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Found 9 results

  1. If anyone cares to know, I have been away from many months to a few years... oops. But, I have been working on a lot of YouTube videos, specifically Let's Play's and reviews, so you can imagine how much video editing has taken up my time and energy. I feel bad that I haven't been in contact with you guys on the forums... I haven't even watched the show in a long time, that I have not even started season 6 yet, so you can imagine how far behind I am in the fandom. I have also been busy looking around my home city for a job in IT work, but nothing has come up, and I cannot afford to move outside my city, so I am having a lot of trouble with a bit of my personal life. So, that is what I have been up to. Hope you enjoyed that cliched story I told... LOL
  2. Was there ever a project you had to do for school which counted for a good chunk of your mark, but you hated it with EVERY FIBRE OF YOUR BEING? And you HAD to do this, otherwise you might fail the course. I just finished up a project just like this yesterday night... or rather, 2:30 AM in the morning. Got only 5 hours of sleep. It basically involved me wiring things to a breadboard, distinguishing the wires from LEDs, adding ground wires, and so forth. It was... I don't even want to think about it, but I felt like burning down my school and throwing molotovs at crowds of people. I hadn't felt that much rage or frustration in a long while.
  3. I've had on my mind the idea of making a discussion and support thread for Raspberry Pi users, so here it is. If you don't know what a Raspberry Pi is, it is a small, single board computer from the UK that's around the size of a credit card. It was mainly made for educational uses, but has evolved into many more applications, hobbies, and projects. Look up some RPi projects, people have made arcade cabinets, FM transmitters, robots, and more. The small computer primarily uses Linux distributions adapted for the RPi, such as Raspbian and Arch Linux ARM. Other OSes can also be used. I have only less than a month of experience messing with a Raspberry Pi, but I've learned alot more about computers (and Linux for that matter) than I have since I was in grade school. Discuss the Raspberry Pi, projects, and more.
  4. Good evening Everypony! Sēkr here, with the newest project/obsession that I've had an absolute joy to work on these past couple days. This is a new card game idea that features Lamiaponies, Diamond dogs, tricky magic, and plenty of crystals. I wanted to show my game thus far, and get any feedback from the community. If you have any additional questions, don't be afraid to comment below or even PM me. I'll try update the OP as the game is polished, thanks to your many wonderful comments. An Important Note is that I’ve yet to make all of the mock-ups yet, and as such this game is still largely theory, having not been properly playtested. This will change in the coming hours, as I complete my supplies. Mock Up cards built! Alpha testing and balancing in progress! Many thanks in advance to anybody that actually takes the time to read through all of this Crystal Caves Game
  5. Greetings of Peace and Joy from the United Nations Equestrian Expeditionary Forces! (Warning: Loud Sound. Lower the Volume if necessary.) Okay, so as stated in the other thread I made, I am planning to turn a fanfiction, into a comic. Basically taking my writings into visual form. Here is the initial Fanfiction Thread: Anyways, I need talented artists who could not only draw ponies and other Cannon species in the standard MLP style, but is also capable of drawing vehicles from tanks, to aircraft, even to fully pledged warships. Basically, this massive project would put your abilities to the ultimate test. I need artists who could also draw conceptual designs and have a vivid imagination, to not only draw ideas I give, but also make their own ideas to share their own thoughts into the comic which they would be doing. Also, I would also need help in making advertisements, to help spread word of the comic. A friend of mine is already assisting me vie Photoshop editing, and the result is the image below. However, we are still dependent on external sources such as game screenshots and vectors made by other artists. We truly need to do much better than that. So any form of assistance would be highly appreciated. This would be an extremely massive project and could span up to a couple of years. I could basically not put any more delays on these, for it is basically more than 2 years overdue. So, I am hoping, with the help of others, I could finally get this story sailing well beyond the horizon I originally set it upon. There would be countless scenes, scenarios, multiple genres, and all sorts of goodies added in to the story to make it truly worth while. What I basically want is for the story to sort of take a similar shape and form to Canon episodes. It comes complete with musical numbers and the likes. This comic basically combines multiple elements of fantasy, sci-fi, modern, and medieval. Spanning topics such as horror, suspense, drama, comedy, action, romance, and of course, war. With new factions, from the technologically advanced United Nations, to the resourceful Independent Liberation Army, to the Independent Changeling Empire, the Dragon Empire, the Gryphon Kingdoms, etc. And you'll never know for sure which faction is actually a friend, or a foe. So this comic should keep the audience guessing on how it would end. At least, at the start. xD So, if you are willing to partake in this massive endeavor, then do not hesitate to join in. I would be glad to have you on board. Here is the UN International Anthem for my story: Note: This is not a human story in Equestria. If you have any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to post them below. This comic may or may not come true. It depends if it is possible or not.
  6. Hello, I'm kinda new here, so I hope I put this in the right spot. THE GAME HAS BEEN UPDATED! the new topic is here: I have been working on a My Little Pony game in the unity engine for a little while now and I was interested to see what people think, if it sucks or if it has potential. I know when people work for a long time they usually would have quite a bit of words here, I just don't really have much to say. Please let me know what you think. If you want to give it a try here is the link THE GAME HAS BEEN UPDATED! click for the new topic and link: Download: Disclaimer: Although I made the game and most of the models, I did take a few resources from the web, all credits are in the read me file, or in the about section on the main menu. If by some odd chance you created one of the things used in the game and you don't want it to be used in it just tell me and I will remove it (I am not good with copyright)
  7. Hi, guys. I was wondering if you could help me in any way. Sooo for my Psych class, our final project is to do a research paper. As in we choose something, we collect data about it, we analyse our data, and we write about it. I want to do something related to MLP but I really don't know where to begin. The only real idea I have right now is seeing if I can work with one of the elementary school classes and possibly do a survey to see the effects that a certain episode would have on their opinion of the characters. I would maybe have them circle the picture of their favorite pony of the main 6 and then have them watch an episode with a prominent character role (I was thinking Magical Mystery Cure) to see if more children would change their opinion and on a second survey, more people would circle Twilight as their favorite. But I'm not really sure how I would make this work or anything like that. If you guys have any suggestions that could make my idea better, or if you have any ideas for a project of your own that I could borrow, I would reallyyyyyy appreciate it. Thanks so much.
  8. Hello, After posting a topic in the wrong place, I'm starting this new one to share my personal songs with you. Any song will be posted here, to not have to make a topic every time I make a song. So for a start, recently finished projects: Now.... this one is not very recent started one year ago, simply, I felt obliged to finish it , I think it isn't my best song (the synth is to noisy or not the best sound to mix with the piano+reverb),but the song was almost finished, and I didn't want to spend more time here... That one I started a few months ago, but before doing this song, had done another song, inspired by the same piano melody (another bass rap instrumental song, so, SUBWOOFER TIME lol ) Bass rap version Dream/Euro dance version For now, that's it, I hope you enjoy
  9. Hey again, I'm not sure if I'm in the right section to post that (but I think its ok), I just wanted to share some of my non pony songs with you (already sheared one pony song yesterday on the fanart music section) As said in the title, I want to share some personal song projects with you. I'm looking for critiques and advices, I want to know (for people who have advanced knowledge on electronic/software music) some of your opinions, what I'm to you think it's ok, what do you think I can improve. Hope you enjoy, and, I welcome all words coming from all. Of course I'll not post all my songs here,it this would be a waste of your time listening everything xD so, one month ago a did a little "trailer video" to introduce to my few viewers and my facebook friends what projects I'm working on. Some songs have been started a long time ago (like one that I started on the eve of 2011), I've made some modifications since there to make it "20% cooler" Well, here comes the video, and if you want to listen more songs, you're welcome to visit my youtube page (my username is newricardo1e93)