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Found 1 result

  1. I have a small question about Cozy Glow: Why make her a little girl? After a corrupted alicorn princess, a spirit of chaos and disharmony, an evil queen of a race of shapeshifters, a demonic unicorn king, evil killer plants that were planted long ago by a spirit of chaos and disharmony, a power-hungry, magic devouring centaur, a Cutie Mark-hating unicorn mare who enslaved an entire village and created multiple bad futures, a unicorn who became a shadow monster that almost plunged the world into darkness, and the crazed king of a ruthless air fleet and his unicorn second-in-command, an evil little girl is kind of a step down, don't ya think? Sure, she collaborated with Tirek, nearly got non-flying creatures killed when their magic failed during their trip to Cloudsdale, tricked Twilight and her friends into trapping themselves in Tartarus, tried to send Equestria's magic to another dimension along with Starlight and the Student Six, declared herself Empress of Friendship, betrayed Chancellor Neighsay, trapped the Cutie Mark Crusaders in a supply closet, just so she could rule Equestria, but still, a little filly doing all of that stuff is a little... bizarre. Of course, you can argue with, Darla Dimple from Cats Don't Dance and Princess Morbucks were little girls, but the thing is, both were more comical villains (Darla Dimple's a hot-tempered actress obsessed with fame who is implied to be much older than she appeared, and Princess Morbucks was a spoiled little rich girl with enough money to afford high-tech weapons and gadgets). But I'm rambling. So, why the step down?