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Found 7 results

  1. I haven't contributed in the ways of topic content on these forums in a little while, so I thought I'd give everyone a little spot to perhaps get their Rainbowdash side on! Of course you don't have to have an inflated ego or be very Brash in order to be proud of something you've accomplished! It's always a great feeling when you finish something, look back on it, and are able to say, "Yeah I did that! And it was awesome!" So what are you ponies proud of? What do you or did you take pride in as a current or already accomplished goal? It can be anything from making a painting, completeing college, having an awesome friend, or even making the biggest most meanest sandwich ever! So go on! What're you all proud of?
  2. Sorry if I come off as offensive, but this is something that's really been bothering me lately. Why are people proud of everything/anything? Whether it be something you didn't chose (American, British, Canadian, etc.) or something downright unimportant (being part of a fandom, supporting a certain ship, having your hair in a certain fashion, etc.), also I AREN'T saying you should be ashamed of anything, but still, why exactly are people so proud of such insignificant things like being a brony or having a disorder? I can understand being proud of something like a profesion (doctor, fire/policeman, engineer, etc.), but being proud of being stuff so minor like being a brony or being a COD fan? What exactly is the point of that? Are they actually outright "proud" of that stuff, or are they just happy about them? There's nothing wrong with being happy about anything, but being proud of it? Honestly, they're not worth being proud of, and seeing someone proud of being something minor (autistic, a brony, wearing certain clothes, etc.) is just really annoying and has no use to it. Honestly, you don't have to be proud of something to enjoy it. Thank you for reading my post.
  3. Yes, that's right. I'm not proud to be a brony. Don't get me wrong; I'm not ashamed to be a brony either, and I certainly am glad to be a brony. I'm just not proud. Let me explain. First, let's build a solid understanding of what it means to me to "be a brony." I don't see it as part of me, part of who I am; rather, I see it merely as something that I do. While technically true, due to the limitations of the English language, the statement "I am a brony" can actually be a bit misleading. In English, we have but one form of "to be," which I use to say both "I am human" and "I am out of shape." Clearly, human is something that I inherently am, something unchangeable, part of my very identity. Out of shape, on the other hand, is merely the present state of my being, a description of my present lifestyle; it can be changed, and it's not really part of who I am. For be, being a brony falls into this latter category. It merely identifies a particular TV show that I watch and enjoy. It's not really part of who I am, merely what I do. No more, no less. Now let's talk about what it means to be proud of something. Merriam-Webster defines proud as "very happy and pleased because of something you have done, something you own, someone you know or are related to, etc." Clearly "something you own" and "someone you know" aren't relevant in speaking of brony pride, so it must be closest to "something you have done." (Now, I personally don't think there's really all that much humans can do of which they really ought to be proud, but that's another story entirely.) Achievements and accomplishments in which people do tend to take pride are often successes that took a great deal of effort or reveal long-sought answers or give some great benefit to mankind. Even on a smaller scale, someone may be proud of getting homework done early or landing a competitive job. But as I've established, all "being a brony" means to me is that I like a TV show, and if I were to say that I'm proud of liking a TV show, I might just as well say that I'm proud of liking fried chicken. It's really no achievement, no great success, no meaningful work that I've done. It's nothing more that an example of what I find entertaining. I do understand, of course, that as with many words in English, the word "proud" isn't always used with it's precise definition in mind. When someone says "I'm proud to be a brony," his meaning may sometimes be closer to "I'm glad to be a brony" or "I'm unashamed to be a brony." And that's what I am: unashamed to be a brony. I wear my bronyhood boldly and without shame or fear. I'm not embarrassed to like a TV show intended for little girls. But it's certainly not an accomplishment to make me proud.
  4. Most bronies I know have always told me that they face criticism and a lot for their likes. They have told me that sometimes it brings more harm than good, and it can make you become distant or make you become recluse. But at the same time, I was talking to a brony friend of mine and he said this: "You know what? I don't care what they say, because I'm proud to be a brony." That started me thinking about why I was proud to be a brony. I was wondering why the abuse was worth it. Why the pain I faced was giong to amount to something. Why losing friends would eventually mean I GAIN friends. Then it hit me: the community. For one, you are the nicest people I've ever met. Almost every brony I've met is either kind, or loving, or passionate, or different, or just plain nice. But I guess it was when I was listening to the KPAT seasons melodies and I realized that, no matter how many people unsubscribe to her, she still makes them. Nto for views, or for popularity. She makes them because she wants to. Becuase she wants to share it. And that was when I first felt the tinge of brony spirit, but the actual event is on another thread I made. I want to know why you're proud to be a brony. I want to know why you endure the pain. And most of all, I want you to make a single little pledge: I'm a brony and I'm proud.
  5. I am so proud of this picture Someone suggested to steady my hand, since the lines were shaky, so I tried to steady my hand while drawing Picture based off a scene from Paperman All hand drawn, no trace
  6. So i was at school. I was taking a little beating for being bi. But you know what? I didn't really care! This is who i am! Once I was open about my 'bronieness', people freaked. They started saying stuff like "You're just a faggot!" and "You're such a loser!" but the funniest insult that i heard was "You like My Little Pony? You're gay!" i could stop laughing. I didn't understand how this was an insult because i was open about me liking the same gender. I realized that they are just spewing out insults left and right because they were afraid of me. They felt threatened about how i didn't care for their insults. The next Monday i can to school wearing a Fluttershy T-shirt. One bully came up to me and started pushing me. I told him to stop. He pushed. I pushed. He shoved. I grabbed his arm, kicked him in the groin, twisted his arm and pulled him the ground, and kicked him in the leg to get him on the ground and walked away. I didn't fight him. I only defended my self. I now that this story seems to lead to nowhere, but i just home that somepony can take some information from it and use it to better themselves in the face of their enemies. Thank you for reading.
  7. This would be my first try at drawing an eye. And my first try at actually trying to draw something a little more detailed then it usually would be for me