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Found 26 results

  1. Which is the better post-apocalyptic game? Rage or Fallout?
  2. Sherem

    Ask Sherem

    Some may be intersted some others not, if you're gonna flame the poor Sherem, do it nicely plz
  3. Hey, you. Yes, you. Do you enjoy losing? No? Well, if it's your fault, fix the problem. But what if it's not, I hear you cry. Simple solution: Leave and rant about it somewhere else. -- So I was playing CB:RO (CS:GO but for roblox because I'm too cheap to own CS:GO) and as usual I'm really, really bad. Not checking for enemies, not pulling my knife out to run, etc. So I'm in a match and I die after killing some enemies, but there's one left, and one teammate left. The teammate is running around aimlessly while the enemy is camping. That means that the round will last as long as possible and the camper will, at the last second, decide to go see where the terrorist is, and find him, and kill him. Meanwhile, the rest of my team (Terrorists) is screaming at the screen to 'GET THE DAMN BOMB DOWN' but to no avail. As predicted, the camper got suspicious, found the enemy and killed him. I left shortly thereafter. -- I'll probably rage a bit more when I lose more matches that were probably my fault but don't want to admit it.
  4. We've seen Flutters cover a lot of issues involving her timidity, shyness, and self confidence. But so many episodes (Putting your hoof down, Best Night Ever, Power Ponies, Keep valm and Flutter on) show that she DOES have anger issues that lie under her cute and shy personality, and they have yet to be addressed. She hasn't had any lessons on how to control her anger when it rises to the surface, and that, as in the past, has shown to be a serious problem because she lets it get the best of her. So should these issues be tackled like her shyness? Personally, I think Luna could be the best pony to help her with this, since she has fallen victim to her own anger a few times.
  5. And why is Pinkie raging away so angrily there?
  6. So one day I was in band class hangout with my friends (We had a few minutes of class left). I Almost never forget to vibrate my cellular phone. As I am talking my Samsung galaxy S3 casually rings. I had forgot that I set my RingTone to the MLP theme song at full volume. My friends started to laugh at me and one guy sings along to it. At this point I had enough. So I pull the phone out of my pocket and I see who was calling me. It was my mom. Now my friends were laughing as hard as they could. Then they see that Rainbow Dash as my wallpaper. Damn it! 3 errors. At this point I get angry at them and at myself. I had completely lost control and snapped my Galaxy S3 in half. They were surprised but still were laughing. This is my embarrassing pony story. After a while they accepted that I was a brony
  7. I highly suggest you stay 10 feet away from her, lest you want her biting on your leg.
  8. As I said in a post in another thread: Remember the days of Daggerfall, Doom, and Deus Ex? Back when PC Gaming had an identity, a personality, a reason to exist? Since Steam released, I'm a console gamer. Back then, it was a tough decision.
  9. Have any of you ever heard of the evil known as Winnie the Pooh's Home-Run Derby? Well, now you will. I challenge someone to beat it ((note this speech is not mine)) In the grim darkness of the Hundred Acre Wood, there is only baseball! For more than a hundred centuries the Dark Emperor Christopher Robin has ruled over the depths of the Hundred Acre Wood. He is the master of these woods by the will of the gods and master of every hectare by the might of his dark powers. To be a silly old bear in such times is to be one alone amongst untold suffering. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime of home run derby imaginable. This game is a tale of those times. It is a forest you can live in today -- if you dare -- for this is a dark and terrible place where you will find little comfort or hope. If you wish to take part in the adventure then prepare yourself: forget the power of joy, forget the promise of peace and understanding, for there is no respite in these woods, only an eternity of strikes and fouls and the mocking laughter of thirsting gods. The Hundred Acre Wood is a big place and, whatever happens, you will not be missed... As Winnie the Pooh, you seek no less than the utter destruction of Christopher Robin in the hopes that the Hundred Acre Wood may finally be free of endless tyranny and despair. The Dark Emperor is no fool, however, and has dispatched a number of guardians to strike down any would-be challengers to his rule. Do not be fooled by the innocent facade of a home run derby: to the Dark Emperor ripping out a bear's stuffing is trivial, but to shatter his spirit is sublime... Eeyore, the Broken Some see this pathetic creature as a mere pest, a challenge only to those who know not which way to hold the bat so that the Dark Emperor's more valued minions might deal with more pressing threats. Few know that this being's suffering runs far deeper... In the mists of history, far beyond the memories of man or bear, the creature now known as Eeyore challenged the might of the Dark Emperor for dominion over the Hundred Acre Wood. He was a far more potent foe in that forgotten age, and their battle raged for days, leaving the wood broken and scarred that in some places today have yet to fully heal. The Dark Emperor might have tasted defeat in that bygone era had it not been for a well-timed betrayal from one of Eeyore's closest confidants, and in that moment of weakness Christopher Robin struck down his foe, claiming his prize and damning the wood to an everlasting age of darkness. This was not to be the end for Eeyore, for Robin thought such a fate too kind for the sin of defiance. Stripping the once-mighty warrior of all of his powers and binding him with wards of weakness and obedience, the Dark Emperor tasked Eeyore to protect his throne for all eternity. It is thus the most hellish of fates: bound to his most hated enemy and reminded of his impotence with every pitch, Eeyore takes to every battle as a lost soul unable to die, and as a warning to all those who would defy the Dark Emperor's might. Heffalump, the Myrmidon The term "Heffalump" refers not to an individual, but rather an entire race of elephant-like creatures. They are the foot soldiers and enforcers of Christopher Robin's reign, for they possess all the ideal qualities for such a task: obedient, numerous, and expendable. In addition to dealing with intruders, the Heffalumps are also tasked to keep watch over Eeyore the Broken, both to make sure that he never escapes his damnation and to remind the pitiful creature that he has been reduced to an even lesser creature than the most insignificant of the Dark Emperor's minions. Piglet, the Craven Not all serve the Dark Emperor out of blind obedience or the promises of power: some can be made to serve out of fear. The one known as Piglet was once counted as Winnie the Pooh's closest friend and ally. Seeing this bond, Christopher Robin's thoughts turned dark as he contemplated how he might twist pervert it towards his own ends. Soon, in the quiet hours alone Piglet began to receive dreams and visions of the Hundred Acre Wood drowning in blood and despair, an even more desperate and hopeless place even compared to the Dark Emperor's rule. In every dream the central cause was the same: the "silly old bear." The message was clear: would you defy me to fight to establish a darker future? Piglet tried desperately to resist, forgoing even sleep in an attempt to avoid the visions that plagued his every restful moment. His willpower had never been considered anything of note even by his closest friends, however, and soon the poor creature arrived and kneeled before his new master, a gibbering and broken shell. While he is considered a stronger foe than a Huffleump, Robin expects little from the creature and its shattered mind. He is instead a message to the bear that would defy him, a message that there is no true fidelity in the Hundred Acre Wood and that to stand against the Dark Emperor is to truly stand alone. Kanga (and Roo): The Sorceress (and Apprentice) Should a challenger prove more than a match for the common rabble, Christopher Robin is not above committing his more powerful pawns to strike them down. Kanga and Roo are the first of these minions, blessed with a fraction of the Dark Emperor's power and more than willing to wield it against his foes. Like many of his most powerful servants, Kanga kneeled to the Dark Emperor of her own free will. For what reasons none can say: some claim that she joined in a selfish bid to increase her own power and standing in the Hundred Acre Wood, while others say that she was a true believer, drawn more to his vision and charisma than any temporal gain. Some go even further and claim that her son and heir was in fact sired with the Dark Emperor himself, although those fools who speak of such things openly invite only terrible reprisal. In the home run derby her power imbues the pitches she throws with what appears to be a "hopping" motion to the outside observer, although whether this is an intentional manifestation of her abilities or a subconscious manifestation of her species' proclivity to hop about is unknown. Regardless, the infernal power of these strange baseballs leave many would-be challengers baffled and broken, used to as they are the straightforward pitches of the Dark Emperor's lesser minions. Rabbit, the Betrayer Unlike Kanga, there is little doubt where Rabbit's loyalty truly lies. That is because Rabbit's betrayal was the catalyst that ensured the Dark Emperor's centuries of rule. It is said that in the distant past Eeyore called Rabbit a friend and ally. He was clever and resourceful, tempering Eeyore's raw strength with a cunning that made both a considerable threat to Christopher Robin. Alas, he was a vain and egotistical creature even in those bygone days, and grew increasingly embittered as people spoke endless praise of Eeyore as a great hero but left him condemned to the dustbin of history. It would be this wedge that the Dark Emperor would use to drive the two apart. Approaching Rabbit alone under the guise of "peaceful negotiations", Christopher Robin was able to prey upon Rabbit's bitterness and resentment, noting what an injustice it was that such a clever creature had not been given his proper due. He promised that he could ensure that Rabbit would never be forgotten, if only he would help deliver the great Eeyore into his hands. A part of Rabbit rebelled at the thought of betraying his closest friend, but the jealousy of years had poisoned his thoughts like a gangrenous limb left to rot and corrupt the rest of the body. And so was Eeyore betrayed as he prepared to deliver the deathblow to Christopher Robin: struck from behind, his momentary distraction was enough for Christopher Robin to turn the tables and thus condemn the once great warrior to endless servitude. True to his word, Rabbit has not been forgotten since then: all have heard of his betrayal, and all are wary around him less he trample them underfoot for even a momentary gain. His ego has not faded with the passing of centuries, and the Dark Emperor is said to keep him close not out of affinity, but in order to check his ambition lest he think of biting the hand that feeds... Owl, the Sage The sage is not easily roused, nor is he easily quelled. A lover of odd bibliotheca and forgotten knowledge, Owl is generally content to leave defending his master to his lessers as he pursues odd byways in his intellectual pursuits. Those who mistake his bookish ways for weakness and arouse his wrath are soon taught the foolishness of their error, as his zig-zagging pitches are known to drive lesser men to madness and despair. Owl revels in his authority as the Dark Emperor's sage, able to go where and when he wills, unconstrained by petty morality or mortal will. To Christopher Robin he is an ideal servant: powerful and compelled by initiative, yet content to obey and serve in exchange for his liberties. Thus, he is committed to the pitcher's mound only against opponents where his cunning justifies the risk: it is cold comfort to meet him on the field of battle, for it means that the Dark Emperor has dropped all pretense of restraint. Tigger, the Dark Trickster Woe betide any who would draw the attention of the Dark Emperor's most feared servant. Tigger serves not for power, but only so that he may partake of the cornucopia of suffering that such power enables. A cheerful facade and seemingly foolish demeanor disguises a bitter contempt for all life and a joy in the misery of others. None can say where the facade ends and the real Tigger begins, for he has played the role so long that the lines have blurred and even he has forgotten where the mask meets the monster beneath. Such questions are meaningless to his victims, as they are left impotent by thrown baseballs that seemingly disappear from sight with no apparent explanation. No one believes that Tigger serves Christopher Robin out of any true loyalty, but to a creature who is both empowered and compelled by mere whimsy to inflict misery on others such a concept is a distinction without a difference. To the Dark Emperor this happily serves in the place of fidelity, and in all his years of service Tigger has yet to disappoint his master. ? Christopher Robin, the Dark Emperor of the Hundred Acre Wood Those who defy the master of the Hundred Acre Wood shall be judged harshly for their transgressions. Few have ever witnessed the Dark Emperor's power, and those few who have cannot speak of it for such a display leaves all but the strongest wills as broken husks. The Blood Games Known colloquially as a "home run derby", a euphemism encouraged by Christopher Robin himself to lead the foolish and unprepared to ruin. The game is simple: score the minimum number of home runs in a certain number of pitches. Fouls and non-home runs (hits, or ??? in the blasphemous runes of a long forgotten tongue) do not count, for such pitiful displays do not impress the master of the Hundred Acre Wood. The Blood Games end only when Christopher Robin lies shattered and broken, or the challenger does: in theory the challenger can simply walk away at any time, but all inevitably slide into insanity and despair as their ambitions are frustrated and damn themselves before they are even aware that they have traveled down a one-way path.
  10. Sorry, this picture has been removed.
  11. I hate my internet I use Xfinity, It's so inconstant. Everyday I have to unplug the router and plug it back in. Sometimes I wanna just kick the router So what service do you guys use and do you often have problems? Oh and do you know how to fix my problem?
  12. I'll make this review short, once you pick it up, you will want to throw your phone across the room but for some reason never want to stop playing forever
  13. I'm sure you've all heard about the new hat in TF2, and its strong correlation with MLP FiM. But what may come as a surprise (or not) is the amount of hate this item has garnered. I've read the posts, and now words cannot describe how much I hate haters. Thoughts on the item? The references to MLP? The hate? Valve trolling? /Discuss
  14. In Revelations, I went through and did all of the first person Desmond Puzzle sections. And after completing the last one, it reset my progress to zero. 23 Hours of gameplay just gone. Like it never happened.
  15. I shouldn't be surprised this would happen to me seeing as how technology always screws me over. Yesterday I was on my 6 year old computer which was on its last leg. Every plastic part on it was melted to the point where the only thing that was holding the whole thing together was a couple random stickers. Now i feel like I kinda had it coming seeing how the thing was on its last legs but i kept it in tip top condition with anti-virus software and a system mechanic application. Anyways, I was going through some pony things when my windows explorer started to crash. I thought it was nothing. It has done it crashes then it restarts and thats the end of it. Not this time! Windows Explorer kept crashing, restarting, and crashing all over again. I did everything i could think of, restarting, doing system diagnostics, cleaning windows cache, de-fragmentation of the hard drive, running my antivirus scanner as well as the system mechanics. The only thing i didnt do, because i couldn't do it, was restore to and early point. Theoretically i could take it to a computer repair shop, but there are things on there that would turn a sane man insane. My remedy for this? Sword to the right of me war-hammer to the left of me which one shall i use~ yes I am going to recreate the printer smashing scene from Office Space but with way more brutality! TAKE THAT TECHNOLOGY! Oh, and imma have a friend record this whole coupe de gras and post it on youtube. Why you ask? because i have to send a message to technology(as if it were a sentient thing).
  16. Imagine

    Ask my OC's.

    Hi bronies! I am making another as a pony thing! (I made one with Derpy) And this time, you may as, 6 of my oc's! Imagine - Mare - Halloween - Stallion - Starry Night - Mare - Leaf - Stallion - Ramona - Mare - Rage - Mare - I now 6 is a lot, but.....the more the merrier!
  17. Well, I can see that YouTube is at it again. They are now banning accounts left and right for any sort of violation. I just looked today and saw that AVGN was terminated! WHY??? Cruel world. I've also noted many Brony accounts being shut down, but it's not just Hasbro. YouTube officially sucks in all ways. We need a better video hosting site... Anyways, it's only a matter of time...
  18. Hey. another piece of art-thingies. this made from another sketch : then.. boredom happened ... now I'm heading to bed.. well not really.. it's 6AM and I get school... All-Night-Drawing Sessions aren't the best thing when you got school XD but then is when I feel the most creative...
  19. Here is the link in which, as you could see, shit went down. I read that article a little before I made this topic, but it didn't really surprise me. Parents acting on their fear of their children going through the same thing as that horrible incident which rocked that school in Connecticut and ultimately ended up finding something to blame. You can kind of tell that I don't worry about their own kids' safety, but rather their inability to not go ahead and educate themselves about what actually happened. Misidentifying the actual suspect and then using a video game as a scapegoat is hardly anything to be respectful of.
  20. As requested by @@Betez, I have made more of all our favorite memes. Ya know what? Scratch that. Blondes are never unpopular. That's better.
  21. Ok i had this idea where I would have a song of the day and then keep a back log of what songs i've already posted. I'm open to suggestions so if you want to pm me requests i will kindly oblige. Backlog 11/07/12 Green day-Minority 11/08/12 Bullet for my Valentine-Tears don't fall 11/09/12
  22. I hope this is better than the first comic I uploaded. Thanks to you who commented on it, and let me know it could be better. Yay!
  23. This is a thread to post things that make you RAGE. :3 I've got a long list, so be prepared. .Girls who think that having sex makes them cool. .Those giant, thick, black, fake "nerd" glasses. .Girls who put those glasses on and say "ima nerd lol". .Homophobic people. .Religion/religious people. .Duck face. .Caked on makeup. .Those over 30 year old women who dress like they're 20 or younger, hang out with their daughters and her friends, and cake on makeup like no tomorrow. .People who say they're in love with someone after like, two days of dating. .Skanks on fb. .People who's every other word is a cuss word. .People who take pictures of themselves doing drugs/drinking/smoking because they think it looks cool. .People who make status updates saying they're gonna drink or get high. .Attention whores. .<insert name of someone on the forums>. .Snobs. .People who think it's their duty to go round' correcting everyone. .Know it all's. .People who complain about their lives when they have an ipod, a car, a laptop, ect, and still live with their parents and have to do nothing all day. .People who tell "life stories" but you can tell that they're fake. .Most music now days. .Fans of anything and everything. .People who make MLP into everything, for example "Spiderpony!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!" .... no. Yeah. There will most likely be more, of course. But for now, this will do. If you'd like to explain WHY the stuff makes you rage, feel free to do so.
  24. Made by coolrainbowdash12 originally for Now available on MLP Forums for the first time in history! Here is Rage Anyone! What you do here is simple! Just Get the screams from something bad happening outta your system so you don't have to do it in public!! Just Don't Swear And if there is a problem Just PM me and i will get a admin onto it or I will sort it out
  25. 0kay. I RP a lot here on the forums, and it really bugs me when people don't spell correctly, or use grammar/punctuation correctly. So. This is mostly just a rage post, but feel free to comment and add your rage problems as well. Some of the most common misspellings are: You're & Your. You're- You are, as in 'you're beautiful.' Your- shows possession, as in 'is that your bike?' <It's really easy to remember, folks!> There, their & they're. There- referring to a place, as in 'are you here or there?' Their- showing possession, as in 'It's their bike, not mine.' They're- They are, as in 'They're so annoying!' <A bit harder, but still pretty easy..> Here, and hear. Here- referring to a place, as in 'I'm here.' Hear- the sense, as in 'I can't hear you.' Breathe & breath. Breathe- what you do to live, as in 'I cannot breathe.' Breath- 'Your breath stinks!' To, two & too. To- 'Send this to her.' Two- counting. 'one, two, three...' Too- 'can I come too?' Where & wear. Where- 'Where are you?' Wear- 'I don't want to wear those jeans.' Stare & stair. Stare- 'Don't stare, it's rude.' Stair- 'I landed on the last stair.- Are & our. Are- 'Are you coming with me?' Our- 'It's our house.' It's really not that hard to spell correctly. And about punctuation. When someone is speaking, you use "...." Or, when you're quoting something. And the little dots? These things- ........ They're called periods. They're used to end a sentence, and if you don't use them, it looks as if your post is way longer than it should be- which makes it seem like you're rambling. Also, these ,,,,,, are called commas. They're used to put a small pause in a sentence, if you need it. So instead of saying "I really like that dress and I want to buy it and I love it so much and--" You would use a comma, like so; "I really like that dress, and I want to buy it, I love it so much." It can still be considered rambling, but it looks so much better. And personally, if I have someone thinking something in a role-play, I use italics. It helps distinguish where the talking/action ends and the thoughts begin. And if you start in third person, don't go from 'Emily went to the store. And I bought a candy bar. Then Emily went home. And I slept." And capitalization, " I " is always capitalized. As are names, and places. For example. "Emily went to the Smith Library." You do not need to use capitalization if you say something such as "Emily went to the store." And back to spelling real quick- Most internet browsers provide a spell check, if you spell something wrong, it's usually underlined in red. You don't even have to respell it. Just right click and click on the correct spelling! It's not that hard! I know I probably sound like a mean person, or sound like I'm rambling. But this is something that really aggravates me.