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Found 3 results

  1. Count Paradox

    In light of recent DDoS attacks...

    As most of you have either probably seen or at least heard of, there is a hacker group calling themselves KekSec International causing DDoS attacks on many different brony related sites, claiming to be getting rid of degeneracy, as stated on their twitter. They have attacked, over a course of three days: Fimfiction Ponycountdown Roundstable And others... The sites that have been able to stop and withstand the DDoS attacks on their servers have installed something called cloudfare to help protect them from further attacks. What I suggest now is to find something, be it cloudfare or another way of protection, to prevent any DDoS attacks that may happen. I really would hate to lose this place, even if it were only for a day or so, like Fimfiction. I don't know if this or something like it is in place, but if not, I hope it will be soon, for the forums protection.
  2. Looks like the forums and Pony.FM are getting noticed by spammers and spam-bots.... I know the admin staff is very much on-the-spot with removing these things, but like a lot of other alpha-testers for Pony.FM, I've "watched" this forum, so I get emails forwarding on the spam-posts nonetheless.... A while back, I ran my own forums and had a similar problem -- but someone suggested an anti-bot-test that had the user fill-in a text-field as to whether a picture was of kittens or of cars.... I was just wondering if something like this might be coded here and on Pony.FM as well? Perhaps: "Mare vs. Stallion" or "Twilight vs. Luna" or other even more pony/Brony specific tests? Just thinking-out-loud!
  3. Vinyl Rave

    Join the army of P.A.S.E.

    Hello my name is vinyl rave. I am starting an army for you to join at free will. This army is P.A.S.E. which stands for Protecting And Serving Equestria. You must have a OC to fight with. You must also give the rank you wish to be. Your OC must give contributions to this army. Example: Vinyl Rave, thundracry: Rank: CEO/leader of P.A.S.E. Uses/contributions: strong leader/war commander #1 Thundracry (vinyl rave) CEO #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 This army will be a combat people on the mlp forums trying to take over equestria. Thank you - Vinyl Rave