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Found 7 results

  1. In Equestria there is no shortage of evil individuals who spread mischief and mayheam where ever they roam. Were it brainwashing and cutie mark stealing ponywizard, notorious conman brothers or hungry pack of timberwolfs, you name it, ponies have suffered from that scourge. On the contrary, law enforcement are much more rarely seen fenomenom. Even though we have seen royal guards from the very first episode of the show and quite impressive war efforts against King Sombra in one of Starlight's alternative futures in season 5 finale, ultimately saving the day seems always depend on certain alicorn and her friends. Kindom of Equestria have serious lacks on its armed forces, police corps and justice department, all which are needed to guarantee and maintain order and society's civil peace. Military presence can only be seen in capital Canterlot. City is under attack so regular basis that defending crown and it's subjects should be rather familiar concept for Celestia's soldiers? Nope. As it turns out, wooden spears aren't that effective against magical beasts... Polices patrol in busy streets of Manehattan and ponies of Appleloosa have local sheriff and his deputys watching over their settlement. But how about poor Ponyville and it's citizens? Whenever Beebear or GREAT AND POVERFUL TRIXIE appears, peasants are left on their own. "Where is justice?!", frightened and angry mares and stallions cry. Clad you asked. Ponies don't have justice department that would punish wrongdoers. They are either banished to the moon or gently lectured. Simple! Equestria's form of goverment is autocracy and absolute monarchy. However, capital have representavive democracy in form of town hall. Smaller communities such as Ponyville have only ceremonial occupation of city mayor. She mostly hosts openings of new hospital wards and another festivitys. (But since she is so ravishing looking bird, I ignore her uselessness for townfolks wellbeing.) Equestria: functional, fair and fantastic?
  2. Shining Armor is devastated when he finds his little sister imprisoned.
  3. "Hurry up and get your Jumpsuit on!" The Guard yelled as Twilight hastily buttoned up her prison issued orange jumpsuit. She then looked at herself in the mirror, and her heart sank as she saw herself wearing what was basically a badge of shame. Her tacky garment felt snug but made it a little difficult to move her limbs. The fabric was also stiff and not very flexible. It felt as though her body was imprisoned and restrained. Next, she was taken to what was the booking room where she had her hoof prints and mugshot taken. When she looked at her rapsheet, it reminded her that she was no longer Princess Celestia's Star Pupil and was now a lowly criminal. At that point, she began to tear up and started sobbing, but the guard's expression remained unchanged. "This way prisoner." He ordered her in a deep authoritarian voice. The moment he referred to her as prisoner and not ma'am or miss, Twilight's heart became heavy with sadness and guilt. The thought of being called Prisoner was unbearable to her, but she would have to accept that's what she now was, and would be living like that for the next two years. The guard led twilight down a dimly lit corridor with rows of steel doors on both sides. Finally, they came to a door on the left. The guard inserted one of his keys into the keyhole and with a loud click and thud, he opened the steel door. "Get in", He ordered Twilight. She did as she was told, and entered a damp, dark cell with a weathered cot on the right with a a toilet on the left with no sink, and it cold despite it being in the middle of spring. "Welcome to your new home little girl." the guard taunted before slaming the door shut and locking it. When the door closed all of the light suddenly disappeared, and with it all of Twilight's hopes and aspirations as well as her old life. She collapsed on her cot and began to sob and cry. Tears poured across her face, sadness took complete control of her heart and mind. She had been betrayed and abandoned by her former teacher who had condemned her to this dark pit of despair. She missed Applejack and her delicious apples. Rainbow dash with her talk of how she was going to be the best flyer. Rarity and her beautiful dresses. Fluttershy and her cute cuddly animals. Pinkie Pie and her fun parties. But above all, she missed spike, the baby dragon she had raised since he was an egg and considered her little brother. She would never see any of them again until she was released, which seemed like centuries, rather than two years.
  4. Sorry the title isn't specific. After watching "do princesses dream of magic sheep?" My mind is still reeling in "wtf" mode.... So anyway, on to the topic. Sweet Luna, where do I even start? Ok, I feel like I need to ask whether or not this recent episode killed the headcanons of Alicorns for some people...I know that so many tend to visualise Alicorns like Sunbutt and Luna as these all powerful, undefeatable, immortal Goddesses, and this episode, to me, flipped that on its head, with how Luna struggled to create the same dream for every pony in town. That shows that she, even as an alicorn, isn't all-powerful, and that her magic is infinite or unlimited in its ability. Nor, as seen in the episodes with Chrysalis- is Sunbutt's, who couldn't take her on horn to horn in a magic duel. Next, what are you guys thoughts on Luna creating the Tantabus in order to give her the same nightmare every night, in order to punish herself as Nightmare Moon? To me, this seems like a harsh punishment, even after Sunbutt had claimed to forgive her, I episode 2 of season 1. What's more surprising is Luna opting to punish herself, when the situation of her becoming Nightmare moon, to me at least, was more Sunbutt's fault, for overshadowig Luna to that extent, and not noticing or caring, or addressing how Luna might've felt, before she let her jealousy take over. Does anyone suppose that Sunbutt also creates magic things to punish herself, for not being there for Luna, in her greif and anger, like Luna created the Tantabus, for herself? What are you your thoughts on 1,000+ year old ponies having to address these kinds of lessons, like learning to let go of your past and not punish yourself for things you've been forgiven for (which you'd think they wouldn't have to be taught at this point in their lives)?
  5. I personally am against capital punishment, I don't believe we have the right to take someones life even for a crime they have commited. We have no right to judge someone else in that aspect.
  6. Why are there so many different punishments in Equestria, and what crime warrants which punishment? Nightmare Moon, Discord, and Tirek all tried to usurp the crown and terrorize the populace, but were given different sentences. Why weren't all 3 sent to Tartarus? Why not all sent to the moon? Why not all turned to stone? Celestia's methods for dealing with grandiose threats to her subjects appears to be rather inconsistent.
  7. So if you remembered watching Lesson Zero (Season 2, Episode 3), you recall Celestia decided to forget about Twilight's punishment for her "HII GURRLS" alter ego and chaos. What sort of punishment did you think Celestia had in mind for her, if you think she deserved one? Keep in mind of what Twilight's actions were in the episode. Silly answers are always welcome (to an extent)! I think this should be moved to the FiM discussion forum.