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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, everypony! There seems to be a metal thread, as well as a hip hop thread, but not a punk thread. So I figured,why not start one? Post your punk rock music here! Melodic hardcore, punk rock, hardcore punk-any type of music that could be considered punky! I'll start: Show me what you got!
  2. Anyone have any music suggestions? I'm into soft (I guess) screamo like mice and men, stuff like mcr and fob, and Stuff like twenty one pilots
  3. I watched the mini movie "My Little Dashie" based on the popular fanfic. The story was so heartbreaking and touching that I teamed up with SrightryAmiss and we wrote this!!! This is the second song for our debut albmum!!! Since my screamo lyrics or not always the clearest, heres the lyrics: The first day that i saw you My world was coming down The same old life in the same old town I wondered where you came from I’ve watched you live and grow Cause you were just a filly on the street with nowhere to go So do you have to go and leave me here by my self Before i found you my life was a living hell You were always my little girl (You were my crutch, you were my world) so dont believe that this is goodbye because of you these past few years have been the best of my life So can fly through the skies and be free but in my heart you will be my little dashie to me I refuse to let this day end i call up the stairs but you never comedown I know you fear the truth but i know youll come around Just remember theres an open door (you can come in, just tell me when) so dont believe that this is goodbye because of you these past few years have been the best of my life So you can fly through the skies and be free but in my heart you will be my little dashie to me Well can you blame her She finnaly with her kind But dont forget me for this will always be your sky and i will never forget you so dont believe that this is goodbye because of you these past few years have been the best of my life So you can fly through the skies and be free but in my heart you will be my little dashie to me so dont believe that this is goodbye because of you these past few years have been the best of my life So you can fly through the skies and be free but in my heart you will be my little dashie to me The first day that i saw you My world was coming down The same old life in the same old town I wondered where you came from I’ve watched you live and grow Cause you were just a filly on the street with nowhere to go
  4. Not all the instruments are done, still need to add the bridge and final chorus and then some bass, maybe some lead guitar and piano, and of coarse vocals, but ill be done with this by next Friday since thats when this project is due in my class lol
  5. Okay guys, along with the new OC design, you might have noticed most of my latest projects have been straying away from the techno songs to the more acoustic/punk rock genre. Well i wont say im completely out of the techno genre, but i have been spending more time writing some sweet rock songs for you guys. Heres the deal I had one techno house/punk song i was "gonna" finish. But after listening to the instrumental a couple of times i chunked it. Now on the bright side I have three new songs about to come out, two of which have instrumentals on soundcloud right now. Heres what I'm getting at, currently there are two albums I'm working on: "Raise You're Hooves And Revolt", and "Equestrian Serenades". The first is the big one, this album focuses on my works in hardcore punk, of coarse currently the album possesses one complete project "Until We Are Marked". Well right behind that we will soon have another song titled "You're Always With Me", a song that is about the relationship between Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle (yes im gonna get hate for that). Heres the thing I love the shipping of those two. Now I know a lotta "Twilight Sparkle-Waifu Claimers" have the severe urge to kick Falsh Sentrys plot clean across equestria, well i think it was pretty cool seeing twilight get those "transformed into Teenage girl" harmones raging. Im the biggest nerd for shipping in anime and MLP so yeah you better call UPS cause I ship it! Okay now were really off topic, back to what i was getting at with the song. This song was inspired after listening to music by Prince Whatever on You Tube. This hardcore punk song talks about the times when pony twilight is away from Canterlot high. The song will mix hardcore screams and light warm lyrics for the vocals. I guess you could say it expresses the rage, Sadness, and even hope we feel when were away from someone we care about. The song is my first piece coming out of Apple Logic Pro X and with new equipment and plug ins, the music is much higher quality and professional sounding. The next one doesnt need much explaining, Babs Seed. This is one of my favorite songs in FIM, its got this severe punk vibe, the beat is catchy, and the vocals and lyrics are great. I especially wanted to cover this after hearing an amazing rock cover by Acoustic Brony. But I thought, "hhhm... what if instead i did an 'acoustic rock' version of this song. The song features all acoustic guitars playing both rhythm "and" lead and a deep bass that creates some solidity among the warm guitars. Now vocals havnt been recorded yet for the song but they will be soon. Now since I am a major in audio engineering at Delta State University, I am required to perform three recording sessions per semester. Okay this is the chance of a lifetime because ill actually be working in a studio! But its my first time so were gonna keep the song im recording simple. "You Don't Have to Hide" is an acoustic punk song about my OC and Fluttershy (yep my Waifu). This song was severly influenced by punk band "Mayday Parade". Though I thought about making the song full on pop punk instead of acoustic punk, i thought it would take too much time to overdub the instruments since im on a tight schedule with this project. Now thats not a final decision because I am working on a full rock version of the song as well. So well just see how things turn out. Well that about covers everything up to date with my projects so StealingShad3Z out.
  6. does anybody here listen to or have at least heard of 311? tell me what your favorite song or album is below. ​
  7. So, yeah. I saw alot of people were making this kind of thread so I decided to make one. If the genre has the word Punk in it, you can post it here. xD Im not good at this.... ......Just post your punk music.
  8. I remember about 4 years ago my dad (or maybe my friend, I don't know) introduced me to Green Day by sitting me down and forcing "¡Viva la Gloria!" down my ears. I have been listening to them ever since, so I kinda grew up listening to them. However, for a reason completely unknown to me, I never really googled much about them. Anything I read was on Wikipedia, so there was no opinions. But recently I've come across stuff on the internet, and everyone seems to hate them! I just want to see how many people here like/dislike them. Plus I'm bored.
  9. So I made a fluffle puff version of the rock version of PFUDOR
  10. Wow, this is my first blog post in aaaaages! I can't believe it's been so long! I felt like it was time for another blog post, and since not much is going on in the MLP world and I have nothing else I'm really interested in enough to talk about right now I decided to check out this song, enjoy ! Icon for Hire are a more recent band. I thoroughly enjoyed there first album "scripted". The song Cynics and Critics was released as a preview of there upcoming album (name of which is not released yet) and comes out in a few months time ! So here it is: Now I may be a bit biased, but LOVE this song. I have listened to it for an hour straight, to see if I could find any flaws in it or anything that just starts to annoy me and currently I haven't. The backing music really fits, and the alternating fast and slow singing sections (making it almost impossible to learn the words to the verses) fit together seamlessly giving the music added depth. The mix of guitar and bass and electronic music is something that they did very well in the first album, and I think this song is a prime example of how in this genre the merging of the 2 styles of sounds should be done. The way the rythm of the song changes from the verse to chorus is also something I really like, keeping the song "fun" and not repetitive and boring as some song are.. The singing varies from rock singing, to very bouncy almost reciting of the lines to straight talking. Once again I feel they merge the different types together really well (aided by the perfect backing music for each moment) to really give a great alternation of styles/sounds through the song to keep in interesting all the way through. Overall, its a great showcase of the merging of different styles of singing and electronic/classic rock. With great sections to air guitar to, as well as parts truly great fun to sing to it makes the whole song a joy to listen to. I would give it a 9/10 and recommend everyone who likes rock music to listen ! Thanks for reading, feel free to leave feedback!
  11. I found this pic online (hope its ok if I upload it on here) and i have to ask? is this a real thing Hasbro is doing? it looks like Pinkie Pies added a little splash of punk and or goth to her look, if so I approve . what dose everypony else think of this? Honestly its things like this that make me love Hasbro.
  12. Possibly the most dauntingly impossible review I'll have to do for this series. Swans is considered to be one of the greatest bands in underground music, and with good reason. Ever since the early 80's, this Michael Gira project has put out album after album, with their style changing indescribably from era to era. The early 80's saw their contributions to no wave and noise rock with "Filth," "Cop," "Greed," and "Holy Money," moving into a style more reminiscent of post-punk (but still with their noise rock influence) on "Children of God." On "The Burning World," "White Light from the Mouth of Infinity," and "Love of Life," they became much more gothic and put a slight emphasis on harmony. From then on, from "The Great Annihilator" until today, they've combined all their previous influences with post-rock and drone elements, in addition to a ton of other things that I just can't begin to describe. The middle of this later period (or, the end of their career in the 90's before their breakup) saw the release of Swans' final album, "Soundtracks for the Blind." It would be fourteen years until they made a return in 2010. This was easily the most ambitious the group had gotten up to this point, and they may never top the innovation found on here. However, seeing (or hearing) this innovation may be difficult for more casual listeners, as this album is nearly two and a half hours long, and many of these tracks are based around musical themes rather than structure, and you can't tell who's playing what or even what's being played much of the time. It combines studio material with several live tracks, and these songs can be anything from ambient soundscapes to post-rock funeral dirges to old-school EDM to straight up noise and unnerving quiet energy. The album opens up with "Red Velvet Corridor," an instrumental of sorts which has some very interesting keyboard sounds in front of what feels like noise, and a few drones that enter and exit throughout. This cuts off suddenly and in fades "I Was a Prisoner in Your Skull," easily one of the high points on the record. An absolutely gorgeous synth chord introduces itself, with a tone that feels equally chilling and majestic. Juxtaposing with this wall of sound is a looped recording of a voice babbling incessantly, in an almost cynical and mocking way. The chord morphs into a sheet of noise and some drums come up in the mix in the back and the track evolves into what finally sounds almost like a band playing. As soon as it starts, however, it's cut short by more noise and a slide whistle. This is where the album takes a turn for something absolutely sinister. A voice appears in the track and says the following: Testing... one, two, three. Well... well fuck, I mean; I just don't know what to say. I'm very glad to be here with you tonight, I'll be able to talk to you about some things...that I know a great deal about. Everyone knows that you are fucked up. And everyone knows that I am fucked up. But, does everyone know that you are more fucked up than me? Well, I know that. And you know that. But our purpose is to tell everyone that. He begins to tell everyone just that, using this and other examples as proof: Take for instance, the time you went to the bathroom, to take a shower. You had some soap, a towel, shampoo, washcloth, a brush, everything was set. But you had to call me to come turn on the water for you. You didn't know where or how. That is one instance of how fucked up you are. It's almost like the voice you're hearing is your conscious reminding you that he's necessary in your day-to-day life to keep you from being unable to do anything, and it's where the album first introduces these themes of insanity and dependence. Now of course, I can't break down the whole album like this (we'd be here all day), so I'll touch down quickly on some highlights and you can fill in the details once you've listened to them. "Yum-Yab Killers" is a live track that draws heavily from punk rock, featuring a female vocal (which I can only assume is their keyboardist Jarboe) and it's possibly the most accessible moment across this record's two discs. "Volcano" is another track with a female vocal, featuring skittering hi-hats, a four to the floor kick, and a lot of uplifting chord progressions to mask its (once again) haunting lyrics. "Animus" is the second of three or four of those post-rock funeral dirges I was talking about earlier; once you've heard one, you've heard them all, but that being said, they're all very unique for having such similar themes. "Minus Something" features one of many spoken word bits across the album. The voice on this track speaks of feeling deteriorated, upset, and drained of life, much like a lot of the music on "Soundtracks for the Blind" feels. This is easily the most diverse album I've ever heard in my life, and it certainly takes a well-trained ear and a long attention span to allow the secrets of "Soundtracks for the Blind" to unfold. But once you're in the proper time, place, and mood, everything about it begins to make sense. Number seven is on the horizon, and it may be the most esoteric album on the list.
  13. (Feedback! Pleaaaaaaaase!) [Guys. This is the Ska/Punk character. I only mentioned jazz here once and Ska/Punk about 42 times.] Alright, MLP Forums! I have embarked on a daring quest in the name of our glorious leader, @Feld0, to design a pony for each and every single genre in the website! Currently, there are about 36 genres, and I know there will be more, but I shall carry on through the- Okay, I can't keep this up anymore. The thing is, I'm designing mascots for the website. One for each genre. I know the website isn't complete, and it sure as hay does not have ALL of the musical genres listed, but I'm going to design an OC for each one. Here is the first one I have made, for Ska/Punk, one of my favorite genres: The cutie mark for the character is a trumpet, because horn instruments are the only things that separate Ska from Punk, and the trumpet is a commonly used instrument in Ska. I've talked to some friends about the OC, and some of them seem to think that he also has some jazzy elements to him, so I need YOU, that's right, YOU, random citizen to provide me with commentary, suggestions, any feedback! When Ray has time for it, and has finished a few more OC's for the website, he'll apply some changes to the Ska/Punk character. Your suggestion might affect the outcome of this OC, which will be a part of the website! Anyhow, I'm done being a used car salesman. But, seriously, please give me feedback. I'll love you forever.* *maybe a little more than that...
  14. Maybe an underrated or unheard genre, but I really love it. It's basically punk/alternative but using traditional instruments (I.E. banjo, acoustic, violin,) and usually centers around depression or anger. If you do happen to like it a/o interested in it I'd love to give and get some references for music. Here's one of my favorite albums from my favorite band!
  15. Ok, I've been working on this for a long time, and now I feel like I can finally release it. I honestly think it sounds good, and I am proud of it.
  16. I think it suits her well!
  17. Hi everypony! Anyone that are into the "Straight Edge" sub culture? For everypony that don't know what it is it can mean many things (but you don't need to follow it all): It's a subculture and ubgenre of hardcore punk whose adherents refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational drugs (this is something you have to follow if you are a Straight Edge). For some it means being a vegetarian and not using caffeine or prescription drugs. I am not a 100% follower, but I do not use alcohol, tobacco or other recreational drugs and I am a big fan of punk rock, punk and hardcore punk. Even though I don't follow induvidualism that are also a part of Straight Edge for many. I know that it can mean many other things too, but these are the main things that the Straight Edge community follows. If there is something important that I missed just tell me, I am quit new to this.