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Found 284 results

  1. Nature Tune

    Ask Nature Tune!

    Okay, since I don’t anypony knows about my other Ask A Pony I decided to make a new one. Ask away! And please keep it appropriate
  2. It's pretty simple. Say your favorite thing about the Forums. Doesn't even have to be about the show. Just what do you like about this site in general. Mine is how nice and welcoming everyone is here. (Unlike a lot of other communities where you say "Hi i'm new here" and like half of them say something like "Go f*** yourself"). Going on the forums makes my day every day.
  3. Hey, don't look at me, this was @Hierok's idea. This is basically like the Mega Thread "Answer The Question Above You" but with a twist: you're only allowed to post love/romance/shipping questions and asnwers! *wink wink* Just follow the same rules as the original thread, just make sure your questions are love related! I'll go first: Who is your pony crush?
  4. What the title says, simply state who you think is/are the funniest forum users here Mine are probably: @The_Gobo and @Trotteur Sauvage I feel like I’ve forgotton somepony.... Enjoy
  5. It's a simple as the title states, would you rather be a human who lives with one or more adorable ponies from MLP, or would you rather be the pony and exist in the MLP dimension? Quite personally, I'd rather be the pony.
  6. I'm just curious, because I always try to make others feel good around me both online and off and I wonder what makes people feel best. I think the best complement I ever received was that I try hard. That felt better than someone saying that I was tall or smart, because those are just traits and don't indicate any moral value.
  7. Does anypony know of any MLP visual novels or visual novel like games out there? If not, what do you think would make a good idea for an MLP VN? Personally, I think taking on the role of a background pony/OC who accidentally gets roped into an adventure with the Mane 6 could be a really interesting premise!
  8. Exactly what the title says, how would you respond or what would you do? Myself i would play it cool and when she turns around thinking im not interested id kiss her back saying your my some pony to. EDIT: regained internet and i found some confusion in the question so i wanted to clarify... this is assuming you are in fact in the equestrian world and a pony. however if you wish to respond as if you are a human as well if you want to.
  9. An Admirer

    Ask an admirer

    I like to talk about ponies. Ask me about my opinion at mane 6, princesses, back ground ponies and others. Also you can even ask me my opinions about HiE. My personal fevorite is Human child in Equestria fictions. I'd love to share my opinion on writing fanfics as well. Just feel free to ask anything. Now let's start.
  10. Hello all! Sorry in advance, as I'm a bit long-winded, but I hope you stick around long enough to read my full question. ( ; Also, apologies for the sloppy formatting. I'm actually quite good at it normally, but this interface is being difficult with me; for some reason hitting the enter key DELETES the previous paragraph, and trying to add formatting (such as bold or italics) to a highlighted section instead alters the entire paragraph. Don't ask me why the Enter key worked correctly the first few times I hit it, cause I have no freaking idea. >< Anyways, onto the heart of the matter! I've been away from active online-socializing for quite a while, and I'm still struggling to get back into the flow of things. There have been a quite a few hiccups along the way (turns out Aspergers applies to ANY kind of social interaction, in person or online...who knew?), but I think I've figured a few things out. See, most of my forum posts on various sites have been me asking for advice, requesting help or information in one way or another. It's become clear that what I REALLY need to start doing is to come at this from the other direction; I need to GIVE something to online communities, rather than take. Sadly, I have very few skills to offer. In fact, only two really come to mind! First, I'm very much a thinker, and am decently skilled at getting my thoughts across (likely DUE to my long-windedness). Second, I've got a very good grasp on media and analysis (what works, what doesn't, the places where an artist excels, and the things holding them back), so can probably offer some helpful thoughts and tips on various subjects, even though I can't put that knowledge into practice on my own. SO! I think the best way for me to contribute, especially in a fandom so focused on artist endeavors like this one, is to find a place where I can share and discuss various ideas, tips, tropes, critiques, and other aspects of art...most specifically, writing (the one artistic field I don't COMPLETELY suck at)! Unfortunately, I've had trouble finding the right place to do so; I've found a few spots on this site where people can share and discuss specific artistic works and fanfiction, but not any where they can offer advice or assistance, or discuss the craft and the work that goes into it. Is there a sub-forum I missed for such topics? If not, (and I know this is a bit of a forum faux pas), can anyone suggest another active site with a large community where I could help contribute in this way? I also wouldn't mind discussing the artistic aspects of other forms of media, such as animation, drawing, game mods, etc. Thanks for reading, and for any suggestions you can offer!
  11. Adam Burt

    Ask Adam Burt

    Ask me anything Ask me things on TV, Movies, Music, Book, History, MLP, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Politics, British Things, World, Anime/Manga, life, sport, people, anything There maybe question I ingore or unable to answer
  12. DQ stands for "Daily Question". It is a theme I started recently. The biggest mistake I ever made was probably when I blurted out in daily shares a random dream I had the night before. I mistook the dream for a spiritual sending and then presented it as such. It was the most awkward situation I've ever been in. What I learned from it was actually negative, that you must blend into society or else pay the consequences. Out of this came the "Dark Ages" of my life, a period of time where I had to endure some increasingly hard depression. This eventually led to one of the more positive lessons I learned, how to use logic to separate true from false. Questioning life itself tends to put forth a lot of opportunities for growth and observation. As a result I am now very opposed to simply fitting into society. If I let society change me how will I be able to change society then? Keeping your wills and opinions untainted by the world around you marks you as a distinct figure. Someone I continue to strive towards being.
  13. So I saw this video here And I thought that I love the mane 6 so much becaus3 they are so relatable. I decided to look into all of the personality disorders that he talks about. And I have discovered that I pretty much have every one of them. These links are to the Personality disorders that the Mane 6 have and also why I think I have them. Couldn't find out if applejacks has one or not.( I haven't been diagnosed with any of these but I can tell I have them or slight cases of them. Lets start with Rarity. Histrionic personality disorder."Histrionic personality disorder is characterized by constant attention-seeking, emotional overreaction, and suggestibility. A person with this condition tends to over-dramatize situations, which may impair relationships and lead to depression" now im almost 100% sure i have this. First of all, i am a huge attention seeker, at school I do stupid things that could lead to serious harm just for attention. I can heavily overreact but not sure if that counts. I have high suggestibility, I just can't say no when someone asks me to do something, I never say no, even if I wouldn't want to do it(also furthers my attention seeking point). Now I' not sure I have ever gotten depressed, but if I get into a fight or get yelled at then I usually feel really sad and don' talk for a long time, I sometimes even completely ignore that person forever. Now for Rainbow Dash's. Narcissistic Personality disorder. "Individuals with this disorder exhibit a lack of ability to empathize with others and an inflated sense of self-importance" so I do have a huge part of this, I have a pretty big lack of empathy. If I hear that somebody dies IRL than I often times try not to talk about it for the sole reason of me not being able to empathize, I would just say "oh wow that sucks" or something like that, and then the person would get mad at me and I don't really understand why. I have an unnatural sense of empathy for things like animals though, I hate it so much when people hurt even the smallest mosquito(like Fluttershy, but not a personality disorder). Honestly I'm not sure where I stand on the whole self importance thing. Im pretty sure Rainbow dash has ADHD. Now i for one am 100% sure i have ADHD, im not really gonna go onto why i think so. crap this is a big post, my phone is lagging) Now for Pinkie Pies, I'm pretty sure I dont have this( I have creative ideas but I don't think that counts) Now for Twilight Sparkle. She has OCDnow I have a small case of certain types of OCD, i do count lots of things to make sure that it' a good number(any number with 3 or 4 as it's last digit) and I do do things in a certain order which I feel apropriate, I also have this weird thing where I get this burning urge to spin around right, or go all the way around something instead of cutting through(could someone tell me what this is) Last but not Least, Fluttershy, pretty sure she has Avoidant type personality disorder. now I believe I have this, or some aspects of this at least, I have found that I have over half the symptoms. I am extremely shy in public, I also cannot speak up if I'm afraid it will taint someone's perception of me. Im not really scared of being rejected, instead I just avoid all possible situation where rejection could happen(pretty sure this is serious. Any ways that all of the., the serious ones in 99% sure i have are Avoidant personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, and 1000% ADHD) I know this isn't a psychology forums but I thought it would be cool to share. Also how do you guys relate to the characters, Do you have any of the Personality disorders I talked about? Also can someone answer my question about my sometimes burning urge to do certain things I talked about earlier. I got all of this research from the video I posted at the top, and also the websites I posted.
  14. Steel Accord

    Is magic a bad thing overall?

    Soooooo I'm starting to think Twilight may have had a point in Everfree. I mean, I'm all for Sunset's embrace the magic approach to things and thought AJ and co. were being silly when they decided to just ignore it in favor of mundane camping. On the other hand, that's how many times now that something magical has almost caused harm to befall minors? I mean, when you watch the show and you see magic happening all the time you really don't think anything of it but when it seeps over into the other world, the results are pretty drastic. It's almost kind of darkly hilarious that a magical world as seemingly nonthreatening as Equestria can have such potentially dangerous effects on what is otherwise the real world. Plus, how hard is it going to get after awhile to maintain deniability about this? With that stinger at the end of Everfree, it's starting to feel like the genie isn't going back into the bottle. I'm not the only one noticing this right? That as wondrous and cool as magic is in Equestria, it seems kind of dangerously out of place in the human world.
  15. There are loads of different mythical creatures in many different cultures around the world. Too many to word in a single post, and all-or most-of them are interesting in their own way. MLP has already introduced plenty of different ones into the show, but there's room for them to introduce so many more. So, I ask you, the Brony Community, what sort of creatures would you like to see put into the show one day?
  16. I've decided to //finally// do a meet the artist for myself. One slight problem, I have no idea what to put on/in it. So other than the basics (a drawn picture of myself, likes, dislikes, name, age, gender, country, and height) what do you guy want to see on my meet the artist picture?
  17. This may have been stated elsewhere and if so I really am sorry (still very new here) but I was wondering if you a fanfic that's NOT nsfw but can't for some reason or other be linked here if your still allowed to talk about here as long as you don't put a link to it. I'm asking because I've started writing a T rated fanfic that may dip into some darker stuff later down the line or may get the rating bumped up to just barely M. Hope I didn't post this in the wrong spot and that I haven't caused any of you any grief if so I really am sorry, I'm just trying not break any rules here so please be patient with me as I don't have a lot of experience with forums in general. Thank you for your time.
  18. BlueBook

    Web Youtube bronies, help me!

    Okay, there has to be some ponies that do youtube videos here. Specifically speededits/speedpaints. Help a pegasus out here, what free screen recording program do you suggest? The one I have is nice, but it turns the video sideways and has a mirror sort of effect
  19. There have been tons of theories about the possibility of a seventh element. Many people think the seventh element might be Sunset Shimmer, Starlight glimmer, Spike or maybe even Starswirl. But the question is, would this seventh element be a good idea for this to have? If the show staff put it into the show how would play out and would it change up the story too much? If Spike was the seventh element then most likely not. He's been in the show since the beginning so him being an element wouldn't change anything too much but the others would most likely add a huge change. Post what you think. Is having a seventh element a good idea for the show staff to add?
  20. I know the whole theme of poniverse is to have a brony version of EVERYTHING, but only a few people (including the staff themselves) have channels on the site running at a given time. Most other people just use, probably because of the wide range of options to watch content on (because it's literally streaming Google Chrome). What main things keep you guys coming back to
  21. Tailsfan1990

    What's the appeal of MOP?

    I have a question for all you bronies, what is the appeal of my little pony. I don't understand it and that's why I made an account so could you try to tell me the appeal.
  22. Do you think there will be bat ponies seen or at least mentioned in My Little Pony: The Movie? Luna's guards were bat ponies so they do exist in the universe, and we should definitely see more of them. There weren't bat ponies seen or mentioned in the trailer, so that could mean bat ponies only exist as guards for Luna and nowhere else(so not in the movie), or they just aren't a large part of the movie. Anyone agree or think differently?
  23. Applebloom Feri

    Are you in a relationship?

    As the title says really. I am curious of how many of you guys are taken I am currently single
  24. Does anyone have any screencaps from the show of front facing ponies? I always had trouble drawing ponies from the front and maybe seeing references from the show might help. I would look myself but I wouldn't know where I would look.
  25. SixShooterOutlaw

    What was your first pet?

    Hi Everypony, I'm wondering what was your first pet? Was it a cat or dog? Maybe it was a bird or fish? My first pet was a cat named Noel (I got her on Christmas Eve).