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Found 4 results

  1. OK, I'm weird and I like R63 So I decided to draw my OC with R63. This isn't my best work and it was pretty much a 15 minute drawing of him because I was bored . Original: R63:
  2. [21:19:41] questioner4: How is my fic? [21:23:00] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: your what [21:23:07] questioner4: My fic [21:23:31] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: OOOO [21:23:32] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: RIGHT [21:23:32] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: YES [21:23:33] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: YOUR FIC [21:23:35] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: OF COURSE [21:23:35] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: YES [21:23:37] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: IT IS [21:23:37] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: FINE [21:23:39] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: YE [21:23:40] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: FABULOUS [21:23:41] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ITS [21:23:43] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: DONE [21:23:44] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: YEP [21:23:48] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: I FINISHED IT EARLIER TODAY [21:23:56] questioner4: Really? [21:23:59] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: yes. [21:24:01] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: nofs hea [21:24:02] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: d [21:24:03] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: nods [21:24:05] questioner4: You havn't started yet, have you. [21:24:05] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: nods head. [21:24:09] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: I started [21:24:13] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: I finished. [21:24:17] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: Here is da story: [21:24:21] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ahe [21:24:23] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ahem* [21:24:25] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ok [21:24:27] questioner4: ... [21:24:29] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ya listenin? [21:24:30] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: good [21:24:31] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: story time [21:24:31] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ok [21:24:36] questioner4: Reading, really. [21:24:37] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: lets get this story started [21:24:40] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ok [21:24:42] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ahem [21:24:44] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: wait for it [21:24:44] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ok [21:24:45] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: lets go [21:24:46] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ahem [21:24:50] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: once upon a time [21:25:02] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: the questioner found himself at a lake [21:25:14] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: and then this person came along like "i am god" [21:25:24] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: and then the questioner was like "who r u" [21:25:42] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: and then the other person was like "im the creator of the multiverse" [21:25:59] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: and then both of them make out and made babies and the end [21:26:10] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: and then they gave birth to commander hurricane [21:26:11] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: the end [21:26:14] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: C: [21:26:17] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: blink blink [21:26:22] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: *halo* [21:26:41] questioner4: ..... [21:26:49] questioner4: That is terrible. [21:26:53] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: wait [21:26:55] questioner4: Where is the female me. [21:26:56] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: i forgot one detai; [21:27:03] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: the male questioner was the one who gave birth [21:27:06] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: AAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA [21:27:07] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: O [21:27:07] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: WAIT [21:27:10] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ONE DETAI [21:27:11] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: LL [21:27:14] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: YOU WERE BOTH DRAGONS [21:27:15] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: [21:27:27] questioner4: Right, now go post this on the forums. [21:27:33] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: alrighty [21:28:37] questioner4: And pronto. [21:28:58] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: i just died of laughtrer [21:29:02] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: and my mum just walked in [21:29:04] questioner4: .................................... [21:29:06] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: and read this [21:29:23] questioner4: ............................... [21:29:26] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: jokes [21:29:28] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: lawl [21:29:31] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ur gullible [21:29:32] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ahahaha [21:29:33] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ahhaha [21:29:33] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ahah
  3. Here is some of the absolutely fantastic art that artists have drawn of my OC over time. I hope you enjoy! I appreciate all of this wonderful art, and hope to continue expanding on this collection as time goes by! (This is also kind of a way for me to keep this all in one place for future reference and linking) Harmonic Revelations: Done by Firebolt R63 Harmonic Revelations: Done by Firebolt Harmonic R63 with Cutie Mark fixed: Done by Firebolt, Cutie mark fixed by me Fabulous Mini-Harmonic: Done by Togetic/Art Streak/Ashley Harmonic with Pen Sword Things: By Psyche Clops Harmonic Blushing: By Rainbow Dashey Harmonic Riding His Pet: By Preeminent Pisces Harmonic Revelations Sketch: Done by Dilarus
  4. If you were either your self as a pony or one of your OCs, would you date your PONIFIED, RULE 63'D, self? Personally, I would, I made my OC/my ponysona (same character), a better me, which is basically me, but it's also what I'm aspiring to be. So would you do it? And why/why not?