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Found 8 results

  1. Is there any thing in the movie Sing that you find at all racist .
  2. I hate the stereotype that all finnish people are evil and atheist and hateful. I IS A HAPPY PERSON!!!! I is a christian too!!!! I really hate that one, it's racist. Yeah, I like metal, but I am not atheist.
  3. In case you don't know, True Capitalist Radio is ran by your host, the man they call ghost. He is a communist fruitbowl racist brony jew grinch hambone. Don't understand? Well find him on youtube. The prank calls started getting big at around June 17, 2011. so you can understand what goes down there. Oh yeah, and some of the stuff said is a bit too vulgar for younger viewers. You've been warned. So yeah, this radio show usually updates monday thru friday, around the afternoon. But sometimes he doesn't do it some days. Why? Who knows. So yeah, discuss Ghost here. Oh, just be careful of what you say, or he might cause two words; PUNITIVE DAMAGES
  4. This morning people are so stupid anymore that they called Arvil Lavinge song of Hello Kitty racist that's complete B.S. I watch her performance on youtube and it was fucking badass she's older and should sing that song plus she was having fun with it let me know if everypony thinks it's wrong ?
  5. Some of you may have heard of Justine Sacco, PR exec, tweeting something beyond racist recently. " Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white!" It has been reported that she was fired from her job after that. What do you think about it? Was firing too harsh, or did she get what she deserved?
  6. As in racist Ponies that only sees the worst in Humanity. Never looking at the better part of Humanity. How would you react and what would you say to racist Ponies saying the following things to you? Racist Pony #1: You Humans are all dirty moneys that should live in a zoo! Racist Pony #2: You Humans are all murderers and rapists. Racist Pony #3: You Human are all racist. Racist Pony #4: I can't believe Celestia has allowed you to marry us Ponies! You nothing but dirty monkeys. Racist Pony #5: We should kill you all because all Humans are evil. Racist Pony #6: All Humans are warmonging savages. Racist Pony #7: Why does Celestia hate The Conversion Bureau fan fictions of yours on the Internet? It makes for the perfect plan to deal with Humanity. Anyone got a idea for racist Pony number 8 and beyond?
  7. Would you consider it racist, hate crime, speciest, xenophobic... or whatever the right word is? For someone to be against not sapient interspecies partnerships (boyfriend and girlfriend/marriage, etc) like Kif and Amy from Futurama, but if it's an MLP FIM Pony, then they are against it, because they look like an animal and they harass these couples. I think it would be racist and hypocritical. So you aren't against sapient interspecies partnerships, but if they aren't humanoid in appearance then your against it? Just because they look like an animal, it doesn't make them less of a person. Note: It would also be racist if a Pony was against the partnerships of a Pony and Human.
  8. Recently, this girl by the name of Mandie Swaggie (AKA, Amanda Bieber) has been doing a twitter feed about her love for Justin Bieber and the awful artists of today, but she has gone too far by hating against gays, people of other races, people who hate the artists she loves, other countries, and is 14, but wants to lose her virginity. What is wrong with people today? So here is so links, be warned though, it is a bit NSFW and prepare yourself for great stupidity:!/mandaswaggie