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Found 35 results

  1. So, has there been a moment where you ever attempted to fashion a catchphrase for yourself? You know, the kind of quote that is repeated constantly. If you ever coined a catchphrase for you, how did it went? Was it successful or in the end you just decided not to go with it? And what kind of catchphrase did you create?
  2. Well, if you've had a pet and gave it a name, have you ever given your pets strange or unusual names? When we had our first cat, we named her "Cuca". The name didn't have any meaning, we thought it just fit her. Much later, when she had her second litter of cubs, one of them resembled a blue Russian cat (her mate was a purebred one) and my aunt named him "Bear" because she thought he looked like a tiny little bear with all that fur. Yeah, Mexico is a country where people often give their pets interesting names. Bonifacio, Capulin, Chamuco, are some of the most unique I've heard.
  3. You know that one guy who friended you for no reason? Since this site does not require you to approve friends, I and many others have experienced random friendship. If you respond to this you WILL become a victim of my friendship. MUHAHAHAHHAHAAA... (You have been warned...)
  4. Basically what it sounds like: Post a meme, and try to make it better than the one above you. It doesn’t have to be pony related, but I guess I should start with some pony. (My best memes aren’t pony related though.)
  5. What would you do if you were homeless? How would you live your life everyday. Would you simply just live that way forever, or would you pull yourself out? I dunno, I would probably try finding anyplace that would let me have a job. If that failed, I would do my best to provide myself with things I HAD to have to live. Also, scaring people could always be fun
  6. I have been asked this question quite a few times recently, and I thought I ask you guys. I personally would like to imagine myself as a confectioner in the upcoming years in a fancy restaurant or hotel. Of course still a brony; and preferably in a good relationship.
  7. Now, I'm not sure what would this would fall under, as its hardly a story as that requires a coherent thought process and in terms of even applying to Equestria is dubious as its contents are sort of...periphery. This will be more of a self-exercise in the sort of things that accumulate when you have a character that treats such things as the laws of nature as more of a guideline. As Widdershins is an interdimensional traveler, and a rather irresponsible one at that, the "Holes" that he leaves behind can sporadically reopen and some things may wander in or intentionally follow him through. While the portals take a trained (or infected) eye to see & track down, once through it can be pretty easy to tell where Widdershins has visited. His intermittent flippant disregard for other beings' sanity will tend to leave a trail of grudges behind him. To track him down a being would need to hit every world Widdershins did in the same order and have a sufficient enough determination or sheer blind luck to wind up on the same world as where he resides now in Ponyville. Matters are made all the more complicated as the more magical worlds are a lot easier to punch holes into and Equestria happens to be one of the more magical of the worlds he's been to. Three interdimensional holes surround the small city of Ponyville as it just so happens to be built over the major nexus of magical leylines in the land of Equestria. One medium sized one between two oddly warped trees just past the Two Sisters Castle deep in the Everfree (which likely accounts for how scholars have yet to figure out a way to fully catalogue every beast in the forest, as new ones are constantly appearing & disappearing), one small one in an empty field on the opposite side of Ponyville, and one gigantic hole covering most of the town's skyline. While these portals are greatly unstable, they are usually pretty hard to see by a normal eye unless you know how to, or are just used to seeing things while unfocused. While usually too unstable for regular, dependable use the absolute sheer amount of Holes Widdershins has put up over his unaccountably long lifespan & the fact that they'll even tend to redirect themselves without warning will tend to leave mysterious lifeforms stranded in dimensions they ,or the worlds they visit, are unprepared for. In short, if you've ever heard of tales of cryptic, otherworldly creatures or been in a situation that smelled of a bad crossover fanfiction, you would not be remiss in blaming Widders for it! Think I'll start with the more sentient & intentional of Widdershins' pursuers. Pirate Captain "Bleakbeak" McQuay and his First (and Only) Mate Mangepatch: Captain Bleakbeak hails from an aquatic-centered world that revolves around a green sun. The light of its green sun covers their world in a slightly dim light that causes most of its inhabitants to be a bit moody, primal & aggressive. As the light is a bit brighter & easier to stand near the world's many oceans most of its cities have gravitated to becoming port towns, leaving its interior landlocked countries to become essentially untamed wilds. With so many ornery folk gathering on the waterside, piracy has become not only a way of life, but the major source of "trade." Bleakbeak McQuay was once the mighty griffon Pirate Captain of the huge, Iron-hulled, leading ship The Busted Shin, and had the huge fleet of countless crew & alcoholism that comes with being a renown pirate. That is, until the fateful day he met & befriended Widdershins. One night after having unquestioningly accepted one too many free rounds at a wharf-side bar from Widdershins, he awoke the next afternoon with his "good drinking claw" stolen clean off his body & Widder having skipped dimension on him. After resolutely shoving a peg in the hole where his front right claw used to be, he set sail & swore to track down & blow to bits that "Trait'rus Grae' Grey Worrm!" Unfortunately, at the time Bleakbeak had no idea Widdershins was an interdimensional traveler or his method of travel, and spent years in a maddening search for him, eventually his health deteriorating & his crew dwindling down to nothing as they became well aware their Captain no longer cared for not only pirating anymore or for anything else that didn't relate to his revenge. Eventually being reduced to a crotchety, old man on an abandoned boat in the middle of the ocean, McQuay finally had a good stroke of luck while dumping out his eyepatch over the railing. Though his rheumy, diseased and usually covered bad-eye he could see a massive, shining portal hovering just over the oceans surface, and taking his chance, sailed his ship though it and on through the dimensions to continue his mad quest for revenge! Mangepatch was the only remaining crew member to stay onboard with Bleakbeak McQuay's plot for revenge, though not really though any dint of loyalty. He's just exceptionally lazy and having to actually get up and find a new "Boss" is just far too much work where he's considered. In Mangepatch's home dimension the diamond dogs evolved instead to be more active hunters instead of digging down and harboring their greed for jewels, they grew lankier, taller & and developed their trademark tactic of chasing down their prey & hounding them until they got too tired to fight back. Because of their habit of "wearing down" their prey, Widdershins only refers to his species as "Wear-woofs." Mangepatch is considered large even by the standards of his already muscular & large species; towering in at close to ten feet tall he cuts an incredibly imposing figure. He was quickly kicked out of his pack in his teenage years not because he used his size to bully, but because he refused to help with the hunting & quite literally threw his weight around and leaned on his packmates until they gave up with a sigh and just tossed him their food. Mangepatch first met up and joined Bleakbeak's crew as a flagrant & impudent stowaway. He had fallen asleep in broad daylight on one of the rum barrels McQuay made a habit of keeping a steady stock of in his ships. As no one could wake him or hoist his immense carcass off and McQuay would rather die then leave good booze behind, he ordered they just shove the whole mess onto the boat and just make him part of the crew when he woke up. And its a good thing he did too, now days as his ship tends to land on land or other material not conducive to sailing, a good vigorous couple minutes of pecking from McQuay can get Mangepatch's lazy tail up to crawl off the ship and hoist the boat around with his monstrous strength like it was another piece of luggage. Though not for too long, as Mangepatch tends to not go for more then ten to fifteen minutes at a time without falling down for a nap, regardless of whether he's carrying an entire ship at the time or not. Maybe I'll get more into a detailed description of them later when I throw them up on the rp character lists. Sir Gacious Fume of the Interstatial Law Firm of Fume, Crush & Dampen: When you disregard such things as societal norms, proper etiquette & physics as often as Widdershins does you tend to collect enemies & large legal reparations. Dimension hopping takes alot of getting used to, the rules always change, you pick the wrong side to work for, you pick something off the ground for a snack and wind up dooming an entire hivemind race, it stands to reason that after long enough a lot of voices start crying out for you to pay for what you've done one way or another. And with those accusations thrown, it summons a universal evil. Lawyers. That's just what the Interstatial Law Firm specializes in. Tracking down those who think they can ditch their subpoenas, court costs & legal responsibilities and hide in another dimension just because the "rules" are different there. As each of the three partners are made entirely out of simple chemical bonds that represent the states of matter, they use this to better flip though the dimensions & yet remain stable, but unstable enough to pass unheeded though most matter in whatever dimension they hunt their "clients" down to & coerce them into an agreed upon interdimensional court before they have time to flee. Gacious (Gah-SHE-uhz) is made entirely out of what he calls the most noblest of gasses, Helium. While a good strong gale can scatter him, he easily reforms from any blow & can leech his way though any wall or obstacle between him & hunting his mark down to get them in court, and subsequently, his lawyer fees. As an accidental, side power Gacious does tend to get inhaled by passing organic creatures and for a few hours before he is fully exhaled out he can "legally commandeer native resources for intent to apprehend via peaceful negotiations of assimilated second-hand culture acquisition." This also happens to be a trait he shares with his colleague, Mr.Moist B. Dampen but to a much more awkward & messy result. Sir Gacious Fume considers himself a protector of the downtrodden & put-upon and a champion of your right to the money you have so clearly earned from your hardships. Though judging by his aggressive self-marketing he wants as many vict- clients that he can defend. All three partners in the law firm are in constant argument as to what order their names should appear on their promotional material & signs, usually between Sir Fume and Prosecutor RumbleCrush and as he's rather spineless Mr.Moist's name usually winds up last. There does happen to be a fourth partner in their law firm, but he's rarely met and generally considered to be unstable. Heather Trunter, Treasure Hunter: Heather hails from a a dimension not unlike Equestria. One major difference is its dim, brown sun. Their world is awash in varying shades of sepia tones that tends to weigh heavily on one's mental state enough for crime to be easily considered as an outlet in this world. Though as the sun is just bright enough to color the shadows as well, a life of subterfuge takes on an air of theatrical suspense. Heather Trunter is a freelance archaeologist that is often hired out to procure artifacts & other ancient items for her clientele, usually without too many questions asked. While she typically doesn't care to what ends you use the things she's ordered to fetch, she has had to frequently "repossess" them as hostile planet-wide takeovers & apocalypses would seriously crimp her business. On one mission she came across an ancient civilization that worshiped Widdershins as a god (as tends to happen when your a giant serpent-like creature with vague, inexplicable powers) and discovered a magical amulet & an unusually stable portal that Widdershins had used to escape when the natives started getting a bit too ritualistic. The knowledge of both of these items she kept a secret, using the portal to easily obtain mundane items from alternate dimensions & bring them back home to sell to scholars who enjoy stumping themselves with things they can't comprehend. The amulet she found was likely meant to emulate the long, boneless form of their "god" by allowing its wearer to stretch beyond their physical limitations. While she uses it to escape last ditch dire situations, its power is unstable due to its age & having been made by jungle dwellers. If used more then once a month it can begin to take a dangerous toll on her bone density and so Heather can often be found chugging milk, spinach or iron pills in an attempt to counter its side effects. Though aside from this, Heather has always been an athletic & flexible mare of a rather gymnastic build. With a light tan coat, and a long, blond mane usually done in a ponytail to match her equally tied actual pony tail. As is most ponies from her dimension, she's rather tall & leggy as well. "That belongs in the hooves of a paying customer!" "Archaeology isn't entirely about the adventure, there's still bills to pay after all." Just a few odds and ends I felt didn't count enough to put over in the rp lists. Since they weren't entirely characters in their own right. Will likely come back to this after a while with another chapter on the more beastly & unnameable horrors that have fallen on Ponyville due to Widdy's negligence.
  8. Hello everypony this is a picture I drew for Frost Diamond she said she could not own a guinea pig so I drew her, her very own guinea pig I do apologize I had to split the picture up into pieces the whole picture would not fit so you would not be able to see the writing and I also apologize for the bad quality of the pictures I used my 3ds camera so the picture quality is not that good, but I hope you like it Frost Diamond. The pony belongs to Frost Diamond its her OC.
  9. Hello everypony thought I would make a random topic post whatever you want just don't post anything sexual and be kind to each other other then that HAVE FUN.
  10. So... I drew this. He's a taily horse raver insect-chicken, and I'm not at all ashamed of myself for this glorious creation. ALL HAIL!
  11. Lets rename all the episodes of MLP:FiM! Try to make it as funny possible. I'll begin. Episode 1: Friendship is Bananas Pt. 1
  12. We all know our beloved main page from the forum. And then there is this Now I ask you, who are the 3 or 2 users you got shipped by the forums. If your not one of the showed users, load again^^' I tought this could be some randomn fun XD
  13. The Chevy is driving down the highway. The coffee is still in its mug. The coltfriend is still sitting in the passenger seat doing Celestia knows what. And in the meantime I'm feeling downright miserable. Like, who would even think of looking at the ponies who made you who you are, who put you on the pedestal you are now sitting on, and say, "Buck you," to them then smash the podium with a sledgehammer? Who ever thought that would be a good idea? Me. I did. I made myself drive down this awfully-long stretch of pavement with all my crap overflowing in the backseat-turned-trunk. I got fed up with being somepony's idol. Being god-like to them. Being praised over and over again, even in my sleep. I was done with being at the top of the world. Because once you're there, you realize there isn't much air up there. So you start suffocating. My suffocating started a couple nights ago when I met Neon and they told me I couldn't have a relationship with him. Record label officials, for Celestia's sake, are telling me who I can and can't love. Nope. N-O-P-E. Now you might be asking yourself, "Two nights ago? You love him after two nights?? What kind of a crazy mare are you?" So let me give you some facts: 1. I don't love him. But, 2. I think he's a little cute, and 3. I think he likes me. Oh dear Celestia, I'm a teenage mare all over again. And there's the point. I don't really have a relationship with Neon (yet), but the record company says if I don't stop having a relationship I don't even have, they will kick me out. *slow claps* Good job Electro Media. Good job. (work in progress) --------------------------------------- What do you think? (by the way, the narrator is Vinyl Scratch if you couldn't tell. oops.) Updated the passage. Check it out maybe? Added some more to this. Check it out?
  14. What have been some random or unusual things you may have encountered at street? One day I saw a man with a large adult iguana on his shoulder offering photographs, and I also came across a guy telling stories of his journeys across Mexico and the World while sitting on the edge of a freaking bridge no less. I also once saw a Lady carrying a small dog in her arms as if it were a baby, it even had human baby clothes!
  15. Ask me anything you want & I'll answer any kind/type of question that you have!
  16. Hello and Welcome to the Random Useless Facts thread! Here is the place to post about the random bits of trivia you know! Examples: Grapes explode when you put them in the microwave. All the swans in England are property of the Queen. All porcupines float in water. Benjamin Franklin was the fifth in a series of the youngest son of the youngest son. Have fun!
  17. So earlier today I realized how much I eat fried food. So I got to thinking, "I wonder what fried foods bronies like the most?" Then, I created this thread. I'll start off: My favorite fried food would have to be fish and chips. It's pure amazingness with a side of chips :3
  18. Stormlight

    Ask Stormy

    Hello, everypony! The name's Stormlight, Stormy or Storm for short. I would like to answer your fun questions in the best of my abilities So...ask away!
  19. For some reason all of the voices in MLP:FiM are now done by Morgan Freeman. How do you feel about this? How would the show be changed?
  20. Ha, trying to be creative with my title(s). Anyway, hi and welcome to my thread that I plan to fill with all my lunatic ravings all the random stuff I want to write about — mostly stories based on my past experiences wrapped in ambiguities and hoopla (and maybe some pony themes, like flight, magic, apple bucking — you know, the good stuff). And in true FiM fashion, the first story'll be a fuzzy* one — the story of how I met my best friend (my brother by bond). *not really, this one's kind of a downer ... but it's truly how I met my best friend, and Friendship is Magic ---------------------- {Disclaimer: colorful language herein} "Lift Up" (WIP — needs more details) *RIIIIING* The bell for class sounded and my freshman science class was standing outside the classroom, waiting for the teacher who was running late. Nothing unusual, it happens from time to time. Friends chit-chatted in little circles discussing how their weekends were, spreading the latest gossip or just giggling randomly at a joke someone said. As typical as a Monday gets around here. The September morning was cool and comfortable so no one complained about missing a couple minutes of class. I leaned my back against the wall of the school building, flipping through my Furuba manga that I'd already read 10 times. My "signature" scowl was drawn sloppily on my face: it was too early to be alert to the rest of the world and my desire to interact with my peers has been dead since the eighth grade. To quote my inner self-depreciative-ness: "Seraph, there are two types of people out there — the people who don't like you and the people who don't know you." My internal melancholia was interrupted as the teacher walked up from the parking lot, clutching his bag and trying to gain everyone's attention, jingling his keys and talking over the voices. "Sorry I'm late, class but now we have to get started. Let's go, inside." I heaved a silent sigh and moved from the wall into the classroom, finding my seat in the very back. Clichéd? Maybe. I'm too tired to pay attention. Not just because I'm still sleepy but because I'm... just tired. The other students found their seats as well, still chattering and snickering; the teacher fumbled through his bag trying to find today's lesson plan; I laid my head down, resting upon my forearms while hoping that the day would go quickly. I heard the teacher speaking from his desk, so I lifted my eyes to concentrate on what he was saying. "... don't have today's lesson plan or worksheets, so just read your books in chapter 2, section 3 and do the assignment at the end." Everybody moved their desks closer to their friends' and the conversations began again. I took my textbook out and found the appropriate page, "Chapter 2: Volcanoes and Tectonic Activity". Yay, I thought flatly, searching through my backpack for a sheet of looseleaf. I started reading, while wondering if our teacher would be fired at the end of the year for failing so much¹. And barely two paragraphs into the chapter, I felt a wadded ball of paper hit my cheek, rousing me from my studiousness. I looked up, unsurprised to see Gary, Kim² and their mindless drones laughing at my expense. Kim, being more outspoken about her dislike for me was the first to come down from her elation and address me directly. "What?!" she barked, trying to sound intimidating, smirking while her peanut gallery snickered uncontrollably. I just glared back at her, not wanting to get into a cursing match in the middle of class. My mind was fuming, screaming every expletive I knew, repeating a few and inventing a couple and well. Gary was next to chime in, bringing his own brand of douche-iness. "Ha, careful Kim, Seraph might eat you! Hippos can kill." Yeah. Blunt assholery at its finest. Their circle erupted in laughter, snorts and guffaws. The teacher just remind people to stay on task from behind his newspaper. Even people who weren't paying attention to the ordeal were beginning to take notice, whispering, pointing and smirking. I retreated into my shell, just wishing they'd shut up already... but there didn't seem to be an end in sight. They hissed taunts and snickered some more. "Are you gonna cry?" "I think so." "Loser." "Ha ha ha." "HEY! What the hell's your problem?"³ The laughing stopped. I looked up, unsure of what was happening. The voice was unfamiliar to me. I looked back and saw one of my classmates standing at my back, looking over my head to the group who were staring, equally unsure of what to expect. "What?" Gary asked, trying to sound assertive yet cautious at the same time. "So this is cool? Talking crap about someone who hasn't done anything to you?" He spoke calmly and powerfully, almost daring for Gary to say something stupid. He didn't. He grumbled and muttered a low "Whatever," shifting his attention back to his textbook. Kim, glowered at me, hissing as she too turned away. Onlookers returned to their own circle of friends, some nodding their heads appreciatively, others talking quietly, whispering "Daaamn," in awe over the situation's climax. I sat baffled, wide eyed and uncertain over what exactly occurred in those few seconds. I felt a hand on my shoulder, catching my attention. "You alright?" He asked tentatively "Yeah... thanks man." I managed to say, shock still evident on my face. He smiled and pivoted to the left, starting back to his desk. "No problem." He said, finding his seat and turning back to his group of peers to finish the assignment. I regained my composure and started back to the assignment, reading lazily for the rest of the period. The bell rang and everyone started filing out of the building, into the warming daylight. ~~~ Notes 1) I think he was fired, or he left: I didn't see him around the year after 2) not real names 3) I got the feels when remembering this part the FEELS
  21. So, it's me blazingdashie. I decided that I would do a ask me becuz I'm super bored... So ask me anything and I will answer. EXCEPT personal questions.. Or I will report u. have fun! EDIT 1: Fine, you can ask me whatever. I think I was ruining your fun by saying that... But if it's weird, like super weird I'll just do dafuq? So.... Yeah. EVERYONE THIS IS SAD. NOBODY LIKES ME OR WHAT?!? u make me wanna cry
  22. This is a thread dedicated to "No Shipping", that's right folks this thread is simply about "No Shipping"; and not just the type involving Characters, no seagoing vessels, or things sent in the mail like this Is strictly prohibited. Enjoy the thread everypony .
  23. Okay! So the goal here is, write a story that is random. Guidelines: 1. The story must make sense, and by sense, I mean,the candle ate Spike technically makes sense, however, shipping Twilight are zebra Applejack farted doesn't. 2. Names count as word. Also, when you're done with a sentence, just add a period. Are you ready? Set... Go! Pinkie Pie...
  24. A simple question what is just a completely random irrelevant song that you know all the words too. For me its totally The Critical Beatdown by the Ultramagnetic MCs.