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Found 25 results

  1. Her jam is "Another One Bites The Dust". Her favorite work-out song is "Don't Stop Me Now". Her pre-competition song is "We Will Rock You". Her victory song is "We Are The Champions". Her favorite friendship anthem is "You're My Best Friend". Her favorite "shower" song is "Bohemian Rhapsody". Her favorite karaoke song is "Somebody To Love" or "Killer Queen". and her favorite song to dance with her firends is "Radio Gaga". Agree with this? What other bands would RD listen to?
  2. This thread is devoted to all the fans of queen chrysalis Rules: No R34,suggestive pics are permitted AS LONG AS ITS NOT EXPLICIT No spamming post to become biggest fans Do not post a other pics that are not Chrysalis Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Queen Chrysalis forum "Twilight is better!" All of MLP Forums rules still apply.
  3. I do know this story is not perfect and it may have its small flaws, but I do NOT give permission for anybody to alter this story in anyway or post it anywhere else be respectful I don't mind criticism, but be respectful with that said I hope you enjoy the story. I know this story is not the greatest, but I do hope you like it. Story written by me chaosprincess Queen Servia belongs to Nightmare Star King Viakor belongs to Nightmare Star Lord Senvious belong to Nightmare Star Celestia and Luna belong to Hasbro The Tale of Queen Servia Why hello there little ones my name is Queen Servia I am as what some may call an ice queen I produce the beautiful wonders of winter shrouding the land in a white beauty, o what a sight to behold. But I suppose your not here to talk about winter, so I will tell you a tale. Now please do your best to behave yourselves during the tale otherwise your time will be spent in an icy prison. Now where to begin? Ah that's it now I'm sure all of you out there know the royal sisters of the sun and moon for their tale has been told all around, as for my tale its been hidden as an attempt to keep the memory of the past a secret. Now I was once married, but that stallion now lies in his own prison to rot, as for my son I prefer our tie remain cut. I suppose you don't care much for my love life or family I am after all a stranger to all of you. Now my tale begins in a small kingdom within Equestria, I ruled alone having no need to have a king beside me he would just get in the way. Now as a ruler I was loved by my faithful subjects who adored my winters that is until Celestia came along with her flashy sun tricks. She took everything from me my home, my subjects EVERYTHING, please do excuse me the memory still upsets me. She exiled me for my anger my beautiful winter taken away by her sun, my subjects taken by my anger I went into a blind rage which in the end caused my exile. Now I can see all of you are quick to point your hoof, claw whatever you have at me, placing the blame on my anger, but my beautiful winter was perfect and loved by my subjects until she came along showing her petty little sun off. Something just snapped inside of me as I stood there watching as the sun melted my winter I was a ruler as well it was not her place to touch MY KINGDOM. I do apologize once again I'm sure all of you care less about my anger and more about where my exile lead me so I'll tell you. I was exiled to a deserted wasteland, but little did I know I was being watched by my nuisance of a husband to be, but as annoying as he was he became quite useful to me. I did not like the idea of traveling with Viakor, but I had little choice and knew nothing of the land. I sort of wished he went back to the dirt hole he crawled out from, but he surprisingly made a good tool. He was a big stallion with little brain and a goofy look, but he was easy to use I just had to work a little charm, it seemed he liked me a little to much. I held no interest in him my heart would not be owned by that fool, but unfortunately that changed once I returned to my kingdom seems he had his own charm. It was a mistake to allow him to claim my heart for our son suffered, but I hold no love for either of them. Now to continue throughout my exile we traveled underground seems he had a fear of the sun pretty pathetic if you ask me. I suppose I can't speak since I did marry him and birth his child, luckily our son did not get his brains. Now traveling underground was not so bad since there was multiple tunnels leading to different areas of Equestria it was quite impressive for a pony who lacked any brain cells. Now the underground paths allowed me to reach Celestia's castle, I would never be able to reach the surface, but from underground I was able to freeze the ground causing all those who stepped on the ice to remain frozen in place. It was quite amusing seeing Celestia send her guards out to find me, Viakor of course would cause a little havoc for the sun princess as well he would barely escape at times, but he still managed somehow. At some point Viakor did propose to me the ring was Celestia's crown how he managed to get it is beyond me, but I accepted it. I suppose he was not that bad back then once our son was born that's when he turned his back on us. I spent many years in exile with him it was not all bad, but I just wanted to die at times knowing my kingdom was to never be the same my subjects were terrified of me, and I would never receive their acceptance for they have turned on me to worship Celestia. I was determined to break free from exile and remove any trace of her from the world Equestria only needed one ruler and that ruler was me. My exile did not last to long for Viakor risked his life in order to break the spell keeping me out of Equestria what a fool he was. He wanted nothing more then to make me happy even if it meant killing all those that oppose me. So he broke the barrier allowing me back into Equestria, I ran as fast as I could to my kingdom only to see it as a wasteland all my faithful followers were gone abandoning their homes for a new life under the ruling of Celestia and Luna. The sight of it caused my rage to spiral out of control creating a winter that would never end just as the princess of the moon had done in her past. Celestia of course made her appearance in an attempt to stop me, but Viakor had made a nice little hole for our princess to rot in I enjoyed seeing the icy earth closing in around her, she was now in her own frozen prison for years to come. Once her fate was sealed I took my kingdom back and my loyal subjects soon followed, but my life was soon to change with the marriage to Viakor and the birth of our son Senvious. Viakor was a good ruler, but became quite abusive lashing out at our son, now as his mother I protected him, but that was soon to change as he placed a spell on me which allowed him to control me. The spell was a success and he used me as a tool against our son forcing me to cause great harm to him, but instead of breaking down into tears I would stand there and laugh as if his pain brought me great enjoyment. Senvious was my world a handsome colt who would rule beside us, but he was weak and his father hated that more then anything he figured beating him would make him stronger. I was no better then Viakor since I took part in the routine beatings I just held no sympathy or care even when he would cry out for me to stop I enjoyed the sight of his blood and the screams each beating would bring. Now your all probably wondering how I could do such a monstrous thing to my own flesh and blood and that question I will never answer for I am unable to those memories are far to painful so I tuck them away. I always thought with Celestia out of the way my life would be grand again, but Viakor was just like Celestia taking everything away from me including my own free will. This nightmare went on for years, but my son was not to suffer alone for Viakor has turned on me at times using his powers to keep me in place while he beat me until I was bloody and barely able to stand. I wanted nothing more then to kill him where he stood, but a part of me enjoyed the abuse he brought onto my son and I, I hated him hated that he controlled my emotions, controlled my body and controlled my kingdom while my son and I sat there as his toys. That was not to last forever for many moons later I was able to break free from the spell and make him suffer. But even with his imprisonment or death the damage was done my son and I no longer had a good relationship I wanted no part of him as he wanted no part of me. It remains that way even now, but as for my husband I could not bring myself to kill him he was after all the man I gave my heart to so I sentenced him to exile to rot in his own prison as I did with Celestia. The moment of my freedom was the moment my rage was placed on him I mauled him as if I was a carnivore tearing into its prey I had no reason to hold back after all this was the man who took my freedom and son away from me. He begged for me to spare him in which I did, but he was sentenced to 1,000 years in Tartarus and he still remains there to this day. Now as for my son Senvious I banished him from my kingdom and if he was to return he will be killed, I do understand how hard that must be for some of you to read banishing my own child, but I am merely showing him some tough love. I am merely doing what a mother should to care for their young although he is no longer a colt he is still my son so therefore I must teach him the tough lessons of life. I must admit I do enjoy seeing his tornadoes from a distance he has grown so much and causing havoc of his own, now as for me my beautiful winters remain untouched throughout the season. The rising of the sun is no longer an issue with Celestia out of the way my beautiful winters remain it brings me such joy seeing the little ponies enjoy my winter with their little games and pony angels. This is where my story ends I rule my kingdom alone once again, my faithful subjects adoring everything that I do and no pony will get in my way.
  4. Sharing Queen Music, because this world needs more of it. And sadly new songs have come to a close. So how can one spread friendship/Love/Tolerance with the use of Queen Songs? Well Start with the obvious!
  5. Than shouldn't Chrysalis be more powerful than Cadance, and yes I understand that she beat Celestia who should be more powerful than Cadance so I am kinda drawing a blank. Cadance < Celestia Celestia < Chrysalis Cadance < Chrysalis Cadance > Chrysalis?
  6. (I know this is a controversial topic here, but i think that i can trust this forum, that we can talk about it with respect for each other. Just because you disagree with anothers opinion, dosen't mean that you're a better person) Yeah, what the title pretty much says. I am not talking about if she deserved it, if she ruined the show, if she is a different character, or all this other stuff, because i am sick and tired of it. I would rather ask the guys, who watched previous seasons, if they actually saw this coming? I actually kind of did. Maybe not from a story perspective, but from some other symbolic stuff. When i watched the first episode, i asked myself "why is she the only with a "big crown thingy?"" When it went on to Cutie Mark Chronicles, where Twilight said how she pretty much went rampage with her magic and that Celestia said that she has the most raw magical abilities she had ever seen, i thought to myself "watch out guys. She's gonna turn into an Alicorn one day." When MMC came around the corner and the pics of her wings where shown, i thought to myself "i am not surprised one bit." I am probably one of the few guys at january 28th 2013, who remained calm as buck. I wouldn't say that i saw it 100% coming, but atleast 85%. So, what about you guys? Did you see it coming or not?
  7. I am the Queen of Arendelle, merely a human. With ice powers. I do not have much time before my gloves fall off and I freeze this keyboard, and feel free to ask me any question!
  8. She is the best pony plushie maker there is though... http://whitedove-cre...llery/#/d4xjy5j She even made and sold a OC to Lauren Faust! http://whitedove-cre...llery/#/d4uodgx Then she made another one and sold it to the public. This is a link to here deviantArt gallery:
  9. Chrysalis: Hello. I'm Chrysalis, queen of the changelings. Prepare for war, Equestria. Celestia's precious ponies will soon bow down to me. Gossamer: Hello! I'm Gossamer! Chrysalis: Ugh, Gossamer. We HAVE to work on your introduction. Well, ponies seem fascinated with this 'com-pooter' device, so I am going to find out what the 'Broo-neah' fandom is all about. Gossamer: I think it's called a 'computer', and that its also 'Brony Fandom.' Chrysalis: Quiet, Gossamer. Ask me questions.
  10. I loved the Power Ponies episode of MLP. You could tell everyone who worked on it was just having so much fun. So here's my tribute / parody / ponification / whatever to the Fastest Mare in Maretropolis, Fili-Second!
  11. let just leave you guys with this to have fun with Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality.
  12. Life is a drama, there is nothing "real" about society. We create social norms as a sort of script and fashion as a method of staying in line with the "same play". When we realize this, everything is a joke. Our perception about everything is a joke. Death is not final, nor are our problems nearly as large as we once thought. We always love to take seriously what the gods created in jest.
  13. You manage to enter in Equestria by any means (except dreaming, getting high, you TRULLY ARE in Equestria), after a fews events Celestia make you a King/Queen of Equestria, what shall be your orders to everypony?
  14. This is a little something I made. The background is from the wikia, though. I'm sure you recognize all of them. Celestia turned out the best, but I put the most effort into Chrysalis, because she's so difficult.
  15. I happen to think that the words "Princess" and "Queen" are sorta misused throughout the series. Look at Queen Chrysalis for example...I always thought you become an official Queen when a princess is married? Maybe Chrysalis was married? But where does that leave Celestia, or Luna...or dare I say it Cadance? Think about it, Celestia and Luna have Canterlot, Cadance has the Crystal Empire...but then again are still considered princesses. Cadance is married to Shining Armor...and still comes out as a princess, let alone a Queen to the Crystal Empire. If Chrysalis can be considered a Queen even beyond marriage, then why is Celestia still addressed as "Princess Celestia"? Can someone help clarify this?
  16. I felt like sketching Queen Chrysalis as a filly, due to my random obsession with changelings today. Changelings are people too, they're just misunderstood. <3 Anyway, forgive me for my poor shading. P-please...don't be m-mad at me. This took me about 30 minutes. ~Colgate
  17. Ah yes. You were expecting Queen were you not? Well instead, have some pictures that clash together what you expect, and what is reality. Go ahead. Just like how I expect you to LOL, but the reality is going to be much different.
  18. This is just something I just realized about the villains. While reviewing each episode with villains in it, I realized something about the villains and how they relate to EACH of the Mane 6. Let me show you what I mean. Gonna separate these by colors so you don't get mixed up. You all remember Nightmare Moon, correct? Well, you might also remember how she attempted to break apart the Mane 6 by putting each of them through trials which would test their representations to each of the Elements... ... but here's where it starts getting interesting. You know Twilight Sparkle - the beloved "main" character of the Mane 6, and how she uses her magic to the best of her ability - whether it be from a simple spell to a magical outburst. Now, take into account of her Element - Magic. Now, compare Twilight to Nightmare Moon. What do you see? What you get is a rather ominous and uncanny polar opposite of Nightmare Moon when comparing Twilight to her. Nightmare Moon - the very essence of dark magic and a total master of it - is a rather accurate counterpart to Twilight, a gifted unicorn with a very special talent for "good" magic. To put it simply, NMM is the counterpart of Twilight Sparkle, when not speaking of friendship. Now we have Discord, the chaos-loving draconequus who almost managed to shroud Equestria in a proverbial cloud of disharmony. But for the sake of this topic, let's take into account of his personality. For one, he loves nonsense, and two, he loves to play games, albeit somewhat cruel. In this regard, he enjoys a good time, but on his own, twisted terms - and he loves to taunt other ponies, as seen when he masterfully managed to toy with each of the Mane 6. From this, he laughs at other ponies, not with them. Let's single out one word from the paragraph I wrote above this one: laughter. Who represents the Element of Laughter? That's right, Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie, the pony who loves to make people laugh, wants to have a good time, but could never bring herself to make fun of other ponies and derive pleasure from it. This is the "dark side" to Pinkie Pie's element, as showcased in Discord, albeit a bit more defined, I guess you could say. ​Finally, we have the Queen Chrysalis. She's the head of a rather vicious race who wanted to take over Equestria for their own accord, by taking on the form of Princess Celestia's niece who was about to get married. What makes this case special, however, was that her plan was almost flawless. "Cadence", who was really the Queen, managed to manipulate the entire kingdom into believing that she was the real Cadence when it was not really so. Through deception did she manage to get close enough to Shining Armor and feed off his love for Cadence (whom he thought was the actual Cadence), and even manage to fool Celestia when Twilight blurted out that this wasn't the real Cadence (to which "Cadence" faked tears in order to persuade everypony to get on her side and to turn against Twilight) - and it was this very deception were the Changeling race very close to successfully invading Canterlot, and soon, all of Equestria. Deception. It's a relatively common word in our vocabulary, so what makes it special? All it is is simply "lying to get what you want" while perhaps messing with another person (even if they do not feel it). But, think of an antonym of "deception", or better yet, think of an antonym for "lie". And what's that? Truth! And who represents "the truth" in regards to the Elements? None other than Applejack! Here we see the Queen being portrayed as a rather sinister being who masterfully manages to carry out her plan through a huge and well-crafted lie. In this case, we also see the glaring contrast between Applejack's Element of Honesty and what the Queen so "dearly" represents - deception. So, now you may know how the whole "villain" thing stacks up in the show. The Queen took a form that was a lie to invade Equestria, Discord loved laughing at (not with) other ponies, and Nightmare Moon was the master of dark magic. Each arch-villain so far has either been the polar opposite of one of the Elements or Harmony, or a very twisted and warped version of one of them. Ergo, based on this reasoning, we may safely conclude that one of the villains will represent twisted/polar opposite versions of Generosity, Loyalty, and Kindness.
  19. as a British musician, singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of the rock band Queen. As a performer, he was known for his flamboyant stage persona and powerful vocals over a four-octave range.[4][5][6] As a songwriter, Mercury composed many hits for Queen, including "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Killer Queen", "Somebody to Love", "Don't Stop Me Now", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and "We Are the Champions". In addition to his work with Queen, he led a solo career, and also occasionally served as a producer and guest musician (piano or vocals) for other artists. He died of bronchopneumonia brought on by AIDS on 24 November 1991, only one day after publicly acknowledging he had the disease. so yes from wikipieda
  20. Hey everyone. This is a short YTP/PMV I made on my channel. If you like it please like or subscribe :3 I need all the feedback I can get. Thanks! /)
  21. Good evening mares and gentlecolts, I am here to answer any and all questions marking my return. I shall begin my describing a small amout about myself. Name: Saphira (very close companions may call me Phira) Age: Ageless Species: Alicorn (Goddess of all shadow and lust) Family: Eldest sister to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna Companion: A large, magestic, and exotic green snake by the name of Esme Brief History: Abandoned at birth, Saphira has been forced to fend for herself for millions of years, secretly plotting against her royal family for their betrayal (far too complicated to go into depth at this particular moment....find out the rest for yourself) Cutie Mark: A blue rose symbolizing her virgin innocense at spirit aswell as her unnatural and unnatainable beauty. Saphira recieved her cutie mark upon being murdered by that of which she had been a fool to love. Personality: Saphira is a complex being that cannot be described through mear words alone. However, I can clearly and without hesitation state that she is increadably evil and intelligance, often using her appearance as a weapon against her foes. However, this doesn't mean she is without ability to fend for herself. The shadows are mighty allies. Abilities: Saphira has the ability to transform into a gracefull and magestic dragon (NO REFRENCE TO ERAGON) or wolf, by wrapping herself in shadows that seep into her person and transform her. This same method can be used to create fake ponies of which she uses to infultrate the domain of her enemies, but she cannot use this ability to turn herself into the forms of creatures who have ever actually existed. Any and all differences must be spoted it one wishes to defeat her. She can also call forth the help of the shadows which cannot be easily explained. As far as her abilities go for lust, Saphira's vampiric charm can be a deadly tool and she can even turn herself into a male of the species if she so desires. NOTE TO READER: If it takes me a while to respond to a question, that is because I draw pictures of Saphira to correspond with the question and her answer. (Saphira's companion and her dragon and wolf form will be designed very soon!)
  22. An oc for a rp idea of mine, not finished yet. c: :
  23. Hello, once again, my camera has been repaired so I decided to upload my first attempt at Chrysalis. (It was a tad rushed, but that is what a quick sketch is about XD) I wanted to try both a side view and a front view. And sadly when I uploaded this I forgot to give the front view Chrysalis her fangs. Oh well. Hope you enjoy.
  24. So this might be a very dumb question, but where the hell does her name come from? I've watched the finale 3 times and yet I've not heard them call her like that a single time. Am I deaf or is that a fan name?