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Found 17 results

  1. Been burning time in Starbound lately - I've found a ruined starship wreck on an ocean planet and I've been gradually converting it to a colony. I might keep posting updates as I progress, but I am wondering - should I keep the ship's population ponyish, or fill it with random species?
  2. The dog days are not over. As most of you may know, what began as a tropical storm and is now a category 4 hurricane is making its way towards the US east coast. Areas affected are the Carolinas, Maryland, and Virginia. I'm in Richmond, Virginia, located in the dark orange band of the above image. We aren't supposed to get the worst of it, but from what I've heard it's going to suck. Last I knew, Florence is supposed to reach us sometime Thursday. I hope all of you in the affected areas are prepared or evacuated.
  3. It's been a while since I last updated or published a fiction, and, here it is! It took an emotional push to get this one out, so I hope everyone enjoys it for what it is! See you on the flip side! -RealityPublishing
  4. So I wrote this short little poem here back in 2014 and I was curious what people here would think. Rain I watch her fall, Fall from the heavens to the earth below. wielding the sort of grace and beauty only nature seems to have. I can't help but smile, smile as her many fingers strike the earth In an almost endless downpour. While others may flee into their homes when she is near, or else seek cover, I let her cold embrace wash over me, and pull me into the sort of peace that only the dead may know. She is as old as the earth, and as beautiful as a child, Her name is rain. Not the greatest poem ever of course, but still something that I almost vaguely feel kind of proud of. In any case, please critique to your heart's desire and have a wonderful day/night. Peace and cupcakes, Pyrin
  5. My first time drawing my oc Artistic RainMuffin I think I failed....
  6. I had to use a referance image for the wings and body, she still needs to be upated and givin a name What do you guys think?
  7. Was going through some old folders and found some extremely old pics of mine. Pretty much the first ones I ever drew. Thought I might as well share them, because why the hell not. Watcha guys think?
  8. have you ever gone outside and it was a beautiful sunny day but after a few minutes you start to feel rain hitting your skin. you cant find where it is coming from but it is raining. i call this a sunlight rain
  9. Made myself a midnight pony drawing. She is dubbed Rain Drop the Meteorologist I'm getting better with my shading, but now I just need to get better at drawing ponies in a pose that's not the standard profile position :/
  10. this is little rain bird yet another tumblr pony which i wanted to draw fan art for, i could have improved the nose a little bit cause it looks like she's hiding in the scarf XD which is adorable if you ask me, what do you guys think?
  11. hello everybody i hope u enjoy this i made it last weekend but never got a chance to up load it so here is the link i would love to now what u think about it
  12. Wolf’s Rain Episode 5: Fallen Wolf or Fallen Wolves Brohoof’s: 4.7/5 Content Rating: Teen Toboe has a dream of paradise. He decides to share with the group. The odd pack reaches the ocean. They cross using the tracks that they have been following, and come across another city. Inside the city walls the quartet meets up with another wolf pack, who tells them to beat it after laughing at their destination of paradise. A few cut scenes about the other packs leader, who helps them keep a life, if only just. Looking for a place to sleep they meet an old wolf in a graveyard, who directs them to an old path. Finally finding a place to sleep, the wolves debate their future. The she-wolf from the other pack brings food as Kibe and Toboe venture into the city. Soon, Only Hige is talking to the she wolf. Kibe ends up picking a fight with some of the other pack. Tsume and toboe fell asleep at a train station. Kiba falls in a ditch, wounded. Hige, upon recommendation of the girl goes to the station in the morning, reuniting three of the members. We see that the pack pulls packages for the mail, as trained sled dogs. Kiba sees this display of horror as the old wolf dies working. Ballistic, he tries to attack the wokers but is stopped by the pack leader.
  13. Wolf’s Rain Episode 4: Scar of Wilderness or Scars in the Wasteland Brohoof’s: 4.2/5 Content Rating: Teen The wolf pack has been walking for three days without food. The four stop in a cave to rest, discussing their progress as they wait for a blizzard to pass. Hige sniffs out a deer carcass and three of the four wolves begin to eat. Angered by the food he is given Tsume decides to leave the group. Toboe catches up to try to convince him to return. Toboe and Tsume get split up, and Toboe is found and tracked by a war machine. Cher and Hubb are enjoying a fancy dinner. Over dinner, Cher instructs Hubb to water the plants at her place and promptly leaves. Tsume saved Toboe but was shot in the process. Now the war machine tracks both of them, as Kiba and Hige decide to look for them. Arriving just in time just to save the pair, the four regroup and continue their journey. In Cher’s apartment, Hubb finds her copy of the book of the moon.
  14. Episode 3: Bad Fellow Brohoof's: 4.2/5 Content Rating: Filly (Minor Violence) The Cloaked Man, before stealing Cheza (referred to as the lunar flower), identified Kiba and Hige as wolves and told them that they would meet again in paradise.The Detective finds Quent, drunk. Quent tells of his run in with Tsume and Toboe. As he shows his battle scar off, he also lets slip the existence of a text called The Book of the Moon. Frustrated with Quent's drunken state, the detective departs. Kiba and Hige walk into a sewer, contemplating their next move, since their previous plan failed. Tsume and Toboe also plan, for the rebel contingent has disbanded and Toboe's interest was scared away. the two have hot words before Toboe ditches Tsume. Cher (Doctor) wake up in a hospital, when Hubb (Detective) comes to greet her. Brining an ugly scarf, he asks about the Book of the Moon. She quickly dismisses the question. She hints at Hubb to leave, and he takes his leave.Tsume walks down a lonely alley, when he is ambushed. Outrunning his pursuers, he smells one of the rebels, threatens him, and continues fleeing. Toboe, scratching around the alleyway again meets Hige and Kiba. Also in the alleyway is Leara, Toboe's human interest. She calls for help, and the trio of dogs escape. Tsume runs into Blue (Quints dog). With a new wound on his arm, Tsume narrowly escapes. The pack of wolves head for the exit, and make small talk. Hubb searches for the book with no luck. The trio catches up with Tsume, but become ensnared in a trap to capture Tsume. The newly formed pack flees. Hubb and Quent team up, each with his own agenda. Cher closes her copy of the Book of the Moon. The wolves reach the edge, and leave, into the open snow.
  15. Episode 2: Dry-eyed Toboe or Toboe, Who Doesn't Howl Brohoof's: 4.6/5 Content Rating: Teen A man, called lord Darcia, stands over an unconscious woman, called Hamona. Back at the lab, someone calls for Dr. Degrè, the female from episode 1. It's a detective Lebowski, the ex husband of the doctor, with a body to be examined. The boy that Tsume tried to save lies on the table. The detective and the doctor exchange theories to the cause of the bite marks on his arm. In an alleyway somewhere in the city, a small brown wolf with a bracelet searches for food. A small girl sees him, and feeds him. The girl is called away, and the scene moves to Kiba and Hige. Wandering in the streets, Hige lifts a pair of hot dogs for the hungry duo. Over their dinner Kiba announces his plan to sneak back into the holding facility, because of a scent inside. The two split up citing creative differences. (sorry, I couldn't resist). Tsume plan's the next raid, and the doctor and detective split hairs finding the wolf. The sheriff is drinking again, as Toboe finds the girl who fed him earlier. He approaches her in human form, thanks her for the food, and leaves. As Toboe walks into the city, him, Tsume, Quint, and his dog Blue. end up in an alley together. Quent sees through the form of Toboe, and aims to kill. Tsume jumps to safety, and takes Toboe with him. After harsh words the two disband. Kiba and Hige, however, find themselves reunited in jail. Toboe sees a bird, and takes it to the girl. She is upset, for the bird has died. Knowing he hurt the the girl who was kind to him, he starts to howl. Tsume, hearing the howl, quickly snatches him up, and they disappear. Toboe tells his story, how he was tamed by an old woman, and left after she died. As a man from the rebel faction comes to tell Tsume that no one will follow him, a ship flies overhead. Power goes out in the lab, and a mysterious man, with one wolf's eye, steals Cheza, and the screen goes black.
  16. Episode One: The City of Howls Brohoof's: 4.4/5 Content Rating: Teen The episode opens up with a monologue. a wolf trying to find Its way to paradise, before cutting to a train heist. a quick battle and the attackers seem to celebrate, their goal has been assumed to have been reached. In the middle of their celebration, a large ship floats overhead, identified as belonging to a nobleman. Now jumping to the city, we meet a man, in a sour mood, and his dog, Walking into a bar he strikes up a conversation with the barkeep, We hear a legend from the the barkeep. When the world comes to an end, paradise will appear on earth, but only wolves will be able to find it. For some reason, this angers the stranger, and we find out that wolves are believed to have died out 200 years ago. The camera pans outside of the bar, giving a view to the attackers walking past. The leader, identified as Tsume looks at the strangers dog, tied up outside the bar. The dog, blue, begins to bark at Tsume, as he walks by. The stranger darts out of the bar to see what the ruckus is, seeing nothing but paw prints among the footprints. Farther away Tsume plots tomorrow's attack. The group finds what they think is a large wounded dog underneath a tree. As they try to pull it out the animal attacks them, killing 3 instantly. Tsume leads the wolf away from the crowd. To much surprise, Tsume transforms into a grey wolf, and begins to talk with the white beast in front of him. The dialogue does not last. The camera once again cuts away after blood is spilled. A girl in a bubble seems to wake, sending doctors in a lab scurrying. Focusing back on the fight, a young member of the group is startled to find Tsume (back in his human form) pinned. After a brave rush from the young boy, the wolf walks off. Tsume and the boy exchange words, and Tsume walks off as well. At the lab, a younger female in glasses asks about the girl and why she is awake. The Girl is identified as Cheza, the Flower Maiden, a created human. The wounded white wolf wanders within the slums, when seen by the the stranger in the bar. The stranger shoots the white wolf. The stranger is taken into custody, and his prize seized. The stranger is revealed as Quent Yaiden, a sheriff of a city named Kyrios. After demanding to see the wolf, Quent reveals his mission to exterminate all wolves. The white wolf awakens in a cage, with a brown wolf staring at him. The female doctor, and an assistant comes to check on the wolf, shocked to see a human intruder, she promptly shoos the kid away. The doctor has short dialogue with the assistant, and both leave. The kid (Hige) returns to speak with the white wolf. The attack planned by the group now takes place, but something go wrong. The boy and Tsume are on the run when the boy slips. Tsume backtracks to save the kid, but is unable to use hands, so to save the boy, he grabs him with his jaws, as a wolf. Scared of his leader, the boy lets go and falls to his death. Alarms are triggered, and Hige and another mysterious kid use the distraction to walk out of the holding facility. Shortly after the pair walk out, the white wolf is identified as missing. the kids talk, and the white wolf claims to be heading to paradise, announcing himself as Kiba.
  17. So last night I was going through some old paper drawings, and I found this beauty and decided to make it detailed in C3D! Enjoy!