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Found 10 results

  1. I've managed to complete chapter 3 out of 4 chapters for my fimfic "Harmony's New Heroes!". Now I'm looking for a proofreader for the 3rd chapter. If anypony is interested in editing/proofreading the chapter, please PM me. I have it on a Google Docs file and a docx file. Please let me know if your interested. Thanks.
  2. So officially speaking I am now working on a story that has resided in my head for almost a decade. I need some open minded friends who will; Critique the story Spell check and find my sentence errors Eagerly push me to keep going Will not steal what is sent as their own. This is the fourth time I'll have sat down to try this; and I really need the support of my fellow bronies to assist me in being strong. This is a non-pony related story that will have; Violence Death Emotion Heart Gripping Inspiration Turmoil May not be for anyone 13 and under Sci-fi/Fantasy themed If this is seems like your kinda apple tree to buck; please respond here or PM me. I eagerly await those with the joy/passions for these kind of things
  3. Hello my name is Novaink and i am looking for some help with my fan fiction Fallout Equestria: Decoded i am looking for editors and proof readers if you can help out add me and i have a few chapters i am working on so help out and that would be great. Skype: Darcybelle3 Chapter 1: Chapter 2:
  4. Hello ponies, I thought I would offer my services as a proofreader to anyone who would like it. I'm a native English speaker (British-English) and have experience of proof-reading larger works on FanFiction. I can check spelling, grammar and structure as well as provide more general feedback for your writings. Send me a PM if you would like a hand. Alternatively, my Skype is 'balstrode' but it would be best to PM me first; I'm not on massively often and our time zones may not match! Hope I can be of use
  5. I am looking for someone to help me proofread my dark adventure fanfic, The World They Once Knew. It may not be original, but that doesn't mean I can't make it good. But I need someone to help me out and to show me where the problems are with the chapters. So, can anyone help me, if so, please PM me.
  6. So the title tells all. If you have a fanfic you would like me to proofread and fix, you can PM it to me and i'll send you the fixed version. It may take up to 4 days depending on how much work I've got to do. It'd help if you sent me the Google Docs page so i can edit it easily.
  7. My normal proofreader is unable to help me out for a week (which is a bummer, but what can you do?), so I need some help proofing what I have written so far. It's not terribly long currently (around 3k-4k in words, but that might change if I feel energetic and write more tonight) and needs a fresh pair of eyes on it. About the story itself: -Romance/Slice Of Life/Sad -Main character is Twilicorn, Spike, and an OC If you wish to have a sample of my writing, here is my FimFiction account: If you are interested, please post here or message me. Please and thank you!
  8. Hello everypony. So . . . . I've been working on this one for awhile. A loooooooooooooooooooooooong while. 3 years last time I checked. Writing, re-writing, brainstorming, forgetting about it while it annoyingly hangs in the back of my head banging against the wall like a persistently suspicious Pinkie Pie! :okiedokielokie: And not necessarily in that order. Truth be told, this is what set me on the path of my career in writing. It awoke within me a passion for the art I never realized I had, and it only deepened my burgeoning love and appreciation for this show and fandom. So I want to see it completed to it's fruition, and I want people to enjoy it, if only a few. As a synopsis so those interested will at least like what they are being asked to proof/pre-read: It's a self-insert story about my ponification and subsequent adventures across Equestria and Earth. I tried to keep the usual cliches and problems about the Conversion Bureau to a minimum. Humans don't eat bowls of kittens for breakfast, ponies don't preach about how much it hurts to tell lies, and the Mane Six don't show up to hail me as the Chosen One. Your job would be pre-reader first and proofreader second. I want the story to be good before it's legible. As for style of criticism, I'd prefer the Fluttershy version of gentle nudges and corrections if that's all right. If you are interested, here is a link: the code key is "brotherhood"
  9. I recently created the prologue of a story about mlp. I need an editor and a proofreader to check it out and see if it's a good idea and well written and fix mistakes. As many as I can get. I would like as many peoples opinions as I can get. Tell me and I'll PM you the prologue. I have not written any farther than the prologue. I need to make sure it gets good reviews before I publish it to fim fiction. The basic idea is a villain (you can tell who in the prologue) coming and sending some ponies to several different worlds, in a way to get rid of them without killing them. The villain wants to inherit the title of Supreme Ruler of Equestria by getting rid of rule and order, princesses and the royal guard, and regular innocent ponies. I don't want to get into it. If you are an experienced editor or know what makes a good story please post and I'll PM you the prologue of the story as soon as I can!
  10. Greetings, everypony! So the first chapter of my most recent fan fiction is finished, now I just need someone to help me out with editing it before posting it on! If anypony wants to provide a helping hand, please let me know! I would like to have one or two people just look this over and provide any critical feedback on grammar, content, and consistency/flow. Thank you in advance! ~Silver Quill