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Found 7 results

  1. I'm writing a book apparently....... I don't know when my brain decided this was a thing, but it is now. So here's the beginning of it! Let me know what you think P.S. - When this book is a thing, the cover is going to be flipped. The front is the back and the back is the front.. and upside down. So the back cover upside down is the beginning of the book XD -------------------- Confusing Humans By Tech Reel The title. You: “What?” The title of this book. You: “Yes.. what about it?” What does it mean? Yes, it’s a bit early to get shatter the fourth wall, mentioning the title and all. But look at it, what does it mean? “Confusing Humans”, some of you are gonna think it means that this book is about how confusing Humans are. Others will think it’s about how to confuse Humans. So which one is it? “Humans are confusing” or “Let’s confuse some Humans”? Yes. Well, no. Well both, and more. As a (sort of) human myself, I’ve learned that Humans are.. weird to say the least. What other species will do things like make suspenders, cupcake vending machines, Furbies…. seriously.. what the hell is up with Furbies, guys? Just.. just don’t, please. Here’s another question. Can something be random and philosophical at the same time? Weird yet logical? Silly yet serious? Well I hope so because that’s what I am. Don’t believe it’s possible? Oh you silly little platypus, let me explain. This very book is actually quite a good example of this concept. You may have noticed that the cover is a bit.. strangely oriented. Not only is it upside down but reversed as well. Silly, isn’t it? But think of it this way. The cover being upside down represents that you’ll have to flip the way you normally think as you go through this book. It’s backwards because as you finish the book you’ll reach the front cover, a new beginning with new knowledge. As one thing ends another begins. (It’s also because imagining how dumb people will look while reading this makes me laugh) And the idea of this sold at stores intrigues. Will they display the back cover because that’s where the book starts or the front cover because.. it’s the front cover? Social experiments, I live to test humans with the stupidest of ideas. As you can already tell my brain is one weird specimen. Flipping between silly and serious, which is where I’ve applied my name of MethODDical on YouTube. The perfect description. Strange yet structured. Alright, enough background information and exposition! Who’s ready to test Human nature?! You: “OOH! MEEEEEE!! I AM, CHOOSE ME!” SSSHHH, QUIET! You’re in a library, or class, or public, or the vacuum of space. One more thing, forgot to mention it. Since I wanted this all to start with questions there was no big text saying this is a prologue, so here it is at the bottom. Better late than never! PROLOGUE --------------------
  2. Each episode is divided into the following: Prologue/Intro (opening to theme song) Act 1 (between first and second set of commercials) Act 2 (between second and third set of commercials) Act 3 (between third set of commercials and credits) A lot of acts have been written well, but a lot of acts are so bad, they help damage or destroy the episode. So, my question to you is this: list your best and worst acts in the show and explain why. BTW, use only the show's episodes. No comics, storybooks, or EQG. Some of my best acts are as follows (not in order): Toils, Act 2: Act 1 set up the conflict, but the second act graphically explored it. Rarity believed she was helping SB's play, but SB's play was overshadowed by Rarity's work, leading her to believe Rarity intentionally upstaged her. As a result, we get to see Sweetie Belle's angst in her own point of view, including sabotaging her sister's work as a means to get her back. The dream sequence is perhaps the best display of "show, don't tell" in the entire show. The graphic nature honed in the conflict and didn't look down on its audience. Flight to the Finish, Act 2: Despite its overall slow pace, it picked up here. Silver Spoon's and Diamond Tiara's childish insults stopped working and legitimately believed the CMCs could beat them. So they performed at their worst: bullying Scootaloo for her inability to fly. During the conflict and confrontation with the bullies, SB and AB don't react to Scootaloo's possible disability, an implication that they knew about it yet still treated Scootaloo as one of them. It was excellent buildup for Act 3. Cutie Re-Mark, Act 3: To echo, Starlight's redemption is seriously underrated. Everything from both two-parters culminated here. Twilight had to use her biggest character growth, her maturity and leadership, to convince Starlight to change her ways, re-learn the Magic of Friendship, and become a better pony. Starlight had to choose an option: continue the downward spiral of hurt or accept Twilight's offer. She chose the latter. But even though the Mane Six could've punished her, what good would that do for Starlight? None. In fact, it'd be out of character of the M6 to try it. Twilight teaching Starlight the MoF is more productive, progressive, and better for everyone. My worst (again, not in order): Trade Ya!, prologue: This whole episode is a series of storytelling flaws, but it all started by this really clumsy introduction. Immediate exposition, clumsy dialogue, flat characterization. If it was written much better, TA! could've had much better direction. Rainbow Falls, Act 3: Every single act in RF is a mess. But the worst goes to the third, which doesn't get talked about often. Everything up to it was extremely poor, from the characterization to the "comedy" to the stupid setup. But Act 3 takes the cake. I don't know what happened during the writing or editing processes, but not only was the structure the laziest in the show; the complete lack of proofreading (rushed pacing, no lick of punishment for the WB, disregarding the episode's own continuity) showed me that DHX gave up on both RF and the EGames arc. This is the worst episodic act in FIM. Putting Your Hoof Down, Act 1: The prologue was a shocker and for the wrong reasons. But the episode really sunk here when everyone in it other than Fluttershy was a huge asshole. Some of the characters appeared here for only this episode to antagonize Fluttershy. On top of it, there are so many stereotypes, damaging the rest of the story's credibility beyond repair. And how did it end? Reading a brochure after Angel punted her out of the house.
  3. This is me. I think it's apparent that I need to rethink my life a little bit. What's my problem? 14 years old. 9th grade. 5 months in, and Quarter 1 isn't even close to done. Not a surprise, considering how my pace has degraded from year to year, through no ones fault but my own. More than once, I've learned what happens when you let yourself be carried away by your feelings and passions, not paying mind to anything else. The Ocala camp out whit my friends. The Canada summer camp. Who knows what else I've missed. They sit there, mocking me. They laugh in my face, and say “Look what a mess you've made, and you missed us because you decided to.” My mom put me into homeschooling with the purpose of taking advantage of my advanced intellect, and raising me as the good person I should be. Flashback to 6th grade, the first weeks of our venture into homeschooling. I can remember it clearly. Waking up at 5 AM, to a fresh Religion lesson. That lasted long. Soon afterward, I was losing pace. Luckily, my mom wouldn't have it, and she pushed back into it. Passed all tests with flying colors. 7th grade. Not a bad start, but my initiative was gradually decreasing. New tests, same outcome. 8th grade. Sluggish start. First two quarters weren't so bad. During the 3rd Quarter, things took a turn for the worst. I started to put off things a lot. This went on to the point where I had to actually skip assignments in order to stay on track and finish my tests in time for the summer. Which didn't help much, and I ended up finishing in mid-to-late June. This school year, I was determined to change things up, with the confidence that things would be different this time around. The first weeks, I worked hard to make sure nothing was missed, and that all was done well. Then came the move. Moving to Houston from Miami in October affected my schedule somewhat. I had to stop studying for the last week or two of September to pack up everything. An unexpected circumstance led us to make 2 trips to Houston in order to get everything there (yeah, thanks for that U-Haul). The first 2 weeks in Houston were spent unpacking, organizing, getting our rooms alright. By the 3rd week, most was done. Sure, there were still some things here and there, but nothing that couldn't be finished slowly afterwards. I spent the rest of the month literally playing Xbox, Wii U, and watching TV. When November started, my mom started nudging me to get back into my regular schedule. By then, I was deep into the rhythm of laziness, and didn't feel like it. By the time Thanksgiving came around, I was still avoiding my studies. When December started, the worries really began for me (my mom had already started worrying weeks before). I came to realize how much time I had lost, and this, as unfortunate as it may seem, had an adverse effect on me. It seemed like a daunting task to make up for all that. I knew that the more time I waited, the more problems I would have. But I let myself be convinced that it was no use at that point, that, try as I might, I would not make it this time, that this time, I had most definitely lost. With that in mind, I kept being lazy! (I know NONE of this follows logic IN ANY FORM, but that's what actually happened! I feel so dumb now…) Now, it's late January, and, in desperation, I made a post in the Life Advice section (link at the bottom, for the curious), asking how in Equestria am I supposed to save my year, because the rest of my high school, and even my chances of going to college are banking on me not EVER missing a year, and I don't want to risk that (My brain is asking me why I didn't think of that before I got into this mess, and he's got a point). So, time to devise a game plan. I have 8 subjects, consisting of 6 core classes (1 credit each), and 2 electives (½ credit each). With this in mind, user sunstone on the forums suggested a weekly plan for 8 hours for 4 classes each day for 5 days each week. Between each 2 hour sprint (I'm calling each session “sprints”; thanks, 343 Industries!), I would take a 15 minute break, with the exception of the 30-45 minute lunch break between Sprints 2 and 3. Sunstone said that, more likely than not, I could finish by early summer. I looked over the logic, and it adds up. Yesterday, after having to watch Mass on TV (because we couldn't physically go, because Dad's business trip), I went to my room, and lamented my “disgraces“ (I can get REALLY dramatic with myself in certain circumstances). Then, I thought “I should keep a blog about this, as a sort of record and motivator.” And I whipped out the mouse, keyboard, and ultra-picky ThinkPad (don't ask), I started writing. Rising From The Ashes will (hopefully) be a record of my epic quest to fix this year. I have never faced such a large task in my life, which only motivates me more to succeed. Each day, I will (try to) write my thoughts about how the day progressed compared to the schedule. At the end of the week, I will record my progress per subject in the number of weeks done. Hopefully, later tomorrow, I will have the first regular entry. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out, and I'd love to hear what you guys think about this idea. Signing off for now, Mario3D13
  4. So I don't know any thing about trade mark laws and such, i'm would think this game is fine other then the style is almost identical to hasbro, they should really change it. Is there other issues with it?
  5. If I get enough positive feedback, I may consider writing an entire novel or novella out of this. I don't want to give too much away but this the prologue of a sci-fi story that I've been working on for over two years. Let me know what you think. From Here to Eternity(Prologue) The Sun was beautiful. It was always beautiful. It was timeless and ageless. Even after an incomprehensible passing of centuries and millenniums, even after what seemed like an eternity of eternities, the Sun remained. If God had chosen to have a daughter, it would of certainly have been the Sun. The Sun was the eternal spring of life and its scorching flames have been erupting from its molten and seemingly immortal pool of super-heated gases since the beginning of the book of time. This glorious ball of passionate fire and light had existed before the very worlds it gave birth to. It was destined to be the center, a core of origin, the symbol of a beginning. It was one of the many genuinely burning bright marbles dropped intently by God into the sea of utter darkness, for the grand purpose of giving meaning to the blanket of void and despair. As a result, the first and the foremost greatest gift to ever have been given was given, and that was: the gift of life. Nothing in existence can ever hold as much as a profoundness of meaning as the very essence of Life itself. And no kind of life could have ever been any more grateful for having the opportunity to exist and enjoy the delight of this privilege as much as humanity. From the earliest points in ancient history, humans had always valued and praised the Sun for its everlasting warmth. Some saw it as a divine deity, others saw it as a lively world of its own; many legends and folklore stories sprung out of these various uncertainties. Spiritualists and philosophers had pondered endlessly on the Sun's integrity and origin for many centuries. This lead to many romanticized theories and ideologies, which continued on until the rise of scientific advancements and early astronomy came about. Despite the death of these legends and deism of the sun, her beauty and mystery continued to kindle the amazement and wondrous inspiration of astronomers and cosmologists alike for numerous generations. The more that they had learned, the more they discovered, and the more uncountable monumental discoveries they had made, which momentarily lead them to believe that they knew all there was to know, the more that they had discovered how little they knew. The Sun had inspired the world. Not only had her warmth granted life to the human race, but her presence in the blue lit daytime sky was always a great timeless blessing to the hearts, minds, and souls. The Sun was a beacon of hope for mankind, their one and only candle that never ceased to burn out, and their sole provider of life within the endless and formless ocean of darkness. She had always prevented their fate in the ice from befalling them and She had always reassured them that the long eerie nights would come to an end. Her beautiful brilliance and rays of life had forever inspired a wholeness of beauty, romance and hope for humanity. She had spurred a sense of happiness in the artistic minds and passionate hearts of naturalists, writers, and philosophers of culture, art, and literature all throughout history. And most of all, the Sun was the beautiful and timeless symbol of the beginning of day. At Sunrise, the world smiled. At Sunset, the world mourned. The Sun's eternal presence and ceaseless existence had been one of the very reasons the human race had lived and thrived for so vastly long. And just as the Sun was timeless and seemingly eternal, so were the worlds that revolved around her, and all the life that her warmth had allowed to exist. In some unique perspective, one could argue that the Sun had ultimately been the grand source of time for humanity. The history of mankind wouldn't have been possible without her. Life would have never began. She had selflessly granted them such a longevity of time that went far beyond any comprehension, beyond all expectations. Nonetheless, even through all that time, this common memory of the sun had never changed: At Sunrise, the world smiled. At Sunset, the world mourned.
  6. I had Amelia come into my life at a very turbulent time. Amelia was everything I had ever wanted in a woman. I had found myself enchanted, stricken by her. I knew she had to be mine, but you see, Amelia only deserved the best. I am no barbarian, I am a gentleman. I had to find something to seal our love. Something wonderful, something beautiful, something pure. Some place we could be together forever. I thought I had found the perfect solution. I found a large cabin for sale partway up the Galdhai mountain. It was perfect. All the room we'd ever know, and more. A nice beautiful location, far away from city life. When I first stepped into the front gate, I felt like this was a place where me and Amelia could truly be happy. I knew that she would be mine. I walked inside, and acknowledged the masterfully crafted handmade furniture already in the home. There were two doors on the opposite side of the room from the entrance, one led to the workshop and one led to the basement. I headed into the workshop. Amelia must be mine. ___________________________________________________________________________ Many years later... Jessica and I walked up the rocky slope of the mountain. Galdhai, as they called it. I walked slowly, waiting up for Jessica. After all, this was supposed to be a vacation, I was going to enjoy it. We had to save up a while to save enough money to go to Norway, but from how beautiful the scenery has been thusfar, it is safe to assume that it is well worth it. We came up on a relatively large flat plain after a while, a seemingly out-of-place dip in the mountain. All around us were trees and grass here. This place literally seemed to be some kind of grotto. I was day dreaming, out-of-it while looking at the beautiful trees. "Over here, Jacob!" Jessica yelled to me. Her soft voice made me jump, as I had been lost deep in thought. I followed after her voice, moving between the trees, until I saw what she had found. We had stumbled upon a dilapidated house. The home still retained some beauty, however, in it's serenity. It was clear that nature had begun reclaiming this home, as the trees bent inwards and the leaves brushed against the shuttered-roof of this now long abandoned home. The house appeared to have three floors, with a balcony in front, on the third floor. It was standard in cabin shape. A few yards in front of the front door, there was a statue of a woman weeping. The hands were covering the face, so if this statue was meant to be anybody in particular, I had no way to tell. The place was honestly starting to creep me out a little bit. I walked up to Jessica, putting my hand on her shoulder. "We should really get out of here, we won't make it to the mountain's summit on schedule if we stick around here too long." I said. As if in response to my words, the sky darkened, and heavy snow began to fall. This turn of events meant that getting back to camp would not be an option and advancing further up the mountain would almost certainly yield nothing but death. We had no choice but to enter the house. "I'll go in first." I said, putting one hand on the door knob and twisting it slowly, pulling the door open. A strange cold breeze blew into my face. It was already cold outside, but this breeze was difference. It wasn't just something cold, it was more than that. I took out my flashlight and turned it on, walking inside, Jessica following closely behind me. Once inside, I was relieved, it appeared to be a simple home. Although abandoned and in questionable condition, the sense of dread the breeze had given me had faded away. I looked around the room. Inside was a table, with four chairs, one chair turned over, a fireplace, and two doors side-by-side on the opposite side of the room from the exit. Old wooden shelves lined the walls, some were falling apart with age. I approached the fireplace. It was lit, and it's warmth was comforting. I had Jessica sit down next to it. I knew that she definitely needed some time to warm up, I decided I must as well explore until the storm lets up. I tried the first door, it was positioned left of the other door. I tried to open it, but it would not budge. Looking around it, I noticed that there was a dusty sign above the door. I wiped off the dust and looked at it once more. It read "Workshop", although some of the lettering had faded. I decided to try the other door. It had a sign reading basement above it. I figured maybe I could find some fire wood or something else to keep occupied until the storm stops. I walked down the steps, with each step I took, the creaking seemed louder. I knew that this was just me being paranoid, so I pressed forward. Once at the bottom of the staircase, I could see that the room only really had one thing of interest. In the middle of the room there was an ax. I reached out my hand and grabbed the handle, the handle was cold like ice. Suddenly the room started shaking, lights flickering. It felt like a high-magnitude earthquake. Bookcases and tables were flipping over. I collapsed onto the ground, and everything went black.
  7. On another site, I never got the chance to ever finish this story. It's a fanfic, with the OC I signed up as now! Please read and tell me how to improve it, and if I should continue it! EDIT: I doubt this story would work. I am not very acquainted with Equestria's or any other area in the MLP story's politics or justice system. I am a new fan after all. Sacrifice Surrounded by an aura of utter misery, a young unicorn pony, almost full-grown but not yet out of fillyhood scrutinized her face at a few teacherrs' registration forms. Her dark grape purple mane was wavy, flowing so it perfectly framed her long vivid aqua neck and head. The pony's delicate facial features were colored by unfittingly disappointed emotions as she glanced at her healthy cyan body of a unicorn, one that bore not one Cutie Mark. The Cutie Mark was ever so envied, being a mark of pure maturity. Its absence had made its mark on many foals before, generation after generation. Young but precocious Wisdom Lace wished for a chance to become a teacher. How she longed to help others learn and have them teach her something once in a while! Sadly, where was she going to find a job? It wasn't like she had a Cutie Mark yet. Wisdom Lace unhappily grimaced at the thought of her premature stage. If anything, that was not anything she had now. She'd have to manage well without it. Her sincere friend Empathy Ribbon the Earth Pony was very sympathetic. The chipper, golden orange pony with a flaxen mane and tail could always relate with her friend and many more. "I'm sure you'll find a job somewhere, Wis. I believe in you," Empathy Ribbon stated confidently. "How can you say that? Since I don't have any Cutie Mark they'll deem me bratty and unfit for a teacher's job!" Wisdom Lace scoffed back, obviously irate. "Don't get yourself down, my friend. Anything's possible. You just have to look." "Where?" "Anywhere you'd like. You can't just wait for a possibility to happen. You have to make it happen. There's no excuse for lazyness!" With that, Empathy Ribbon gently shoved Wisdom Lace into her room. "Don't forget to get your lucky heart gem, Wis! We're packing off to go on an adventure through our lives!" Wisdom Lace groaned as she reluctantly opened a light lavender luggage bag. She packed up her accesories, tolietries, clothing, and more she could fit. She decided to wear the jewel on a necklace, it softly resting upon her neck. The jewel was perfectly cut, a prism reflecting all sorts of beautiful rainbows. It glinted in light and it felt very hard and cold. After she thoroughly jammed everything in, Empathy Ribbon barged into the room with her own olive green bag. Excitedly, Empathy Ribbon chattered, "Oh boy! This adventure is going to be great!" Wisdom Lace cut her friend off short as politely as she could. "Emp, this is only going to be a job-hunt. Nothing to get worked over so much." "Oh, right!" With that, the two ponies journeyed through every place they could get to and finally came across a harsh, dark place at night. Finding it dangerous to be mobile at night, the two ponies settled down in a little, nearby inn. It wasn't fancy, but it was quite modern for a tiny motel, having a dark scarlet and light beige theme for coloring. As the starry night passed, little did Wisdom Lace and Empathy Ribbon expect that there was a nice, big suprise in stock for them. it wasn't going to be a pleasant one, however. The cream colored curtains slowly parted as the bright sun shone throughout the room, quietly waking Wisdom Lace up before Empathy Ribbon. Unfortunately, the cheap inn had no cafe to eat at for breakfast. Therefore, Wisdom Lace and Empathy Ribbon had no option but to enter the closest town for food, a place about half a mile west. Still, it was worth the travel. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The place they found was a suprisingly cutesy little town named Avadoniagoria, constructed of buildings with colored glass, big smooth stones, and dark magohany wood. There was this lovely cafe that was very vibrant with pastel hues, especially yellow and pink. It had many bows and frills that bordered the table cloth and cushioning for the chairs. The two ponies enjoyed a light breakfast of sunny-side up eggs, crispy bacon, and English muffins. After they finished their orange juice with no pulp, they paid the bill and left to have a nice stroll around this adorable little town. Wanting to learn much more about this town, they did window-shopping and sight-seeing ever so often. "Wow! Look at this!" Empathy Ribbon pointed out with her orange hooves very abruptly. Wisdom Lace's eyes greatly widened as they scanned on a glass window that has a huge "Help wanted" sign that was eggshell blue with dark green print. It demanded for a teacher, a private tutor. But where? After squinting for nearly a minute, Wisdom Lace and Empathy Ribbon couldn't read the microscopic text. It was only then when Wisdom Lace learned the true macabre customs of a decieving town as she interrogated a male pony passing by who was only a few months older than her. "Why do you ask? No one wishes to teach there. It's for a bratty colt who has been sentenced with the death penalty for a series of four robberies and a murder of an important nobleman. He had been a witness. He could have stopped it all but no. He gets what he deserved, ma'am. He probably was a rascal all the time." Wisdom Lace's mouth dropped open in total disbelief. No young pony should deserve such a thing. But it happened. Her heart was torn apart between being just a mere bystander without a job, or being ostracized as the tutor of a guilty convict. She chose the latter, to follow her heart, since she was certain that wasn't the true story at all. And it turned out, she was right. But the important question was simply: How was everyone going to treat her afterwards?