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Found 6 results

  1. The title says it all: If you could meet anybody from MLP Forums in real life, who would it be? I'm not sure for me, but how about you?
  2. Just for random reasons, I would like to make a Fireteam for Destiny on the PS4. If you are interested, private message me here with your PS4 tag and your Guardian (it doesn't matter which class, just be sure your Guardian is past Level 35). Or, if you want, add me on the PS4. My PSN is MusicalPixl. Thank you everyone for reading this, and have a nice day!
  3. I know the staff here have had their hands full with the forums and various things happening to the site. The may come across as a rather odd question but I'm going to go ahead and shoot for it anyways because I've been wondering about it myself for a while now. In those instances you have posted a status update and then afterwards realize that was probably a stupid thing to post... leaving you wanting to delete thus status. Trust me I've done it too many time so count and yeah I probably should think ahead before blindly posting something random/stupid. Well anyways we used to be able to delete the status with no issue and it revert to your previous status update. However now anytime you try and delete it. No longer does it go back to your previous status update but it just locks the current status and keeps it in place. So really the only way to get rid of that unwanted status would be to make a new one when it used to be nice and you could just delete and forget it ever existed. Just curious thoughts honestly is this a glitch that has been a problem with fixing?
  4. So This is my first time on the site, basically since shortly after season 4 ended, the brony community just donesn't do anything all that interesting exceot maybe a few fan videos, between seasons. I took such a long hiates where I barely even mentioned the show because I sort of got bored of waiting, and didn't really care what the community was doing, that I missed the premiere of the show and had to watch it later online. Any one do this between seasons or amI just wierd?
  5. After a week or so getting used to Equestria, both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna agree that you should go to the Canterlot Highschool to learn more about their culture. Soon gaining the agreement of Princess Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadence you find yourself sitting in a history class being lectured at by the teacher. Also, you can hear murmurs throughout the classroom such as "hairless ape" and "freak." After class, ponies seem to give you a wide birth and continue gossiping about you. Suddenly a larger stallion than you comes up and starts pushing you around. Enough said, you go home in a bad mood and very tired. What would you do?
  6. So say a pony gets there Cutie Mark at a young age when they were into sports or something, but a few years later he decides he wants to go to law school, he studies for years and his special talent changes, would his cutie mark change? Please speculate. Just to clarify I'm talking a destiny changing event to change it, and without some sort of spell or illness, such as Cutie Pox or Vampirism