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Found 14 results

  1. So, everyone has things that makes you happy when you're sad. Or just randomly makes you happy. Perhaps watching ponies makes you happy - or talking with a friend. Or perhaps jokes? Post your rainbows and sunshines during your lousy days. What brightens up your day?
  2. I've never started a topic before, and I'm not even sure if this is in the right place, or if I'm even allowed to post this kind of thing, but while I was surfing the internet this morning, I happened upon the story of a little boy who recently lost both of his parents and was taken in by his aunt. He's autistic, and he was told that his parents had crossed the rainbow bridge. He now loves to look at pictures of rainbows as they remind him of his parents. His aunt is not asking for money. Instead, what she has asked for is any picture of a rainbow that readers of the Facebook post may have, especially double rainbows. She wants to turn them into a scrapbook so that he can look at rainbows from all around the world for comfort. This is the link to the post: If at all possible, it would be nice if people with any pictures of rainbows could send them to her so that Robbie could gain some comfort, and if anybody else has a good cause to mention, it might be a good idea to mention it below so that people can see it. Thanks for reading this.
  3. As you probably know, MLP toys have been 'rainbowfied' to fit the episode finale. The blindbags, moving toys, and plushies are now adorned with random marks all over them and highlights in their manes and tails. I find the new rainbowfied blindbags and plushies more enjoyable; being a collector like me I try to get every kind of pony blinds and plushies, and with the new markings there are more to collect. But I also find the toys just a way for Hasbro to get more money with colorful toys. These new rainbow ponies are now filling up isles in Target, Toys R Us and other pony carrying stores. So, what I am trying to get to is...what do you think about these new ponies?
  4. So the new episode Twilight's Kingdom has rainbofied ponies when the open the box. When the get rainoboefied, the ponies get markings all over that have something to do with their cutie mark (RD-Lighting bolts, Rarity-Gems etc), and their mane and tail seems to grow and blow in the wind. So, what are your thoughts on these ponies? (I did not draw the pony above)
  5. So I made a fluffle puff version of the rock version of PFUDOR
  6. Hi there! This is the Rainbows and Kittens thread, because why not Here, you can post news about rainbows and kittens, or both. Rules: #1 No dogs. #2 Be nice! #3 Cherry Rainbow is awesome and you should brohoof her. Enjoy! ~Cherry Rainbow PS: This is not ment to be spam in any way, I just wanted to make people smile by talking about rainbows and kittens. Sorry.
  7. Do not let the name fool you,this song is heavy in bass and the drop will and i repeat will catch you off guard,wear you're bass helmets everybody because you are about to get blowed the shit away,i hope you will enjoy this song,this is great progress to me and as left a good mark inside me a scar of pride, enjoy this bass music my good audiophiles Original Animated
  8. In the Rainbow Factory, where your fears and horrors come true. In the Rainbow factory, where not a single soul gets through. Rainbow Factory Remix.mp3 Rainbow Factory Remix.mp3
  9. Okay... SOOOOO.. I bet my mother $20 that I could find a My Little Pony gear knob/stick for my new car. I know they exist... somewhere... I just cant find any pictures of them etc. So, I will love you forever if you can find me one hahaha. Just a photo of one, or one for sale is even better. tl;dr: Find a picture of a MLP gear stick. Also, does anyone know a place or a person that sells pony merch. like seat covers etc?
  10. Hey Everypony I wanted to make a video, it´s been a while (well, long while) since I last made something, or at least tried and never finished. The plan was to make a machinima game video as I always do, but then I told to myself: "C´mon, now you´re a pegasis, make a pmv". And so I did. My very first pmv, actually clip compilation. I wanted to make a Rainbow Dash video with song "Lick the Rainbow" by Mord Fustang. I don´t like to use songs that were already used for a whole video, so ideas, how to make the video different started to come to my mind. I ended up searching for songs about rainbows and checking my music folders. I ended up with 19 songs and 20 clips in total. It´s already in the description but I´ll say it again for you: If you get bored by a clip, please give this video another chance, skip the clip and continue your journey. I had ideas, which I was sure that they are awesome (in my head), but when I made them true, I got the feeling it could just get someone bored. You know, ideas are like children - yours are always the best. I´d like to have some feedback and I´d love to continue making PMVs. I decided to make some more compilations (appreciation of somepony else ofc). There is a poll about it (democracy on the first place!), but it wouldn´t be me if I didn´t think about something more "competitive". And it wouldn´t be me if there wasn´t references - some obvious more, some less. The video contains 2 other cartoon references, 1 commercial reference, 2 game references and 1 "internet fame" reference - 6 references in total. 5 of them are really obvious... if there is anypony who would know the 6th one, he has a colourful mind! (What I said was a hint...) The winner can pick the next character to appreciate. It´s not much, but that´s all this poor student can offer. So, now just sit back and enjoy..thanks for watching!
  11. Here is a couple drawings of Rainbow Dash a decided to draw: Here's a picture of Rainbow in her Gala dress: Hope you guys like the drawings! Took a long time to color them, that's for sure. EDIT: Aaagh! Couldn't upload the other one, so I'll try later today.
  12. Another thing I have to ask, and had forgotten Do you find yourself looking at the rainbow and expecting to see a certain pegasus? I know I've been, twice I'll catch you soon, Dash. Soon
  13. If you guys wouldn't mind checking out my fanfiction, I'd really appreciate it! Here's the synopsis and link: "Noctrule, an evil and all-powerful alicorn from the Everfree forest, has taken his dark army to conquer all of Equestria, and, more importantly, overthrow Princess Celestia. After his successful execution of the Princess, the land of Equestria has fallen to a seemingly irreversible darkness that even bright and colorful Rainbow Dash cannot permeate. However, after 20 years of oppression, Rainbow Dash - now much older, darker, and grittier, but still her competitive and determined self - puts her long-awaited plan of escape into action. She is determined that her plan will go well, which includes rescuing all her old friends from their own torments, and going up against the dark and deadly Noctrule himself to return the kingdom back to its former glory, and somehow bring back Princess Celestia. With so many odds against her, Rainbow Dash knows that death lies ahead of her, just as well as possible glory lies beside it. As Rainbow Dash risks her life, so do her friends, but that won't stop her. She's determined, confident, and willing to give up her own life to bring back Equestria the light and happiness it so deserves."
  14. http-~~-// MP3 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire...2ihztiez2dawwvz (Decided to separate the WiP topic with the completed one) So... one of my real life brony friends contacted me early Tuesday, and said that he needed a small little piece of music about 3 minutes long for a project for school, and he called me, because I am pretty much the only pony at our school that can actually compose decently well (Not like anypony else tries). But here's the catch, he needed it by the beginning of FRIDAY. And when he say Friday, he meant today Friday, talk about short notice. So I decided to theme it based on a pony (and also test out my new Flabass), and once I got somewhere on it, the name Dashing Rainbows was born. Also, this could be a pretty awesome boss theme.