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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I made this quick digital drawing of @@Totally Lyra's New OC Thunder Gust. I made "these" in few hours time because I was little busy, so quality got to suffer again. Critique and all that.
  2. Made this really quickly as a test but it failed, so i decided to speed through it, making it look funnier and ended up with this xD (Took like.. 10 minutes at the most ) As it is rushed I didn't focus much on making it look good, so no need for criticism and sterf.. But yeah, hope yous like ⁿ-ⁿ
  3. Slice0Pie

    Quick Sketch

    Well, this is my OC, Shining Snow Yes I have another OC called Dusty Twist but she isn't my main one lol So, I have nothing more to say, but give me your honest opinion! ENJOY!
  4. This is some stuff I sketched. I spent the most time on the one in the middle, and spent the least time on the one at the bottom. These sketches were made by request, so I figured I'd do it. Here they are: Yeah, God awfully horrendous, right? I'm not a full time artist, but I figured I'd do this. And yes, it is supposed to be 2-D. I have never been good at 3-D, and everyone likes my 2-D stuff. Thoughts?
  5. I decided to do a quick sketch in school today. It's a picture of a young man holding a young woman in his arms, hugging. I think it turned out decent for the little amount of time I put into it. You may have to click it to see it properly though.
  6. Rudehamster

    Video Voice reel

    This is just something quick I threw together. I have been trying to get into voice acting/voice work, so why not get my name out there. I did all of these voices one after the other, one take, and no editing was done to pretty up my voice. So when you notice some imperfections, that is the reason, it is very hard going from Doom Bringer to elmo in 10 seconds xD... also my batman was terrible, I messed up the line LOL Any comments? criticisms? I would love to hear them :3
  7. This is just a quick little drawing, it took me like 20 minutes to finish, hopefully you like it
  8. Twiliscael

    Background Pony Compilation

    This is a compilation of my favorite background ponies (which is almost every single one). Just made a little thing 'cause I was bored. Questions, comments, ETC. apprieciated but not necessary. It DOES make a nice wallpaper if you tile it Here's the DA link, I really don't use mine at all really, I just made it so that no-one would take the username. It's MINE! http://adashofrainbo...onies-309832523
  9. Ezynell

    Fluttershy Quick Sketch

    Trying out different drawing styles with Paint Tool SAI, here's a Fluttershy :3 Time spent: 15-20 minutes Edit: Got bored and made a high quality version Time Spent: around 25 minutes
  10. Silver Octave

    Rainbow Dash Quick Pencil Sketch

    This is just a quick sketch of rainbow dash I made whilst I was bored. Take roughly the duration of a full Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. Weirdly I decided to make the colours black and white for some reason. Oh well, but know that I appreciate any feedback on my work and yes, I know that her head is a little wierd looking, by the time I noticed it, it was already to late to do anything about it. Well, without further adieu, here she is. Stay Friendly my Ponies -Lapis Sharp