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Found 11 results

  1. It is one of the most iconic repeated phrases in the show, (there are other similar words like somppony obviously) being a pun for "anyone"/"anybody etc." is clever, but how would it translate in other languages? In English, it is easy to replace "-body" with "-pony," however in other languages it would be morr difficult to have am equivalent it seems to me. I have heard the Japanese version some, and they say "ponitachi"/ "ponytachi" in it, which works very well. Poni is the Japanese loan word based on how it sounds, so it means pony. Tachi is a polite added word to make it plural or rather collective. So pretty much the same, and works just as well for it. Of course not just anypony, but other pony puns would be nice to know. What do you think?
  2. Just like the title reads
  3. Dowlphin

    Meet Lady Xiarity

    There's another Star Citizen ship concept sale and it's a space bike. And it being called "Nox" spawned a flood of puns as never before. I was tempted to get the 2Pac with the black (Nox) and the silver (Nox Kue) one, but I'm not that bikuerious. So I ponied up the money and seaddled up on this space needle. Got the silver one. Seems more classy to me. It is made by Aopoa, which is a manufacturer of the Xi'an race. So I named it Lady Xiarity, which sounds like sharity -> charity ->generosity, Rarity's element of harmony. This is a racing bike, so it has a very generous power-to-weight ratio. With all this in mind, the name seemed very aopoapriate. This bike being named after a pony, it thus became an equine Nox. And in summer that's a rarity! Here's the official ship teaser video: and here's my recruitment page in case this bike nox your sox off and you want to join in on the pun: PLEASE XIARE! ^^ P.S.: I got another space bike, more of a cruiser. It's the exclusive yellow version of the Dragonfly - "Dragonfly Yellowjacket". I named it "Dragonshy Yellowcoat" . Also got a stealth fighter named "Mare Selenitatis" and a big Constellation Phoenix class multicrew ship with a docked P-72 Archimedes snub fighter and a two-seated Lynx rover in the belly. I called them "Constellestia, Philomedes and Twily". (Also got a size-and-weight-optimized racing ship with huge engines called Pinkie and a Mustang Gamma racing ship called Dashie.) ... This is what it means when I'm calling myself a puntheist. Good puns are simply divine!
  4. I'll start. What happens when a Earth Pony and a Dragon become friends?
  5. Kivil

    Pun Central

    Hello and good day/night/morning This is PUN CENTRAL!!!! Put all of your puns, pun images and everything "pun"ny! I hope this hasn't already been created (Kivil 2015) I want us to at least reach a goal of 1000 puns!!!! Since I am the master of the thread I will post first!
  6. Storm Shine

    Ponify-able Character puns

    Not sure if there's a topic like this, but... Alright, has anypony ever looked at a character from a random show and thought 'I can totally make that name into a pony pun.' or something? I know I have! For example... Toph Neigh Fong! (Yeah, it's like they set it up for that! ) If you've thought of a character who could have their name (or other aspect of themselves, if you can think of a way to make it work) turned into a pony pun, go ahead and post it here! (With a pic of what you think they'd look like as a pony, if you want.) If you have more than one, all the better!
  7. paradoxical

    Art my child and I made together

    He's really good at DJ Pon3 I made spike's outline and the speakers. Do you think I could get my child support in patreon so that I can pay for some formal classes?
  8. I don't know how many weird al fans are out there, but I have been a fan for as long as I have been breathing. He's always been one I've looked up to. He's gone thru so much to get to where he is today. Good example of not giving up. Anyways, he's seemed to be comming back lately. It all started with his new album "Alpocolypse." He did a voice for a character in the hit show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." He played Sir Isaac Newton in an Epic Rap Battle of History Season 3, and now, he is releasing new songs every day for 8 days! 5 of them are currently out, and they are really fun. If you haven't seen them, you should really check them out. They really made me laugh. 1.) His first song was Tacky parody of Happy. Jack Black is in it 2.) College Humor got to pair up with him to make what is currently my favorite "Foil" parody of Royals 3.) With an epic typogrophy video comes "Word Crimes" parody of "Blurred Lines" 4.) You will definatly laugh seeing "Handy" parody of "fancy" 5.) and of course he's famous for his polkas "now that's what I call polka"6.) I think this is an original. "Lame Claim to Fame" 7.) Another original "First World Problems"8.) I don't normally like sports, but "The Sport Song" is so fun. Check this stuff out! And keep in touch to see when his new ones come out too. And if you haven't ever listened to him or know him, now's a great time to find out;)
  9. Ok, Idk if this was uploaded here yet, but I just have to share it in case it hasn't because this is definitely impressive! Spoiler: It's a guy singing Disney's "Let It Go" by Frozen, and changes his voice to several Disney Characters %5B/MEDIA%5D
  10. PinkiePieJr

    Bach Needed

    Ok, I have an odd topic to ask of people. I want to make a movie poster pun. Again I should say, cuz if you don't know me, that is one thing I enjoy to do. I love Photoshop and like to have fun with it. Anyways, to make a this short and to the point, basically I need a photo I am having one hard time getting, so am just asking here to see if there is anyone out there who can get it for me. I need Johann Sebastian Bach (Bach for short-the composer). Well google wasn't helping cuz they are only paintings which i can't use. I need an actor that has access to costumes, to dress up like him, and send various composer looking poses. If for some reason you actually can, or know someone who can, and is willing to do this, please contact me. I would really appreciate it. Here or PM is fine. Thanks PS. Here's a pic of him:
  11. If you know what I mean. My little contribution to EQD's training grounds thing. The first days theme is a character who's staring off into the distance or has a glazed look in her/his eye. As soon as I saw the word "glazed", I knew what I had to do. This was also partly a test to see how fast I could vector. She took around 1 hour and 40 minutes. Will not put on deviantART or submit to EQD until I'm 100% I didn't flub anything up. And yes, I know it sucks, but bare with me.