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Found 2 results

  1. I hope it becomes canon and I think Rainbow Dash has a crush on Soarin, I mean Rainbow Dash gets shy around him and she saved his apple pie from falling on the ground and she danced with him at Princess Cadence and Shining Armor's wedding. A comic called "My Little Pony: Friends Forever #36" shows more evidence that Rainbow Dash has a crush on Soarin. Just to make sure that you know which comic I talking about, here's what the front page of the comic looks like: Also this part from the comic: and this part from the comic: could be a indication that Rainbow Dash and Soarin have feelings for each other. I heard that even some of the MLP show writers like the SoarinDash pairing, and one of them put that picture of Rainbow Dash dancing with Soarin in the episode "A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2" because of how much they liked that pairing. I think Sabrina Alberghetti (who was the storyboard artist) did state that some of the animators and writers and staff did like the SoarinDash ship. And to give evidence that that statement is true, a lot people on 4chan and Derpibooru talk about that statement a lot. And it seems like Sabrina Alberghetti herself likes the SoarinDash ship, since she has some romantic drawings of Soarin and Rainbow Dash together in her favorites on her DeviantArt account. Go to Sabrina Alberghetti's DeviantArt account (, and type and search "Soarin Rainbow Dash" in her favorites, and you will see those drawings to see that I'm not lying. Other evidence that I found that indicates that Rainbow Dash has a crush on Soarin is that the artist of the official comics drew a picture of Rainbow dash with a magazine of a seductive looking Soarin. Here's a link to the picture: Also according to this YouTube user (here's the YouTube user's account: who wrote a comment on this YouTube video (here's the YouTube video:) there was originally going to be a episode that clearly stated that Rainbow Dash does have a crush on Soarin. Here's what the YouTube user's comment said: "Did you know they were going to make an episode where rainbow liked soarin but was too afraid to admit it to her friends because she was scared it would ruin her reputation. They didn't make it because they were more focused on episodes based on twilight. But who knows, maybe the episode will still come out". The YouTube user said that the reason she knew this was because her brother used to be an animator for the show. I don't know if the YouTube user is lying though, but I like to think that she isn't.