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Found 7 results

  1. If you were a character from an anime, would you be an antagonist or a protagonist? Why?
  2. I have this fic that's been cloying at the inside of my head for a long time now. I've come back and forth to it, it got me started on writing to begin with. Now, my protagonist is meant to travel across Equestria and look for the small bits of lore that refer to philosophical or ideological fighting systems. Hard to do in a world where magic solves most dangerous problems and violence at all rarely comes up in their history. My question is, would it make more sense for this quest to be undertaken by an earth pony, or pegasus? It seems like a comparatively small change but part of it comes from having already written a lot of scenes with the assumption that the hero is a pegasus and only reconsidered later it might make sense for him to be an earth pony. Here's a little this or that. Pegasus: -Flying adds new and cool dimensions to fighting. -Wings are another set of limbs to use. -Very specifically warrior and athletic cultural traditions. Earth pony: -Strong and athletic. -Folksier traditions lend them to the kind of mastery through repetition frameworks of Kung Fu and really all martial arts. -The Mighty Helm show they too have a distinct warrior culture of their own. One that prominently features weapons. Pegasi have a lot of physical possibility but not much spiritual rooting, while earth ponies have more limited instruments but lend themselves to the ideas a little better. Adding on to this is that there's a subtle soldier vs. warrior angle between the two. Or to put it more accurately, soldier vs. guardian. Pegasi descended from an explicitly Roman-esque society of warriors and conquerors, where the Mighty Helm were more like a chivalric order. It also comes into how they treat conflict. Pegasi are more naturally competitive and looking for a challenge where earth ponies tend to be a little more laid back and only throw down if their homes or families are threatened. Again, that latter viewpoint is very martial arts code of always seeking to avoid a fight rather than go looking for one. So yeah, I'm kind of torn on this. What do you guys think?
  3. Warning: This thread is about improving her as a protagonist, yet keep her in the show. If your suggestion is to eject her from the show somehow or kill her off, this is NOT your thread. Clearly, Starlight's path to redemption has had its ups and downs. Episodes such as The Crystalling really set the table to who she can be and where she can go from her beginnings, but her path hasn't been smooth. In Lesson Zero 2.0 Every Little Thing, she hypnotizes the ReMane Five and forces them to do her work. In To Where, DHX tries to tell us that Starlight really progressed and changed into becoming a better pony, but the two-parter relies on us trusting her as well as her really-sparse development in between. When you're adding a mane character to the cast and your transformation is that far apart, the quality of your arc degrades. While her performance in season six isn't good, she's season seven's biggest highlight so far. A flaw in her character arc (not connecting with others in Ponyville) was addressed in two episodes: All Bottled Up and Rock Solid Friendship. She talked with others in Ponyville and developed a kinship with Maud beyond the blatant rock-based gags. Later, when Pinkie was in despair, they talked with each other. In Fluttershy Leans In, she doesn't speak, yet actively worked with the rest to construct the animal sanctuary. Not all episodes should have her as a mane role. If it makes sense to use her, do so. To have her actively involved with them makes her a part of the community, a connection that severely lacked. Apparently, she's more sure of herself. Her hesitance and self-doubt have ebbed away. As a character, she sounds much more self-confident. ELTSD's biggest flaw is how they handled Starlight's reason for stripping the ReMane Five. Rather than showing absolute desperation and handling it when she was at her lowest, she performed this task when she was really self-assured and had a smirk. All Bottled Up inadvertently addressed this issue: Starlight physically bottled up her anger aimed at Trixie as a last resort out of fear that if she blows up again, they'll fall out again, this time possibly permanently. She's showed up more often. Last season, after Hearth's Warming Tail, she was seen very rarely for the rest of the season. Some of those episodes where she was missing she could've been plugged in for a non-speaking role, e.g., Dungeons & Discord. Despite an improvement, there's still a trust issue between her and many bronies, and for valid reasons. One eventual episode, A Royal Problem, could really plug in those worries: So, this leads to this thread and question: how can we come up with ideas to improving her as a protagonist? How can she be written better? Like I said, ejecting her from the Mane Eight in any way (i.e., return to the village, jail, leaving on her own) does NOT cut it. Starlight's part of the crew. Like it or not, we're stuck with her. To do so by DHX tells the audience that they quit and would rather take the easy way out and not put in effort to make it work. It'd be as big a disaster as Twilight returning to a unicorn. Mea Culpas belong to The Hunchback of Notre Dame, not this show. My five suggestions to help improve her character would be as follows: Continue to give more frequent, yet sensible, appearances. If it makes sense for her to become a part of the story, use it. Integrate her into the community. She doesn't have to speak or even be merely a tertiary character. Make her do something. But don't pull a S1 Twilight and plug her in just because you can or have to. Talk more with the rest of the Mane Eight. She had many conversations with Twilight and Spike. In Rock Solid Friendship, she and Pinkie talked. But this connection and communication are really missing for the most part with the others. And in a talk with @Jeric on Discord, there's no positive interaction between her and the ReMane Four. There's nothing to connect. No casual dialogue, humor, smiles, hobbies they share. Give them something to connect. Why is this important? Because DHX swears that they're all friends, but they don't show it very well or not at all. Give us something so the audience can watch it and say, "Yeah, they're friends. I buy that." Expand her friendship palette with other characters. Maud is one such case, and it was done very well. Pay attention to their scenes objectively; focus on how both of them are able to organically grow a connection. What started as an awkward beginning evolved into a friendship. Show the writing confidence to grow that friendship with others in Ponyville and beyond. Continue to focus on her biggest character flaw: her temper. Established back to TCM2, she has trouble channeling it. Give her sensible trials to deal with her anger so we can understand where she's coming from. Remember, the mane characters are supposed to connect to children as role models. Sometimes when kids get angry, they don't understand how to channel it constructively. Starlight can be that vessel of constructive solutions. Give her plots where she may have to talk to someone to help her; give her ideas. If When her anger causes problems, have her correct it herself. Why's that important? Because it shows contrition to us; she caused the problem and wants to prove to be a upstanding, proactive citizen of Equestria. Give her an episode or two where we can see her teach others a lesson. Season five really evolved the show by making the characters teachers sometimes. Even when the episode isn't well written, they're the biggest strengths. Pinkie in Party Pooped, Rarity in Rarity Investigates, the CMCs in Lost Mark, AJ in The Mane Attraction, and Twilight in Re-Mark all led in some way. This leadership role plausibly molded them to where they can help others. Except Gauntlet and Viva Las Pegasus, this leadership role's been missing, and Starlight can fit in that role at points. Ever since she became a protagonist, all of the episodes she's in shows her having to overcome an external or internal conflict, and if you continue this cycle, you risk dragging habits that should've been long resolved. Starlight has a ways to go, but that doesn't mean she can't use the lessons she learned to help others. If you have any ideas, plug them in this thread.
  4. I have some unpopular opinions regarding Mlp, but this seems to be the biggest. I LOVED Rainbow Rocks, but i just prefered the original EG, for a few reasons The overlaying reasons: Everything was so new, twilight going into the human world, the new location, everything was something to explore, in RR i felt like i already knew the place, so it wasnt as exiting I felt the songs in RR were much more pop, or concerty (thats a really bad adjective), which is fine and dandy, but the original felt more theatrical and sing-along like the original show. The Specific Reasons: Another unpopular opinion of mine was i felt sunset shimmer was better as a villian, she had worked 2 1/2 years (100 moons) on getting to be the most popular with her bad girl reputation, and it was all kinda thrown away, she was still good as a protagonist though so i can look over this point My second point is that my favorite songs were in the original, The cafeteria song, and friend for life, which is still my go-to humming song to this day. My favorite parts in the original were twilight getting used to being a human, like the funny parts were she would hit the keyboard, or write with her mouth. There were none if those in RR (since shed already been there) I also loved the first half of the movie, being introduced to the Hu-mane 5 and getting the group back together My biggest point, a point that i could agrue was the single most important reason: The main character. There was none. Where in Equestria girls 1 the protagonist was undoubtably twilight, in RR the story couldnt decide. Is it Twilight? Sunset? The humane 5? I couldnt tell it kept jumping. Sunset was watching from the sidelines and twilight was paniking over the counter spell, but the humane 5 didnt give enough to the story. Now Im comparing a foot and a meter here, they were both FANTASTIC movies that i loved, i just liked the original a little better So does anyone agree? Give me a good argument why or why not, try not to just say "i liked x the best"
  5. When a female character is the main protagonist of a video game, it tends to be the grown, adult woman type like Lara Croft or Bayonetta. But what if there was a female protagonist in a game who wasn't like that? Like a zany, bubbly girl who follows her own logic, and is naive, quirky, random, and optimistic. Someone who's like Pinkie Pie or Mabel Pines only isn't. Can a character like this work in a game?
  6. Hey guys I've been something over for a while now who is the protagonist villain for MLP Now before answering this question you must answer this one . What is a protagonist villain? Well by definition a protagonist villain is a character that is a protagonist but also causes conflict and is a jerk . To give you a better idea here are some examples from other fandoms . Venom ( spider man ) Squidward , mr krabs and Plankton ( spongebob ) Bloo ( fosters home for imaginary friends ). Eddy ( Ed Edd and Eddy ) Gorgonzola ( chowder ) Stewie and Peter griffin ( family guy ) Cartman and Butters ( South Park ) Bender ( Futurerama ) There are other names they go by Luke anti hero and as I like to call them the douchebag / asshole in every group . So if you had to pick one or multiple protagonist villians for MLP who would they be ?
  7. Before I ask my questions, I want to state that due to recent events like GamerGate, the community I am a part of has been labeled with words like "sexist" due to some vocal people's responses and actions. Groups like the mainstream media seem to believe that we don't want to have main female characters that are well represented in video games. Honestly, I find this notion irritating since I am one of those not opposed to this at all. I am a male gamer who is perfectly okay with games having a female protagonist and is willing to see more games that are like this, including ones where she has positive character traits, and may not even be sexualized at all. I really don't have an issue if a trend starts where more games are made like this. Do you feel the same way and are completely fine with more female protagonists in gaming? Any personal favorites you want to discuss? Also, I am more interested in what the guys say since I hear the same thing so often about how we want to keep things as a "boys club", which I really can't stand.