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Found 56 results

  1. It seem we got a topic on unpopular Movies and TV series opinion and so I decided to make this. Since we have a lot of gamers here. Here's mine For Five Night at Freddy's I believe the real serial killer is Michael Atfon, and who's also Springtrap. Not his father, Willian Afton. Most of the SW games is a yawn since they keep bringing the "Darth vader" era into the time frame over and over agian. Dark Souls is hard yes, but I also think it fair if you know how to level or equip your characters. That's all I have so far Share!
  2. Uncharted 4. Hands down, it’s the BEST and most beautiful game I’ve ever played!
  3. Hey everyone. I just recently got a PS4, and i'm looking for game recommendations.
  4. Okay, so I am making this topic for me, but hopefully, it will be helpful for other people as well who might be considering the same thing. So, I am thinking about picking up a PS4. Black Friday deals have started and the PS4 is at $199 right now which I think is a really good deal. So, what's the problem? Well, I already own an Xbox One. My question is do you think it's worth owning both? I have considered buying a PS4 in the past, but I think that both consoles are really similar and it doesn't seem worth it to spend $300 on another console(however, $199 is another story). The biggest difference seems to be their exclusive games. So, what do y'all think? Do you own both an Xbox One and a PS4? If you do, do you think it is worth it?
  5. World of Tanks, the HUGE game filled with iconic tanks. Paper Blueprint tanks, WW2 tanks, and even some Cold War tanks, everyone and there mother knows about this game, considering they have ads everywhere and the game is free! Anyway, I wanna know what your guys favourite tanks are? I personally use the premium tier 8 Chinese Heavy Tank, the 112, and I also use the tier 10 German medium the Leopard 1, as well as the Tier 10 German TD Jagdpanzer E-100, and many others! (Chinese and German superiority, suck it Russian and American tanks XD)
  6. No big introduction this time. Just look at my list because i am incredibly bored. 10 Second Ninja X ABZU ACA NEOGEO NAM-1975 ACA NEOGEO Neo Turf Masters ACA NEOGEO Super Baseball 2020 ACA NEOGEO Super Sidekicks ACA NEOGEO The King of Fighters 96 Alienation Amnesia Collection Another World (Out of this World) Arcade Archives Armed F Arcade Archives Karate Champ Arcade Archives Mat Mania Exciting Hour Arcade Archives Renegade Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug Arcade Game Series: Galaga Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man Armello Assassins Creed Freedom Cry Back to the Future: The Game 30th anniversary edition Beyond: Two Souls Child of Light Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy Curses 'N Chaos Dangerous Golf Dark Cloud Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Disc Jam Don't Die Mr Robot DOOM Downwell Drawn to Death EA Sports UFC 2 Everything Fahrenheit Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 2 FEZ Fifa 17 Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remastered Game of Thrones God of War 3 Grand Theft Auto 5 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Grand Theft Auto Vice City Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Hatoful Boyfriend Heavy Rain Hue Hustle Kings Infamous First Light Infamous Second Son J-Stars Victory VS+ Journey Collectors Edition Just Cause 3 Killing Floor 2 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 Remix Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Laser Disco Defenders Layers of Fear Let it Die Life is Strange Little big Planet 3 Lovers in a dangerous Spacetime Lumo Marvel Ultimate Alliance Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy: A Telltale Story Mega Man Legacy Collection Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Metal Slug Anthology Monopoly Plus Mortal Kombat X Neon Chrome NHL 17 Ninja Senki DX Not a Hero PaRappa the Rapper 2 Peggle 2 Project CARS GOTY Edition Red Dead Revolver Red Faction Resident Evil Samurai Showdown VI SingStar Skyforce Anniversary Snake Pass Sonic Mania Sound Shapes Spy Chameleon Star Wars Battlefront Starwhal Street Fighter V Super Star Wars SUPERHOT Tales from the Borderlands Tearaway Unfolded Tekken 7 Terraria The Disney Afternoon Collection The Evil Within The King of Fighters 2000 The Last of Us TorqueL Trials Fusion Trivial Pursuit Live Twisted Metal: Black Type: Rider Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Until Dawn War of the Monsters Watch Dogs 2 We Are Doomed WWE 2K17 XCOM 2 Yu-gi-oh: Legacy of the duelist
  7. What is your favourite E3 upcoming video game mine is shadow of war cause im a huge fan of the lord of the ring trilogy
  8. Everyone who isn't busy today, is very welcome to join me in my WWE 2k17 stream today. I will play some online matches for probably around 2 hours. I sadly don't have a microphone yet, but i can speak with you in the chat between matches. Hope you're all coming. EDIT: I might be able to use a mic after all, so come in if you want to hear me trashtalking during gameplay. EDIT 2: Stream is cancelled. I will try it again tomorrow
  9. So I am seriously considering selling my Xbox One to buy a PlayStation 4. However, I keep telling myself I shouldn't because of the money I have put into it. I don't have many physical copies of games. In fact, I own about 4 games right now. I also own some digital games, including The Witcher 3 and Gears of War 4. I also have some accessories I have purchased, including a Turtle Beach X One headset. And finally, I still have about 5 months left of Xbox Live. Okay, so my reasons for wanting a PS4 are as follows; more games I am interested in playing. There isn't much that I am interested in playing on the Xbox One this year. The game I most wanted to play on the One has been already released and even if I sell the One, I would still be able to play it on PC. I like fighting games and there are more of them on the PS4 than the One. Also, Street Fighter V. I mean I own it on the PC, but I imagine there are more people playing on PS4 than PC. I would love to be able to play it in my room without having to go to the computer. Another reason is I own both a PS3 and a Vita, so PS Plus would be more than worth it for me. Decisions, decisions. So, would you sell it or just keep it if you were me?
  10. Hey I just started a community on PlayStation for LGBT+ people who like Overwatch. I was wondering if anypony had a cool community that they would like to share.
  11. it's always fun to see technicians and programmers being creative with hardware and modding consoles to run other program systems. And last time it gave me an question; Is it possible to mod a PS4/Xbox One to run Windows 7? I think it could be possible since, especially, PS4's components are compatible with Direct3D and the hardware architecture is almost familiar with the PC. And recently the PS4 got jailbreaked to run Linux without problems. How about you? Do you love to do/see others experimenting with hardware/software?
  12. Are there more gamers here waiting for the game? I'm really excited for it .
  13. Does any one play Street Fighter V? If so, do you play it on console or on PC and what did you think of it? What character(s) do you like to play as?
  14. Kudos for the hackers to make other OS working on the console. I still have some questions about the possibilities like: - Do some of you have SteamOS? - Is it possible to run non-gaming software on it and GOG games? CDProjectRed indicates they're making their games working on the SteamOS. Just founded out that using some GOG games on the OS is possible. - Is it possible to erase the PS4 OS?
  15. In a rather unexpected announcement, Capcom has revealed that it will be re-releasing Resident Evil 6, 5 and 4 for the Xbox One and PS4 in 2016. As a huge fan of RE4 and 5, I am incredibly excited for this and being able to replay these games again will be cool, though I really hope that these games are actually improved with the hardware, rather than just being ports. Xbox One has backwards compatibility so Capcom needs to give us a good reason to prefer these over the original versions. Still, I am quite excited for this. I never got a chance to play 6 much, so that will be interesting too. Anyone else excited for this? Resident Evil 4 is one of my favorites in the series and I feel like 5 was actually a fantastic entry as well, despite not being so much about horror.
  16. This is some good news for 5/6 generation gamers like me. Now my brother asked me if I would buy a PS4. How about you?
  17. Hi I haven't posted for a long time here, but I was wondering if anyone had a PS4. Mainly. I mean, PS3 too but I have PS4 and could use a lot more Brony friends on Playstation. My name is AdmiralCrunch222. Send me a PM or post in this topic if you guys don't mind. Please include that you are from the forums if you send me a friend request on PSN ALL HAIL FRIENDSHIP!
  18. So, I love almost all the new things about Destiny. Potential spoilers await, if you want to discover the bits and pieces on your own. I've had a blast running around the game, discovering the new stuff. Srs, so, if you want to discover stuff on your own, stop reading. Fine, keep reading. I love the Inventory boards have been installed to house blueprints, so exotic weapons and armor, as well as all emblems, shaders, ships, and sparrows no longer eat up all my inventory space. I love that specials, grenades, and melee cooldowns now have an actual time shown in your stats, and that the stat cap is shown so you can minimize any waste. I LOVE that there are quest chains now, and that each subclass gets one. (NOTE: To unlock your second classes quest line, equip that class, log out, and it should pop the next time you log in on that character.) I even love that you don't need special bonds/capes/towel-things to get rep points for a faction, but instead can align yourself to a faction once per week at a cost. (It just makes more sense!) Now, I did say ALMOST. There is one thing that I loathe. In Star Wars, I always hated C3P0. He has always been, and will probably always be, my least favorite character. (Yes, I even prefer JJB, between the two.) I don't want to demand they give us back the DinkBot voice. I just wish they'd give us the option to disable the ghost from speaking. I loathe the new, C3P0 sounding voice. I was playing last night, having a blast, and at the peak of my good mood, it suddenly fell flat when the ghost started commenting. Continued playing, got back to that same level of "AWWW YE!", and BOOM! New ghost voice shot my mood in the face for the second time. Let me disable ghost speech, for the sake of my sanity, Bungie, please.
  19. I got my code but I haven't played yet (Due to school). So I won't be able to play til this weekend. Til then whats your opinion on the beta so far?
  20. i just recently got my ps4 and i was kind of happy about it but i run into the same problem that i have with every game i seem to play now. i have a really hard time with them and it makes me get so upset very often to the point where i start to dislike myself and feel useless becaue when i reach out everypony tells me to 'git gud' instead of offering advice and i that makes me feel 10x worse and feel like i waste my money on any game i get. some games push me so far over the edge i start to hurt myself because i cant beat the stupid game. so my question is what are some games that somepony as awful as me could possibly enjoy on ps4 that are easy? not everypony is jesus at videogames i just dont want it to feel like a waste. it can be any genre of game.
  21. As many may remember, back when the Xbox One was revealed, it was said that it was going to have a full on DRM on all games including physical copies and digital downloads. Obviously this blew up in Microsoft's face and now they seem to be a totally different company after that, the One is now one of my favorite systems ever. It has no DRM to speak of now on any games. Now, my friend owns a PS4, he prefers Playstation and I think that is awesome, we all should just enjoy what we enjoy, hence why I do not want any insults thrown around in this topic whatsoever, I just want a serious discussion on what I think is a legit issue with the PS4 that I wish did not exist, for the sake of gaming. The PS4 actually has a DRM that seems to go unnoticed by most of the gaming community. It is for all downloadable titles. How this works, is that if you are disconnected from the internet for more than 45 minutes, then all of your downloaded games will become locked and 'Ineligible' for startup, meaning you cannot play them at all until you log back in and verify the license. This will happen every time if you are disconnected for more than 45 minutes, your downloaded titles, no matter what they are, no longer are yours to play. They are then 'ineligible'. My friend who owns a PS4 actually has a decent amount of downloadable titles and his internet currently is off for specific reasons. Because of this, the vast majority of his game library is unplayable. This is such a shame too because the PS4 is a very good system too, and he really enjoys it, and this DRM is currently impeding his enjoyment to a great amount. I am just wondering why this issue is not more known and discussed more in gaming, especially after the outrage over the Xbox One DRM now never existed thanks to backlash. Granted its version would have been worse definitely, but now that system has no DRM at all and for the sake of gaming, I really wish that the PS4 did not have this either. Your thoughts? (Remember, please keep this civil)
  22. Wolfenstein the New Order released last year to great fanfare. Apparently the game was really good. I did not get to play it, in fact I have only played Wolfenstein 3D. Recently they released a new standalone prequel to the New Order titled 'The Old Blood'. I am thinking of purchasing it, it looks pretty good for only $20. Anyone else here have it? What do you think of it? Is it worth buying?
  23. Welcome one and all. On this site I'm called Wake N Bake but on Battlefield Hardline I go by xamitlu47. I created a platoon for the Battlefield series. I created this group so that fans have a CONSISTENT platoon that is more open and keeps their members in the loop! Here is a link to the Battlelog page! This blog will features update for and from the platoon and directly linked to the Battlelog page. We are currently accepting members so if you wanna join or if you have any questions fell free to ask!
  24. Where would I find on this site a place for ponies to share there gamer tags and such stuff in order that we may play games together. I feel like a dedicated place for those that want to can post info like gamer tags and social media links if they desire Is needed. Thanks.
  25. Does anyone want to play minecraft for the ps4 with me. psn username Cody1Meadows