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Found 12 results

  1. It seems to me like evil earth ponies are a rare sight. We see a lot of non-ponies, alicorns, unicorns, and pegasi act as jerks and villains but this is EXTREMELY rare with earth ponies. In fact, earth ponies are the only aforementioned demographic to not have any major villains. Are earth ponies some kind of morally "pure" race or is there some racism on the writers' part? Your thoughts on this?
  2. Racism.... controversial question because yes, because ... why not? just to see different opinions ... What is the most racist thing that you have seen in your life? in my case it is a difficult question because I believe that the only racist I have seen in my life has been hatred towards Cubans and now racism towards Venezuelans (this is for socialist reasons in my country) but apart from that I rarely see that someone is racist .... My father once told me that he traveled to Panama and sat in any square, right next to a man with dark skin, this man asked him: why do you sit next to me? you do not see my color? you are white! Whites do not sit with people of my color. (The man spoke feeling bad for his skin color) my dad answered: are you sick in the head? your color its great, I am not the great thing, I am a person, just like you! (Although this was not properly racist, but my dad could see how bad society could be with such a mentality, nobody is inferior or superior to anyone) Having said that, what has been the most racist thing you've seen? Has it been with foreigners? has it been for skin colors? any other? Let's talk about controversy.
  3. Some people among the fandom think the School of Friendship is racist because it's founded by ponies. What do you guys think of this line of thinking?
  4. Before I begin, I should give full disclosure: I am not a subscriber of PewDiePie's. I'm not a big fan of his content, and I don't watch his content that often, if at all. I do not condone the use of racial slurs or prejudice based on one's skin color or ethnicity. Anyway, on to the meat of the article. Recently, while PewDiePie was livestreaming PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, he was caught uttering a racial slur. The video is below First of all, as I said above, I don't condone the use of racial slurs, and if Pewds had used it casually, then I would have certainly shook my head and walked away. However, after watching the video, it was clear from the context that PewDiePie was aggravated and wasn't thinking straight. On top of that, there was an immediate apology afterwords. Now, if this was all that happened, then there would be nothing really to say. Some guy said a racial slur in a moment of stress, apologized for it, and everyone moved on. However, I'm sure everyone here can guess that a comment like that simply doesn't slip under the radar of the internet, neither does it slip by the media. In an article by Javy Gwaltney of Game Informer, Sean Vanaman and Campo Santo, the developer and studio behind Firewatch, respectively, have announced on Twitter that they will be taking action against PewDiePie by filing DMCA takedowns of all of his videos which feature their games. This is the part where I become aggravated, myself. Yes, PewDiePie fucked up, and as one of the most popular content creators on Youtube, he should be held accountable for the things that he says and does. I wouldn't be surprised and I also wouldn't care if he loses ad revenue because of this latest scandal. However, what makes me mad is the flagrant, open, and proud abuse of Youtube's DMCA flagging system by a professional developer. I don't think Sean Vanaman understands that his copyright claims are completely illegal and unenforceable, and if he does understand this, then what exactly motivated him to pick a fight with a professional youtuber and millionairre who could easily win a legal battle if Sean decided to double down. On top of that, I think PewDiePie realizes and understands that the media hates him now, and that there's simply no point for damage control. Even more so, following his recent battle with the Wall Street Journal, his fanbase is more fanatical than ever. I can see this ending in one of two ways: One, Sean Vanaman gets a cold, hard slap from reality and learns that his morals don't count for shit when you abuse the legal system, or he gets an even harder slap when PewDiePie hits him with a countersuit when the courts refuse to uphold his copyright strikes. Hell, it could happen different, as well. PewDiePie may actually just get fucked and social justice can applaud at having taken down a youtuber with a titanic fanbase. In the end, however, I'm not really interested in what happens to Pewds. Sean Vanaman's actions have soured whatever opinions I may have had of him, and I sincerely hope that his attempt to abuse an already overabused legal tool will blow up in his face.
  5. (Before i start, i will say that i am not a racist in anyway and that i only try to bring people together and not try to devide them. I love you all guys. ) I would like to start this blog, by showing a clip from Morgan Freeman, saying what he thinks of Black history month: Mr.Freeman obviously dosen't like the idea of a black history month and i must agree with him. Infact, i don't think Black history month dosen't unite the people but rather divides us actually more as humans. I am a german of polish descent, because my great great grandfather came over here from poland, because he was searching for a job. In a certain way, i am also a bit polish, but i don't ask for a german-polish history month, because polish that live here (and there are alot) are also part of german history. There have been alot of black people in the past that have fought for people of every race to come together, like Muhammed Ali, Bob Marley, Martin Luther King, etc. But these days, i don't see any sort of progression in it and i instead see hatred on both sides, just because of different opinions. Like Mr.Freeman said, racism will only end when we stop talking about it, not by building special places ethnic minorities. Things like that only divide us more and kills a peaceful society. I remember a long time ago when i went to highschool. I was sitting besides a black kid, which in Germany there are not alot of. He was one of the few good friends i had in that school and we really barely talked about our race, because we couldn't give less of a shit about it. Minorities don't really need any special privileges and we can only achieve peace, when we just start to not give a shit about our backgrounds.
  6. This is disgusting. I first saw this when watching Sargon of Akkad's This Week in Stupid (for this week). When I did, I instantly started crying and was trembling throughout. Some might say this is a state of being severely triggered, but I'm not sure if it's severe enough to qualify. Horrible regardless. The regressive left has penetrated our schools, and the product is damaged children. It is sadly a popular belief that you cannot be racist towards white people, due to white people historically oppressing other races (in the west). This is an incredibly damaging world view. There have been reports of children coming home thinking that they're monsters. This is not what was intended of this program, and I recognize this. But do you know how you combat racism? Don't acknowledge it exists! The more you try to "solve the issue", the more you perpetuate it and make it an issue. In the video, Sargon says this is child abuse, and considering the accounts, I'm not too inclined to disagree. Sorry for the complete lack of any writing talent. Qivit should be doing this kind of thing.
  7. We all know that dragons are in MLP but I have a bit of a beef with how the show presents dragons. What we know of dragons is only what the ponies know which isn't very much and is likely tainted with misunderstandings and perhaps a bit of racism. The dragons we have seen have mostly been mindless brutes either in the form of the dragon who attacked Spike in Owl's Well the Ends Well, the dragon causing all that pollution from his nap in Dragonshy or the teenage dragons in Dragon Quest. We have also seen that "dragons" as far as the ponies know grow when their greed controls them but with how little ponies actually know about dragons I suspect that this may only be the case with certain species of dragons. We know from various mythologies that dragons have been depicted as villainous monsters but there are also some dragons that have been depicted as benevolent, some even as gods and some with intelligence beyond even humans. Simply put dragons are the most diverse mythological creatures ever with various different shapes, sizes, powers and motives but we are yet to see this diversity depicted or even implied in the show. Dragons due to said diversity present a great deal of opportunity for world building and character development. Dragon Quest had some good points to it but I can't help but feel that it was a huge letdown. What we have seen of Spike is that he is relatively intelligent and thoughtful so we know that dragons are capable of being more than villainous or brutish but we are yet to see any dragons other than Spike who break that stereotype. I am not saying it is common practice but I highly doubt that Spike is the only dragon who has been hatched and raised by ponies. And since dragons are capable of good as well as higher thought it is also reasonable to assume that there are dragons who have been raised by other dragons who also break said stereotype in the MLP universe.
  8. As in racist Ponies that only sees the worst in Humanity. Never looking at the better part of Humanity. How would you react and what would you say to racist Ponies saying the following things to you? Racist Pony #1: You Humans are all dirty moneys that should live in a zoo! Racist Pony #2: You Humans are all murderers and rapists. Racist Pony #3: You Human are all racist. Racist Pony #4: I can't believe Celestia has allowed you to marry us Ponies! You nothing but dirty monkeys. Racist Pony #5: We should kill you all because all Humans are evil. Racist Pony #6: All Humans are warmonging savages. Racist Pony #7: Why does Celestia hate The Conversion Bureau fan fictions of yours on the Internet? It makes for the perfect plan to deal with Humanity. Anyone got a idea for racist Pony number 8 and beyond?
  9. So far the changelings have only appeared in one episode, and the only one who has even been known to speak within the show is the queen... yet, they have still managed to become loved by a large group of bronies. Changeling characters have been made, and some have even been used as fans' "ponysonas." What makes changelings so popular? Do you agree or disagree with Hasbro's portrayal of them as an "evil" race? Do you hope to see more of them in season 4, and if so, what do you hope will happen? [note: I have not had the opportunity to read any of the My Little Pony comics, but from what I've heard, it seems that the changelings in them are still evil; is this correct?] ============================================================================= My personal opinion: Here is an image of a changeling that I made. c:
  10. Ponies arriving on Earth, no war blah blah blah, but there is still racism. In fact there's small groups of racist people that literally gather together to kill Ponies moving into their neighborhood. An angry mob of violent racists approaches you wanting you join in "Killing the Pony freaks and Pony lovers moving in on their neighborhood.", aka a Pony family and Humans dating Ponies. (Think, Mass Effect Shepard is dating sapient aliens: Xenophilia.) What do you do? (Lie) Say you'll join them, but in fact call the police (police with both Humans and Ponies.) on them? Edit Note: (Why did I even make this an option?) Join in on the angry mob to kill the new family of Ponies and Pony lovers? Other? (state action in post)
  11. First things first, I am a passionate Football fan. I support Tottenham Hotspur, so this story has obviously hit me harder than many others. So, you probably may not have heard (a UK story really), but a group of Tottenham fans, visiting Lyon for tonight's game against them, were attacked by another group of people in a bar. The attackers were at first believed to be fans of the opposing team, but upon closer inspection they were identified as French Fascists. Tottenham, (originating from that area, duh!) had a large Jewish following a decade ago, and are persistently targeted by Fascists when we travel to European games. It is clear that, as fascists these people dislike the Jews, and because of our clubs history, they tend to go after us as soon as we set foot in their country. My question here is "Why do people act out from their beliefs in such a way?" These people can't be reasoned with, and their treatment of others is irrational. The way they act is technically like someone from the USA/UK/France punching every German person they see because their country was once ruled by Hitler. Any thoughts on why this happens? This topic could involve a lot of different views, so talk away!
  12. I know that in season 2, we had an episode based around racism, the 'Hearth's Warming Eve' episode between the different races of pony. However, I would like the show to take it to a new level and actually deal with relations with an entirely different species. As far as we've seen, most species we've seen outside of ponies are EVIIIL, be they dragons, diamond dogs, or changelings, and I have to say, that kind of rubs me the wrong way. I think it would do a world of good if the show dedicated an episode to how some, or better yet, many members of these 'EVIIIL' species are actually good people and are not uniformly bad. I mean, I know some species are kind of set up to come across as evil, but one of the big messages of this show is on love and tolerance, so I think one of the best examples of that is having the Mane Six realize that 'hey, maybe it's wrong to write off every single one of these guys we hardly know as an 'evil jerk'. They are people, with lives and their own family and loved ones and are, in many ways, like us'. The species I'd like to see this done with the most is the Changelings, mostly because they are the species that are most set up as uniformly evil and thus would make it more interesting and compelling than say, the Diamond Dogs. It also allows the Mane Six to be portrayed as more sympathetic in their distrust and NOT as blind, ignorant bigots because unlike the incident with Zecora (which was them being speciesist per say, more fear of the unknown), which was based more on ignorance than hatred, they have more of a founded reason to see all Changelings as the enemy; an army of them, led by their Queen, invaded their country! Unlike Zecora and the different races of pony, there is a solid reason for which they are actively expected to not like Changelings. It does not justify their predjudice entirely, but it makes the audience sympathise and understand them more. No one side is entirely in the wrong. The Mane Six, in the end, would come to understand that Chrysalis' army is not representative of every single Changeling and that it is wrong to paint all Changelings as their 'enemy'. That they are people, with lives and their own family and loved ones (on a side note, this is why I do not support the hive-mind idea that some fans endorse, because it mostly takes away the opportunity to show Changelings as individual characters). They (the Changelings) are like them (the Mane Six and ponies in general) in many ways. I keep imagining as of late their kingdom and society and culture drawing a lot of similarities to Oriental cultures, like Japan and Korea. I guess this is mainly due to Chrysalis' designer, Rebecca Dart was inspired by the work of manga artists Junko Mizuno and Hideshi Hino. I for one champion this, for if we see the Changeling Kingdom in the show it can really enable the show writers and animators to explore some East Asian art, architecture and culture. And picture this: Changeling Samurais! You tell me that would not be awesome. Now close your eyes as you listen to this music: , picture Changeling children playing in beautiful ornamental gardens with dolls and wooden swords, Changeling mothers laboring in the farms, carrying their babies in satchels on their backs (from many pictures I see of old Japanese mothers), a whole market place full of Changelings going about their business, and finally, in her palace, Chrysalis, sitting crosslegged in her kimono, drinking tea and her child sleeping soundly against her. It has many ways in which the episode could be played out: - The Mane Six are stranded in an isolated area with a group or family of Changelings. - The Mane Six find themselves trapped in the Changeling Kingdom and disguise themselves/They are sent to the Changeling Kingdom as spies and go undercover. Either way, they then get an understanding of what the Changelings' lives are like, and how privileged ponies are in Equestria in comparison to a Changeling's daily hardship and squalor. - The familiar scenario of them finding a Changeling baby and have to return it to its family. The twist? It's Chrysalis baby! How're they gonna get themselves out of that one, especially as Chryalis believes they kidnapped her baby? - Equestria and the Changeling Kingdom go to, or are at the brink of war. This sort of thing relates to real life in ways a lot of us may not realize. We often associate entire certain nationalities or groups of people as our enemies because of what their leaders (past or present), ancestors or a select minority of them have done, when in reality, many of them have done nothing to antagonize us and could otherwise be our friends. I mean, come one, I think it's safe to say many of us have associated groups with something bad; Arabs with terrorism, Germans with Nazism, Russians and Chinese with Communism (the former nowadays as alcoholic, vicious gangsters), Italians with the mafia, etc. Edit: Noted, Spike seems to be the only exception so far, but I'm really talking about an episode dedicated to the matter. Still, my bad for not mentioning Spike before.