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Found 207 results

  1. So I just finished watching Eqeustria Girls Rainbow Rocks, and I thought it was great! the music was what stole the show for me, so I was wondering, what is your favorite song from the movie? I honestly don't think there is a bad song in the movie.
  2. I know this question may come across alittle silly as they are fictional characters but if they were real which Dazzling would you most likely want to date out of the three? Adagio, Sonata or Aria? I would probably choose Sonata Dusk due to her being totally adorable and "aww" worthy. Explain why you would date that Dazzling in your post. =)
  3. So, here I am, just jammin' out to some Sponge at my computer and I check out a Skype group I'm in to see my friend @FadedSkies talking about this Equestria Girl who was actually pretty. My first thought was "An EQG that doesn't look like it's straight outta Planet 9? Dis fool be trippin' " but when I saw the character herself, I was actually pleasantly surprised. Seriously, she's kinda cute. Not quite waifu material, but she's pretty gr8. I don't know anything about her other than A.) She's not Rarity and B.) She's got a great character design for an EQG. Oh, and C.) She's going to be in the upcoming Rainbow Rocks film as a member of the Dazzlings Rules of this thread copy/pasted lel -No spamming post to become biggest fans even though this rule is redundant because that's what people do anyway -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums and make up a large amount of the population, please limit content to suggestive only unfortunately...well, maybe not, since she just proves that even a weird alien life form can look cute. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing do it, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate aw shucks, or showing things inappropriat. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Rainbow Dash fan club, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack fan club. Feel free to post Rarity where you like, though. -Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Fluttershy forum "Twilight is better!" unless you're proclaiming that Rarity is better, because that is true. -I (do not) have the ability to decide whether you are doing something inappropriate or not, if I (report you) deem you are doing something unnecessary and I ask you to stop, please stop. Common Sense my little ponies. -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. disclaimer swag Alright, yeahh. It'd be awesome if she actually was well written Dunno what I'm expecting, but meh. I made this, now peace.
  4. So, I've seen alot of people wondering about Human sunset... but Forget about her, the characters I want to see show up are the HUMAN world versions of the dazzlings! XD Seeing the mane six run into them and and bringing up stuff they did in RR with the human dazzlings being confused would be pretty good, as would the dazzlings meeting themselves
  5. Since Rainbow Rocks seems to be a fan favorite of the Equestria Girls series myself included, and people seem to like the My Little Pony The Movie a lot, which one did you like more? This one is tough, so I'd say I like both about the same, but I'll lean more towards Rainbow Rocks right now, because I thought it took a few more chances, and I've seen it more times. But at the same time, I really liked the My Little Pony Movie a ton, despite some of the flaws it had.
  6. I know that the girls are in high school. When I was in High School I was still living at home. Where are the parents?
  7. So the Dazzlings/Sirens have been stuck in the human world for over a thousand years. How have they not obtained enough power in that time to take over the human world yet?
  8. This started (and ended) as a post in the "Would You Have Closure if EQG Ended as a Trilogy Thread", and I realized I wrote QUITE a lot, so I decided it'd make a pretty decent blog post too. So let's talk about it. Oh yeah, and SPOILERS. Honestly, I'd probably be pretty OK if we were done with EQG. I'd be sad if we never saw Sunny again, but let's think about it a second. The EQG series is 100% about Sunset Shimmer as a character. It's about Wrong-Doing, Repentance and Redemption. In the first movie, you have Sunset Shimmer as the villain. Now I have a ton of nitpicks about why the story in EQG1 is contrived, convoluted and catastrophic at best, but let's ignore that for a minute. ~Equestria Girls~ EQG1 introduces Sunset Shimmer as a former apprentice of Celestia (similar to Twilight's position, pre-Alicornication, though you can debate that she's still an apprentice). Sunny, like many good-turned-evil apprentices, got frustrated when the magic required patience and practice instead of immediate gratification. She left Celestia's side and all of Equestria of her own accord, found a new world where she could manipulate people into doing what she wanted. She decided that coupling this with Equestrian magic would allow her to invade Equestria take over, and most importantly, upstage Celestia and prove that you can get what you want with cruelty and cunning. Then Twilight shows up, blah blah, Magic of Friendship, big rainbow laser, villain KO'd, gg no re. The important thing to take away from EQG1 was that, Sunset Shimmer was offered a chance to repent for her sins. She'd done horrible, nasty, awful things and the HuMane 5 took her in as one of their own. This becomes more relevant when we get to... ~Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks~ In EQG2 we're quickly shown two things: 1) Sunset Shimmer and the HuMane 5 are getting along swimmingly, and 2) Sunset Shimmer and the students of Caterlot High School are NOT getting along swimmingly. At the beginning of Rainbow Rocks, it's very clear that not a whole lot of time has passed since the Fall Formal, and most of the school still outwardly blames Sunset Shimmer for being a heinous bitch. This is in spite of all the work that was done in the first move to show CHS that coming together as a school benefits everyone and the school as a whole. She's an outcast amongst an entire student body that banded together in a crisis situation. Even among friends, things seem a little off. Beginning with the first in-character song, Sunset is seen sitting off to the sidelines while the HuMane 5 (and Twilight) rock out. While they may have accepted her into their circle, it's Sunset that seems a little shy about getting close to them. She still feels like she has a lot to repent for after the Fall Formal (see her reaction to the multiple uses of "no offense") and that the whole school is doing a great job at reminding her of that, including her friends. Regardless of this fact, and the constant taunting by the Sirens, Sunny busts her flank to maintain that she's changed and all she wants to do is help, even going so far as to jump Rainbow Dash mid-solo to keep their magic hidden (let's be honest, if anyone was gonna screw it up for the group, it was gonna be Dash). This is seen as an affront to the group dynamic and the friends that she'd been working to hard to keep. It's only near the movie's climax that Sunset Shimmer, the outlier of this group of tight-knit friends notices that there's something incredibly wrong. She's been shown friendship and is beginning to understand it, enough so that she knows that disagreements happen, but bickering to the point of breaking up the band is NOT friendship. It's conflict, something that a former villain understands all to well. Something that Sunset Shimmer originally placed between these friends in the first place. This is her repentance. She was the one to originally break apart this group of friends. Now she has her chance to reunite them and remind them all what friendship, a concept they taught her, is really about. Then we enter the climax. Even when Sunny saves the band, and Vinyl saves the show, Sunset Shimmer is still backstage, behind the curtain, wishing all her friends luck. She still doesn't consider herself good enough to be a part of the band. She's reminded them about their friendship and that's good enough for her. Except it wasn't good enough to save the day... But when the going gets tough, the tough take off their leather jackets and belt out a few bars! When Sunny steps up to the mic, it's the first time she's really participated in a group activity with the HuMane 5 (+ Twilight). She's completed her rite of passage to truly be one of the girls, signified by her Pony-ing Up for the first time. The Rainbow Laser of Friendship also solidifies this by adding Sunny's color (Red, because Orange was already taken by AJ) to the spectrum, turning into a giant Rainbow Alicorn and saving the day. Immediately following their victory, the HuMane 5 ask Sunny to join the band. In this scene we can finally see that she's forgiven herself, since instead of humbly turning down their request, or even accepting it, she picks up a nearby guitar and shreds a quick riff, leaving everyone's mouth agape. Sunny saved her friends, saved the day, and most importantly, saved herself (from, well... herself). ~Equestria Girls: Friendship Games~ (aka the best pony movie ever) This was everything I ever could have hoped for. Even in the opening credits, we see minimal Twilight and the insertion of Sunset Shimmer in all of the HuMane 6 (yes, 6, as Sunny is now an OFFICIAL MEMBER) art work. The movie makes it very clear that Sunset Shimmer is kind of like the new Twilight for these girls. She's their expert on magic and the team member who clearly doesn't get what all this high school BS is about (funny, given that she's been going there for 3 years). She's also the one being tasked with a difficult and complex problem. Her situation very closely mirror's Twilight's from EQG2. She's being relied on heavily to solve a problem that she doesn't fully understand. The only difference really being that Sunny reaches out for help, it just isn't available from the person she's asking. Multiple times over the course of the movie, Sunset Shimmer is rallied around by her friends and peers. Notably first, at the end of the Acadeca, when she loses to Other Twilight. Despite her failure, which sends her reeling, the HuMane 6 see it as a victory. Sunset Shimmer is the reason they actually almost BEAT Crystal Prep. For the first time. Ever. A similar event happens at the end of the relay event, when Other Twilight's stolen magic breaks loose, Rainbow Dash Pony's Up, and Sunny blames this all on herself for not figuring out how to keep the magic in check. Principal Celestia forgives Sunset Shimmer for not understanding the magic that she has no control over, but Sunny seems determined to blame herself. One of the most interesting, grounding, and humanizing (for a pony movie) scenes in the movie is when Other Twilight absorbs Rainbow Dash's magic after the Relay. Sunset Shimmer, clearly very frustrated with Other Twi for interfering and stealing her friends magic, UNLEASHES this torrent of rage on Other Twi, who runs away crying. Now, some have said this is a slip for Sunset Shimmer back to the days of being a villain, but I disagree. Sunny is under and INSANE amount of stress, and is not only upset with Other Twilight for stealing magic and messing with forces she doesn't understand. We have to also consider how frustrated she was at NOT receiving an answer from Princess Twilight, in addition to the fact that Other Twilight's lack of understanding mirrors her own. She's not being "evil". Sunset Shimmer is very clearly upset with HERSELF in this instance, and is taking it out on the person who LOOKS like the friend that isn't answering her. Immediately following this outburst, she knows that she's done wrong, and in the final event, looks to make up for it. Speaking of the final event: BEST. SCENE. EVER. Other Twilight gets conned into unleashing the magic for extremely selfish reasons, both on behalf of her school and herself. This concentrated magic converts Other Twi into something I can only describe as a "raging she-demon". Sound familiar? Having been in her position, Sunset tries to reason with Other Twi, telling her that power, magic and megalomania are NOT the answers. Other Twi refuses to listen and begins to go on a rampage of wanton destruction. This is her moment. This is Sunset Shimmer's redemption. Like a phoenix burning bright in the sky, Sunset Shimmer calls upon the EQG Elements of Harmony, unifying all five of them to unlock the sixth element and ascend to becoming the Alicorn Princess of Friendship (of EQG). In the final moments after their beam battle, Sunset Shimmer makes the most important gesture of her character arc. "Take my hand Twilight. Let me show you there's another way, like someone once did for me." Sunset Shimmer has now come full-circle. She has defeated a powerful evil with the magic of friendship, and offered the villain an olive branch, a chance to join them and show them the way and the healing power of friendship. Which, for me, firmly solidifies her as the Princess of Friendship. In the end, we get a little blurb about Other Twi joining CHS, and later, Princess Twilight pops in to say hi, and mention something about a time loop. ~In Closing~ Sunset Shimmer has come full-circle. Starting as a villain and being battled as a demon, she was being offered an olive branch by the Princess of Friendship. Though friendship, she learns how to deal with her own personal demons, and how to be a better friend. Then, with the help of her friends, she accomplishes the same feat: defeating a demon and offering to help them learn about the magic of friendship. With this, Sunny's character arc completed, I could be fulfilled in knowing that there aren't any more EQG movies on the horizon Not that I don't want more of them...
  9. So, Equestria Girls has come quite a ways since it's debut in the movie of the same name. Since them we've had four movies, three specials, one longer special, and various shorts. Movies Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Friendship Games Legend of Everfree Specials Dance Magic Movie Magic Mirror Magic Forgotten Friendship Shorts Summertime Shorts Better Together Rainbow Rocks/Friendship Games/etc Music Videos Choose Your Own Ending Minis As you can see, even though not everything has been long, we've got a decent amount of material in regards to animation. So; which is your favorite? Do your prefer one of the movies? Do one of the shorts do better? Or is it one of the specials that appeal to you? For me, it's a close contest between Friendship Games and Forgotten Friendship; with the strongest possibly being the latter. While Friendship Games does a great job acting as the closing chapter in Sunset's redemption arc, Forgotten Friendship really puts her in much more stressful environment, while having likable secondary characters (Trixie!!!) and having stronger ties to the pony world. How about you?
  10. In my perspective, I think it was essential part of my life…so for any person interested in it, I welcome you. Allow me to set up some rules: 1. For This I would like for people interested has seen the 4 movies and the specials of EG. 2. Have an open mind regading NSFW or SFW matters. 3. Have a description of The OC or OC’s you would be using and if possible have an image (Better if made by yourself) of him/her/them. Here I will leave the one I will be using of my two OC’s Check him out and if you find him interesting, not me or comment here! 4. Let me know what kind of scenarios you will want. 5. If you get bored or feel its not able to go on anymore, let me know without feeling guilty of hurting me or other one. 6. Don’t feel shy on exploring around with plot twists and events. If you are interested comment here or private contact me so we can work the details, I’m open to Hangouts, Tumblr or Facebook.
  11. Hey guys, I know I have posted about the Equestrian girl books lately. However, I wanted to talk about the movies and episodes today. I'm just wondering what all you original MLP fans think about the Equestrian girl series? I actually started watching the Equestrian girls before I even watched the original MLP, which is why I'm very curious to see how it felt for you guys to watch the Equestrian girls series after getting used to the original series. I personally think that both the Equestrian girls and the original MLP is exciting. The plots and animations are all developed by the same people which is probably why those elements are great in both. Besides from the main movies and books, the Equestrian girls also have 20 minute episodes (Just 3). I have watched those and I think they should release them more often! Please let me know what you think about the Equestrian girls series down below!
  12. This an abridged version of the comics story though not all of it I hopefully plan to post this and the other episodes I have written here if I get enough interest. I really value feedback so don't be shy Also published on FimFiction! "Alter one event and a new future comes to be. Splinter a link and a new chain is forged " -- Star Wars Infinities, A New Hope Sunset Shimmer felt a pulse of energy surge through her, she didn't quite know what to make of it. Perhaps the singing had something to do with it, but she felt more in touch, more in sync with her new 'friends'. They needed her as much as she needed them, the Sirens already proved that without her their powers weren't enough to defeat them. They had all but blown them all down even after a powerful push from their magical song. It was only after Sunset joined in did they start to make progress. In fact, they were starting to win now, the chorus was kicking in, and there was another burst of magic. Magic she'd forgotten the feeling of. Magic she'd had only once before, before she started making friends, when she'd turned into a demon. The feeling was incredible, and she wanted to make sure it stayed here, and the only way she could ensure that was to stop these Sirens. They had only one chance to do it. The memories of the physical beating she'd received in the hallway by the three girls was fresh on her mind, reinforced by the br uses and tenderness in her ribs. Someone had to stop these monsters. A little payback was just a bonus. Aria Blaze was jarred awake by a slap to the head, whatever magical blast hit her and the other two had knocked them out for a moment. Their clothing in shreds, Adagio yelled at them to get back up and use what power they had left. She'd warned her so called leader this might not be the best idea, but it fell on deaf ears. In fact, things were turning worse than she thought they might, whatever magic was manifesting inside those other girls was increasing fast. She needed an escape plan and fast. Sunset opened her eyes and summoned every bit of power inside her, combining it with Twilight's it was already more than what was needed to thwart the Siren's plans. She couldn't let them take away any of what she'd worked hard to get back. No. She needed more! They needed to pay for what they did to her! To her friends! “Sunset, what are you doing, you're manifesting too much!” Twilight yelled, but the construct was already forming above them. It took the form of a giant alicorn and it was powering up for a massive blast of dispelling magic. “Payback!” Sunset yelled as the power gathering around them deafened them, the focus was already preparing to fire. Aria started backing up, this wasn't working, whatever they threw at the Rainbooms had no effect. In fact, they were getting stronger, so strong their own siren constructs had frozen in place. She backed up past Sonata, leaving herself in the lead for a quick getaway, which was starting to look like a smart move. “Oh crap! RUN!” sonata said backing up another step. “We're all gunna die!” Sunset felt the construct build up and fire. The downward shot of pure white energy turned into a focused line of fire, hitting Adagio first, then Sonata, then Aria last. Aria cursed and backed up as the magic fired, and their stubborn leader finally turned tail and ran with Sonata. They both didn't expect Aria to strike them in the chest, doubling them over facing her. She ducked beneath them as human shields, the brunt of the blast hitting the other two and quickly destroying their gems. Aria looked at both of her 'sisters' expression, satisfied for a moment. Adagio always was so smug and treated her awful, it was nice to see her knocked down a peg. Sonata's moronic behavior was always a pin in Aria's dreams of being in charge, she wouldn't be missed. Both of them cried out for a moment until the charge tore their bodies apart and turned them to literally nothing, the power dissipating as Aria had anticipated, but not enough, it struck her next, and threatened to take her too. She yelled out in pain and put her arms up instinctively to defend herself, the searing heat from it scarring her forearms up and down, before stopping finally burning itself out. Sunset watched as the Siren's were taken out, pleased but horrified at the same time. More concerning was the fact she couldn't stop the magic pouring out wildly now. It was saturating the area, as bad as gasoline fumes in a room. It was starting to become dangerously volatile. She couldn't stop it, even with her friends. The so called power they had was useless at this point. Aria collapsed backwards and yelled as she felt the pure undiluted magics in all three of their magical gems mingle and turn into pure dark magic. She looked up and saw a ball of manifesting Equestrian magic in front of her and rolled off the stage, behind a rock. This wasn't going to end well, had to protect herself first! Sunset's eyes widened, a spark to all this gasoline was heading right for them! She looked around frantically, and tried to think...the only thing she could focus on was the nagging feeling that maybe Celestia was right to cast her aside. When it came down to it, she wasn't powerful at all...but neither was this so called Magic of Friendship. A blast of white light overcame all of Canterlot Highschool's grounds and shook the earth from their to across the bay in Equestrian City. A growing spherical shock-wave knocked out electricity and overturned cars and damaged structures from its epicenter to the first few neighborhoods in the suburbs. Sunset Shimmer felt the explosion rattle her teeth and knock her to the ground. She landed with a grunt, the wind knocked out of her. Screams filled her ears as a rumbling shook the ground around her, she couldn't see anything, the world was spinning so fast and her senses were being overwhelmed. Standing back up, she was knocked to her knees again as the ground shook. She squinted her eyes and tried to find anyone, all she could see was dust, and all she could hear was screams. Suddenly, a burst of purple hued light filled her vision, near what she assumed was the stage area. A figure emerged from the center of it, she couldn't tell what it was, but it was moving. Another quake rattled the ground as the purple orb vanished with its occupant. The shock-wave from its displacement rapidly overtook Sunset's position and knocked her out cold, the last few faint sounds of chaos around her giving way to darkness.
  13. After the events that took place in the original My Little Pony: Equestria Girls movie, virtually everyone at Canterlot High School hated Sunset Shimmer; only the Rainbooms forgave her, although they did not fully trust her yet. The question is... if you forgave Sunset Shimmer, but you did not know her what well, would you admit to her that you forgive her, even if you would possible receive backlash from the rest of the school? If so, how would you do it? (As in, what scenario would you think would occur? When and how would you tell her?)
  14. Ever since Rainbow Rocks, I've been hoping for the Dazzlings to make another appearance. I mean, we saw some of the Crystal Prep students again in "Dance Magic" so its not like Hasbro's above recurring EQ character cameos. I thought they were pretty awesome villains and I'd love to see them again (maybe even reformed, that's kind of always been a thing with FiM). Plus I have a huge crush on Adagio (yes, I'm one of those weird people with a crush on fictional characters, but I don't think that's unusual for these parts). Heh.
  15. When I first saw The Cute Map, this came to me. Aria Blaze and Starlight Glimmer look simular. Why? Well, I made a fan fiction of What Happened To The Dazzlings after they were defeated by the Rainbooms in Rainbow Rocks (Here's Part 1: (And Part 2: So what do you guys think? Is Starlight Glimmer Aria Blaze? Or is she something completely different? I mean, Cutie Map (stupid Auto Correct) :okiedokielokie: xxEquestriaNovaxx is my Deviantart (that's where the fanfic is)
  16. So, I have the theory that in Rainbow Rocks will be focused in Rainbow Dash and this time it's her turn to cross the mirror and see for herself what happens in the human world, which also makes me guess that there will be a total of 6 EG movies, each one focused on each pony who will have their turn to cross the mirror. I mean, IMO I don't think Twlight may have reasons or even would want to go to human world again, and after she told what happened I'm pretty sure the rest of the ponies would feel curiosity or at least a reason to cross it will be given.
  17. Out of the four EG movies, which one is your favorite? Mine has to be the Friendship Games, although Legend of Everfree came close. The heavy character development that happened in FG is what did it for me, and while there was some of that in LoE, it seemed more about Sci-Twi defeating the "monster inside her" which came off as plot-driven to me.
  18. Adagio,Aria,Sonata this first names are very meaningful Adagio is a music tempo where the song is played slowly Aria is a vocal musical piece without instruments Sonata is a musical piece played without vocal instruments Is very meaningful if you can understand it Is Adagio Dazzle really like music that played slowly just like her first name Adagio Is Sonata Dusk really like playing music without vocal instruments just like her first name Sonata Is Aria Blaze really like Vocal Instruments just like her first name Aria
  19. Okay, this has been on my mind for awhile now, so I figured I would share my thoughts with others.. Okay, in the first movie Twilight and her human friends defeat Sunset Shimmer and Twilight extends her hand in friendship to Sunset, and becomes her friend. (as do the rest of the humane 6) Now in the Second movie Rainbow Rocks, Twilight, Sunset and friends, defeat the Siren's Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk. BUT Instead of making sure they were/would be okay, and extending their hands in friendship to the three sirens. They all just let the trio run away. To me this is a failure on Twilight's part as a Princess of Friendship. she offered Friendship and redemption to Sunset, so why not the Sirens? Further, what if something happened to the trio now that they didn't have their pendants? What if they couldnt survive without em? Twilight just letting em run off felt wrong ultimately
  20. Yeah yeah I know, happy ending and all, clear villain, blah blah blah, but the Dazzlings were better singers and songwriters, period. In actuality they should have won that final battle.
  21. I don't know bout anyone else, but with a world lined up to screw me for being me, Shine like Rainbows makes me want to cry every time I hear it. MLP truly saved my life, I thought the world as going rotten and someone came up with an animation that's so funny, but mainly so REAL when it comes to friendship lessons, that I decided that NOT jumping off a tall building could also make me feel included in the world. All of us I'm sure at least once or twice have been let down, shamed, left out etc. And I'm also sure that I'm probably not the only one who has felt this way either in the past or currently. Shine like Rainbows makes me feel I'm no the only one in this world who feels this, and it also kind of says everything I want to say about the show itself, right from the centre of my heart^^ Ingram, sir, you are a genius and a mastermind of sound, keep up the good work. What are everyone else favourite songs from Rainbow Rocks?
  22. This may have been touched upon but I've never seen it around, with the exception of obscure fan fictions. I love Sunset as a heroine, it is a reformation that makes sense, and Sunset in my opinion is the series's best character who isn't a pony anymore. I know Alternate Universes get abused on threads. But I feel for RR, it is something based on logic and fact. Sunset was never sure if people could forgive her and wish to be her friend. So I think based on her insecure emotions alone, it could have been possible for Adagio to hoodwink Sunset. Get Sunset on the Dazzlings's side. I'm not gonna get into illogical things, such as Sunset falling to the point where she becomes a siren, abandoning her pony form, signifying no redemption at all. You think it would have been wise for Adagio to reach her hand out to Sunset? Offering her the power she failed to get? Aria and Sonata obviously aren't drones for Adagio, they have free will. So what becomes of Sunset if she joined the siren ranks? Is Sunset free or not?
  23. If there is one thing I will say is bad about Rainbow Rocks, is the lack of attention for Aria Blaze. Adagio and Sonata completely eclipse her in terms of screen time and she seemed like the most interesting out of the trio. I love Adagio, but she was already established as the dominant and in control leader. The scene where she threatens Aria in response to Aria's idea of leadership change was some dialogue I wanted elaborated on. I know these are 1hr15m movies, but they could have made these two much more interesting together. You all want to share some head canon or guesses on Aria. You really think she wants control? "That was barely worth the effort Adagio. I'm tired of fast food, I need a meal!" Her lines have always been in defiance to Adagio. Something is wrong between the two.
  24. I've never seen her in CHS before. I know that maud is older than pinkie pie but i don't know how many years older