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Found 14 results

  1. Puppeteer "I gave you strings to hold you down, To make you fret, to make you frown! You had no strings 'til you met me, My strings won't let you free!" Discord was kind of a jerk.
  2. this is a Opentoonz puppet rig of a mare i am developing
  3. HELLO everypony! I know that not all of us animators have Adobe Flash CS6, so, being the very kind person I am(don't laugh at me), I've taken it upon myself to convert ALL of the Double Rainboom Pony Puppets, plus Celestia and Luna, to the Flash 8 version! Which basically means anyone with any version of Adobe Flash can animate with them! I went through a lot of trouble downloading all of the trial versions of Adobe Flash to accomplish this, so I hope this helps some potential animators! Download them here! The puppets include: Twilight Sparkle Rarity Applejack Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Spike Pointy Ponies/BBBFF Style Ponies Applebloom Scootaloo Sweetie Belle Princess Celestia Princess Luna Derpy Hooves Lyra Heartstrings Bon Bon Vinyl Scratch Doctor Whooves Roids Rage Colgate Berry Punch That's 21 different puppets, folks. AKA a lot of time taken out of my life. x-x It was worth it, though. Enjoy! <3
  4. Part 0.5 of Puppet and Mike. Mike is a night guard who must act as a father to a toddler Puppet. Handling a job the other animatronics won't do, Mike is incredibly stressed with his job, especially on top of his night guard duties. Despite that, he and Puppet have amazing adventures in the pizzeria, although Puppet can cause trouble anytime. The pictures below the comic are just extra drawings I did. Thanks for reading
  5. So I learned to animate with flash puppets. YAY!!!! Specail thanks to youtube tutorials: so here it is:
  6. LittleshyFiM Profile Flash Puppet By EndenDragon ( Version 1 Description: This is a flash puppet for LittleshyFiM. I have included the original image Littleshy had sent me compared to the puppet I have made. The flash puppet is created in Adobe Flash CC 2013, but should have a backwards compatibility with Adobe Flash CS6. Usage: When using my puppet, PLEASE credit me (EndenDragon) and include to this page and/or my youtube channel -> Thank you so much! Download: Deviant Art Page - Credits: Puppet base credit to bronyanimstudios. Thank you LittleshyFiM in helping me out with this flash puppet by giving me the resources. Appreciated!
  7. - an hour before the show starts - I sit down in front of the mirror , gazing at my reflection. "hmm, something" i mutter to myself. i shake my head and walk away from it. As i turn around, I bump into Dazzling Shine. " oof." she said. I look down at her and smile. "Hello Dazzle, i did not notice you there." Dazzles eyes are a emerald green, her mane a silver/white. Her coat is a light yellow , like a duckling. She looks up at me confused. "h-hello Headmaster. It is quite alright." she rubs her muzzle. "It is my fault for being distracted in the first place." Dazzling's horn glowed a soft yellow. A comic book appears before me, "The Adventures of Daring Do," it says." Ah, I see." I step to the side "Well i must be on my way. Have a good day Dazzling." I tip my hat towards her. " too." she smiles softly. I walk out of the dressing room and out into the fresh, night air. Choose what happens next: a) meets another pony sees something in the dark c) something attacks him d) is lost in his thoughts e) Dazzling comes after him
  8. Hello, so I have been animating using 3D programs for a few years now and have recently been moving into 2D, I have tried various animation softwares and had settled on using Toon Boom Animate Pro. Recently though I have been wanting to move into flash and have a few question regarding how different things transfer over. 1. Extend Exposure: In Toon Boom there is an option that says "Extend Exposure" which allows a certain object (drawing background etc) to be seen in more than just one frame, for example if I had a Fluttershy puppet/rig on frame 1 and I didn't want it to dissapear on frame 2, how would I do this? 2. Properly using motion tweens: This has been a problem for me in previous flash experiences I know how to add them but not how to PROPERLY add them and use them and I am wondering how exactly to to this. 3. Properly pose and animate a puppet: In previous experiences with flash I have tried using puppets and when I move, for example a leg, and set a keyframe and make a motion tween, I can get the leg to move but the whole rest of the puppet disappears, in the view and on render I am wondering how to fix this. This question I thought would most likely be answered in the first one "Extend Exposure" but I have it here just in case. 4.Any tips/tricks or advice for animating: This is just if you have any in general information that might be useful when animating in flash, for example things that you didn't know and had trouble with and then eventually figured out. Just to make things easier. Thanks for any replies! I am really hoping you guys/girls can answer these questions for me as they have been a problem for some time. Also any bite sized useful video tutorials would be great! (also, Admins, I reposted this because I thought it would be better here, I would take down the previous one but I am not quite sure if I can and if so, how)
  9. (An interesting conversation on Questioner's status drove me to write this, if you're wondering.) It was a peaceful day in Ponyville. The town's librarian, Twilight Sparkle, was studiously reading a book, when suddenly... the door swung open as Pinkie Pie came bouncing in. Twilight was unfazed at Pinkie's usual antics. "Oh, hello there, Pinkie. Can I help you?" she asked. "Yes, please! You see..." Pinkie dropped a broken clown puppet onto the floor. "I was doing a kid's party, and things got quite out of hoof, so this puppet, as you can see, is in rather bad shape," she explained. "And I was wondering if you had a spell to fix it!" Twilight walked over to a nearby bookshelf. "Well, I'm pretty sure this book here is all about repairing and restoration..." She set the book down, and found the page about "fixing broken toys and ornaments". She focused on the puppet, her horn started glowing, and the puppet's strings began moving about. Just then, they quickly moved over to Pinkie. The two mares got the fright of their lives when somehow... the strings started fusing to Pinkie's body! On her shoulders, her thighs... "Uh... Twilight? What's going on? Is this supposed to happen?" asked Pinkie, with a small hint of fear in her voice. "I don't think so! I've never used this spell before! And I can't make it stop!" cried Twilight, frantically flipping through the book. Pinkie suddenly felt a strange feeling in her leg. She held it up to see that it was hardening. "Is this... wo-" she began, before her voice abruptly cut off, as she had, for some reason, lost her ability to speak. Twilight's eyes welled up with tears. "I'm sorry, Pinkie!" she wailed. She did the thing anypony would have done in a situation like that. "SOMEPONY HELP!" Tune in for the next chapter... if it happens.
  10. What if one or more Muppets were or decided to become Bronies? Imagine Telly Monster, or Ernie and Bert attending a Brony convention. What would you think of Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggy at a Brony convention? See if you can think of any other examples.
  11. I have some OC ponies that need to be turned into animation puppets/rigs. I'll send my OC first, and when my friends are fully done with theirs, I'll add them too. If you could do your best to make a side view, front, and a sort of angled puppet, that would be nice, but if not, a side view only would be fine. I'll be sure to credit the one i use by name, and any others in general in the videos I plan on making in the future. Thanks a bundle!
  12. Here are my first animations so far, but they're just animation TESTS, so it's just a bunch of previews of what I might be coming up with. I may be pretty good with animations so far, but I still may need help & tips, cuz I'm new to using Adobe Flash & I'd like help from you animators out there. Thank you
  13. If you like it, please favorite it here!: So I had this idea weeks ago. Drew it once. Fail. So I drew it again. AND I'M SO PROUD xD Just a little creepy twist to the episode... Just think... What if...?
  14. Hey everypony My best friend and I made MLP sock puppets for a school project (best project ever XD) She did Pinkie Pie and I did Rainbow Dash (unfortunately I don't have a picture of her Pinkie Pie one ) anyway I thought it would be nice to share with everypony. Tell me what you think and do you think we should make more?