirteen-track piece is just that: a piece. One complete work. Every track flows into the next in one unbroken stream of consciousness. This cohesion makes the music feel more unified, in addition to the interesting lyrical themes (which we'll get to later). What's strange to note straight from the get-go is that the first three movements of "Catch Thirtythree," "Autonomy Lost," "Imprint of the Un-Saved," and "Disenchantment" all sound nearly identical to one another. The reason these tracks are divided like this--at least in my mind--is to demonstrate how slowly the same riff can change over the course of the five minutes that these tracks encompass. Almost all the parts of this album do this, and it serves a purpose in the understanding of the music. That's what this entire piece is based around. Riffs in really odd time signatures that morph slowly and dig into the listener, beating them over the head with note after note. This is something we have guitarists Fredrik Thordendal and Mårten Hagström to thank for. It's a very low end and unique tone that this band pioneered, utilizing 8-string guitars, and a lot of gain and distortion. You can see it used in a lot of more recent bands, like Periphery and the like, but it all started with Meshuggah. Another thing that's peculiar about this album that I didn't know about for a while after I first heard it--and still forget sometimes--is that the drums on this album are programmed. The hits were all recorded by Tomas Haake and made into a virtual drum kit called the "Drumkit from Hell," which a few other bands like Agoraphobic Nosebleed have used. The reason I forget that it's a machine from time to time is that they feel so real. I don't doubt Tomas' ability to play these parts live; there's even video of him doing so. Probably my favorite two parts of this album are the tracks "Mind's Mirrors" and "In Death - Is Death," which focus more on the absence of sound rather than the presence of it. Tomas delivers some vocoded spoken word on the former, and there's a lot of fantastic silence and higher-end guitar work on the latter. These tracks provide a necessary relief from the constant chaos Meshuggah brings to the rest of the album. The lyrical themes that I hinted towards are also a huge factor in dissecting the layers of madness on this record, as they're all about paradoxes ("Catch-22," "Catch Thirtythree..."). Tomas' provoking lyricism is brought to life by the ravenous pipes of Jens Kidman, who has one of the best harsh vocals I've ever heard in my life. Look at these lyrics and tell me you don't want to see them worked into something badass. Non-physical smothering. Asphyxiation by oxygen hands. Drowning in the endless sky. An ever-downward dive, only to surface the sewage of indecision, on which all sense of self is afloat. The vortex-acceleration a constant. Resolute in purpose its choking flow. Sweet. For being simply an experiment from Meshuggah, what was brought to the table on "Catch Thirtythree" could easily pass as a true full-length in their discography. It has more substance than anything they'd done personally and serves as a reminder that they're one of the best in the business. 1. Autonomy Lost 10/10 2. Imprint of the Un-Saved 10/10 3. Disenchantment 10/10 4. The Paradoxical Spiral 9/10 5. Re-Inanimate 9.5/10 6. Entrapment 10/10 7. Mind's Mirrors 10/10 8. In Death - Is Life 9.5/10 9. In Death - Is Death 10/10 10. Shed 10/10 11. Personae Non Gratae 9/10 12. Dehumanization 9.5/10 13. Sum 10/10 Overall: 10/10 Number eight will be here soon.
  9. Ahoy, partners! I'd like to share with you the news. As of yesterday, my very first album "Tales from Far Away" has been released for free. "Tales from Far Away" is a compilatory album of all my pony tracks (as listed in the video teaser), featuring various instrumental genres. Enjoy the journey along an adventurous day through Equestria, and let the music of every moment, scene and memory flow through you. I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to check out my Youtube channel for more! Download available for free (check video's description) or donation if you may. Thanks for your time, and have a beautiful day!
  10. ok fillies and colts, heres another sketch from yours truly, this time its a very depressed and saddened Rarity. it seems like she dosent get much spot light so here she is for all to enjoy! sorry im a bit loop at the moment from being up all night so this opening is sure to be a bit left of center. anywho! WOOHOO RARITY! *passes out from exhaustion* as always this was done from reference hour 1 hour 1.5 hour 2 hour 3 i know it looks the same but i had to finalize the shading and clean up a few smuged lines and what not also this is a full page view, drawing is a bit bigger than my hand
  11. Salutations, guys! I bring a new track I just finished composing. This track is called "Deception", and it's instrumental (a mix of orchestral, rock and a square lead). It is a perfect example of what happens when you want to compose a track but are unable to do so (because of lack of time) for a long time. I exploded. Although, of course, not a disorganized explosion (even though it may sound like it the first time!), but a full expressive one. This track is, in one word... weird. I mean, comparing it to my other pony tracks, at least. But it expresses exactly what I wanted to, the scene I crated in my mind for it: chaos, discord, and deception. Yes indeed, this track was inspired in Discord, and I couldn't be happier with it! I'm not really sure what genre this track is, so I'll go with "Progressive". Excuse me if I'm wrong! But anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it. I really did enjoy composing it! See you later, and thanks for your time!
  12. Recently, I've been looking for new people to give feedback on my music. Then I remembered, "Hey, MLPForums has a fanmusic section!" and I decided to see if I can get feedback here. I released a song a while back called "Party Starter", I am very proud of it, and I hope you enjoy.^^ http-~~-//
  13. I was stumbling around, just listening to music, when I came around to listening to Avicii's track, "Silhouettes", I loved it, one of my favourite Avicii tracks, so I decided to attempt a remix of it. I couldn't find a nice acapella though, sorry! Enjoy! Feedback & Critique is appreciated! http-~~-//
  14. My goal is just that: to share great music with great people! yeah, I know, I just started mixing, and I'm not making any music (at least not yet). However, I want to keep practicing, and I want to continue to put out mixes as much as possible, and hopefully, I can find more brony remixes to put into the mix. You guys are great people, thus I will share with you, great music! The following is a combination of my love for graphic design, video making, and music mixing. I feel I'm not that great at any one of them. However, practice makes better, and what better way than to do all of them at once http-~~-// 1. Derpy Hooves and Silva Hound - Expensive Tastes 2. Super Ponybeat - Luna (Silva Hound Remix) 3. Silva Hound - The Seventh Wonderbolt 4. Archie.V - Rainbow n Dash 5. Archie.V - Art Of The Dress (Club Mix) 6. Dj Amaya Vs. Groovebot - Winter Wrap Up (Extended Remix) 7. Pinkie Pie Swear - FlutterWonder (HMage Club Remix) 8. Archie.V - Best Night 9. d.notive - Becoming Popular (1987 House Mix) 10. Archie.V - Pwny Anthem http-~~-// 1. Wiegel Meirmans Snitker - Nova Zembla (Armin van Buuren Remix) 2. Heatbeat - Hadoken (Sequence Vs. Detune Remix) 3. Foyle & Zo - Simple Things (Original Mix) 4. Andy Moor feat. Sue McLaren - Fight The Fire (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) 5. Archie.V - Spitfire (Big Room Mix) 6. Andain & Gabriel & Dresden vs. Mord Fustang - Beautiful Rainbow (F1D0 Mashup) 7. Heatbeat - Roses Never Cry (Original Mix) 8. Hatsune Miku - Unfragment I was going to post all the mixes in one thread, but the automatic thing is really bugging me...especially since I can't post more than 2 videos in one thread, and I can't post Youtube links without it forcing the url to be a video...hopefully I can figure this thing out as some point...Check out my Youtube channel for the rest of my mixes
  15. Like I said i was going to do before, here's my second DJ mix, this time being psytrance! Psytrance and some subgenres of it, such as full-on, darkpsy, and progressive. It's about an hour of music this time, making it 200% longer than the previous mix, and hopefully 20% cooler, too! Definitely an improvement over my previous one. Download: http://www50.zippysh...43591/file.html No attachment here because it's too big to be uploaded here. As always, you can preview the file on Zippyshare. Tracklist: Senseharmonic - Lifetime Space Septagram - Omerta Cybernetika - Tyrannis Psychosomatic - Change (2010) 1200 Micrograms - Rock Into The Future Morbid Orbit - Stones Of Years aXid - Cry Of Youth FaceHead - 600 LuneCell - Mist Enjoy once again!