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Found 19 results

  1. Hey guys I was just interested to see the response, because of my personal experience. So today was my first day wearing an MLP shirt in public, and I will have to admit, I was pretty scared. This day actually turned out alright and one person even said that I was very brave to wear this shirt in public but I responded with "Why man? I just love ponies" it was pretty funny. After today i'm totally going to be wearing all of my MLP shirts.
  2. You know, how many of you think that sometimes in life you're doing something wrong. Like me, for example. I can't seem to make any more friends at school anymore. I've only got one friend at school, but I can't seem to be friends with any of the other girls in my school. Then I start getting the feeling that maybe I'm not trying hard enough, or I shouldn't say what I say or do what I do...or anything like that. Have you guys ever done anything like that?
  3. Back in high school, I legit wore a Fluttershy t-shirt around, and didn't think twice about it. Wish I had the same lack of care today as I did back then. *sigh* It's hard to be yourself when you're afraid of being labeled as weird.
  4. Just a silly question. Do you wear any pony product in public??????? In the past weeks i began to buy some buttons for my bagpack (Didnt wear them because i wasnt that confident about my brony condition xDD After i joined the forums i began to wear them) I also planning on buying a shirt
  5. Someone is sad and it`s near you, Help her/him ! :okiedokielokie: How whould you make them smile again ? :3
  6. All I saw for public reactions was pony-related clothing, so here's one for non-pony shirts/clothing in general. Personally, I've had two experiences. -I went to an aquarium with my sister and when getting on the elevator, a girl around my age stopped me and said "oh my god, I love your Nightmare Before Christmas shirt!", it was fairly awkward but awesome just the same. -And back in August when at the fair, I was wearing a (Heath Ledger) Joker shirt. And when passing by one of the game booths, the person running it grabbed a microphone and said aloud "why so serious?" in a joker-sounding voice. And when I turned and smiled, he said "Now there's a smile", I thought it was kind of awesome. (But everyone in the area turned towards me which was kind of awkward) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, any experiences from any of you? They don't necessarily have to be a graphic shirt, it could be a tank top or scarves, or jeans, or anything along those lines.
  7. I had to give a presentation recently, and when I was getting my file up ( typical PowerPoint presentation), people were able to see a few of my 'unique' file names on my flash drive, from the projector, such as: Meow, Pompously Powdered Wigs (my history research), Meow, Meow_x_2, (semicolon)D, Humourbomb, etc. So, anybody else have weird file names? Have they ever been displayed to the public?
  8. In my life I have been to one con, and when you broke out with a pony song you get a whole crowd going lol. But you gotta remember thats a con for fellow bronies and pegasisters. I mean in the world of Equestria the ponies seem to be able to break out into a song anytime they want XD I am talking about in your town, your normal every day life, have you ever broken out into a random pony song (This is songs from the show....and fan made). For example: Some nights, I will wear my suit, wear my pink bow tie, break out my cello and start playing and singing I am Octavia outside of my house like at midnight. (It gets very emotional) lol I have never been told to stop or be don't worry. So I ask do you have any stories of randomly breaking out into a pony song in public? I love this song and singing it in public :3
  9. I have a poll set up in the following thread: It was suggested that I make the poll public so other members can see the results, but when I go into "Manage Poll" there is no option to make it public, as stated in the forum help topic regarding polls. You can optionally enter a title for the poll in the "Poll Title" box. You may then also be able to set it as a public poll by checking the "Public Poll?" box. In public polls, all members will be able to see who voted for which option. I feel like I'm missing something really obvious here.
  10. I have a new google + hangout video airing at 7:30PM EST tonight( July 2 2014 )! If you want to join just say so and I will be happy to add you just post in the comments of the hangout and I will invite you in! Link:
  11. We've all overheard random fragments of other peoples' conversations in public that are hilarious without context. Today I was out to dinner and heard another diner say, very loudly, "Oh, yeah, you gotta have a C-Section!" What made it so funny was the tone. It was said with exact same tone you'd imagine if you said "Oh, yeah, you gotta have chili fries!" What funny fragments have you heard? Post em here!
  12. It is just that Hasbro owns all copyrights recently. If it was Public Domain we could do anything we want with it and it would be a turning point for Bronies. When does it enter it? 2040? 2050? 2080?
  13. Today was the last day of winter. It could not have come any sooner. I really hate winter due to the insane coldness and constant showers. I wouldnt mind the conditions but as i grow older i have things to do which are very hard and uncomfortable to do in the winter season. Now to get to the somewhat funny stuff. Since it was the last day of winter i decided to celebrate by singing the winter wrap up song wherever i went. My first stop was my college. I had my headphones on while i was singing the song but judging from the students and police's faces they were loving it. I then got stuck in morning traffic and it was a crawl. I decided to sing the song very loud. It proved to be a mistake as people honked their horns and called me various names while giving me the highway salute. Did that stop me? No. So i got home and had an hour or two before i had to set off again. When i did set off, I changed the melody a little. I sang Winter Wrap Up as a screamo/deathmetal song. Some people didnt like that; other people did like it. As i was scream-singing people gave me alot of looks. They looked as if i was a crazy person. Some people joined in on my merriment screaming "Winter Wrap Up" with me. I had too much fun today. Peoples reactions were priceless. Come to think of it i should have made a video of the thing.
  14. So i went out today to hang with some friends and i had my scooter in my truck. We went out to eat at the crappiest fast food place we could find. The food was horrible, so horrible in fact that our friend got the runs. We all laughed at him every time he went to the bathroom. Yeah, we are good friends. Anyways after a couple of hours messing around at the local mall and after i bought some MLP merchandise we decided to mess around outside. I decided to get the scooter i was borrowing and ride it around. A lot of people were looking at me and laughing. they were either in cars or walking their kids. So here comes some jerky teenagers who dont know how to handle their hormones. the conversation we had still makes me laugh. BTW i'm using Swag ironically. like a hipster. shut up sub-conscion Jerky Teenager: Oh my hell! are you riding a scooter? HA not man enough to ride a skateboard huh? Me: Measuring ones manhood by the ability to ride a piece of wood on wheels isn't logical J.T: what? your such a loser. good luck getting a girlfriend f**! Me: *starts riding scooter downhill* Y'ALL ARE JUST JEALOUS OF MY SWAG! my friends then witnessed me fall on my ass since hard rubber wheels do not provide traction and shock absorbency. As they walked to me i pretended to be unconscious. Friend: Are you ok or dead....really hope your dead. i want your xbox Other Friend: No, i get his xbox bro. *proceeds to kick me* Me:*gets up* CRUSH.KILL DESTROY.SWAG. Friend: say swag one more time. Me: Swag mother- he then proceeded to punch me in the grapes. after all that, we had a good laugh and continued on to the beach.
  15. Do any of you ever dream about doing a brony-related thing in a very public setting? I'm not talking about wearing a brony t-shirt around town. Something bigger. Like appearing on American Idol or America's Got Talent decked out with brony gear, or building a brony float for the homecoming parade; I know it really annoys people when bronies flaunt their interest, but it's one of the only shows I can think of in the past 10-15 years that has really made me WANT to express my interest in a public way. And it's not just about expressing myself either, I want to share my happiness with others. Does anybody else feel this way? If so, what would be your way of expressing your love for the show? My dream is to play "Winter Wrap-Up" and "Love is in Bloom" on a grand piano in front of an audience of thousands of people.
  16. Do you ever listen to brony music or wear an MLP shirt in public? Or do you talk about relevent things in relation to your brony life? Do you ever do those types of things? (make your own examples). I'm not talking about stuff like shouting "ZOMG MLP IS THE BEST THING EVVVERRR" in public, I mean things you do that don't regard other people. (such as mentioned above) I have the Smile song remix of Tombstone as my ringtone, and that's about it.
  17. I am not sure if this has been discussed, I couldn't find anything about it. So lets talk breaking the social norms! Have any of you bronies break the social norm for an assignment, pure fun, or any reason really? If so, what did you do? If you haven't done this before, what would you want to do? ​I had the idea to get a few friends and go to a really terrible bar, a dive, a biker gang bar or something dressed in our finest apparel. Suits, and fancy dresses kind of thing. I think that would be a fun night. So, lets hear from you!
  18. I was thinking that we should establish ourselves else-wear on the internet. For example, Facebook, roblox, etc., etc. I'm recommending this so that we could have more people in the forum and MAYBE we could create more bronies. Please feel free to give more online communities and give your thoughts' whether you agree or disagree with this idea
  19. This is a open roleplay. If you wish to take part in this roleplay, please post your character and their information in this thread. If you have any questions, please post them there. Title: Slow Cheetah Plot: A young Pegasus (Tyger) in summer flight camp is too advanced for the course he is assigned to and is offered a position in the Junior Speedster Flight Camp. He declines the offer and decides to take a steady rise and complete the course with ease where he is currently assigned at. However, he runs into a problem when he falls in love with another young Pegasus, (Fluttershy) who is virtually the weakest flier in a summer flight camp, only flutter for a few seconds before falling. He sees this as a distraction, but still wants to complete the course anyway, knowing that he'll pass easily. But, as he begins to fall behind, he drops everything he explains to himself as a pathologic activity and wants to come back as a new Pegasus, and trying to get a chance with Fluttershy. It turns out to be a challenge when the others tease him, falling for a weak flier. Characters: Tyger (me), Fluttershy (PlasmaStormX- 15), Larva (Finesthour), Razor Gust (Linguz), Hunter & Skinner (NeverNeverland), Haze (ThePinkazoid), Silent Melody (Authetius), Peppermint Snow (Pastel).. ---------------------------------------------------------- "Slow cheetah come before my forest. Looks like it's on today." Celestias sun brought forth another new day. Its bright light shines upon the clouds in Cloudsdale and through the pink billow clouds the sunshine has an effect on, chimes in on Earth. The winds seem very little and the weather overall is quite delightful. This is a special day. An annual Pegasus League race is being held in the main center of Cloudsdale and all the Pegasus have arrived to see the race. The Pegasus racers were all tall and their wings were shown as if they were made to swift through strong winds. A brown bodied, tan maned, blue eyed baby Pegasus is seen on a cloudstack, close view on the Pegasus preparing for the race. The baby Pegasus seems quite excited about this race and decides he wants a closer look. As he moves up to the edge of the cloudstack, the signal was shown to start the race and the Pegasus were off! The speed the racers lifted off were incredible and left behind a strong breeze that swept the baby Pegasus off from the cloudstack he was sitting on and sent him free falling. The baby Pegasus looks down in terror and closes his eyes. He begins to spread his tiny wings and starts to flutter. He gave all his strength into his wings and slowly after every flutter, the baby Pegasus began it's stance in mid-air. The Pegasus opened his eyes and is amazed he is still safe, but how? He looked over at his wings and they were sure fluttering! With a great smile, he looked up and headed towards back to Cloudsdale. He noticed he was going upward with ease, so he decided to test his new found ability and tried to speed just like the racers. He spread wings, stretching far and advanced with all his pride and strength to speed through the clouds in Cloudsdale. He chimed in the middle of the race and noticed the racers incoming fast. Just in the knick of time, he flew himself out of the way with an incredible reflex. The stands were amazed when they saw what had just happened and cheered for the baby Pegasus instead. The Pegasus looked up and saw the others cheering for him and with the joy he had received, raced behind the other racers and tied in last place. The other Pegasus racers were astounded at the baby Pegasus and asked him for his name. "Tyger."