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Found 19 results

  1. Season 6 had a few problems, But one was the lack of memorable episodes. How many of you find it unforgettable, and how many of you find it so forgettable that you could skip it and watch Season 7.
  2. I would like to buy some plushies and start a collection! Sadly all the Hasbro plushies are poorly made except the TY beanie babies, but I would rather have a 4D Plushie without brush-able hair. I have found a few online that I have liked, but they are normally about $150. I am a poor college student and I can't afford that right now. So I was wondering if any of you lovely people knew of a good place/store/online shop that I could buy plushies from!
  3. My friend John and I are working on a script for the sequel to Turnabout Storm: A fanmade crossover of MLP FIM and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. We're a little short on staff at the moment. We've got plenty of spots open for voice actors. We'll also be needing some quality checkers, animators, designs, and some ideas for the script because so far we're not making much progress. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and my friend John on skype midnightstarmlp and israelyabuki1995.
  4. Alright guys! A lot of you have given me some kind words and this has inspired me to try and become semi decent This is my first full body picture, this time i added show accurate wings Alright i made another drawing of my OC Blaze Pulse I got a bit help on shadowing by my good friend InTEMsive
  5. So I am late coming into this but I need some time to finish the finale before posting this but what do you guys think about Season 5 as a whole? The writing, the music, the overall quality of this season? I'd say this wasn't too bad of a season, a few episodes a little difficult to stomach but it still had some gems.
  6. One thing that has been particularly apparent in my time as a member of the Brony community is the ease in gaining popularity through relatively mediocre attempts at music. As to not offend anyone, I will not be posting any specific examples of musical works I find relevant to this topic. Nonetheless, it boggles my mind how much Bronies tend to enjoy gobbling up anything that has even the slightest reference to the show. I have listened to countless songs, both lacking in production value, and enjoyment. However, they still continue to be posted on sites such as Equestria Daily. And for some odd reason, Bronies enjoy giving these "artists" critical acclaim, no matter how mediocre their sound is. For example, I know countless "Brony music artists" who have much much more popularity, yet their sound and music is lacking in many ways. Their compositions can be lazy. Their sound design can simply be nothing but clashing presets. And yet they accumulate Youtube subscribers to the point where they have more than the talents of the Brony community such as Sam Synthis, uThunder, and Replacer. Perhaps this isn't so much that there is no quality control, as much as the fact that people just don't know any better. This thought can be considered viable according to anyone. However, it's quite inaccurate and a false explanation. Bronies listen to all sorts of music, from talented and brilliant bands/musicians such as Pink Floyd, Aphex Twin, Noisia, Dream Theater, etc. These musicians' music are all up to par in terms of sound design, production value, and songwriting merit expected in their respective musical genres. We absolutely adore them, and yet we praise any simple and unimpressive song from a Brony musician? Why is this possible? Is it perhaps our belief that if we say otherwise, we will hurt them? Are we just too afraid of offending people? Are we hesitant to be honest? I believe so. I think that we give too much leniency to any "thing" that people call "music". I believe that we do so because we don't want to help them improve, we're too afraid to be critics. As mentioned in my old blog post about how "Positive Feedback Does Nothing", I believe that we must simply stop hesitating. Criticism is just as strong of a musical appreciation as positive feedback. We appreciate any song when we accept it could use improvements and we see potential in the artist themselves. Therefore, I ask of all of you to stop being shy with your criticisms, and have the strength to criticize what you believe does not sound good. This is the only way these Brony musicians can improve drastically. They must learn to accept flaws and build upon them in order to improve.
  7. There are some people on the Internet that I had found that lamented the quality of modern entertainment, and praised MLP:FiM for being an "exception", using whatever "exceptional" qualities it has to argue that it is the better show, if not "the best of all". I have three questions for this topic: 1. Can you list to me as many bad and loathsome qualities as possible, that are found in modern entertainment, from videogames to television shows? 2. What are those "exceptional qualities" that MLP:FiM has that makes it better than most TV shows (according to those bronies and other critics)? 3. What entertainment genres, that are considered "worthless" to people like us/you, that need to be disposed of? (Yes, we all hate cliches)
  8. I usually worry every-day, when I write my stories, on whether will my stories look poor to others. So, tell me, how well is the way you write your stories? Is it good, or is it bad?
  9. If MLP:FiM never existed at all, would entertainment be any better? Or would it remain at the same level? Please also list to me specific things in modern entertainment that you think "MLP:FiM can help fight against", e.g. cliches, undesirable/"disgusting" trends, pop entertainment/art "plagues", etc.
  10. This is in terms of the show's quality, not if the show will survive or be canceled, since its continued success on that part is almost guaranteed. So, by now, everyone has heard the news from last year that Hasbro has a plan to continue the show for another five years. A lot could happen in five years. MLP has been known to avoid stagnation by changing things up. They threw us Twilicorn and a story arc for Season 4, and character development lasts rather than being reverted. However, there are many things that could endanger the consistency of the show's writing. The ever-changing nature of the writing staff is one possible gamble. Another could be Hasbro forcing another thing in the show that would harm the dynamic that has been built up. A possibility is the fact that most of the possible morals and character development could be used up before the end. Though you can change to stave off the effects of time, there is only so much that can change without sacrificing what a show like MLP is all about. So, what do you see for this show? Do you believe it really is strong enough to continue to give us 5-6 more seasons like the 4 it already has, or will something go wrong before they get there?
  11. Let's say it's the same thing, just that the ponies look exactly like G1 (Generation 1) ponies and the show has the same video quality as G1 (Generation 1) and sound quality as G1 (Generation 1), would you still watch the show? I personally think I would, I don't really think quality is what makes something great
  12. Wow, what can I say? This place has got the worst quality posts ever and nobody does anything about it. And if I do, then I fear getting warnings from mods for not contributing to the discussion, heck even if I do I still get a warning The problem with these forums is that it's too nice. Yeah I know there are a lot of people moaning about moderation being too strict and whatnot, but seriously it's too nice here. I'm not saying being nice and welcoming is bad, yeah I'm totally for it. We're good enough at welcoming new members and keeping discussions in a happy mood but what's not happening is that new members are not being criticised for posting like idiots (as they are expected to ). So what happens is the situation we've got now with people who have many hundreds of posts but still post in a horrendous manner. You may say, "oh! who cares if we post like this, its not as if it effects you in any way". Well, no, maybe not. But it does mean that I'll find it a lot harder to read and understand and it makes you look like an imbecile and 9/10 times I will ignore your comment. Not because I'm mean, but because you're too lazy to make me care about your comment. I can understand problems with grammar and spelling to an extent but capitalisation is just a matter of effort and really, there should be a strict rule against it (that's if you're posting seriously) Well, what to do about it? As a normal member, if someone does post like that, be careful in how you correct them, people are easily annoyed by this. Also if they quote back at you regarding that at all, completely ignore them, it's off topic and shouldn't be discussed on-thread. I also request that we're allowed to do this^ or as a compromise, we're allowed to do that as long as we have something else in our post which contributes to the thread. So basically I'm requesting that we're allowed to moan about the thread/post itself rather than the discussion. Of course this is only a small part of the "quality of posts" problem that's here, but nonetheless I hope this could be a small step forward. So overall, keep being nice and welcoming but please do not let people get away with constant low quality posts.
  13. I'm not surprised if this topic already exists but I couldn't find another one. So I was thinking, MLP FiM is a wonderful cartoon that I really enjoy a lot to watch. However, when I hear other bronies on interviews and such, many of them says that the show has great animation. You can hear it everywhere. I would say that at least 80% of the bronies who talks about the show, mentions that the animation quality is very good. Now this got me thinking.. Personally, I think the animation is decent. To me, it has average quality of a regular cartoon show and it is not significantly better than many other shows out there. The animation technique is pretty basic. The show looks good, it does! But it you compare to a lot of other shows, those have better quality. Now the next thing isn't really something that should matter, all shows has it, but FiM has a lot of animation errors. It's quite easy to notice them if you have seen an episode a lot of times. The animation quality can't be compared to anime shows of course, since they have completely different animation techniques, but without having any particular ones in mind, I do know that I have seen shows with better quality and similar animation style. Now the show's animation quality has been improved since season 3 started, but I still think that people exaggerates. So for the questions, Is the animation really that good? If it is, why do you think so? If not, why are people saying this? Is it because the show has gotten so much attention that people are overrating it without even noticing themselves? Blind quality control..? Either way, I want to hear your opinions. And again, don't worry I <3 the show. It's awesome (but I watch it because it's fun, cute and enjoyable. Not because of the animation quality). S4 GOOOOOOOOOOO TL;DR I like the animation a lot but I think it's overrated. What do you think?
  14. Alright, as long as I have been here, I have seen sooo many different roleplays. They ranged from a well woven plotline, to a poor rushed line that centered around a specific character. Now, there are quite a few genres of roleplays, in which some are very difficult to organize. Here are some qualities, which I believe make a great roleplay A well woven plot: Every roleplay has to have a plot (except of course Slice-of-Life and other similiar types. The plot ultimately determines how each character will play out. If the plot is too shallow, the roleplay will be very confusing. This is common for first time rolplayers, as it is hard for them to organize their thoughts and put them down into words Not too much canon - Sometimes, roleplays are the best when they don't involve canon situations. I believe that canonism is one of the major obstacles that roleplayers face and it is a tricky decision for some DMs to make their roleplays with or without canon stuff. Personally, I'm a fan of non-canon, but I do put canon stuff here and there. This one is a big one: Every character should contribute something in the RP: The worst RP is an RP where none of the other characters get to do what they want to do. It's basically a one-man-show but with a little bit of background characters. It is a team effort in an RP. Whether it's exploring new lands or going on a noble quest, every character has to contribute something in an RP A plot that keeps your fellow RPers engaged and won't get boring very quickly What qualities do you think make a good RP and what do you struggle with the most when it comes to RPs? For me, what I struggle with the most is trying to make my thoughts into words. I've had this issue since I was little. But I've been working on it.
  15. I am a dedicated (although fairly new) brony, yet, I don't have any of the toys. They strike me as an essential part of the franchise, even for the adult and teenage viewers. However, the reason that I haven't bought any yet is that I can't find any of decent quality. The only ones that I have seen are horribly unrealistic. Does anyone know of toys, with the actual, non solid plastic manes, that bear a good resemblance to the actual characters? The picture is an example of the TERRIBLE QUALITY ones that I've seen.
  16. I have seen many people on the internet say that seasons 8 and 9 are the same quality as seasons 2 and 3, so I was wondering does anyone here think the same? I have not seen all of the episodes, but from what I have seen so far, I would say no as the plots are either too similar to older episodes or I find them extremely boring. I would say seasons 4 and 5 were closer to Hillenburg quality.
  17. Of course not everybody, but at least a lot. What are people's problem with Season 3? I like it just as much so far. Plus there giving us what we want. Everyone wanted an Applejack song, they did it. Everyone wanted a Scootaloo episode, they did it. Everyone wanted more Spitfire, they did it! I mean, everyone has their dislikes and likes with episodes, but ive been hearing a lot of "S3 has worse quality!" and "I hated the newest episode!" lately. If you don't like S3 as much, comment here telling us why please. I personally think S2 is the best yet but I love all the seasons. I think the CMC are actually better characters and have much better episodes now. I loved One Bad Apple! The CMC episodes are much more interesting in my opinion. Do you like Season 3 or not? Whats your opinion?
  18. For those of you who synthesize music using FL Studio (and some other music DAW's), you may have heard of .vst instruments. They're small files that you simply download to your computer, load up in your DAW, and link to a midi file (or write something yourself). It's a great way to introduce new sounds to the mix, especially if you're getting tired of your usual instruments. My question to the rest of you is this: What are your favorite free VST instruments? It could be anything - violins, pianos, additive synthesizers, effects, etc. While the saying "you get what you pay for" certainly applies here, I've found a few gems lying hidden here and there on the internet, such as T-Force Alpha TS V 1.03, Superwave P8, and D-Blue Glitch V 1.3 beta. Granted, they aren't nearly as powerful as software like Sylenth 1 or Nexus 2.0 (the full version of which costs about ~$2800), but they have done amazingly well for a simple free download. Any gems/particularly useful tools that you guys have come across?
  19. What ever happened to the good Disney movies like the ones that most of us grew up with. Lion King, Mulan, Hercules. they used to be really good and really original. they had good plots, good music, and they were funny and sad in the right times. and in the end they had a good message about social and personal problems. yes there are some new movies that are ok like Toy Story three but even if they have a different plot to it you cant call them original because they are squeals. just whant to see what others think.