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Found 40 results

  1. Just as the topic says above, would you tune into a brony radio station? I'm seriously thinking in getting my degree in journalism/communication and hosting a brony radio station. That's just one of three career options that I've laid out for myself. Please let me know if you would listen to my station, whether it be a podcast or a normal music station were I play songs from the fandom/show. Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you all soon!
  2. Fillydelphia Radio is ready to take on new Broadcasters! We're happy to announce, with the arrival of our new radio software, we're finally accepting new broadcasters on Fillydelphia Radio! "How do I go about applying?" First, you'll need to join our Discord: Fillydelphia Radio Then, message Set-L or Ossy, and we'll work out the details! "What do I need?" All that's needed is a show concept, and some Icecast-compatible broadcasting software, which is easily available on the Internet. We can help you get access to music and other resources. You also need an internet connection (SpeedTest upload speed of at least 0.5MBit) A microphone is important. You don't need an especially good one, but a quality one will sound better. A computer (running macOS, Windows, Linux, Unix, SunBSD, etc) is required, as we don't know of any good quality tablet/mobile products available yet. "What shows are you looking for?" Almost anything. We're a community station, so we think that the shows should be by the community. Whether you're presenting some news, doing a talk show, or simply spinning some beats, we're interested! "I have no experience..." You don't need any. As long as you want to broadcast, are willing to speak on air, and can spare a few hours a week to do so, we're interested! We are willing to give anyone a chance to build their confidence and skills with us, and we're also willing to provide references for broadcaster's resumes and such. People are more inclined to listen to somebody, rather than a bot running a playlist, so don't be afraid to talk. Something as simple as reading out the songs as you play them is a great start. "I want to do a show, but it's not pony related" We're still interested! Chat with us, and we can work out the details from there! "Will I get paid?" We are extending this offer to take on new broadcasters as a volunteer position only. If you are looking for a paid position, we recommend talking to bigger, properly funded community radio stations. This station does not operate for financial gain, nor will it ever. So, if you want to try your hand (or hoof!) at broadcasting, jump in our Discord and talk to Set-L or Ossy! We hope to hear from you real soon! The Team at Fillydelphia Radio.
  3. whats yours? this is mine, Its called "The Edge" my favorite bands on there are Coldplay, The Babysitters circus and the red hot chili peppers Listen Here: http://www.theedge.c...e.aspx#popup_np
  4. Fillydelphia Radio Returns! After almost two years off air, Fillydelphia Radio is returning! We are proud to announce that we are resuming Fillydelphia Radio, and changing the entire structure. We want to provide a fully supported station for people to listen to, as well as try their hand at amateur broadcast. We will be opening positions and timeslots soon. We have our temporary website up, which works on desktop and mobile:, as well as our stream. Our Discord is up and running here: What do I need to apply as a broadcaster? The very basics to be a successful entrant are A microphone A consistent internet connection (1 MBit upload minimum) A short demo of your show (should be between 10-30 minutes, and be a good example of what your show will feature). If you have no broadcast experience prior, and want to have a go, this is for you. If you do have experience, then you're also welcome to apply. We are willing to provide references and recommendations to potential employers for good team players! What's changed? We're not focusing on being "the #1 radio station in the fandom", but focusing on giving the community another creative outlet. We are also relaunching this station as an opportunity to do more experimental development into online media, supporting other programmers and developers in the community with new tools. All of the code and tools we make will be given back to the community through our GitHub under an MIT license. We are committing to making our station open-source, so anyone can use our tools however they please. We look forward to working with other development groups in the fandom, such as the techs at Poniverse, and at Ponyville FM. We are also planning to branch out further to support a new generation of artists, as well as promote our fandom's older artists in their new professional musical careers, and provide tools and resources to help publish and promote music throughout the fandom, through our partnership with Poniverse. That's great! How can I get involved? Right now, we're focusing on getting things to a running state before we start accepting new staff. This includes a new, working website, getting the radio station software stable, and developing the applications for broadcasters to use. You can stay up to date by hanging in our Discord: I want to submit music! You can do this through our friends at Pony.FM! Head to, create an account, and upload your music there. Then, head to our Discord, and paste the link to your music in #music. We'll give a listen, and some feedback. Who's running the show? At the moment, that's me, WestJ (aka Set-L). If you want to talk to me privately, fire an email at, or hit me up in Discord. We look forward to hearing from you guys! Stay tuned!
  5. So this is probably the weirdest radio program I'v ever heard, and this is coming from someone who listens to the radio a lot and has heard many weird programs in the past. I never did catch the beginning of this program, but when I turned into the local MPR station, they were like reading a book or something on the air with people acting it out and I listened for a while and it turns out it was about this girl that slowly turns into a pony over a period of several months. At first I thought, "Wait, are they reading this off a FIMfiction or something?" because to be honest at first I thought that they were literally just reading pony TF stories off of FIMfiction and broadcasting it to thousands of listeners all across the state. I thought that they were reading a FIMfiction TF story because of how dark it actually was at some points, (and some of the stories on that website are really dark) like the girl beats up this guy who was staring at her half pony half human limbs. At the end of the broadcast I find out that it wasn't a FIMfiction TF story, but it was still a human-pony TF story from this book called "The wrong heaven", I guess in that universe you could turn into anything that you wanted too. So anyways that's by far the strangest and possibly darkest radio program I'v ever heard.
  6. A morning talk radio show called the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show today referenced pony (and bronies!). On Thursdays they do a segment on the show called "Dumber Than The Show Trivia" where they get a fan of the show to call up and do trivia on the air with someone from the show. One of the questions was about My Little Pony, and it caught me off guard when I heard it. Listen to the "Dumber Than The Show Trivia, 2/23" at around 4:52!
  7. Happy Hearth's Warming! This is a special mini-"radio broadcast" featuring an electro-swing remix of Pinkie's Present and a reading of the Christmas story. While you watch, I highly recommend a cozy blanket and hot cup of cocoa! (free downloads on the youtube page)
  8. Hey eveypony! me and my friends started a show called BronyTrioRadio. we review each new ep as it comes out, talk to a guest and a hole bunch of other craziness!
  9. So as many know, I'm the Executive Producer for the Manehattan Project, currently in production of Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm ( Of course, part of this story-driven experience is a pure MLP/FOE themed radios station. So my question is this... How do the various Pony radio stations online (PonyvilleFM, Canterlot Radio, Fillydelphia Radio, Best Pony Radio) get permission to use various artists' music? Thanks for your time!
  10. If there is this thread is kind of useless but i was wondering if there is or will be some sort of radio. If there isn't i think it might be a nice idea to have some sort of radio show which can be run by a number of bronies that have time available and are willing to run it. It could feature songs from popular artists, newer artists and many more things. Possible question time to the people running it and events and such could be mentioned over it to the listeners. I just thought it would be cool to just tune in and let the radio run as it would be something i am interested in.
  11. Are there still people on here, that still listen to the radio from time to time? I feel that most Radiostations just suck, when it comes to the music that they play. It's too much mainstream stuff and it's just played over and over again. But there are still some Radiostations out there, that play stuff that i like and that i can listen to, while i do work, do RP's, etc. I for example (this is me doing some commercial BTW) like to listen to Real Radio XS. A Radio Station from Manchester England, that plays Rock 24/7, be it newer stuff, or the old classics. They also sometimes do interviews, do events and do giveaways. These are the kinds of people, that i want to listen on the Radio. So, what do you think? Do you still listen to the Radio? Do you have your own favorite stations?
  12. Hi, so to keep this hsort I have one simple question as followed, Is it legal to start an free internet radio using spotify as an music library? I can´t get my head around this question. I just had an idea, that I could start a internet radio station and becuase spotify has all the music you can ask for it would be an easy way. But I´m not talking about just streaming music, I´m talking about playing a few songs and then chat a little bit and then play som more song, pretty much normal radio station style, Then I begun thinking is this even legal, I mean your not allowed to upload any copyrated material on any website, if you not have premission. What about streaming. It´s live so the can really claim I´m uploading anything but is this really okay?? Any help is much aprritiated, I just thought this was a fun project.
  13. When I was in elementary school (mid-late '90s) I mainly listened to country. In middle school I mainly listened to rock/alternative/pop (late 90's-early 00's) In high school I switched mainly to alternative/rock because of the rap invasion taking over the pop/rock station I liked. (early-mid 00's) :okiedokielokie: From mid 00's to now I still mainly like alternative/rock, but have gotten into classic rock like Led Zepplin, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, etc. I also have more 80's music. Since the Mid 2000's I also have really come to like the British bands Coldplay (their older stuff- they've gotten REALLY lazy as of late IMO.), Keane, Blur, and Gorillaz. I've also come to like a little electronic music (Smoother stuff- Not dubstep/techno type stuff though.) I've found that i don't care much for the newer country much at all. Here in the US it's the fastest growing Genre. It all seems to sound the same to me kind of like a "droan" and doesn't have much variation or much high and low end range (vocally or instrumentally.) The country I liked (and still do) from the 90's seems brighter and more interesting sounding to me. Funny thing is at our cottage or camping people always want my iPod on at the fire, out of everyone else's phone/ iPod. So how has your taste in music changed over the years?
  14. I just found out about this today and I think its awesome. I was just curious to see if how many people here are fans.
  15. For me it's any Bruno Mars song. I don't hate the guy but I really cannot stand his voice. (I've noticed the error in the title)
  16. Hey guys! I love music and I'm pretty sure a lot of you do too. So I created a community in just for MLPF! We can share and play music and chat! Fun right? Don't be afraid to share your favorite songs! JOIN NOW
  17. So I've been thinking...since we've got not a radio that plays random songs from random artists who are part of This way, people wouldn't have to have multiple tabs or windows open. make it more customizable...why not have a tiny search function on it. That way, if you want to change the song at anytime, you could just search for artist or keywords. What could also be that the radio could also play some popular mlp radio plays made by fans themselves. The design of the radio box would be set at default on the top left of the window and it could be free-moving, meaning the user can move it anywhere on the window. It should be fairly compact with no waveform or rewind function. Hope this could be seen in the future.
  18. If any of you are a DJ or an Internet Radio talk show host, I am looking for people to broadcast to my radio according to my schedule. My network: You will get from 5-20 listeners, depending on the time. Note that we are looking to advertise and possibly get more. (If you have any advertising opportunites, that would be nice too) If you are new to this sort of thing, try it out! It's always nice to try doing something new. I never thought I could even come close to hosting an entire website with a radio, forum, blog, and a Minecraft Server, but when I started, I realized that I can. Anyway, send me a PM with the following information (I'll just provide an example): Remember to look at the schedule:! Thanks, DJ GeekBrony Owner of Bronydom Network and ALL of it's services.
  19. In case you don't know, True Capitalist Radio is ran by your host, the man they call ghost. He is a communist fruitbowl racist brony jew grinch hambone. Don't understand? Well find him on youtube. The prank calls started getting big at around June 17, 2011. so you can understand what goes down there. Oh yeah, and some of the stuff said is a bit too vulgar for younger viewers. You've been warned. So yeah, this radio show usually updates monday thru friday, around the afternoon. But sometimes he doesn't do it some days. Why? Who knows. So yeah, discuss Ghost here. Oh, just be careful of what you say, or he might cause two words; PUNITIVE DAMAGES
  20. The Silver Pony Players are proud to present the second in a 12-episode radio series chronicling the rise and fall of Nightmare Moon! Join us on an epic journey into a hidden history of our beloved Equestria! Equestria: Hidden History -- The Story of Nightmare Moon Episode Two -- Alliances Directed by Amadhia & Masterchaoss Written and Produced by Amadhia (Dreamsong) Starring Dreamsong, Aksel, and LilyPad Featuring the voice talents of Awfulnote, Jared Rutledge, TaylorRose16, and Doctor McCrimmon Featuring music by CarbonMaestro Episode 2 artwork by ThePleonasticPotato THE SILVER PONY PLAYERS YouTube: Tumblr: Twitter: @Silver_Ponies
  21. Greetings, I am the producer of the "Fallout Equestria: Silver Linings" radio play, and I would like to invite you to listen to our first episode. Our website is listed here: If you are interested in any part of the project, send me a message here or at the website and I will get in touch with you. Thank you for listening!
  22. Who here loves Walkie Talkies? I know I do. Although I haven't played with those familiar Walkie Talkies in years, I would love to use them again (and it always makes me happy to think of those wonderful times I had playing with them). I still remember my first set of 2 Walkie Talkies (Sesame Street themed): Anyway, I have a real treat for you all; here's something I should have thought to search for sooner, MLP Walkie Talkies (Pinkie Pie style):
  23. Greetings, We are beginning production of an exciting and never before seen radio-play set in the Fallout Equestria wasteland and we are in need of voice actors to fill many of the roles. The story follows a disgraced and broken dashite as he discovers just how harsh the wasteland is to the weak and innocent at heart all while trying to find those who caused him to venture into the wastes in the first place... And make them pay. Currently we have 1 script written for an introductory teaser and are in need of several male VAs, one of which will be long term throughout the production of the series. If you are a female you may also audition a sample reel as we can assure you that female parts WILL be introduced later and we will stay in touch with you if we determine you fit the part. Although these are voice auditions, if you have skills in writing, proofreading, sound editing, etc, please feel free to let us know. While we understand that we all have our own personal lives complete with social aspects and unforeseen crisis, we do insist that our VAs have a work ethic. SAMPLE LINES FOUND AT BOTTOM OF POST. Mic requirements: As this is a radio-play, the better the quality of microphone the better. Audio can be repaired and noise removed, but if you recorded a reel on an Iphone or like device we cannot fix this. DEADLINE: End of year 2013 (flexible) SAMPLE LINES Sterling Cloud ROLE FILLED Early adult Pegasus Male voice type: Mid to deep range male. Young but rough. (If you can can sound like Kiefer Sutherland than you're in) This is the main character of the story, so the VA who gets this role should be aware that this will be a long-term commitment. Sterling is a pegasus who continued to live in the safety of the clouds long after the war until one day, a rogue balefire bomb was detonated in his city killing everyone he knew and loved. Scarred both physically and emotionally, he enters the wasteland below on a mission to find the splinter group and bring them to justice. Sadly, the wasteland has only shown him hardship and suffering, and to cope he has taken to "unhealthy" habits such as smoking, drinking, one night stands, unorthodox fighting tactics, etc. He is no vagrant, as he is a skilled marksmen and survivalist. More of his backstory has been left out because of spoilers. Sample lines: --It's true what they say. War never changes. If anything, it's patient. The Great War decimated the world below, consuming all life in arcane fire and destroying countless lives both past and present. Not for us though. The Pegasi closed the sky and our civilization continued to thrive. At least that was what I was told as a colt. --(in anger) I said shut up! --I don't need your help. I've got everything I need now. Spike / Watcher 200+ year old adult dragon male. Voice type: Any. Will be altered slightly to become reptilian and robotic. If you've read Fallout Equestria then you already know this character. Otherwise, suffice to say that this is a older version of Spike who monitors the wasteland through the use of robotic communication drones. Sample lines: --You don't have to do this. That is always a better way to solve this. --Please, I'm begging you. We have to be better than this. --Don't even think for a minute that I can't understand what you've lost because I have. But revenge won't solve anything. Captive zealot Any equine species, possibly Zebra. Voice type: Any. This is a generic baddie for this episode. The only details are that he is a part of the fanatical group responsible for the attack that Sterling is out to avenge. They are zealous for their cause and very dangerous. Sample lines: --Who was it pegasus? --A population in the hundreds finally went to tartarus except you, even though millions have gone before. --More than one of us there may be, and I wish death on those like thee. Thank you for you're interest!
  24. Well I don't hate the holidays in fact I love them but guess what walmart is playing Christmas music already. granted its not ever single song that is a cherry gingle but I work at a Walmart and I have to listen to the same song done but 20 different artist..ahhhh its pure torture and i still have a month to go
  25. Equestria: Hidden History episode 03 Casting Call! [NO NEW CHARACTERS INTRODUCED IN EPISODE 03] Join us as we continue this epic journey into a forgotten history of our beloved Equestria! ------------------------------------- After hammering-away at the script to get the best, most powerful telling of the arc that spans the next three episodes of EQUESTRIA: HIDDEN HISTORY, I'm afraid that I've got to announce that there will not be any new characters introduced in episode 03. Thank you, everypony for your interest in the show! It means so much to us that you wish to be a part of this wonderful, epic journey! Keep your eyes peeled for casting for episode 04 in early December! Thank you again! -Amadhia "Dreamsong" writer/director/producer - Equestria: Hidden History (#EqHH) ------------------------------------- Air-date for episode 03 currently slated for Saturday, December 14th. ------------------------------------- Episode one: "A Thousand Years Ago" Episode two: "Alliances" Watch all the episodes at: