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Found 4 results

  1. It's no secret that Persona 4 Golden is my all-time favorite RPG, however I haven't really explained why. I think that Persona 4 Golden's Social Links are a fantastic way to combine a strong sense of story and gameplay progression. Join me as I take a look at a large part what makes this game appeal to me. P4G starts off slow, it means to construct a framework for the story (such as introducing important characters, concepts, the setting, and the tone), however this also acts as an introduction to the idea of choice. No choices in the first section really impact any stats you have. The changes are purely cosmetic. This isn't the case at all later on, where everything you do or say requires a good amount of thought. P4G's intro lays the foundation for the admittedly complex game mechanics, before giving them the reigns. The first time you actually battle is when you get sucked into the TV by yourself. You feel powerless, but you can't fail here even if you tried. This battle serves the purpose of motivating the player. "I want to know what that is," they think. Back in the real world you go to class, and have a fairly standard day...Until a murder occurs involving a woman hanging from an antenna. Skipping forward a bit we go into the TV world where the biggest theme of the game becomes obvious, acceptance of one's self. There's an unfavorable side in all of us. If we ignore that, we aren't trying to better ourselves, we're running from reality. Since these unfavorable sides are directly tied to the games bosses (which are generally a character's unfavorable side manifested into a bizarre, creepy-looking, shadow creatures filled to the brim with obvious symbolism), you end up personally dealing with the situation alongside. You beat them, and generally a party member joins you due to that creature becoming a Persona when subdued, and accepted. Now, after all this we're finally getying to where Social Links come in. Social Links are events in which either a party member deals with the aftermath of their respective boss, or a side character's own personal story. Each of these characters represent different Arcana. Your character has the unique ability to wield multiple personas, and gets large experience boost when summoning one of which you have the Arcana for. You power these up by hanging out with characters outside of battle, usually helping them through their problems. If that character is a party member they also can learn moves via Social Link leveling. Confused yet? Well, let me explain with an in-game example: Rise is an idol you meet later in the story. She has an identity crisis, and is unable to tell whether her idol, or casual personas are the "real" her. She accepts this is an issue in her shadow's boss fight, and you can choose to hang out with her afterward. As you level up the Social Link Rise's journey of self-discovery progresses. The reasons for why she is who she is revealed, along with the answer she's been looking for the whole time. It's a satisfying experience in itself due to the great writing, yet on top of that gameplay perks are tossed at the player like crazy. Unique moves, abilities, and experience boosts constantly tie the narrative directly to the gameplay. It doesn't feel disconnected like most experiences are. You're there to support your friends, in battle or in life. Hell, quite a few funny scenes are interspersed throughout the story to give the player a break from the brutal difficulty, and meticulous planning necessary to advance. The characters carry these scenes in the best possible way. Anyway, I've rambled long enough. It's just that with Persona 5, as well my departure from the forums on its way I wanted to talk about this. I hope you enjoyed reading this! Leave a comment down below if you want any clarification on this subject, or just wanna leave feedback. I don't bite. Until next time!
  2. All right, I'm in that mood of rambling about stuff again, so here we go. You might have realized from my more recent posts that I have come to some realization that I may have a slight inferiority complex. I try to not feel jealous of others who have done more successful things than me both on the forums and irl, but there is just something in the back of my head just asking, "What have I done that's so great?" When I see how people on here can easily make so many friends well it took me around 2 years to even make one. It's perplexing that I'm even relevant here at all anymore. I may seem nice and friendly on the inside, but on the outside I can actually be pretty angry and cynical. At school, people can inwardly piss me off to the point of anxiousness to get out of there. Online, some posts people make could get me angry to the point of feeling in the bad mood as the thought of it seethes through my brains for a few hours. And don't even get me started on when I play video games. I really do wish I didn't get like this. I'm trying to improve myself as a person, but they still come up every now and then. Leading to me writing a blog like this.
  3. So, Christmas is pretty much over. I had a decent Christmas and all, got some good presents that I can enjoy and all. But this blog isn't about that since I already posted what I got for Christmas in the thread for it. What I'm here to talk about is something related to Christmas, family time. We all know those huge family gatherings that happen usually around the holidays. For example, I'm down in Memphis right now visiting my step family for Christmas with like 10 people in the house. I usually enjoy that fine (though some of them do annoy me when they talk about stuff I personally don't like). I'm talking about when cousins, aunts, and uncles visit. I've always secretly hated it. Even as a kid, I loathed it. I just didn't know it because my mom would always tell me how exciting it is. But personally, I always felt left out in everything. There are no cousins my age, so I could never relate to or hang out with anyone since my siblings always hung out with the cousins around their age. I always just followed the older kids but still felt left out especially when they would watch something that I was too young for. I would try to hang out with the younger kids since they're younger and they're worse than the older ones. They are spoiled brats who act like they know everything. One of them is like a bully who always tries to get under my skin and take my stuff and gets away with it. Oh how I sometimes wanna punch him. I also feel like I haven't done as much as my family. I would always hear about how my family has done so much in their life like get jobs, get married, go off to college, etc. Well I was always in the exact same area I was before. Just a minor complaint. So this is why I've always hated big family gatherings. Well it's nice to see these people again since you don't see them as much, all these reasons just make it feel like more of a chore than a treat to me.
  4. In response to the atrocious, awful faced, anorexic-as-all-hell dolls for Egg Quest Be A Girls let me be the first one to say- Okay, I'm done. But dear lord, they're AWFUL! Horribly sexist, common looking and Monter High-esque. Isn't FiM trying to stay as far away as PHYSICALLY possible from girly cliches displayed in usual cartoons marketed to adolescent females? And don't even get me started on the character design and plot!