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Found 24 results

  1. Go here and post what you got! Here’s my first round guess that makes me the CROOKVID-19
  2. I'm sure you have some pony quotes you love that stick in your head don't you?So here are a few of mine!"Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!""Twilight, you shouldn't hit the books, you should just read them."Both Pinkie Pie quotes haha.your turn!
  3. So the title should explain it, just put the next line of the movie (put around a sentence) (I’m not entirely sure where this post should go, sorry if this is the wrong one) I’ll start: Here’s my day so far
  4. I have found myself getting excited when I see a red number on my notifications. When I open the tab I hope I find quote on a post I made. I decided that I like quotes more than brohoofs, because I get more than just validation.What's your favorite kind of notification?Brohoofs?Quotes?PMs?Status comments?Something else?
  5. Pretty much as the title suggests ^ ^ whether it's something the user said from a long time ago or just recently, It can be either from a blog, a post, a status update, or anything so long as it's from the forums. given that the thing above me is the forums itself , I guess I'll quote Feld0 o_o "Welcome to MLP Forums, everypony!" -Feld0, October 3 2011 (Interestingly enough, that was his first status update, which since he made the forums, was probably the first status update ever o_o)
  6. This is going to scare you, but that is exactly what the truth does. All information is directly from this website: Also, thanks to my college's Executive Director of Information Technology for making me aware of this issue through email. The following is the direct words of the website, all credit goes to them: (Quote begins) "Mobile surveillance apps and programs remain prevalent in the free apps we use every day. This problem mainly affects Android users, however jailbroken iPhones are victims as well. As of this writing, Android represents about 85% of all mobile smartphones sold worldwide. A much larger attack vector for bad actors. The main difference in Android and iPhone apps lies in the marketplaces. Google allows third party marketplaces while Apple iPhones use a store controlled by Apple (called a walled garden). All apps coming through the iTunes Store has to be approved by Apple. This has pros and cons depending on who you ask, but without doubt it gives Apple more control over the security in the apps. A jailbroken iPhone is where the owners perform an unapproved action to unlock the phone from Apple's control. This allows unapproved third party marketplaces and apps to be installed. Many Google users love the open architecture of the Android and its ability to use multiple sources for apps and content. This very openness is what opens those phones up to more security risks. There are a large number of cyber security people that are also interested in privacy. The short reason is that when you share data, use social media, allow location tracking, and allow access to your data you open yourself up to more security risks. You are creating a larger attack surface for someone to steal your ID, manipulate you, be the victim of a phish, or worse. So to me, privacy and security are related. Free apps often come with a large price tag. The ToS, also known as the Terms of Service, often give the app makers access to your private data and other information you may not be aware of. One example is Angry Birds. This popular app collected so much information that government agencies just hacked Rovio instead of hacking users to get information on private citizens, and why not? The plethora of data Angry Birds collected was impressive, all while you were shooting birds at green pigs. Some of these "free" apps can also come with surveillance software bundled in behind the scenes, secretly stealing even more information. After extensive research into current surveillance packages on the market. Here is what attackers can get from your Android phone: Turn on Microphone and Record Audio Track Device Location (Current and Historical) Record Screen Through Applications Like What's App Drop Calls From Blacklists Get Device Information (IMEI, Phone Number, Battery Life, Storage usage, Etc) Record Keystrokes (to steal passwords) Access Videos and Music Read and Delete Text Messages Retrieve Contacts Get Further Instructions So how is all this possible on an Android phone? You allow it. The phones prompt you when launching the app to give it access to this information. most users just click Yes or Okay. So to reiterate that point, this software is not an exploit. You are allowing it. Why do they get this data? So they can sell it. That is how the pay for the apps. You are not a customer, you are the product. They are selling you and your identity. So next time you want to grab a free app, think carefully." (Quote ends) That conclusion was very scary and bone-chilling. Alarming, isn't it? Well for me, it's goodbye to my Android tablet. It won't be missed. This reminds me of Facebook, how people get into your information and sell it online. Looks like it can happen on Android as well. At least we can trust Apple. How can we tell that what was said in the quote is 100% accurate? Look at your Android apps permissions, they say it all. Look at what your Android apps can do to your device. It's stupid when you think about it. Why the heck (I'm really pissed just thinking about it) would your games and apps need those stupid permissions for? Are you going to let Android hold your life in it's unprotective hands? What are your thoughts on this?
  7. I post from a tablet, but when I set a mention, spoiler or quote, I can't delete it anymore. Is there a way I can delete this? It is very frustating sometimes!
  8. So, I came back on the site, and now I can't mention or quote a single person on the site, is this something others are having issues with?
  9. Pez

    Quote of the day

    What if everyday there was a new quote. The quote can be from any character in the show! My idea is that each day there will be a random quote said in the show.
  10. What are your most favorite quotes from My Little Pony? Be it your funniest, most inspirational or just most random quotes. Here are a few of my favorite quotes: Lesson Zero — Rarity: "And of all the worst things that could happen, this is THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING!" Rarity: "Oh, what a drama queen. Mm. Relatively speaking..." A Dog and Pony Show — Spike: - "I'm coming for you, milady. Hi-ho, Twilight away!" Twilight Sparkle: - "And what do you think you're doing?" Party Pooped — Rainbow Dash: "I think they broke my record for most stuff broken in under a minute. I mean, they even broke the trophy." Fluttershy: "So, um, do we walk back up the slide or... Or what?" Make New Friends But Keep Discord — Discord: - "Fluttershy, tell the Hugs here about the time we went to the store and came back with two cakes instead of one, because that's how crazy we are when we're together." Fluttershy: - "Um, we went to the store and bought two cakes. [poker face]" Discord: "I'm doing her a favour, Fluttershy! It's a lovely dimension! White sand beaches, attractive wait staff... I mean, okay, the humidity isn't great, but where isn't that the case these days?" Hearts and Hooves Day – Cheerilee: - "He's my shmoopy-doopy sweetie-weetie pony pie." Big McIntosh: - "You're my shmoopy-doopy sweetie-weetie pony pie." Apple Bloom: - "Did he just say–" Cheerilee: - "You're my cutie-patootie lovie-dovie honey-bunny." Big McIntosh: - "You're my heartie-smartie smoochie-woochie baby-waby." Cheerilee: - "You take the first sip, snuggle-wuggles." Big McIntosh: - "No, you take it, schnoodle-dumplin'." Cheerilee: - "No, you, shnooky-lumps." Big McIntosh: - "No, you, pookie-pie." Mrs. Cake: - "I'm all for romance, but this has been going on for hours. What's happened to these two?" Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks — Sonata Dusk: "Hello? We sing, like, all the time! It's how we get people to do what we want. [...] Wha-What did I say?" Fluttershy: "Uh-huh. Oh, that's probably not it..." Twilight Sparkle: - "Why isn't she under their spell?" Spike: - "Never takes off her headphones." Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Animated Shorts: Guitar Centered — Trixie Lunamoon: - "Twelve-thousand dollars?! You'll pay for this Rainbow Dash!" Pinkie Pie: - "No, silly! If you want it, you have to pay for it." Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Animated Shorts: A Case for the Bass — Granny Smith: - "Since when do you play the bass?" Apple Jack: - "...[Face palm]"
  11. I know there probably isn't a lot of people who are the religious type, but I found this quote to be very up bringing. I believe in God, and if you do too, that's good. If you don't, that's okay too, because I accept for who you are, but still hope that this quote will give you a good feeling. "I have faith that God will show you the answer. But you have to understand that sometimes it takes a while to be able to recognize what God wants you to do. That's how it often is. God's voice is usually nothing more than a whisper, and you have to listen very carefully to hear it. But other times, in those rarest of moments, the answer is obvious and rings as loud as a church bell." - Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song
  12. This is seriously the best quote ever: Is suffering really necessary? Yes and no. If you had not suffered as you have, there would be no depth to you as a human being, no humility, no compassion. You would not be reading this now. Suffering cracks open the shell of ego, and then comes a point when it has served its purpose. Suffering is necessary until you realize it is unnecessary. - Eckhart Tolle
  13. One person states part of a quote. The next person attempts to complete it, and then states the first part of another quote. Example: Person 1: "An apple a day..." Person 2: "...keeps the doctor away." Feel free to identify the person who said the quote if you'd like, but it is not required. I'll start. "The only thing we have to fear is..."
  14. As of right now, we use the code [b]@[member='Username'][/b], or just @[member='Rising Shine'] to mention a user in a thread. ( Sometimes, highlighting an user's text will not always make the little bubble with the quote/mention options appear. Also, whenever you want to mention someone you will need to find one of their posts to then be able to highlight it. But what if you want to mention a user who has not posted in the thread? To do this, I usually just highlight an user's text and mention them, or just write down the mention code manually, then I change the username to the name of the person I want to quote. The problem here though, is that sometimes you will not know the exact name of the user you want to quote, and some people don't even know the mention code in their head. This causes the seemingly easy and fast process to take way longer time than it should, even if it isn't such a long time at all. 10 seconds longer can be a reason for you to not do it, everyone is lazy on the internet. I am not sure why we chosed to use a whole code line just to mention someone Sadly there were not many options to chose from when we added the mention system, but it should be way easier. I have looked around and I'm not sure if I can find exactly the extension I am looking for, however for IPS 4.0 @Mentioning is possible. If you write @ followed by, let's say Jo, it automatically shows up a list of the users with names starting at Jo. I also found this but I am not sure if it actually will suggest names (which is one of the thing I am looking for). Maybe it's just not possible to do exactly what I am looking for without spending large amounts of money. See this is why we should use vBulletin
  16. Woo. More photo manipulation because my tablet isn't working.
  17. Well, I made my very first photo manipulation thing on GIMP Images I used;
  18. I was thinking about the quote "A group is only as strong as it's weakest member", I disagree. I believe the group is only as strong as it lets itself believe it is, regardless of what strength it may actually possess. After all, you could be the most powerful person in the world, and if you didn't believe you were, your power would not matter. Let yourself be as great as you wish yourself to be. A weak group that believes itself to be strong is much mightier than a strong group which believes itself to be weak. This same dynamic applies to the individual. A weak person who believes they are strong will fare much better than a strong person who believes they are weak If you believe you are weak, even if you are currently strong, you are dooming your belief to become a reality, but if you truly believe that you are awe-inspiring, that is a fate you are destining yourself for. For this reason, you should never second guess yourself, simply exist as you are and continue improving, there is no reason to believe you are not wonderful and unique, as you truly are a beautiful and unique person in your own right, it's just that everybody is beautiful in their own way. So let yourself blossom, the only weights you have tied to your ankle are the ones you put there yourself.
  19. So I just had my senior pictures taken, and might I say: they look pretty awesome. The photographer is somethin' else, and the lighting was perfect, and the setting was neat...y'know how it goes. My mother wants to get (among other things) a book of my senior pictures. Spread among these pictures will be a spattering of quotes. And that's where I want to go nuts. My sister got the same book for her pictures. Her quotes are all inspirational and "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" and all that bullcrap. I want two things: Funny quotes and pony quotes. I already have a few ideas, but I want your guys' input too: what are some quotes from the show that don't sound like pony quotes but are indeed quotes from the show? They just need to be semi-inspirational or cool or whatever. Y'know, something you'd keep in a book of memorabilia. I also want to put a GLaDOS quote in there, but I don't know which... - Kolth
  20. When you think about it, it is completely true. Do you think this is true? How did I do? Any kind of feedback is much appreciated!
  21. So, do you know who this member is that I just quoted? This is a real quote that was taken from a topic right in this section of the message board. It was not posted by me. So why did I use this quote if I'm not talking about the person that posted it? Well, because I think it bears relevance to what I'm bringing up here. You might notice a few things that look out of place about the quote. Namely the fact that, the user's name doesn't show up in it. I typed it in there. But it still doesn't show up. So the short version of what I'm getting at is this. The quoting system used here is extremely awkward. The only time you can properly quote anyone is if you're posting in a currently existing topic, and if the post is not an edit. Otherwise, it shows up like this. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but I am a person that thinks about what he posts, and as such, I edit my posts. Sometimes I think of ways to respond to multiple quotes, but only after I make the initial part of my post. But when we go back to edit a post with this system, we can't even quote someone properly without starting a new post. And copying the quote doesn't work, because we only get the text, and then it just looks like you're the one that posted it. And if we try to manually type it, then we get the results shown above. This coupled with the fact that we can't delete posts can be a real problem for topics such as debates, where we might want to add something to a post. This is not a support issue that is only affecting me. It is site-wide, because it's a system that was implemented for the site. I admire you guys for wanting to make the site more cutting edge, but this is an issue that has become more and more apparent as of late, especially now that the site is getting bigger. I don't know how else to ask you this. But, please. I implore you. Fix this.
  22. Betez

    What's going on?

    Has the post editor changed recently? I tried to quote something and instead of getting the [quote][/quote] I get a box with the text inside of it. However, I can't get rid of it. Is this just me, or is this happening to anyone else?
  23. With Feld0 over in Europe, and Zoop on break from administrative duties, it looks as though I'll be the forum herald for a while - hopefully any announcements I make will be positive ones! Recently, Ol' Sarge requested a method of tagging other members outside of a given thread. After a bit of digging through the IPS Marketplace, we were able to find and implement a hook which accomplishes exactly that, along with some minor improvements to the existing quoting system. Some of you may have already noticed the features' existence, but for those who haven't, here's a brief explanation on how to use it: So there you have it! Mentioning members, and quoting selective text is now just that little bit more straightforward.