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Found 12 results

  1. ALPHA 2 Hello everypony! Originally I planned to make this game for Rarity's day, but... It didn't work hue hue. I've manged to get the game working in about 5 days, but polishing it and adding next features... well, took waaaaay longer. I was never programming puzzle games of any kind before, so this was ... and still is an interesting experience! But okay, enough of that. What is this game about? Basically, it's a match-three puzzle game starring our beloved fashion pony, Rarity. At the moment the game lacks of many features, it only has the basic ones... And it only has two levels, because drawing these dress sketches (rd's is actually just 'borrowed' heh) took longer than I expected. RIP ;-; FABULOUS Screenies! DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FILENAME: Art of the Dress (Alpha 2) PLATFORM: WINDOWS FILE TYPE: .zip FILE SIZE: 30.2 MB HOSTED ON: Google Drive ESTIMATED GAME LENGTH: About 5 minutes ... EPIC! System Requirements: I tested it on my potato laptop and it was working fine. I'll you'll experience any framerate drops, please let me know, along with providing your computer specs. Press M to toggle debug overlay, which displays FPS and what exactly might slow down the performance. How to Install: This is a packed .zip file. All you need to do is to unpack it anywhere and launch the game, no installation required. You can unpack it with various common packing software, such as WinRAR. I believe there are even online extractors, so just ask Uncle Google. Installation files for little demos isn't practical, so for now .zip will be enough. Reporting Bugs: I tested it multiple times and the game seemed to work, but there were many additions in a short period of time, so chances are, that something might glitch in rare cases. Well, it's just Alpha, duh! Nevertheless, if you'll experience any weird behavior, I'd really appreciate reporting this. Videos would be perfect, but a proper explanation what and when that happened would be good too. Please try your best when reporting issues, thank you! DISCLAIMER Just in case, let me mention, that this is an alpha version and there might be bugs. Worst case scenario will be the game freezing, but that shouldn't happen. Just keep that possibility in mind, you never know. GAMEPLAY VIDEO If you can't or don't want to play this game, it's totally fine, there's not much into it at the moment anyway. Buuut perhaps at least take a look at the gameplay video I've recorded? I worked so hard on that game. uwu CREDITS I hope you'll like it, thank you for visiting!
  2. Hello, everypony I still have the Cryptogram challenge puzzles If you can solve them I may give you a lot of brohoofs !
  3. Remember when I said, that the "Art of the Dress" event with @Rarity and all the amazing dresses members have drawn filled me with inspiration? I mentioned a puzzle game (click my reply above for more information) and I kept thinking about it. Soooo... I couldn't resist! I've drawn a concept art showing how more or less it could look like. Disclaimer: Carousel Boutique background, all the gems, elements of harmony, spool of rainbow thread and the Rainbow's dress sketch weren't made by me. I've made hourglass, menu scroll, cursor and the rest. Now the general idea is, that Rarity would be sewing a different dress for each level. The first levels would take place in Ponyville, where Rarity would make the dresses for the Gala, nothing fancy. There would be some cutscenes and some other basic stuff. With progress, she'd be moving to different places, where dresses would follow different styles. Levels 2-X would take place in Manehattan. Levels 3-X would take place in the Crystal Empire. Levels 4-X would take place in Canterlot. Busy and demanding ponies - fits great for more difficult levels, that require more work in less amount of time. Rarity's Boutique would be such a great location. (and perhaps more...) Now talking about some inspiration from that thread and event altogether--- I'd like to mention something, that gave me that one more sparkle. I haven't seen many -- actually I don't really recall seeing any dresses inspired by the Crystal Empire. I have to say, that @bornAgainEquestrian's dress is absolutely great. As for the game itself - there would be some bonuses, that would impact the field by destroying things here and there; there would be upgrades to these to give that feeling of progress/improvement. Also, this time I'd totally go for Full HD resolution as the default one! As much as I love pixel art, I think this one would perform better with high-resolution smooth art. If I'd knew about that event sooner, perhaps (with a huuuge question mark) I'd attempt to create that game, or at least come up with a demo for that event, like it was with Twilight's day. The huuuuuge question mark is because I suspect that game would take way longer to program, so I'd probably need a lot of time. These events made me think of a possible idea of making a game/minigame for each pony from the mane six and I happen to have some more ideas already, but I won't reveal these yet! The Bookhorse Minigame Art of the Dress Puzzle Game ???????????????? ??????????? ???????????????? ??????????? ???????????????? ??????????? - not sure yet - ----------- Oh I wish I wouldn't have to be bothered by my job - There are so many exciting things to do! Either way, that's all for now; Thank you for visiting!
  4. Part of a series where my daughters construct puzzles of ponies. We've already completed the Mane 6. Now comes Princess Celestia. Hope everypony enjoys! Please let me know what you think of my Celestia or any of the other ponies! Thanks!
  5. The puzzle genre of video games has seen such an immense variety of titles over the years. From the almighty Tetris, to games like Lumines and many others. While there are many games in this genre that focus on getting the best scores and such, there are also many puzzle games that focus on, or have the option for versus play, either against A.I. or a real player. There are so many of these games that it makes me curious what your favorites might be. So, let's get into it! My all-time favorite Versus Puzzler is Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, specifically the HD Remix. I discovered the original game on a demo disc on PS1 year back and I have loved the game ever since. I love the overall system, the use of Capcom characters, the music, the background, it is all so fun! Currently I am seriously hoping that Capcom makes Puzzle Fighter 2 HD backwards compatible on Xbox One. Capcom, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase! Don't make me poke you!
  6. So I went to PAX South yesterday. I tried out some games, didn't get a chance to try out the Nintendo switch. But the one VR game I tried stood out among the rest. A puzzle box game with PlayStation 4 VR. The controller acts as the characters hands stuck inside a puzzle box. It operates by figuring out what buttons on the controller change the parts on the outside. Some gameplay I recorded on my phone. ↓ So what do you guys think?
  7. RECEIVED_ A particular tumblr blog has been posting several creepy pictures of Princess Luna, alone on the moon. Alone, these seem pretty creepy. However, this in't just another 'Edgy' tumblr blog. These creepy posts have come with encoded messages. Over the past few days, me and several others on /mlp/ have tried decoding the puzzle. I'm not very educated in secret messages and decoding, but I do know a few clues that may get you guys started on a track to solving the puzzle, and maybe finding more about the story of Loona. (May contain 2spooky4me images and videos) The first thing I know of is the post of numerous 1's and 0's, which seems like binary. This however, is not binary, but some sort of ascii art. The second thing is the radio transmission. This may seem like a creepy jumble of waves, but I believe it may be some sort of image that has been made into a sound signal. I've tried using a RX-SSTV decoder to turn the signal into a digital image, but I have had no luck. Some of it I think is morse code, or maybe binary. I'm not very good with either of those, so I'll let you guys have a try. - ../.. /. – –/- //— -./ .. … ./-/ .-.. .-.. .//- .-. — ..- -. -///.. ..-/ …/// I've also heard if you drag some of the things around such as the cresent moon, it will reveal secret messages and stuff. That's all -Rogue
  8. Hi, Does anypony know what set these Series 3 mystery foil puzzle cards come from? And where can I buy them? They seem to be very rare on eBay, sometimes going for $30+. I would love to get this puzzle set sometime, but don't want to pay that much money so soon. I am hoping I could get it at Hot Topic or somewhere else. Does it come as a "Binder Set" or does it come by chance, like 1 card per 30 packs? 'Cause if it comes in the latter, I would just rather buy them on eBay for more. (If it is any help, I live just outside of Portland, Oregon.) These are the cards I'm looking for (images from eBay): Thanks everypony! /) I really want to get these! -Edit:- P.S. Also, does the "Rainbow Power" foil puzzle set come in a binder or individually? This here:
  9. Hello, everypony look what I've found yesterday at DOLLARTREE something almost like a Rubix Cube called a Lazer Magic Cube it's 20% COOLER in Rainboom colors and it's larger then the Rubix Cube itself enjoy !
  10. Hello, everypony last week I had to get a replaced 3-d crystal puzzle series replaced it was one of my favorites the diamond had 41 pieces anyway which one of the 3-d crystal puzzle was the hardest for you guys ? Also got a crystal puzzle of hello kitty it's 43 pieces skill level 2 diamond 3-d puzzle skill level 1 enjoy !
  11. Try and solve this rebus puzzle that I developed sometime ago. Answer in the comments below, but please hide your answer under the "spoiler" tag. If you can't do it by default, spell out the tag given for you below: [spoiler]*text*[/spoiler] Happy playing!
  12. Try and solve this puzzle that I created a while back. Please give your answer in the comments below, but hide it under the "spoiler" tag. (Also, make sure your comment is serious. I won't approve your comment if it isn't.)