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Found 38 results

  1. Throughout my time on these forums I've seen a lot different opinions regarding the creatures of Equestria. It has made me really wonder what everybody's ranking of the species is. So, that's what I'm here to ask. How would you all rank the sentient creatures of Equestria? My rankings are: Pegasi (Flight, weather control, and everything else about pegasi is amazing, and they definitely get the top spot in my books) Batponies (They are very similar to pegasi which makes them awesome already. There are just couple things I prefer about pegasi) Unicorns (Unicorns and their magic can be pretty cool at limes. Only real nitpick is that their magic can be a bit overpowered) Earth Ponies (Although they don't have flight or magic, they can be cool too. Plus, they are still ponies; I just really like ponies in general) Hippogriffs (Now, there's a pretty big gap between Earth ponies and these. The design is okay, but it's nothing compared to the pony design. Plus, their powers are kinda weird) Griffins (Just kinda boring. Almost all of them are kinda just grumpy and mean. Plus,their skill set and design is much more boring than that of pegasi and batponies) Kirin (Just really weird. I like autumn Blaze a little bit, but the rest are just boring. plus, their abilities are vague and their designs are weird) Dragons (The dragons of MLP are really lackluster compared to dragons in other shows and books. They have this weird design that I just don't really like. Plus, they all come off as bratty) Changelings (What are those designs! Along with their poor designs, they are also kinda overpowered. Honestly, they were way better as villains) Yaks (Boring across the board. There's nothing about yaks that is interesting to me) As you can see, I mostly just like the ponies. The way I see it, why stray away from ponies when they are already so interesting? But how about you all; what are all of your rankings? I'm excited to see them! Ps: If there is any sentient species I didn't include in my rankings, feel free to add them to yours.
  2. I know people HATE THIS QUESTION, but rank the mane 6 in terms of favorite to least preference. my best friend ranted about how she dislikes rainbow dash saying she's a bitch and i'm like: Are we still BFFS? Yes. Do we have different opinions? Not really. We need to learn to respect each other for the love of Pete. My preferences from fave to least: #1) Isn't it obvious? 2)Fluttershy 3)Rarity 4)Applejack 5)Twilight 6)Pinkie Keep in mind I love all of them though. :3
  3. I've seen threads for Star Wars and most recently for Spiderman films of this nature, feel like it's about time to make one for Star Trek. I remember sharing my rankings for each film back when for a status update, but I'd say here are mine: Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan. There's definitely a reason why this is the most popular film among the fanbase. Not only does it feature one of Star Trek's most iconic villains in his best portrayal to date, one of the most iconic character deaths in all of film, and a fundamental theme echoed several times during the film that can be described as no less than profound. Star Trek (2009). My dad actually hates this film. I guess I'm not surprised because he's the Star Trek equivalent of a genwunner, but this film does an EXCELLENT job of revamping the original series in a whole new universe, all complexly interwoven with the original universe in such a way as to make a very compelling movie. Also, Pine's Kirk is very underrated. Star Trek VI: the Undiscovered Country. I really like the concept of this film being a sort of sci-fi political thriller. I honestly think this film is a tiny bit underrated even if it's generally considered to be a top 5 film, though I think part of that is my personal bias. The murder mystery part of it could have been made a bit more of a whodunnit, but still a great film in my eyes. Star Trek IV: A Voyage Home. I understand that the popular opinion for this film is that it's second only to Wrath of Khan. I really do like the somewhat campy humor in parts of it and it's change of tone for the series as a whole being more light-hearted than usual even by Star Trek standards, but I have to admit the plot is a little ridiculous, so it's only fourth. Star Trek: First Contact. I think everyone can agree that this is by far The Next Generation's best outing movie-wise. A very solid plot setup with the Borg as the main villain, and an extremely great outing for Data (which is sorely missed in later films) make it a really good film even if it is a bit cheesy and doesn't utilize Worf all that much. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. This is the one time for the original 9 movies (yes not just the first 6, IMHO) you completely throw "it's odd so it's no good" out the window. This film has some weaknesses in its plot being a bit of a retcon of Wrath of Khan, but it's still definitely a story very worthy of a Trek movie considering that retcon is done in good faith. Star Trek Beyond. I'll admit I was on the fence about this one when I first watched it, but now I'd say it's a pretty solid Trek movie even with its distinct lack of personality. All the pairings in this movie work very well, even if in the end the film doesn't leave much of a mark on me, honestly. It's admittedly the worst of the good Trek films, though. Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I get what they were going for here, being a cinematic experience, but they failed to do anything but make a boring movie I didn't care much to watch. If HALF THE MOVIE is showing the ship off, that's a problem... Also I really don't like that they sideline the main characters in this movie... It's just disrespectful. Star Trek: Insurrection. This movie isn't BAD it's just mediocre. I really liked the premise of this film being about the Federation themselves being the actual villains, and the setup was done rather well. But it does go south after that in such a way as to make it a bit of a slog to go through. Also, there's nothing whatsoever memorable about this one. Star Trek: Into Darkness. They had so much going for this movie in the first half, it looked like a worthy sequel. But in the second half it quickly falls completely flat on its face. I wouldn't say this is the worst film, we're getting to that, but this film is pretty bad for all the wasted potential, Khan's re-use, and the fact Cumberbatch's Khan was absolutely awful... Star Trek: Generations. Star Trek Fan-service: The Movie is what this is. It's a pile of total garbage that has a plothole in its fundamental story so massive you could fit a Borg cube in it. I don't know if the fact that Kirk is somehow still alive after the beginning or the fact he's STILL alive in Picard's time is worse. It felt like a cash grab of humongous proportions. Star Trek V: Final Frontier. Let's address the elephant in the room with this travesty. YOU CAN'T TALK ABOUT GOD IN A SCI-FI MOVIE. Second thing to address this film makes Star Trek as a whole look like a complete joke... I will give it a little credit for the "I need my pain!" line but other than that there is nothing else whatsoever about this movie that isn't awful. I have never seen Nemesis, but from what I've heard I'm sure glad I haven't. How would you rank the Star Trek films? Would be interesting to see different opinions.
  4. Been a bit but we're back to continue the rankings as we enter episode 20 and I must say if you're a big fan of Fluttershy or Applejack this is probably a tough batch to rank but we'll see. 1. The Washouts- The conclusion to Rainbow Dash/Scootaloo psuedo-sister dynamic and the conflict is wonderful. Rainbow is a jerk for all the right reasons and also understandably wrong reasons and Scootaloo is at her most complex and mature here. Also I was never the biggest fan of Lightning Dust so I don't mind her portrayal here. 2. A Health of Information- The shining beacon of Fluttershy episodes for me that was the later season episodes. Not only is she challenged greatly but also shows the best of herself and another example of how kindness can sometimes be too much. Plus the best use of the Pillars lore building with Meadowbrook. 3. Hearthbreakers- This is an immediate treat just for getting to see the Pie Family, and the way they interact with the Apples. While Applejack could be a little out of line, it is an important message when it comes to appreciating differences in celebrations. 4. Viva Las Pegasus- A quality map mission and an interesting return for Flim and Flam. Applejack and Fluttershy are just different enough yet still play off each other well when it comes to dealing with Gladmane and the characters around the hotel which are each memorable in their own right. 5. A Horse Shoe-In- For her last solo outing it works well to wrap up both Starlight's role in the school but her entire character arc. Trixie plays her part well too and while a little much leading to a questionable ending, is still a great showcase of how strong their friendship is. Plus the candidate selection provided for an unique selection of character appearances and interactions. 6. Leap of Faith- A very middling of the key episodes with a simple lesson and structure but not only are Flim and Flam returning well in full force with a new product that actually has questionable intent, but it marks some solid characterization for Granny Smith too. 7. It's About Time- Not a bad episode at all but where all the previous episodes had character complexities to them, this is merely a fun romp through a weird time travel plot. Twilight's deteriorating mindset along with Spike's banter is enjoyable, even better when Pinkie joins at the end. But there's not much to it. 8. Green Isn't Your Color- Again like the other one only down here for being a simple story and maybe both Fluttershy and Rarity are fine here but for me Twilight is a little much. Probably the biggest culprit of Season 1's having Twilight in every story.
  5. Here it is for those that have made it this far we come down to our final ranking before all the season finales (well and including a finale part already). It's time to see if the seasons last slice of life episode ended off great or just wasted time until the finale and interestingly included Spike a lot as well. 1. Top Bolt- By far the best map episode for the sole purpose of using both characters the map called both effectively and ineffectively. Both Twilight and Rainbow Dash had struggles with solving the problem and both had solutions with neither feeling more in the right or wrong than the other. On top of that is the genuine friendship between Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail that is just a joy to experience. 2. The Mane Attraction- The music along with Lena Hall's singing and the dynamic between Coloratura and Applejack is so good in how it changes yet still maintains it's realism. Not the biggest fan of Svengallop's flat portrayal or the ending wrapping up too easily but the warm feelings emanating from the characters at the show still provide enough enjoyment in the happy ending. 3. MMMystery on the Friendship Express- This is just this high solely for nostalgia purposes, because this is the first episode I ever watched of the show and absolutely made me fall in love with these characters just from their dynamic alone. Yeah the mystery wasn't that great, yeah their actions may have been questionable but it's that positive spin in story telling that hooked me with the show. 4. Uncommon Bond- This episode put Starlight at her most sympathetic due to the passion she wanted to have for this friendship visit to succeed but ultimately fall apart as things continue. It's also the build up of her actions and subtle longing for the past she messed on that gets me here, but also there's not even all the blame on Sunburst as the subtlety also shows how stuck in the past Starlight is. It's because of this build up that I wish we had a much more meaningful resolution for both parties but the Dragon Pit game still was a nice compromise for the time continuing the trend of positive endings. 5. The Ending of the End Part 1- The end ofthe series as it goes all out with the final team up with the villains and they are in top form getting their own powered up versions but also keeping the strong dynamic from previous episodes. However this also started with the reveal of Grogar's identity and I'm still not the fondest of it. Really beyond the villains taking over, the only thing that sticks with me in this first part is Starlight's brief showdown with Chrysalis. Other than that just a lot of build up on the Mane 6 and not much interaction. 6. Equestria Games- The best of the Spike episodes of this bunch mostly because while he messes things up it doesn't feel like the universe or characters are making him.doing it out of spite. It's interesting to watch praise go to his head naturally and dig himself deeper and then getting to save the day not from something he caused but just by being there to know how to act. It's the kind of knock down and build up worthy of character growth. Really the only downside is while this nice story of his is front and center the actual games take place in the background which is kind of a let down from all the build up it had. 7. Father Knows Beast- Honestly I don't hate Sludge that much, mostly because it's made quite clear he's supposed to be unlikable but that doesn't make him that interesting a character especially one to waste a song on! However a saving grace for this episode is Smolder providing genuine compassion and insight on Spike and his questioning of dragon nature. 8. Owl's Well That Ends Well- Spike first solo outing and well it didn't fare well for the little guy. So much so this episode created low expectations for any and all Spike episodes to come after but honestly it's not the worst, it's just very one note the whole time and the plot unfairly props Spike up only to beat on him the rest of the episode. It also didn't fair well for Owlowiscious' character either with the unfunny "who" joke.
  6. So since I've been too stupidly busy and took this long to finish the ranking threads I'm just gonna thrown the rest of them at you. So episode 25 sees the single slice-of-life episode, the start of many two part finales and ending of one. It's interesting to see only four different writers are here for all the episodes and predominantly dominated by McCarthy and then Haber so it'll be interesting to see the rankings. Whether you hold to treat each finale part seperate or as one, look forward to the opinions we have for each (including an unpopular one of my own): 1. To Where and Back Again Part 1- Time for me to praise my favorite finale and this first part I love especially because of the gradual build up to Starlight rag-tag team of "secondary characters" with the decision to keep the audience in the dark about the Changeling takeover by following Starlight, the details are something I've been able to give my suspension of disbelief just because the reveal works well for the character involved, from Luna send a dream message to the spying on the communications in the throne room. It knows wwhere the priorities of the story lies and to keep it moving and I enjoy that. 2. Party of One- Speaking of keeping both a character in the dark along with the audience, this episode pulled it off wonderfully. Plus it got to delve into Pinkie's character that may have tried to be duplicated but never got the right passion or sympathy behind it. Plus the humor in the episode is wonderful. 3. The Cutie Re-Mark Part 1- My bias might not be showing yet, but trust me it will, for this finale feels works well to set up the time travel situation and continues to expand on Starlight's deluded intentions for herself. It's a one-on-one revenge showdown that the show never attempt much before with more talking on both sides and coming to grips with the situation due to the nature of the spell instead of diving in head first and failing. The failures cause growth for Twilight, and the futures she experiences are interesting in the what if scenerios they create. With a desire to maybe see a little more before the second part but still fine on it's one. 4. The Ending of the End Part 2- This part utilizes the entire world the show has built up effectly and sufficiently with each of the main players of the show getting moments to shine around the Mane 6 like the Princesses, Starlight, the Students (not so much the Pillars though) but the final climax uniting all of Equestria has such a grand scale and is so meaningful it lives up to the expectations set by the season. Plus for the time they have left the Villainous Trio still continued to be wonderful characters to watch until the end. 5. School Raze Part 1- I enjoy this initial part because of the set up they have going for the finale, mainly that the magic is mysteriously disappearing and there is almost a certain blame game going around for who done it. Each group of characters gets involved from the Mane 6 and Spike, to the Students and Neighsay, to even the CMC. It's building up a solid experience around the characters the school impacted most. All leading up to Cozy Glow's villainous reveal that keeps me invested to see how ALL the groups solve this...all of them right? 6. Shadow Play Part 1- The finale with the pillars and this is kinda on the low end for being a lore dump and kind of rushing to get to the ending by gong through quick fetch quests that had potential to be strong episodes on their own. Plus it could've done a better job at making Twilight's motivations more believable along with showing better logic for overlooking the Pony of Shadows' return, but still a fine mini adventure store before the main showdown. 7. A Canterlot Wedding Part 1- While not a bad finale in any way the plot goes a little too much out of it's way to keep both the audience and Twilight on edge. However is mostly frustrating to watch Twilight struggle this episode on both sides of the problem. To see Twilight react harshly toward Shinng Armor and Cadence who we never got much build up on, but also to see everyone abandon Twilight without taking the time to understand anything. It's characterization that work solely for the plot and is not the strongest. 8. Twilight's Kindom Part 1- Unpopular opinion time, and this curious as this being the first finale I watched live as I started in Season 4 but it has always been my least favorite finale and this part being the worst of them all for the sole purpose that NOTHING MEANINGFUL HAPPENS FOR 75% OF THE EPISODE. Only three things of importance happens: The beginning with Twilight feeling unimportant, Discord facing Tirek, and the ending Stinger with Celestia's decision. That's it, the characters do almost nothing to advance the story besides reaffirm the rainbow keys that have been built up but mostly just sit around waiting for the plot to happen. It's unfulfilling and it never struck me as a solid entry for Twilight's rainbow key but that gets more into Part 2.
  7. And finally episode 26 the ending of the series that either goes out with a bang or a whimper depending on how invested it keeps you for the rest of the series. Rogers joins for this batch of writers but it's interesting to note that the last episodes are mostly dominated by one man to both the dismay and delight of many I want to thank all those who stayed with me and kept up with the threads even after this last push to get them done. It has been a delight to read your opinions on individual episodes and how they rank against those of just the same number. Hope you enjoyed it as well and again if ypu missed any just search the "ranking" tag to find them all quick any easy. Anyway without further ado, my final ranking: 1. To Where and Back Again Part 2- My favorite finale continues to stay my favorite for both parts. This even more for the interactions and banter between Starlight, Trixie, Thorax, and Discord. The adventure they go on through the Changeling hive is such fun, and every character gets to contribute to the rescue meaningfully. Then there's the confrontation with Chrysalis and she is much more delightfully evil this time around, however it still provides good parallels for Starlight's to talk with the villain about her own struggle with leadership and the internal conflict she overcomes. Even the new designs of the changelings I quickly grew to accept. It's a wonderful side finale not hindered by the lack of the Mane 6 but enhanced by those who they helped. 2. The Last Problem- The series finale is one I consider fantastic just for the use of the time skip and flashback sequences I enjoyed. Each one of the Mane 6 got to come together for Twilight's struggle not just in the past but in the present with Luster Dawn. The emotions are wonderful especially with that ending song and it feels like a genuinely nice send off to the characters and their stories. 3. The Cutie Re-mark Part 2- Hey now my bias is showing. I guess this still stays high just for the enjoyable futures that we get to experience and the different confrontations Twilight takes with Starlight, but it's when we get down to the main reveal of the finale, Starlight's backstory, and the rest of the episode being a culmination of not just the Ripple Effect in play, but of the lessons Twilight learned in the season, specifically those cutie mark and friendship centric. I honestly was neutral to the whole resolution when it first aired but as things played out and the show continued, it still holds up as something to come back to that just needed more time to expand upon than one finale but that still doesn't mean it isn't still enjoyable to me. 4. The Best Night Ever- The other slice-of-life finale and it does a fine job of showing off the characters in the new situation that was built up throughout the season. Getting to see each have high expectations in their song and see each one dashed, is not only very realistic and relatable, but also how they overcome it shows just how strong their friendship is and continues the solid precedent by the premeire and for the rest of the series. 5. Shadow Play Part 2- The second part really involves the pillars and while there may be mostly standing around talking, it's used more effectively to advance the characters and get them involved in the story from Twilight's strive to please Starswirl, to the girls standing up for Twilight's resolve, to the other Pillars bonding with each of the Mane 6, to of course Starlight's role that she built up during the season in understanding both sides of the situation. The Pony of Shadows is really the only disappointment as he doesn't do much to be a threat. But that does work to Stygian's benefit of gainng empathy by the characters. It's also a resolution that didn't just say one side was right but that both sides were necessary for the best outcome with Twilight able to banish the darkness and Starlight able to save Stygian from banishment. Each character had a part to play in the end inspite of the unintended low stakes. 6. A Canterlot Wedding Part 2- The stakes raise immediately from the get go with this second part and this is when the finale gets good. From Twilight' interactions with Cadence to the changeling invasion making good on showing off the power of the army. To of course the song and it's reprise. Only wishng Chrysalis could've had a stronger on screen presence, but the Mane 6 get plenty of time to shine together more and it's a much more delightful experience. 7. School Raze Part 2- This takes a low downfall to being still enjoyable but not that fulfilling to two of those three groups that were built up in the first part only having one of them actually be relevant to the whole story. The CMC are quickly shoved off as a throw away distraction joke, and the Mane 6's struggle in Tartarus ultimately leads nowhere feeling pointless as an inclusion. Yes the Season 6 finale sidelined the Mane 6 too but it never kept cutting back to them like they were important. It knew where the story focus was and to expand on those characters and for the most part I enjoyed the Student 6's involvement with both Neighsay and Cozy Glow, I just wish it could've been more of the focus. But I can't say the Mane 6's interaction with Tirek wasn't at least interesting. 8. Twilight's Kingdom Part 2- And now for part two with get a slightly personal edge over Part 1 just for providing at least much more introspective on Twilight and even Discord's struggle but that's it. Nothing else about this finale interests me at all. Especially the scene EVERYONE talks about being the Twilight vs. Tirek showdown in that it's all flashy and "exciting" but leaves virtually no impact on the story. The rest of the Mane 6 do nothing on screen, the princesses make a decision that does nothing but elevate Twilight to plot importance that for this being her Rainbow Key episode I wish she could've actually contributed to the rising action more like the others did for theirs instead of being strung along by it. It's the finale that prioritizes story and substance over most characters and completely loses me from the get go.
  8. Well it's clear the unconventionalness of the ranking idea isn't too appealing but for those that do like the idea I'm just going to release this thread right away to not drag it out. So with these second episodes how many of these took those expectations of Part 1 and fulfilled it or could even they themselves be a satisfying stand alone episode to compare to the one stand alone episode we have. It may also line up differently than how you ranked episode 1 or not. We'll see how things fair out. 1. The Crystalling Part 2- This is probably the most sudden displacement on my list but this comes entirely down to it's execution and that being the side of Starlight that was willing to change, to face her past and to give me a reason to care about her character. This is when I fell in love with her as a character. Plus the side stories with the Mane 6 are quite fun with dealing with the baby and the heart's shattering. 2. Return of Harmony Part 2- This goes down slightly for one reason and that's Discord losing some presence in this part. It's of course understandable and the Discorded versions of the Mane 6 for some nice comedy but it is much slower than the first was for me after Twilight brings them back. 3. All Bottled Up- The A plot story with Trixie and Starlight are what makes this episode a lot of fun as I've always been such a fan of this dynamic and it really helps to expound on their friendship more. As for the B plot while not as exciting I do have quite a soft spot for "Best Friends Until the End of Time" and it's saccharin treatment of the Mane 6 friendship versus the one in the A plot. 4. The Crystal Empire Part 2- This gets a litte boost because the stakes are felt much more by the cast especially Twilight as her journey to find the Crystal Heart leads to some interesting situations and above all has a fantastic supportive role by Spike leading to his big day saving moment. 5. The Cutie Map Part 2- This also goes down because of the lack of subtlety anymore and while Starlight is still a fun villain I just wish there was more of a solidified conclusion for her build up. 6. Friendship is Magic Part 2- This also goes down a bit for the interactions feeling a lot more linear. The journey while interesting is really not subtle about what it's building up to. Also Nightmare Moon never interested me much as a villain to begin with. I came to the show for the characters and luckily they hooked me, not so much for the antagonistic writing. 7. School Daze Part 2- This part improves greatly from the last for me all due to the sentiments of the school put into perspective thanks to the secondary characters, from Starlight's heart to heart with Twilight to expounding on the students and making them very likeable. Still it does have an unearned exuberance of confidence against Neighsay so that still feels unresolved and pushed aside so it's not perfect. 8. The Beginning of the End Part 2- This stays right where it was mostly because while Sombra did get more intimidating and more interesting plus getting to see the Mane 6 come together to save the day I've made my stance clear on the execution of Discord's involvement and that personal dissatisfaction is what keeps it where it it for me. 9. Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2- Like I said the initial flashback was pointlessand while there is a nice lesson to Twilight about staying together showing that she still has much to learn. It's the fact that there never is much of a conclusion here. It's build up to the tree, build up to Discord's distrust, build up to the box. It's a season premiere of course but it just doesn't deliver on anything concrete unless you want to watch the rest of the season.
  9. So....we were nearing the end but I want to try something different. Lets take these episode rankings to the full season. We're going to go see how things rank up going episode by episode. Starting with your thoughts on the first part of some two parters or maybe the sole slice of life episode. Let's see which first part of these premiers not only set up expectations best but also lets try to treat them separately too. Did enough happen in this part to feel invested or was that second part needed. It's all for the fun of thinking about these episodes a different way so let's see how things feel. 1. Return of Harmony Part 1- This premiere is what made Discord great and his shenanigans here along with the Mane 6's trials through the maze created not just the best tension, best comedy, and a fantastic set up for a villain who had it all planned yet could still be thrown off or improvise his demeanor. 2. The Cutie Map Part 1- The initial reveal of Starlight's village and Starlight herself is such a memorable moment in the show allowing for a much more subtle villain and atmosphere. However the thing that really propels this single part is "In Our Town" song which sets a wonderfully distopian mood. 3. Friendship is Magic Part 1- It may not have much of the villain but honestly it doesn't need to. The great thing about this first part is just following Twilight and Spike along and meeting the ponies of Ponyville, especially five ponies in particular. Their interactions feel real and their characters genuine. It's a great low-key start to the series. 4. Celestial Advice- The episode to give some much needed interaction between Twilight and Celestia. The end provides a lot of sentiment not just for Celestia and Twilight but Twilight and Starlight as well. Discord wasn't too much while his purpose was to provide a jump in logic for Twilight that never got properly expounded upon his comedic undertones of it all were nice. Plus the fantasy segments provided good comedy as well. 5. The Crystal Empire Part 1- The suspense and mystery behind this premiere are big draws from the sudden appearance of the Crystal Empire to it's citizens suffering from subconscious trauma to Sombra himself just being a mere presence. As well as "The Ballad of the Crystal Ponies" that helps to bring up the mood but also brings the Mane 6 together. 6. The Crystalling Part 1- I definitely have bias on this because while it's low stakes especially with nothing happening until the Crystal Heart shatters at the very end, it's the premiere that showed off reformed Starlight and that initial aspect of her worries in the beginning provided enough investment. 7. Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1- This premiere is a little weird with taking a large step back of Twilight's role as a princess that the Season 3 finale implied. However the suspense and mystery surrounding the princesses disappearance and the strength of the Plunderseed vines themselves is investing as well as re-introducing a not so trustworthy Discord. Plus that initial flashback to Nightmare Moon was great (though will ultimately be pointless beyond lore building) 8. The Beginning of the End Part 1- The plot points and feelings of this part are all over the place. From the retirement announcement to Twilight jumping in and worrying but not actually taking time to address each thing that will change like her school, or her castle, or just her life. To the build up of villains with the only one doing much is Sombra with not even much screentime or presence until the very end when he destroys the Tree of Harmony finally creating some suspense. 9. School Daze Part 1- However what a rushed first part really feels like is this one. Building a school off-screen, running it for an indeterminate amount of time by montage, and not actually allowing for much a build up or investment on the whole school premise from the students to the classes. It is a lot easier to side with Neighsay than it wants to be especially when his is the only viable opinion.
  10. Almost done with the rankings as we get to the 23rd episodes where even more than the 22nd these episodes were either end of season events or not. May not be as disliked though but we'll see. 1. The Cutie Mark Chronicles- The quintessential Mane 6 episode of Season 1 and whether it's the individual personalities in the flashbacks, to the stories themselves, to the Crusaders as the framing device. This is such a solidly put together episode. 2. The Big Mac Question- The final episode before the shows big showdown and finale and there is so much heart in this secondary character arc. From the sentiments of Big Mac and Sugar Belle. To the inclusion and muddled contribution of Spike, Discord, Mrs. Cake and the Crusaders. It's such a solid episode ending on a high note for every character involved. 3. Ponyville Confidential- The episode to utilize Diamond Tiara to her fullest antagonistic potential and it is fantastic. On top of the Crusaders getting a serious lesson in gossip and slander and handling it with tact and grace. 4. Where the Apple Lies- The Apple family really had grown on me at this point and getting to see to only a different side of Applejack but Big Mac too is such a delight and the growing lies just keep the entertainment up. Plus is it me or is Spoiled Rich oddly tolerable in this flashback which is another positive I wasn't anticipating. 5. Sounds of Silence- Let me get the low reasoning out of the way and that's the continuous trend of Fluttershy being the better of who she's paired with. But I'm no stick in the mud because Autumn Blaze really is the life of this episode. Both her personality and song can't ruin my issues with other characters and is what keeps this episode up. 6. Secrets and Pies- Pinkie gets to be energetic, sluthy, and sympathetic in her endeavor to understand Rainbow Dash and Rainbow Dash even shows a caring side just not in the best way. Although I won't lie and say it might be a little too over the top, but still entertaining. 7. Inspiration Manifestation- A fine Spike and Rarity episode, with even a little Owlowiscious, with a great lesson for Spike and some nice opportunity for Rarity to be over the top. Although all this mostly happens in the third act and the other two especially the first is kinda dull. 8. The Hooffields and McColts- It's a fine episode but the Hooffields and McColts themselves just aren't very memorable. It's the weakest of the Season 5 map missions but It's not bad.
  11. Continuing along with only three more until the end and it's clear we're getting episodes now where the end of the season is near so time for one last great story or just merely a story to fill time. It may be pretty obvious what's high and what's low but we've had surprise opinions before, myself included. 1. Once Upon a Zepplin- The Twilight family outing we never knew we wanted. Every single character is great here. From Twilight herself putting on such a front and learning a genuinely great moral of how to deal with it and from Cadence no less. To Twilight Velvet and Night Light getting some characterization and time to shine. Even Shining Armor and Flurry Heart while being limited to one joke still don't overstay their welcome. Plus an especially great return for Iron Will being as conniving as ever but still so charismatic in his endeavor. 2. Growing Up is Hard to Do- Better send-off than the "Last Crusade" debatable, however this still was such an enjoyable apisode from start to finish just because of the Crusaders. They are so full of energy and character here, they feel like the child characters we met in Season 1 again and even after "growing up" they still feel that way. It's downright enjoyable to watch their journey in this moment and on top of that provide a wonderful song too. 3. What Lies Beneath- While not as character building as "The Hearths Warming Club" it still is quite an entertaining outing for the students. They each get their time to shine in the labyrinth and provide stronger ties to their own personal friendship group. Plus it also has a nice appearance by the Tree of Harmony and great foreshadowing with Cozy Glow's ability to manipulate. 4. Hurricane Fluttershy- May get a little flak for this being this low but rest assured I view the first four of this list as equal quality. It's only down to for me just not being that invested in Fluttershy as a character compared to the characters in the ones above. It's still fantastic for how complex the feelings and emotions of the story is not just for Fluttershy but Rainbow Dash as well. 5. P.P.O.V (Pony Point of View)- What can I say beyond I'm a sucker for a Rashomon parody. I still thoroughly enjoyed the exaggerated personas each character got to portray and while the reveal was a little weak I wasn't expecting much and it was truly unexpected. 6. A Bird in the Hoof- Fluttershy's exuberant animal confidence plus Twilight's extreme anxiety are the best parts of this. A little much on the gross-out humor but Philomena was still a fun one-off character that was strangely forgotten by the show. 7. Trade Ya!- I'd say this suffers from having so many stories and only giving substance to one of them. I feel Best Gift Ever did it better as the events at the Trader's Exchange just feel so simple. Simple stories at any swap meet that the characters are put in and not impacted that heavily by execpt for the Rainbow/Fluttershy fetch quest. Still a fine episode just a little dull. 8. What About Discord?- Odd that both the top and bottom of my list have Twilight learning the lesson late season, but this one does it worse by honestly not feeling like anything happened. I'll admit I don't have a visceral hatred for this episode mostly because I like the idea of being kept out of the loop with the character (although Party of One did it better) and the fact that Discord actually isn't purposefully unbearable here, but the episode doesn't have any substance to it to execute such a story.
  12. Well I guess with the increase in topics allowed now these rankings get buried faster, so I'll just put out the rest of them in the upcoming weeks. But if you ever want to do ones you missed just search the "ranking" tag I've attached to each thread. Anyway episode 21 will most certainly be a mixed bag filled with fantastic writing decisions or questionable ones that all rely on your personal feeling toward the characters and lessons involved. 1. Testing Testing 1, 2, 3- When others talk about Season 4 being great this is why and for good reason. This episode does such a great job at not only respecting the lesson and Rainbow Dash but by involving all the Mane 6 flawlessly. Plus it was nice to display that other study tactics that do work but it's not for everyone. 2. Daring Doubt- I think it's my ambivalence to Daring Do that keeps this high. Because inspite of the ending, it's the characterization of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy that make this so enjoyable. Their contrasting side but done so with believability for both work exceptionally well. 3. Every Little Thing She Does- Is this too high for you? I would've made it higher if I could. As time went on I've loved this episode more and more just because of how Starlight has evolved from it. It's a perfect showcase of what was wrong with her and the flawed attempt both in universe and out to fix it and the lesson shows that too by what it stresses and what it doesn't. Plus I can't lie and say the brainwashed Mane 5 aren't hilarious. 4. A Rockhoof and a Hard Place- Rockhoof was definitely one of the weakest pillars(ironic isn't it) in terms of character in Season 7 but this episode does a fine job of adding depth to his character. And for me personally feels the analogy was developed enough in universe well to avoid serious implications. Plus it was a please to check up and see how the other pillars were doing too. 5. Scare Master- A fine Fluttershy episode especially with it's unique moral that can be applied beyond the context of the episode. Plus getting another Halloween episode is just fun as the environment and atmosphere is wonderfully thriving. 6. Marks and Recreation- This is a pretty dull episode but it's mostly my Crusaders bias that brings it up. Their interaction with other foals and especially Rumble is such a delight it's just a shame beyond the song Rumble's not that interesting. Although the lesson at the end with Thunderlane is great and does help the episode immensely. 7. Over a Barrel- I don't believe this is a bad episode, just a pretty dull one all things considered. The first act is quite honestly the best part from the train ride to arriving in Appleloosa with the character interaction and quick humor. However it grinds to a hault really fast with the buffalo who are just dull. Also the conflict is maybe a little too on the nose and yet not that touch upon to it's fullest either. Still it's not that bad and parts are enjoyable. 8. Dragon Quest- Now this is a bad episode. It's actually impressive how much out of the way the show has gone to forget this episode even happened. Makes dragons seem rare and unapproachable yet every episode since they are very prevalent in the world just to themselves and a little stand off-ish. Plus it's yet another Spike episode where he doesn't feel good enough brought on by the Mane 6 except this almost felt intentional. It's just a horribly muddled episode all around, even Pee-wee has to leave off-screen.
  13. We're trekking along to episode 15 and by that I mean treading because if you thought 14 was bad it's just as divisive if not worse for 15 with probably two or three easy top picks but the opinions will really come into play for the bottom. Let's get it on! 1. The Hearth's Warming Club- What gives this one the edge over the rest is the students. Their dynamic works so much better when they play off of each other than the Mane 6. I love everything about this episode especially the holiday stories, and while the mystery may not be the most complex the payoff is absolutely worth it for one character in particular. 2. Rarity Investigates!- Yet of course we can't forget an actual mystery episode. This episode is brilliantly structured from the characters, to the suspense, to of course Rarity and Rainbow Dash's interactions. It is wonderful. 3. The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000- The original "Flim Flam Brothers" episode and maybe besides some Rainbow Dash mean spiritedness, I still enjoy this episode immensely, especially their song and the final competition. 4. Twilight Time- Switching around the power dynamic of the CMC and Diamond Tiara is fantastic and I love the gradual evolution it goes through. Plus Twilight is so likeably naive at times and yet understandably stern at others when it work great. 5. 28 Pranks Later- It may be dull, it may be gimmicky, it may be retreading old ground, but I won't lie that I'm still thoughly entertained by it. It really is the sudden turns the story takes that keep me invested, from the prank montage to the cookie selling, to the all out zombie invasion. It's easily one to turn your brain off to. 6. Triple Threat- This gets an edge over all the others for all the characters playing off of each other well. Spike may be the only exception due to starting his own problem but he still pulls through and the interaction between Ember and Thorax make up for it. 7. 2, 4, 6, Greaat- Know how the last episode every character except the main one was on point, well let's have that again but instead of just being dumb, let's make that main character unlikeable too. The cheer squad themselves along with Snips is really what keeps this this high but man is Rainbow Dash and even Twilight to an extent horribly frustrating. 8. Feeling Pinkie Keen- And you know this would be another one that works to zone out to expect this one is duller by being the same joke over and over again. Pinkie knows all and Twilight always gets physically reprimanded until she gives in. That's it for the entire episode! I guess the Hydra chase is a little exciting but it still has a weak payoff and conclusion.
  14. And the divisive episodes continue on with episode 16 and while they maybe more middling for most than straight up horrible, it's clear the later season episodes may have wavering opinions. 1. Sonic Rainboom- A classic episode for Rainbow Dash and Rarity. The characters and their interactions in Cloudsdale really helped move the story along, and of course the legendary Sonic Rainboom moment. 2. The Times They Are a Changeling- Season 6 started great for Spike and continued with this episode along with the introduction of Thorax and great moral. Plus after a few listens, his song really grows on you. 3. It Ain't Easy Being Breezies- Fluttershy's key episode that also marks the turn of her character that worked really well. She got to exemplify kindness in the rawest of sense wonderfully. Plus while we didn't get much the breezies were an interesting species especially Seabreeze. 4. Read It and Weep- The first Daring Do episode and it still holds up great. I enjoy this episode for capturing the feeling of getting into a good book and wanting to see it to the end. Of course that moment doesn't come until the second half but once it does it's pure entertainment. 5. Made in Manehattan- A very middling map episode, while the Applejack/Rarity pairing is used effectively, there isn't much to the story, but it's still a nice one especially with re-introducing Coco Pommel again. 6. Campfire Tales- Another duller episode as the weakest of the pillar episodes and it's most definitely my Crusaders bias that keeps it this high, but as a self contained story it work well enough for entertainment especially Mistmane's story. 7. A Trivial Pursuit- As much as this is frustrating to watch for both Pinkie and Twilight I can't lie and say the comedic elements for the other characters don't work well. It does work as a good episode to not think strongly about but the finality of the season it's in does impact the feelings. 8. Friendship University- The Flim Flam Brothers are back again with a even weirder scheme, and probably their weakest song. I feel the entertainment comes mainly from Rarity and Twilight's espionage escapades but that still doesn't mean the characters involved aren't frustratingly contrived.
  15. Episode 17 started strangely with large string of Crusaders focus episodes and then took a turn for the secondary characters and then back finally to the Mane 6 sharing time with those secondary characters. It's an interesting selection we have here as well. 1. Hearts and Hooves Day- The original Big Mac love story at the Crusaders hands and I love it so much. It's such great characterization for Cheerilee who unfortunately fell by the wayside in later seasons. The lovey dovey talk is just hilarious to me and of course Sweetie Belle's song. Beautiful and childlike at the same time. 2. The Summer Sun Setback- It's the balancing of all the plot points that bring this one together, from the villains causing mayhem, to Twilight's friends trying to take care of things to Twilight herself. It all works well for the overall arc to the final season. 3. Brotherhooves Social- An episode that really focuses on Big Mac and it show how complex his character truly is. The ending is fantastic and I personally can put up with the Orchard Blossom cringe comedy especially the dead pan delivery of no one buying but having no problem with it. 4. Dungeons and Discords- The other later season episode where Discord works great as they just let him loose and not much more to it. I do wish there wasn't so much meandering around and we just right into the game but it was still pretty entertaining, and the Guy's Night Crew is great. 5. Stare Master- An early Crusaders episode where I enjoyed them being kids and the whole cutie mark shtick hadn't been worn out yet, but there's not much to the episode just a unique interaction with the Crusaders and Fluttershy. 6. To Change A Changeling- The dynamic of Pharynx and Thorax make this episode meaningful, plus Starlight and Trixie always play off each other well, but they don't do too much in the long run, although Starlight's speech is great inspite of her causing the situation. 7. The End in Friend- This episode doesn't pick up until the third act and most stuff beyond that is just kind of dull bickering between Rarity and Rainbow Dash. It gets points from me for using Starlight's counselor role effectively. 8. Somepony to Watch Over Me- Applejack is the weakest link in this episode and brings it down a lot in how we are just watching her fret over nothing but possibilities. The third act is at least exciting in the fire swamp but not much to the episode. The only other thing I remember is Scootaloo cutting off Apple Bloom's song which gave me a laugh.
  16. We all still here? Great, then let's keep going with episode 18 where we've got a mix of just about everything, milestones, divisive types, dull episodes, character intros, character growth and even worst episode contentedors. This could be the easiest ranking or the hardest depending on who you are but let's get to it! 1. Crusaders of the Lost Mark- It's my FAVORITE episode of the entire series what more is there to say? It's got the a Crusaders milestone, but more than that it's got Diamond Tiara characterization, it's got Silver Spoon characterization, it's got Pipsqueak characterization and it's got such memorable songs, favorite having to be "The Vote" It's heartfelt, it's emotional, it's frustrating, it's even downright aggravating at point but that's why I love it so much because it never stops being thought-provoking and memorable. It's the episode that got the biggest emotional response out of me, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 2. Maud Pie- I like Maud and I'd say you like this episode if you enjoy Maud's shtick. Still more than Maud is how much this makes for a great Pinkie episode too, showing the full extent of her planning passion and desire to make others happy and comfortable. 3. She Talks to Angel- A late Season Fluttershy episode that actually gave her believable conflict is all I needed, but add on top of great characterization for Angel and this episode succeeds in some many ways. 4. The Show Stoppers- The first act may be the weakest part of this with just a cutie mark attempting montage, but once the talent show rolls around it really picks up especially the unforgettable performance in itself. In the larger scheme of things it's an important Crusaders episode. 5. Buckball Season- A very middling episode but still pretty entertaining introducing the sport of Buckball and showing off some hidden talents for Pinkie, Fluttershy and especially Snails who was probably the best part. Plus I didn't mind Rainbow Dash and Applejack's behavior and in fact found the joint lesson works better than some of their rivalry lessons. 6. A Friend in Deed- Time has not done the best for this episode especially when it comes to the context of Pinkie's behavior, but the overall message and the Donkeys themselves are a lot of fun. Plus the nostalgia of the Smile Song keeps the episode up as well. 7. Daring Done?- I still say this is a stronger pillar episode than Campfire Tales but doesn't mean it's not a weak Daring Do episode. The story around Somnambula is probably the best part of this episode, but not much else really works. 8. Yakity Sax- It's an obvious choice but it's the right one. There is just too much contrivance in the set up of this episode mostly coming down from Pinkie's obsession of the yovidaphone and thrusting much of the moral solely on the rest of the Mane 6 unfairly.
  17. Now this is personally the batch I was waiting for with two of my top 5 favorite episodes ever here, and the lowest honestly only low because I like the others more. So join us for lots of Rarity, a couple Crusaders, and oddly enough near the end a lot of Haber. (Warning I'm gonna give long raving responses these first two ) 1. Road to Friendship- The best Starlight/Trixie dynamic fuelled even more by how much Trixie is developed. The pacing is great with the building frustration leading up to the worst decision Starlight's ever made and I love her for it. Not only is this the turning point for her impulsiveness as she finally made a decision that almost cost her friend, but it also showed the best and worst of her character all at once wonderfully. Couple the entire thing with comedic banter, a cringetastic friendship chant, and once in a life time duet between the two and I can't think of anything better. 2. For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils- This was my favorite episode for the longest time until "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" and it all comes down to how relatable it is except I'm not Sweetie in this situation, I'm Rarity and I know exactly what it feels like to not realize your overshadowing a younger sibling. I saw all my younger sisters in Sweetie Belle at that moment and it hit me hard the stress I've put them through to stand out. Sweetie by this episode instantly became my favorite character, like another sister to me. But theres so much more to love about this episode, mostly coming down to the best use of Luna not just as a watcher of dreams, but as a once overshadowed little sister, their dynamic works fantastic. Also I can't forget the nightmarish imagery as well and the best performance Claire's ever given. 3. A Dog and Pony Show- The is just a classic Rarity episode. Suited for Success added depth to the fashion part of Rarity and this one added depth to her lady-like persona by cranking it up humorously. Her dynamic with the Diamond Dogs is so memorable and the whole third act is non-stop fun. 4. The Fault in Our Cutie Marks- The episode to introduce Gabby and she really is such a delight. It not only is a great challenge for the Crusaders but a unique one as well to take on Gabby's request and really show their team persistence best. Plus Twilight gets a great nerdy moment too. 5. Dragon Dropped- Speaking of Gabby, she has such a nice dynamic with Spike, but I really liked Rarity in this episode too, getting to tackle an implication that always seemed weirdly present but never addressed. Plus I just love when she gets to be over the top. 6. It Isn't the Mane Thing About You- And speaking of over the top this episode is also such a delight mostly for the first half but dips a little until Rarity is inspired again, but Punk Rarity is also wonderful and provides a simple but valuable lesson. 7. The One Where Pinkie Knows- I'd say this episode is just fine fun. I enjoy watching Pinkie not only struggle to keep the secret but also keep her composure during the scavenger hunt. The story's just a little too simple. 8. Putting Your Hoof Down- Like I said this is only down here because I enjoy all the other episodes more, but this is nowhere near the worse episode for me not even in the bottom 20. There's a lot to like about this episode for Iron Will to the acting of New Fluttershy but I won't lie and say the mean spiritedness is a little overwhelming. Still I enjoy it a lot more than others especially for the unique Rarity/Pinkie dynamic with Fluttershy.
  18. Thanks so much for all the participation, glad these threads are enjoyable! So let's move on to episode 8 of each season. It's interesting to note that after Season two, episode 8 coincidently became almost an event marker. Be it returning characters, reoccurring characters, new background revealing characters, changes in the world, plus a lot of great music seems to come from the eighth episodes (and yes I am including "Battle for Sugar Belle" in that statement, sue me! ) 1. A Hearth's Warming Tail- For not only providing a neat spin on the Christmas Carol story but making it a musical where every song is fantastic, memorable and fits each character perfectly. Probably my favorite Christmas episode but that may be just some Starlight bias . 2. Frenemies- An episode focused solely on the villians and their character chemistry is perfect. And a unique song from three completely different characters is no small feat. 3. The Parent Map- Starlight and Sunburst were great, Stellar Flare and Firelight playing off of them were great, the entire Sire's Hollow Community is great, plus a wonderful lesson in communication. 4. Rarity Takes Manehattan- Rarity getting to show off her element and be challenged by it is wonderfully engaging, plus just points for getting to travel outside somewhere totally new in two seasons. The song is nice too, but I'm actually more fond of the reprise because the emotion she give is beautiful. 5. Apple Family Reunion- Yeah, Applejack goes a little overboard but it's the overall message of family that keeps this episode as high as it is. I love the interactions we see and of course the song that brings it all together in the end. 6. The Lost Treasure of Griffinstone- A decent start to the map pairings, plus getting to see Gilda again and actually treat the situation emotionally well (*cough* Turnabout Storm *cough*) is a nice payoff. Plus Pinkie was in top form for being funny and helpful. 7. Hard to Say Anything- Overlooking one scene that takes things a little far, this episode is perfect cringe comedy for me. From the CMC's just being overly childish to Big Mac being completely non-romantic, to of course the song, I get plenty of entertainment out of it for maybe the wrong reasons. 8. Mysterious Mare Do Well- I never got much of the hate for this episode, it's always been entertaining for me to watch Rainbow Dash get a big head and then be taken down a peg. Plus I liked the Mare Do Well plan despite being a little callous. 9. Look Before You Sleep- This only being at the bottom not because it's bad at all, just a little bland. Rarity and Applejack do have some good banter, but honestly Twilight kinda ruins it for me. I think it's the consequence of starting the show later for me that going back to an overly naive Twilight is so jarring.
  19. And just like that Season 3 is out of the rankings, so lets continue on with episode 14 and well a few of these are probably pretty divisive episodes. Great maybe not the best for some but the worst thing for others so let's see how the opinions fair: 1. Suited for Success- Just a great overall Season 1 episode and surprisingly one that tied into the finale. What sells it though is Rarity's performance from her generosity to the song especially the reprise (and no it's not for THAT meme ) Plus the cringe works well and the ending is my favorite visual wise in Season 1. 2. Canterlot Boutique- Rarity shines here but for me so does Sassy Saddles. She became the much better foil to Rarity than the likes of Suri Polomare. Plus it was great to see Rarity fulfill her dream (one of the few episodes that did it right for me) and sing about the "Rules of Rarity" 3. The Last Roundup- Applejack has a unique dilemma and I really liked the lengths the Mane 6 go to to show they care about her from the montage, the the cherry farm, to the carriage chase and it's all entertaining, especially Pinkie. And that's it nothing else in particular about this episode to be mentioned it's just solid. 4. A Matter of Principals- I'm conflicted because Discord is just so bad here and yet I love Starlight's characterization and the chance to solve a problem after magic doesn't work. It evolves her character well but does it really devolve Discord's? For me not really, I've never had that much investment in him but even for those that do I can still see this work with just a few tweaks. Plus I'm just entertained thoroughly by this episode. 5. The Last Laugh- It may not have been better than Pinkie Pride but it still is a fantastic Pinkie episode in displaying the strengths of her character as a fun loving and caring pony. I even enjoyed the straight delivery Weird Al got to put on as Cheese, as even though it's not using him to his potential it's still using him uniquely and at least he still got a song. Plus Sans Smirk was a great supporting character. 6. Fame and Misfortune- It may make no sense, it may be mean spirited, it may be strawmaning every pony who's not the Mane 6, Starlight, Coconut Cream and Toola Roola, but I still find all the actual contents of the episode so entertaining as a kind of episode just absorb and not think about. Even the song works better without context. I also can't lie and say it isn't biased because of the support Starlight gives. 7. Filli Vanilli- I'm gonna let you in on a secret....I never minded Fluttershy's slow progression of lessons like at all, and maybe that's why I became so apprehensive to her late season characterizations. I still enjoy this episode a lot because of Fluttershy, and it's only this low because of Pinkie Pie, but again I don't even consider it that bad. 8. The Cart Before the Ponies- It's okay, not even bad but I'd say the word for this episode is more frustrating. Watching the older sisters take control and the CMC are just helpless. I will say the highlight is the "Derby Racers" song and getting see the other classmates out and about in the background including Diamond Tiara! Shame she still never speaks again
  20. Well we made it to the halfway point-Episode 13. It became apparent after Season 4 this episode was always meant to be an event due to either starting the midseason hiatus or being a return from the hiatus. Still there are plenty of choices to choose from for your favorite. Also while it is considered a finale, it still is just a single episode so I'm counting Magical Mystery Cure in this ranking as well. 1. The Perfect Pear- I mean what is there to say that hasn't been said. The emotion for the Apple family is what sells this for me the most. Plus can't forget the talent of William Shatner and Felicia Day especially the latter's song. 2. Stranger Than Fan Fiction- Not only does Patton Oswalt as Quibble Pants keep this entertaining, but it's his interactions with Rainbow Dash and the dynamic changes it goes through make the experience feel real. Plus all the Daring Do adventure stuff is never unwanted. 3. The Mean 6- It may have ultimately been pointless but I've always valued character over story and this episode was filled to the brim with character, from Chrysalis and her Mean 6 to the interactions of the Mean 6 and the Mane 6 and Starlight to just their own interactions of camping. It's pure character fun. 4. Between Dark and Dawn- While the beginning is a little awkward and slow the sister's interactions on their vacation is what makes this episode great especially their song. It's only downfall is the side plot with the Mane 6 and their incompetence for the Swan Ceremony. 5. Simple Ways- It has become apparent in later seasons Josh Haber loves writing for Rarity and in particular loves making her as over the top as possible and you know I can't fault that as this episode knows what it is and actually works well as a pseudo- Rarijack episode. Plus Spike's unamusement is great. 6. Fall Weather Friends- The initial Applejack/Rainbow Dash rivarly and still the only one to pull it off sufficiently. Plus I enjoyed Twilight's innocent racing attitude and the Spike/Pinkie commentary. 7. Magical Mystery Cure- I still find a lot of enjoyment out of this episode, it may have been rushed to all get out but the characters still make it enjoyable. Plus I think this was like the fifth or sixth episode I saw so I never got bogged down by anti-Twilicorn feelings. 8. Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?- I will say the thing that gives this episode the edge is the creativity and visuals especially in the ending dream sequence but for self deprecating Luna episode...let's just say being right after Amending Fences wasn't the only thing that bugged me but plenty have spoken on this topic. 9. Baby Cakes- Just a basic slice of life episode, nothing really bad but nothing great either. Pinkie learned a nice lesson though.
  21. Oh ho, I'm excited for this one we've actually got some tough competitors for that top spot and even the lowest of the lows might not even be that low for some. So let's go with episode 12 where the CMC reign supreme and we journey outside Ponyville for almost all the others coincidentally 1. Pinkie Pride- The hands down best Season 4 key episode! Not only is Weird Al great, but Pinkie absolutely sells it. She's fun, she emotional, she's extreme, she's what makes this episode great along with five amazingly memorable songs, I can't get enough of this episode. 2. Discordant Harmony- This episode should honestly be a complete enigma to me. It's late season Discord at his most Discord-y and late Season Fluttershy at her most saccharine, but the heart is in just the right place for these characters. Maybe it's because their both confined to each other but they really do play off each other so well. 3. Call of the Cutie- The first Crusaders episode and while Apple Bloom may not do much in terms of growth in the episode it really is the greater context that earns it's place, introducing Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon it's a wonderful friendship and rivalry that will carry these characters for the next five seasons 4. Family Appreciation Day- Apple family values. Like I said I'm a sucker for 'em, but I think the greatest thing about this one is not just the appreciation Apple Bloom gets for Granny Smith but by providing context and background to her character wonderfully that gives the audience appreciation too. Plus Diamond Tiara is hammy fun here. 5. Marks for Effort- I just enjoy when the CMC act like kids so the first half doesn't bore me, plus the second half has Cozy Glow and despite some questionable characterization by Twilight, give us the highlight of Counselor Starlight's first session. 6. The Last Crusade- Only the lowest of the CMC episodes just because of the conflicting moral viewpoints going on here. Scootaloo's parents seem fun but the implications of neglect are there, plus it meanders a lot and that's saying something for a CMC episode. The highlight really is just the ending as it also provides a wrapping up point for their arc 7. Spice Up Your Life- I do like the unique pair up of Pinkie and Rarity and I especially enjoy the characters of Saffron Masala and Coriander Cumin but it gets a little muddled in the shared execution on Rarity's part plus Zesty Gourmand is kinda strawmaned as a crritic. 8. Amending Fences- Unpopular opinion I know, but Moondancer has always rubbed me the wrong way in this episode. I would've love to see more of her honestly to get a better impression but alas it barely happened. However I know that's mostly subjective opinion and absolutely recognize the strenghs of the episode on Twilight's part and the emotion despite me not feeling it. Plus I adore Twilight's Canterlot friends, especially Minuette. 9. Games Ponies Play- Only ranked the lowest not because I think it's bad, but definitely pretty bland in most of the characters. Ms. Peachbottom (the wrong inspector) is probably the most entertaining part of it but she does wear thin near the end. Not bad but I prefer "Just for Sidekicks" more of the dual episodes.
  22. Let's keep this discussion rolling with the fifth and for me this was actually pretty difficult...well except for one. Plus it's interesting to see we've got a lot of repeated names too. I guess Ms. Berrow must have really liked those fifth episodes in the later seasons 1. Flight to the Finish-It was such a close toss-up between the two crusaders episodes but I have to give it to the much more inspiring one, with the a great Scootaloo lesson, wonderful antagonistic behavior from DT and SS, plus the song. It's enough to edge out an episode starring my favorite pony! 2. Sisterhooves Social 3. The Point of No Return 4. Guantlet of Fire 5. Magic Duel 6. Griffin the Brush-Off 7. Grannies Gone Wild 8. Tanks for the Memories- And this isn't even low for being bad, but for me the emotion at the end is the strongest part, everything else is just okay. 9. Fluttershy Leans In-This episode was real start of Fluttershy's change in characterization and an absolute down-spiral for my enjoyment of her character ever since. I can't stand this episode and there really are so few episodes like that for me but this is one of those few and it might even be the worst of them.
  23. With the 9th episodes to choose from there's probably going to be a lot of differences especially as half of these are known for having divisive morals and characterization, along with the all encompassing episode 100 ! 1. The Saddle Row Review- Great humor and especially loved the framing device with each of the Mane 6 getting equal time to shine. It's just an overall fun episode. 2. Pinkie Apple Pie- I enjoyed Pinkie tagging along with the Apple family, and this was also just a fun showing of the Apple family playing off of each other. And the song was great too. 3. Sweet and Elite- Rarity is a delight to follow through this episode and the third act where things come together nicely. Along with having Fancy Pants, a not as stuck up Canterlot citizen, and a fun song with "Becoming Popular" 4. Slice of Life- I can't say I was really hankering for a background pony episode, but I think they pulled it off well. Each character felt purposeful and personal, plus the mayor's wedding speech is such a nice lesson. 5. Bridle Gossip- I just like coming back to this one for the absurdity in the story, like everything surrounding the Poison Joke effects, and of course the Evil Enchantress song. Plus it's a nice introduction to Zecora and Apple Bloom's friendship they kept for a bit. 6. Spike at Your Service- If I'm being honest the only thing that bugs me about this episode is some of Spike's incompetence and Twilight's implied carelessness. However every other Mane 6 member is enjoyable especially at the scene of staging Applejack's rescue. 7. Non-Compete Clause- I admit this comes from my bias towards the students and getting to see them interact together, but while at points Rainbow Dash and Applejack's rivalry goes a little far, even dangerously so, I have a slight enjoyment for it as well. The ending is the only thing that doesn't work for me. 8. Honest Apple- There is a lot to dislike here especially in Rarity's decision making and yet some stuff I like from the unique and memorable designers to the return of Photo Finish and Hoity Toity. Applejack does go a little too far but I feel she gets brought back down well, plus that Strawberry Sunrise scene is one of the best things. 9. Sweet and Smoky- Not even my liking of Smolder could make this episode enjoyable. Spike is beaten around too much, Garble's change doesn't feel that genuine and Fluttershy is at total ends of the annoyance spectrum with being overly cute and overly brash. But, eh Ember was nice.
  24. There was some pretty good reception to the last thread, so I think I'll continue it for now. Of course I'll still wait for participation and will probably space out the days of the next post to not clog up the sub-forum too much. Anyways onto your favorite fourth episode of each season. There's probably much less of a clear cut choice depending on character preferences so I'm curious of other's opinions. As for mine: 1. One Bad Apple- Yes, I absolutely know it's a garbage moral but it's just so entertaining. From Babs' comically over the top bullying, to the Crusaders scheming, to of course the song, I can't get enough of this episode. 2. Rock Solid Friendship 3. Bloom and Gloom 4. Luna Eclipsed 5. Sparkle's Seven 6. On Your Marks 7. Applebuck Season 8. Daring Don't 9. Fake It 'Til You Make It-While not as bad as other recent Fluttershy appearances for me it still highlights the personal downsides to her "character progression" Luckily Andrea's impressions really do provide good entertainment value.
  25. Onto episode 7 and we've got an interesting selection here especially with four Rainbow Dash episodes (one being of more *ehem* infamous status) but we'll see how the opinions fair out. 1. Dragonshy- A great Mane 6 adventure story plus great early characterization for Fluttershy. It was just a great chemistry builder for the cast and I love it. 2. Bats!- Another fun Mane 6 ensemble episode with a spooky atmosphere, plus a great contrasting duet. 3. May the Best Pet Win- Then of course you can't forget the other duet song, with plenty of entertainment in the selection process 4. Wonderbolts Academy- A great official showing in the Rainbow Dash story arc, and only this low because I never was as obsessed with Lightning Dust as everyone else, still a good episode. 5. Horse Play- Purely on entertainment value as this episode was just funny, plus the ending lesson was nice. 6. Parental Glideance- Scootaloo's fun, Bow and Windy are fun, but the points are exaggerated a little too much for my liking. Still enjoyable. 7. Newbie Dash- Yes that's right it's not at the bottom. I know it's an unpopular opinion, but this has a "so bad it's good" entertainment value for me. Plus I can still see how it could have worked despite failing in the actual execution. 8. She's All Yak- It's just okay, kinda bland, and I don't think it took advantage of the "My Fair Lady" storyline that well. 9. Make New Friends but Keep Discord- Let's just say after the Season 4 finale, Discord started losing appeal for me fast. And to have his next appearance be a deceptive, almost tantrum moment did not help. Yes, it's in character, yes it makes sense, but it's not fun to watch for me. I'm with M.A. Larson here on being disappointed in Discord the more he appeared.