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Found 26 results

  1. Episode 17 started strangely with large string of Crusaders focus episodes and then took a turn for the secondary characters and then back finally to the Mane 6 sharing time with those secondary characters. It's an interesting selection we have here as well. 1. Hearts and Hooves Day- The original Big Mac love story at the Crusaders hands and I love it so much. It's such great characterization for Cheerilee who unfortunately fell by the wayside in later seasons. The lovey dovey talk is just hilarious to me and of course Sweetie Belle's song. Beautiful and childlike at the same time. 2. The Summer Sun Setback- It's the balancing of all the plot points that bring this one together, from the villains causing mayhem, to Twilight's friends trying to take care of things to Twilight herself. It all works well for the overall arc to the final season. 3. Brotherhooves Social- An episode that really focuses on Big Mac and it show how complex his character truly is. The ending is fantastic and I personally can put up with the Orchard Blossom cringe comedy especially the dead pan delivery of no one buying but having no problem with it. 4. Dungeons and Discords- The other later season episode where Discord works great as they just let him loose and not much more to it. I do wish there wasn't so much meandering around and we just right into the game but it was still pretty entertaining, and the Guy's Night Crew is great. 5. Stare Master- An early Crusaders episode where I enjoyed them being kids and the whole cutie mark shtick hadn't been worn out yet, but there's not much to the episode just a unique interaction with the Crusaders and Fluttershy. 6. To Change A Changeling- The dynamic of Pharynx and Thorax make this episode meaningful, plus Starlight and Trixie always play off each other well, but they don't do too much in the long run, although Starlight's speech is great inspite of her causing the situation. 7. The End in Friend- This episode doesn't pick up until the third act and most stuff beyond that is just kind of dull bickering between Rarity and Rainbow Dash. It gets points from me for using Starlight's counselor role effectively. 8. Somepony to Watch Over Me- Applejack is the weakest link in this episode and brings it down a lot in how we are just watching her fret over nothing but possibilities. The third act is at least exciting in the fire swamp but not much to the episode. The only other thing I remember is Scootaloo cutting off Apple Bloom's song which gave me a laugh.
  2. We all still here? Great, then let's keep going with episode 18 where we've got a mix of just about everything, milestones, divisive types, dull episodes, character intros, character growth and even worst episode contentedors. This could be the easiest ranking or the hardest depending on who you are but let's get to it! 1. Crusaders of the Lost Mark- It's my FAVORITE episode of the entire series what more is there to say? It's got the a Crusaders milestone, but more than that it's got Diamond Tiara characterization, it's got Silver Spoon characterization, it's got Pipsqueak characterization and it's got such memorable songs, favorite having to be "The Vote" It's heartfelt, it's emotional, it's frustrating, it's even downright aggravating at point but that's why I love it so much because it never stops being thought-provoking and memorable. It's the episode that got the biggest emotional response out of me, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 2. Maud Pie- I like Maud and I'd say you like this episode if you enjoy Maud's shtick. Still more than Maud is how much this makes for a great Pinkie episode too, showing the full extent of her planning passion and desire to make others happy and comfortable. 3. She Talks to Angel- A late Season Fluttershy episode that actually gave her believable conflict is all I needed, but add on top of great characterization for Angel and this episode succeeds in some many ways. 4. The Show Stoppers- The first act may be the weakest part of this with just a cutie mark attempting montage, but once the talent show rolls around it really picks up especially the unforgettable performance in itself. In the larger scheme of things it's an important Crusaders episode. 5. Buckball Season- A very middling episode but still pretty entertaining introducing the sport of Buckball and showing off some hidden talents for Pinkie, Fluttershy and especially Snails who was probably the best part. Plus I didn't mind Rainbow Dash and Applejack's behavior and in fact found the joint lesson works better than some of their rivalry lessons. 6. A Friend in Deed- Time has not done the best for this episode especially when it comes to the context of Pinkie's behavior, but the overall message and the Donkeys themselves are a lot of fun. Plus the nostalgia of the Smile Song keeps the episode up as well. 7. Daring Done?- I still say this is a stronger pillar episode than Campfire Tales but doesn't mean it's not a weak Daring Do episode. The story around Somnambula is probably the best part of this episode, but not much else really works. 8. Yakity Sax- It's an obvious choice but it's the right one. There is just too much contrivance in the set up of this episode mostly coming down from Pinkie's obsession of the yovidaphone and thrusting much of the moral solely on the rest of the Mane 6 unfairly.
  3. Now this is personally the batch I was waiting for with two of my top 5 favorite episodes ever here, and the lowest honestly only low because I like the others more. So join us for lots of Rarity, a couple Crusaders, and oddly enough near the end a lot of Haber. (Warning I'm gonna give long raving responses these first two ) 1. Road to Friendship- The best Starlight/Trixie dynamic fuelled even more by how much Trixie is developed. The pacing is great with the building frustration leading up to the worst decision Starlight's ever made and I love her for it. Not only is this the turning point for her impulsiveness as she finally made a decision that almost cost her friend, but it also showed the best and worst of her character all at once wonderfully. Couple the entire thing with comedic banter, a cringetastic friendship chant, and once in a life time duet between the two and I can't think of anything better. 2. For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils- This was my favorite episode for the longest time until "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" and it all comes down to how relatable it is except I'm not Sweetie in this situation, I'm Rarity and I know exactly what it feels like to not realize your overshadowing a younger sibling. I saw all my younger sisters in Sweetie Belle at that moment and it hit me hard the stress I've put them through to stand out. Sweetie by this episode instantly became my favorite character, like another sister to me. But theres so much more to love about this episode, mostly coming down to the best use of Luna not just as a watcher of dreams, but as a once overshadowed little sister, their dynamic works fantastic. Also I can't forget the nightmarish imagery as well and the best performance Claire's ever given. 3. A Dog and Pony Show- The is just a classic Rarity episode. Suited for Success added depth to the fashion part of Rarity and this one added depth to her lady-like persona by cranking it up humorously. Her dynamic with the Diamond Dogs is so memorable and the whole third act is non-stop fun. 4. The Fault in Our Cutie Marks- The episode to introduce Gabby and she really is such a delight. It not only is a great challenge for the Crusaders but a unique one as well to take on Gabby's request and really show their team persistence best. Plus Twilight gets a great nerdy moment too. 5. Dragon Dropped- Speaking of Gabby, she has such a nice dynamic with Spike, but I really liked Rarity in this episode too, getting to tackle an implication that always seemed weirdly present but never addressed. Plus I just love when she gets to be over the top. 6. It Isn't the Mane Thing About You- And speaking of over the top this episode is also such a delight mostly for the first half but dips a little until Rarity is inspired again, but Punk Rarity is also wonderful and provides a simple but valuable lesson. 7. The One Where Pinkie Knows- I'd say this episode is just fine fun. I enjoy watching Pinkie not only struggle to keep the secret but also keep her composure during the scavenger hunt. The story's just a little too simple. 8. Putting Your Hoof Down- Like I said this is only down here because I enjoy all the other episodes more, but this is nowhere near the worse episode for me not even in the bottom 20. There's a lot to like about this episode for Iron Will to the acting of New Fluttershy but I won't lie and say the mean spiritedness is a little overwhelming. Still I enjoy it a lot more than others especially for the unique Rarity/Pinkie dynamic with Fluttershy.
  4. We're trekking along to episode 15 and by that I mean treading because if you thought 14 was bad it's just as divisive if not worse for 15 with probably two or three easy top picks but the opinions will really come into play for the bottom. Let's get it on! 1. The Hearth's Warming Club- What gives this one the edge over the rest is the students. Their dynamic works so much better when they play off of each other than the Mane 6. I love everything about this episode especially the holiday stories, and while the mystery may not be the most complex the payoff is absolutely worth it for one character in particular. 2. Rarity Investigates!- Yet of course we can't forget an actual mystery episode. This episode is brilliantly structured from the characters, to the suspense, to of course Rarity and Rainbow Dash's interactions. It is wonderful. 3. The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000- The original "Flim Flam Brothers" episode and maybe besides some Rainbow Dash mean spiritedness, I still enjoy this episode immensely, especially their song and the final competition. 4. Twilight Time- Switching around the power dynamic of the CMC and Diamond Tiara is fantastic and I love the gradual evolution it goes through. Plus Twilight is so likeably naive at times and yet understandably stern at others when it work great. 5. 28 Pranks Later- It may be dull, it may be gimmicky, it may be retreading old ground, but I won't lie that I'm still thoughly entertained by it. It really is the sudden turns the story takes that keep me invested, from the prank montage to the cookie selling, to the all out zombie invasion. It's easily one to turn your brain off to. 6. Triple Threat- This gets an edge over all the others for all the characters playing off of each other well. Spike may be the only exception due to starting his own problem but he still pulls through and the interaction between Ember and Thorax make up for it. 7. 2, 4, 6, Greaat- Know how the last episode every character except the main one was on point, well let's have that again but instead of just being dumb, let's make that main character unlikeable too. The cheer squad themselves along with Snips is really what keeps this this high but man is Rainbow Dash and even Twilight to an extent horribly frustrating. 8. Feeling Pinkie Keen- And you know this would be another one that works to zone out to expect this one is duller by being the same joke over and over again. Pinkie knows all and Twilight always gets physically reprimanded until she gives in. That's it for the entire episode! I guess the Hydra chase is a little exciting but it still has a weak payoff and conclusion.
  5. And just like that Season 3 is out of the rankings, so lets continue on with episode 14 and well a few of these are probably pretty divisive episodes. Great maybe not the best for some but the worst thing for others so let's see how the opinions fair: 1. Suited for Success- Just a great overall Season 1 episode and surprisingly one that tied into the finale. What sells it though is Rarity's performance from her generosity to the song especially the reprise (and no it's not for THAT meme ) Plus the cringe works well and the ending is my favorite visual wise in Season 1. 2. Canterlot Boutique- Rarity shines here but for me so does Sassy Saddles. She became the much better foil to Rarity than the likes of Suri Polomare. Plus it was great to see Rarity fulfill her dream (one of the few episodes that did it right for me) and sing about the "Rules of Rarity" 3. The Last Roundup- Applejack has a unique dilemma and I really liked the lengths the Mane 6 go to to show they care about her from the montage, the the cherry farm, to the carriage chase and it's all entertaining, especially Pinkie. And that's it nothing else in particular about this episode to be mentioned it's just solid. 4. A Matter of Principals- I'm conflicted because Discord is just so bad here and yet I love Starlight's characterization and the chance to solve a problem after magic doesn't work. It evolves her character well but does it really devolve Discord's? For me not really, I've never had that much investment in him but even for those that do I can still see this work with just a few tweaks. Plus I'm just entertained thoroughly by this episode. 5. The Last Laugh- It may not have been better than Pinkie Pride but it still is a fantastic Pinkie episode in displaying the strengths of her character as a fun loving and caring pony. I even enjoyed the straight delivery Weird Al got to put on as Cheese, as even though it's not using him to his potential it's still using him uniquely and at least he still got a song. Plus Sans Smirk was a great supporting character. 6. Fame and Misfortune- It may make no sense, it may be mean spirited, it may be strawmaning every pony who's not the Mane 6, Starlight, Coconut Cream and Toola Roola, but I still find all the actual contents of the episode so entertaining as a kind of episode just absorb and not think about. Even the song works better without context. I also can't lie and say it isn't biased because of the support Starlight gives. 7. Filli Vanilli- I'm gonna let you in on a secret....I never minded Fluttershy's slow progression of lessons like at all, and maybe that's why I became so apprehensive to her late season characterizations. I still enjoy this episode a lot because of Fluttershy, and it's only this low because of Pinkie Pie, but again I don't even consider it that bad. 8. The Cart Before the Ponies- It's okay, not even bad but I'd say the word for this episode is more frustrating. Watching the older sisters take control and the CMC are just helpless. I will say the highlight is the "Derby Racers" song and getting see the other classmates out and about in the background including Diamond Tiara! Shame she still never speaks again
  6. And the divisive episodes continue on with episode 16 and while they maybe more middling for most than straight up horrible, it's clear the later season episodes may have wavering opinions. 1. Sonic Rainboom- A classic episode for Rainbow Dash and Rarity. The characters and their interactions in Cloudsdale really helped move the story along, and of course the legendary Sonic Rainboom moment. 2. The Times They Are a Changeling- Season 6 started great for Spike and continued with this episode along with the introduction of Thorax and great moral. Plus after a few listens, his song really grows on you. 3. It Ain't Easy Being Breezies- Fluttershy's key episode that also marks the turn of her character that worked really well. She got to exemplify kindness in the rawest of sense wonderfully. Plus while we didn't get much the breezies were an interesting species especially Seabreeze. 4. Read It and Weep- The first Daring Do episode and it still holds up great. I enjoy this episode for capturing the feeling of getting into a good book and wanting to see it to the end. Of course that moment doesn't come until the second half but once it does it's pure entertainment. 5. Made in Manehattan- A very middling map episode, while the Applejack/Rarity pairing is used effectively, there isn't much to the story, but it's still a nice one especially with re-introducing Coco Pommel again. 6. Campfire Tales- Another duller episode as the weakest of the pillar episodes and it's most definitely my Crusaders bias that keeps it this high, but as a self contained story it work well enough for entertainment especially Mistmane's story. 7. A Trivial Pursuit- As much as this is frustrating to watch for both Pinkie and Twilight I can't lie and say the comedic elements for the other characters don't work well. It does work as a good episode to not think strongly about but the finality of the season it's in does impact the feelings. 8. Friendship University- The Flim Flam Brothers are back again with a even weirder scheme, and probably their weakest song. I feel the entertainment comes mainly from Rarity and Twilight's espionage escapades but that still doesn't mean the characters involved aren't frustratingly contrived.
  7. Well we made it to the halfway point-Episode 13. It became apparent after Season 4 this episode was always meant to be an event due to either starting the midseason hiatus or being a return from the hiatus. Still there are plenty of choices to choose from for your favorite. Also while it is considered a finale, it still is just a single episode so I'm counting Magical Mystery Cure in this ranking as well. 1. The Perfect Pear- I mean what is there to say that hasn't been said. The emotion for the Apple family is what sells this for me the most. Plus can't forget the talent of William Shatner and Felicia Day especially the latter's song. 2. Stranger Than Fan Fiction- Not only does Patton Oswalt as Quibble Pants keep this entertaining, but it's his interactions with Rainbow Dash and the dynamic changes it goes through make the experience feel real. Plus all the Daring Do adventure stuff is never unwanted. 3. The Mean 6- It may have ultimately been pointless but I've always valued character over story and this episode was filled to the brim with character, from Chrysalis and her Mean 6 to the interactions of the Mean 6 and the Mane 6 and Starlight to just their own interactions of camping. It's pure character fun. 4. Between Dark and Dawn- While the beginning is a little awkward and slow the sister's interactions on their vacation is what makes this episode great especially their song. It's only downfall is the side plot with the Mane 6 and their incompetence for the Swan Ceremony. 5. Simple Ways- It has become apparent in later seasons Josh Haber loves writing for Rarity and in particular loves making her as over the top as possible and you know I can't fault that as this episode knows what it is and actually works well as a pseudo- Rarijack episode. Plus Spike's unamusement is great. 6. Fall Weather Friends- The initial Applejack/Rainbow Dash rivarly and still the only one to pull it off sufficiently. Plus I enjoyed Twilight's innocent racing attitude and the Spike/Pinkie commentary. 7. Magical Mystery Cure- I still find a lot of enjoyment out of this episode, it may have been rushed to all get out but the characters still make it enjoyable. Plus I think this was like the fifth or sixth episode I saw so I never got bogged down by anti-Twilicorn feelings. 8. Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?- I will say the thing that gives this episode the edge is the creativity and visuals especially in the ending dream sequence but for self deprecating Luna episode...let's just say being right after Amending Fences wasn't the only thing that bugged me but plenty have spoken on this topic. 9. Baby Cakes- Just a basic slice of life episode, nothing really bad but nothing great either. Pinkie learned a nice lesson though.
  8. Oh ho, I'm excited for this one we've actually got some tough competitors for that top spot and even the lowest of the lows might not even be that low for some. So let's go with episode 12 where the CMC reign supreme and we journey outside Ponyville for almost all the others coincidentally 1. Pinkie Pride- The hands down best Season 4 key episode! Not only is Weird Al great, but Pinkie absolutely sells it. She's fun, she emotional, she's extreme, she's what makes this episode great along with five amazingly memorable songs, I can't get enough of this episode. 2. Discordant Harmony- This episode should honestly be a complete enigma to me. It's late season Discord at his most Discord-y and late Season Fluttershy at her most saccharine, but the heart is in just the right place for these characters. Maybe it's because their both confined to each other but they really do play off each other so well. 3. Call of the Cutie- The first Crusaders episode and while Apple Bloom may not do much in terms of growth in the episode it really is the greater context that earns it's place, introducing Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon it's a wonderful friendship and rivalry that will carry these characters for the next five seasons 4. Family Appreciation Day- Apple family values. Like I said I'm a sucker for 'em, but I think the greatest thing about this one is not just the appreciation Apple Bloom gets for Granny Smith but by providing context and background to her character wonderfully that gives the audience appreciation too. Plus Diamond Tiara is hammy fun here. 5. Marks for Effort- I just enjoy when the CMC act like kids so the first half doesn't bore me, plus the second half has Cozy Glow and despite some questionable characterization by Twilight, give us the highlight of Counselor Starlight's first session. 6. The Last Crusade- Only the lowest of the CMC episodes just because of the conflicting moral viewpoints going on here. Scootaloo's parents seem fun but the implications of neglect are there, plus it meanders a lot and that's saying something for a CMC episode. The highlight really is just the ending as it also provides a wrapping up point for their arc 7. Spice Up Your Life- I do like the unique pair up of Pinkie and Rarity and I especially enjoy the characters of Saffron Masala and Coriander Cumin but it gets a little muddled in the shared execution on Rarity's part plus Zesty Gourmand is kinda strawmaned as a crritic. 8. Amending Fences- Unpopular opinion I know, but Moondancer has always rubbed me the wrong way in this episode. I would've love to see more of her honestly to get a better impression but alas it barely happened. However I know that's mostly subjective opinion and absolutely recognize the strenghs of the episode on Twilight's part and the emotion despite me not feeling it. Plus I adore Twilight's Canterlot friends, especially Minuette. 9. Games Ponies Play- Only ranked the lowest not because I think it's bad, but definitely pretty bland in most of the characters. Ms. Peachbottom (the wrong inspector) is probably the most entertaining part of it but she does wear thin near the end. Not bad but I prefer "Just for Sidekicks" more of the dual episodes.
  9. Let's keep this discussion rolling with the fifth and for me this was actually pretty difficult...well except for one. Plus it's interesting to see we've got a lot of repeated names too. I guess Ms. Berrow must have really liked those fifth episodes in the later seasons 1. Flight to the Finish-It was such a close toss-up between the two crusaders episodes but I have to give it to the much more inspiring one, with the a great Scootaloo lesson, wonderful antagonistic behavior from DT and SS, plus the song. It's enough to edge out an episode starring my favorite pony! 2. Sisterhooves Social 3. The Point of No Return 4. Guantlet of Fire 5. Magic Duel 6. Griffin the Brush-Off 7. Grannies Gone Wild 8. Tanks for the Memories- And this isn't even low for being bad, but for me the emotion at the end is the strongest part, everything else is just okay. 9. Fluttershy Leans In-This episode was real start of Fluttershy's change in characterization and an absolute down-spiral for my enjoyment of her character ever since. I can't stand this episode and there really are so few episodes like that for me but this is one of those few and it might even be the worst of them.
  10. With the 9th episodes to choose from there's probably going to be a lot of differences especially as half of these are known for having divisive morals and characterization, along with the all encompassing episode 100 ! 1. The Saddle Row Review- Great humor and especially loved the framing device with each of the Mane 6 getting equal time to shine. It's just an overall fun episode. 2. Pinkie Apple Pie- I enjoyed Pinkie tagging along with the Apple family, and this was also just a fun showing of the Apple family playing off of each other. And the song was great too. 3. Sweet and Elite- Rarity is a delight to follow through this episode and the third act where things come together nicely. Along with having Fancy Pants, a not as stuck up Canterlot citizen, and a fun song with "Becoming Popular" 4. Slice of Life- I can't say I was really hankering for a background pony episode, but I think they pulled it off well. Each character felt purposeful and personal, plus the mayor's wedding speech is such a nice lesson. 5. Bridle Gossip- I just like coming back to this one for the absurdity in the story, like everything surrounding the Poison Joke effects, and of course the Evil Enchantress song. Plus it's a nice introduction to Zecora and Apple Bloom's friendship they kept for a bit. 6. Spike at Your Service- If I'm being honest the only thing that bugs me about this episode is some of Spike's incompetence and Twilight's implied carelessness. However every other Mane 6 member is enjoyable especially at the scene of staging Applejack's rescue. 7. Non-Compete Clause- I admit this comes from my bias towards the students and getting to see them interact together, but while at points Rainbow Dash and Applejack's rivalry goes a little far, even dangerously so, I have a slight enjoyment for it as well. The ending is the only thing that doesn't work for me. 8. Honest Apple- There is a lot to dislike here especially in Rarity's decision making and yet some stuff I like from the unique and memorable designers to the return of Photo Finish and Hoity Toity. Applejack does go a little too far but I feel she gets brought back down well, plus that Strawberry Sunrise scene is one of the best things. 9. Sweet and Smoky- Not even my liking of Smolder could make this episode enjoyable. Spike is beaten around too much, Garble's change doesn't feel that genuine and Fluttershy is at total ends of the annoyance spectrum with being overly cute and overly brash. But, eh Ember was nice.
  11. There was some pretty good reception to the last thread, so I think I'll continue it for now. Of course I'll still wait for participation and will probably space out the days of the next post to not clog up the sub-forum too much. Anyways onto your favorite fourth episode of each season. There's probably much less of a clear cut choice depending on character preferences so I'm curious of other's opinions. As for mine: 1. One Bad Apple- Yes, I absolutely know it's a garbage moral but it's just so entertaining. From Babs' comically over the top bullying, to the Crusaders scheming, to of course the song, I can't get enough of this episode. 2. Rock Solid Friendship 3. Bloom and Gloom 4. Luna Eclipsed 5. Sparkle's Seven 6. On Your Marks 7. Applebuck Season 8. Daring Don't 9. Fake It 'Til You Make It-While not as bad as other recent Fluttershy appearances for me it still highlights the personal downsides to her "character progression" Luckily Andrea's impressions really do provide good entertainment value.
  12. Onto episode 7 and we've got an interesting selection here especially with four Rainbow Dash episodes (one being of more *ehem* infamous status) but we'll see how the opinions fair out. 1. Dragonshy- A great Mane 6 adventure story plus great early characterization for Fluttershy. It was just a great chemistry builder for the cast and I love it. 2. Bats!- Another fun Mane 6 ensemble episode with a spooky atmosphere, plus a great contrasting duet. 3. May the Best Pet Win- Then of course you can't forget the other duet song, with plenty of entertainment in the selection process 4. Wonderbolts Academy- A great official showing in the Rainbow Dash story arc, and only this low because I never was as obsessed with Lightning Dust as everyone else, still a good episode. 5. Horse Play- Purely on entertainment value as this episode was just funny, plus the ending lesson was nice. 6. Parental Glideance- Scootaloo's fun, Bow and Windy are fun, but the points are exaggerated a little too much for my liking. Still enjoyable. 7. Newbie Dash- Yes that's right it's not at the bottom. I know it's an unpopular opinion, but this has a "so bad it's good" entertainment value for me. Plus I can still see how it could have worked despite failing in the actual execution. 8. She's All Yak- It's just okay, kinda bland, and I don't think it took advantage of the "My Fair Lady" storyline that well. 9. Make New Friends but Keep Discord- Let's just say after the Season 4 finale, Discord started losing appeal for me fast. And to have his next appearance be a deceptive, almost tantrum moment did not help. Yes, it's in character, yes it makes sense, but it's not fun to watch for me. I'm with M.A. Larson here on being disappointed in Discord the more he appeared.
  13. Wow you're all getting fast at this, not even a day and we already reached the normal amount of replies. Guess I'll keep it going with episode 10. A much more of a mixed bag that has things that may appeal to some while turn off others so we'll see: 1. A Royal Problem- The princesses are great, Starlight is great, I even even enjoyed Twilight as she serves her purpose. This episode is just chock full of entertainment and also opens up for plenty of discussion for me. 2. The Break Up Break Down- A return of the Guy's Night crew, a rectification of "Hard to Say Anything"'s outcome, and great characterization all around from Spike and Discord. Plus I really enjoyed the side plot with the CMC. 3. Keep Calm and Flutter On- Despite my ever growing dislike for Discord as the seasons progressed, I actually never minded his initial reformation episode, in fact his characterization clashing with Fluttershy's is very entertaining. 4. Rainbow Falls- I will say I never outright hated this episode, and I think it aged really well as one of the better "Rainbow's a jerk" morals. Also can't say I'm not entertained by Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps plus we also have Fleetfoot! 5. Going to Seed- Also as the Seasons progressed, I became more enamored with the Apple Family too. Plus this episode just invokes childhood very well for me. 6. Secret of My Excess- A very middling Spike episode, where Spike is okay and nothing much gets me until the third act but I do have to commend Twilight's characterization here for how much she worried over him. 7. Swarm of the Century- Also a very middling episode. The build-up to Pinkie is rather frustrating but other than that it's just fine entertainment with each of the characters getting their moments plus Celestia at the end is great. 8. Applejack's "Day" Off- While the moral is kind of bland and the episode just kinda meanders around the entire time, it still has it's character moments. Plus I'll never forget that Spoiled Rich cameo. 9. Princess Spike- Yep, we all saw this coming, the one praise I can give this is it's the last torturous Spike episode before the chain is broken in Season 6, but man is it a slog. I do like all the different delegate characters we meet though.
  14. Time for the 11th episodes and we've got another mixed bag here but maybe more of a positive mix with only a few easy low decisions but we'll see how the opinions fair out: 1. Student Counsel- It's the characters that as absolutely propell this one to the top. Starlight is fantastic, Trixie is fun, Maud is hilarious, Sunburst and Mudbriar have their moments. Even Silverstream and Terramar bring great additions and accentuate the lesson. Yes the montage is dull, but I can easily overlook it. 2. Winter Wrap Up- This was tough to not put at the top but thinking back to it, nothing really stuck out at me beyond the amazing ensemble song and Twilight messing up and screaming almost the rest of the episode. Still have to give it high praise for solid narrative and a great ending to it all. 3. Three's a Crowd- Discord is best Discord when the story let's him run loose and not have to be a moral player. I still do love this episode because of the witty-ness of it, plus Cadence got some well earned screentime. And of course I can't forget "Glass of Water" the best fast paced song the has given. 4. Hearth's Warming Eve- An enjoyable lore building story with a lot of good lines in throughout especially in the pairing of Applejack as Smart Cookie and Pinkie as Chancellor Puddinghead. It works well for solid entertainment but may still be one of the weaker Christmas episodes for me just because of the simple general-ness but not bad at all. 5. Just for Sidekicks- A fun Spike story mostly boosted by the appearances and characterization of all the animals, especially Angel Bunny, and I'll admit there's definitely a Crusaders bias in there for their supporting roles. 6. Party Pooped- It's just a great Pinkie episode. Especially with the reveal of the party cave giving her much needed depth. Plus I enjoyed the trip to Yakyakistan segments, and wasn't really too bothered by the yaks themselves. 7. Not Asking for Trouble- The sequel to "Party Pooped" and for me just as equally entertaining but only slightly less so as the momentum of the story kind of grinds to a halt in the second act. 8. Molt Down- I like Spike's progress throughout this episode, and I really loved the characterization we get with Smolder too and how she handles the whole situation is great. Seeing Zecora is nice and I'm not as turned off by Rarity shouting the whole time, even finding it really funny at points. 9. Flutter Brutter- Okay let me clarify a few things. Like "Look Before You Sleep" being my lowest before I actually really like this episode, but I like the others more. Zephyr is only bad at moments, Rainbow Dash is hilarious to watch here, and I still liked Fluttershy at this point just because they painted such a great picture of how she would be the voice of her family and it works. It's just the rest of these episodes work more for me.
  15. Thanks so much for all the participation, glad these threads are enjoyable! So let's move on to episode 8 of each season. It's interesting to note that after Season two, episode 8 coincidently became almost an event marker. Be it returning characters, reoccurring characters, new background revealing characters, changes in the world, plus a lot of great music seems to come from the eighth episodes (and yes I am including "Battle for Sugar Belle" in that statement, sue me! ) 1. A Hearth's Warming Tail- For not only providing a neat spin on the Christmas Carol story but making it a musical where every song is fantastic, memorable and fits each character perfectly. Probably my favorite Christmas episode but that may be just some Starlight bias . 2. Frenemies- An episode focused solely on the villians and their character chemistry is perfect. And a unique song from three completely different characters is no small feat. 3. The Parent Map- Starlight and Sunburst were great, Stellar Flare and Firelight playing off of them were great, the entire Sire's Hollow Community is great, plus a wonderful lesson in communication. 4. Rarity Takes Manehattan- Rarity getting to show off her element and be challenged by it is wonderfully engaging, plus just points for getting to travel outside somewhere totally new in two seasons. The song is nice too, but I'm actually more fond of the reprise because the emotion she give is beautiful. 5. Apple Family Reunion- Yeah, Applejack goes a little overboard but it's the overall message of family that keeps this episode as high as it is. I love the interactions we see and of course the song that brings it all together in the end. 6. The Lost Treasure of Griffinstone- A decent start to the map pairings, plus getting to see Gilda again and actually treat the situation emotionally well (*cough* Turnabout Storm *cough*) is a nice payoff. Plus Pinkie was in top form for being funny and helpful. 7. Hard to Say Anything- Overlooking one scene that takes things a little far, this episode is perfect cringe comedy for me. From the CMC's just being overly childish to Big Mac being completely non-romantic, to of course the song, I get plenty of entertainment out of it for maybe the wrong reasons. 8. Mysterious Mare Do Well- I never got much of the hate for this episode, it's always been entertaining for me to watch Rainbow Dash get a big head and then be taken down a peg. Plus I liked the Mare Do Well plan despite being a little callous. 9. Look Before You Sleep- This only being at the bottom not because it's bad at all, just a little bland. Rarity and Applejack do have some good banter, but honestly Twilight kinda ruins it for me. I think it's the consequence of starting the show later for me that going back to an overly naive Twilight is so jarring.
  16. As we get to episode six of each season.....there's a lot of mediocrity in this batch other than a few stand-outs. I can see some easy picks but who knows we may see some unpopular opinions come out of this; including myself as well. Also interesting that half of these are Crusaders episodes too 1. Sleepless in Ponyville - Camping, Crusaders, Creepy stories, what more could you ask for. Oh wait, also the start of some Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo psuedo-sister bonding, perfect! 2. Common Ground - A great return for Patton Oswalt and a wonderful family message with an actual family. Plus more solid Rainbow Dash characterization. 3. No Second Prances - Yes, I actually didn't mind Twilight's characterization. I found all their interactions entertaining really. It's only held back by Starlight unnecessarily worrying others are judging her in the beginning. 4. Surf and/or Turf - the song is fun, and all the characters are great but the conflict just doesn't feel as impactful for me. Maybe it's the quick solution, maybe it's the unnecessary infighting. It's good but not great. (And really the rest of these are just equally okay or meh with me) 5. Cutie Pox (The last act is pretty entertaining plus always fun seeing Diamond Tiara getting antagonized back) 6. Forever Filly (Sweetie Belle bias) 7. Appleloosa's Most Wanted (Crusaders bias) 8. Boast Busters (Trixie bias) 9. Power Ponies - Only near the bottom for yet another iteration of a "we respect Spike" episode that didn't need to be and for not really doing much with the superhero concept beyond the designs, and a very quick final act.
  17. With the series winding down and plenty of rank the "finales and premiere threads" I thought of something similar to do. Picture this scenario: You have your favorite premiere and finale in mind now time to build the rest of your perfect season in order of course starting with episode 3. Feel free to rank them for each season or just which is your favorite. I'm genuinely curious to see how this plays out for each number but I'll wait to see if others are as well first. Also the writers are only provided for reference if this continues not to incite personal bias. My choice would be "Lesson Zero" because it really was the perfect game changer of the series. In order for me it'd be: 1. Lesson Zero 2. Too Many Pinkie Pies 3. The Gift of the Maud Pie 4. Castlemania 5. A Flurry of Emotions 6. The Ticket Master 7. The Maud Couple 8. Uprooted (yes I have a Student 6 bias) 9. Castle Sweet Castle (not even a bad episode but not much entertainment value with the best part being the Twilight and Spike moment with the Library remains)
  18. I did this in the form of a tier list a few months ago, and I've decided that format really doesn't befit rating episodes of this series (at least the first 3 seasons... 4 was alright, but quite a few post-S5 episodes will be in my nightmares). I am redoing it. First off, because I've watched more SpongeBob since and secondly, I was again inspired to do so, this time by a Cosmodore video counting down all the episodes from worst to best (that he posted all the way back in 2017). I will rate these (every episode in the first three season) all in sort of categories, but they are also ranked with short comments on them, or referencing a particular gag or joke in the episode I really enjoyed... Anyways, off to the countdown tier list hybrid... Thing... Horrible 117. I'm With Stupid: Not only is the episode unfunny, it's the origin of the idea of Patrick being a total jerk to SpongeBob. Bad 116. SpongeBob's House Party: Probably the most downright boring episode of SpongeBob there is. 115. Fools in April: I've come to realize just how bad of an episode this is... 114. I Wish I Was a Teenage Gary: Probably the most disturbing episode of SpongeBob's run before Season 4 or 5. 113. Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy II: Another extremely boring episode where nothing really happens. Mediocre 112. Suds: Didn't really do a whole lot with the concept of SpongeBob being sick. Also, very ugly. 111. Pickles: Let's be honest, all of us are at least a little like Bubble Bass. 110. Pressure: Forgettable episode where everyone is mean to each other for no good reason. 109. Squirrel Jokes: The only thing saving this episode from being bad was the ending. 108. Doing Time: Why are they so mean to Mrs. Puff? 107. The Sponge Who Could Fly?: Ehh, it was kind of boring. 106. My Pretty Seahorse: Other than the one visual gag with Mr. Krabs, it's forgettable. 105. Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy I: Probably the weakest introduction in the series. 104. Dumped: Gary is a total B!+c#. All that over A COOKIE? 103. Pranks-A-Lot: Ghosts! GHOSTS! ...Toast... 102. Plankton's Army: Yeah it's mean to rednecks, but it was a little funny... Sort of... 101. Bossy Boots: I really hated Pearl in this episode. 100. Jellyifshing: Overall, I don't know how better to describe this than mediocre. 099. Krabby Land: Mr. Krabs in this episode is definitely like Todd Howard. 098. Valentine's Day: Spongebob x Patrick is such a cringy bromance ship. 097. The Bully: How some forum moderators handle trolls in a nutshell. 096. Krusty Love: Mrs. Puff would come to realize that he's just a possessive greedy crustacean after all. Decent 095. No Free Rides: I don't think the makers of this episode ever watched a good documentary. 094. Pre-Hibernation Week: I'd rate it lower if the gag with the guy on the bicycle didn't get me every time. 093. Welcome to the Chum Bucket: Validating everyone's worst fears of technology since 2002. 092. Born Again Krabs: *SpongeBob talking Dutchman's ear off* Me: *in Penn* SHUT THE F*** UP. 091. Jellyfish Jam: Yeah thanks for trashing my house guys, now f*** off. 090. MuscleBob Buffpants: SpongeBob really looks weird and sort of ugly with muscles. 089. Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost: The visual gag with the watermelon really made this episode. 088. SpongeBob Meets the Strangler: Would be a good 10-15 spots higher if it didn't have the part with the cleats. 087. Bubble Buddy: They had every right to want to pop that bubble... Still liked the humor somewhat. 086. Grandma's Kisses: The more I watch this episode, the more I simultaneously want to like it but don't. 085. Boating School: A rather weak introduction to Mrs. Puff, but props because it was the My Leg guy's debut. 084. Home Sweet Pineapple: D@mn nematodes. 083. Ripped Pants: The more I think about it, the more I think this episode is really overrated. 082. The Paper: Not like they could have made this episode better with the boring premise it has. 081. Scaredy Pants: Decent special, but it's nowhere near as good as the Christmas special. 080. I Had An Accident: Yeah, Bob, how CAN a gorilla exist underwater? Writers have some 'splaining to do. 079. Sandy's Rocket: I think the people raiding Area 51 would really like some of that Alien Repellent. 078. Dying for Pie: It would be higher, if the premise weren't turned into an excuse for fan service. 077. Nature Pants: I like how Squidward is just celebrating SpongeBob's disappearance. 076. Jellyfish Hunter: Unfortunately, Mr. Krabs did not really learn his lesson. 075. Karate Choppers: Pursuing a hobby is a horrible reason for firing somebody. 074. Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm: IT WAS BIG, SCARY, AND PINK! 073. Hooky: This episode has great humor, but the muddled moral prevents it from being the great episode it could be. 072. The Smoking Peanut: Patrick would be the worst detective ever known to man. 071. SpongeGuard on Duty: Larry is rarely ever NOT entirely one-dimensional is he? 070. Bubblestand: The Bubble Dance reminds me a lot of faked cheats for some reason. 069. As Seen on TV: Old Man Jenkins apparently has a really bad case of Dementia. 068. Texas: Aside from Sandy's singing, this is a sort of okay episode. 067. Gary Takes A Bath: Most Creative Episode Title Ever. 066. Walking Small: Yeah Plankton's NEVER going to get that second Chum Bucket finished. 065. Squid's Day Off: Also known as Squidward goes insane for bad reasons. 064. Employee of the Month: It has a lot of great references. 063. Naughty Nautical Neighbors: That fork must have really hurt going in. 062. Something Smells: Even SpongeBob should be smart enough to realize a dead plant should never be food. 061. Imitation Krabs: I catch myself singing the Bikini Bottom Anthem from time to time. 060. Wormy: This episode had an amazing musical number, but the episode was otherwise alright. 059. Opposite Day: Patrick is REALLY bad at imitating people. 058. Survival of the Idiots: Who you callin' Pinhead? 057. Reef Blower: Proof that you don't need dialogue to make a great cartoon episode. Great 056. Neptune's Spatula: BEHOLD! ...Okay, if you say so, Neptune. 055. No Weenies Allowed: Patrick has powers beyond our comprehension. 054. Krab Borg: Basically a slightly better Imitation Krabs. 053. Squilliam Returns: That will teach you not to take people so literally... Me... 052. The Chaperone: If my class' prom were like that, I would have laughed in their faces. 051. The Great Snail Race: That sounds like it would be a VERY boring event. 050. Mid-Life Crustacean: Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs? Shulk: I'M REALLY FEELING IT! 049. Missing Identity: This episode has some cool Film Noir vibes. 048. New Student Starfish: What's the need for lockers in a boating school? 047. Plankton!: Plankton fared really well when it came to character introductions. 046. Can You Spare a Dime: I really liked how SpongeBob legitimately became upset with Squidward. 045. Your Shoe's Untied: I can relate to that one, brother. 044. Life of Crime: Patrick would make a TERRIBLE fugitive. 043. Just One Bite: My fat already goes straight to my thighs... 042. Club SpongeBob: Me: Oh, Magic Conch, will Bernie be elected President? 041. Squid on Strike: I say "EHH SQUIDWARD?" all the time. 040. Hall Monitor: This episode is absurdly quotable. 039. I'm Your Biggest Fanatic: I was the target of "Hi Kevin." If you didn't know, my real life name is Kevin. 038. Clams: Who knew giant clams had such sophisticated tastes in music? 037. Patty Hype: My first thought now when I think of this episode is "Pride patties." 036. Big Pink Loser: This episode is even more quotable than Hall Monitor. 035. Rock-A-Bye Bivalve: Patrick is the emotionally neglectful husband in a nutshell. 034. The Algae's Always Greener: Cool concept, but d@mn is Mr. Krabs being naked so wrong. 033. Tea at the Treedome: I use "I NEED WATER" on an almost daily basis. 032. FUN: It really is a great song that I won't tire of hearing any time soon. 031. Squeaky Boots: I think this is one of the most underrated SpongeBob episodes ever. 030. Sailor Mouth: I cuss about as bad as Mr. Krabs did when he stubbed his leg in real life. 029. Snowball Effect: How long did it take Squidward to build that snow tower at the end? 028. Rock Bottom: If this weren't SpongeBob, an episode like this would be top 10 easy. 027. Procrastination: SpongeBob is me here 100%. 026. Artist Unknown: This episode is a work of art. 025. Ugh!: Probably among SpongeBob's greatest specials. 024. Sleepy Time: Very cool concept with lots of potential for character development. It was also done right. 023. Mermaidman and Barnacle Man IV: We need a petition to make Wumbo a real word. Amazing 022. The Secret Box: SpongeBob sneaking to get the box is 100% what I feel like when I'm going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 021. One Krab's Trash: TF2 hat economy in a nutshell. 020. Mermaidman and Barnacle Man III: I'm much further from socially acceptable than Man-Ray is to be honest. 019. Help Wanted: The first best episode, that still remains one of the series' best to date, even with it's dated visuals. 018. Culture Shock: The audience needs to diversify their tastes. 017. Shanghaied!: Squidward, you're falling through spaghetti! I FAIL TO SEE WHAT IS WRONG HERE! 016. Christmas Who?: Don't get me wrong, it's amazing, but Squidward's a wee bit OoC here. 015. SB-129: I absolutely love the concept of time travel and this episode does an amazing job at poking fun at it. 014. The Camping Episode: I've still yet to sing the Campfire Song Song at the speed they sing it in the show. 013. Squidville: Huh, weird. I know this episode as CANNED BREAD but I guess that's the name? 012. Arrgh!: Patrick is TERRIBLE at reading a compass. 011. Mermaid Man and Barnacle MAN V: Wait, he's Barnacle Boy you say? He deserves more respect than that! 010. Graveyard Shift: This is why you don't read Creepypastas late at night with the lights off. 009. The Fry Cook Games: The visual gags were absolutely on point here. 008. Nasty Patty: YOU JUST GOT... PRANKED BRO! 007. Idiot Box: The box puns are some of the best puns in the show to date. 006. FrankenDoodle: This is probably the most quotable episode in the series. 005. Pizza Delivery: I sing "Krusty Krab Pizza" all the time. 004. Krusty Krab Training Video: This episode was as clever as it was funny. 003. Chocolate with Nuts: I am literally the Chocolate Guy when it comes to chocolate. 002. Wet Painters: The writing and the animation in this episode pair to make it on a whole other level. 001. Band Geeks: Not saying this is the best episode is blasphemous on so many levels.
  19. Sisterhooves Social - 95 The Best Night Ever - 92 The Perfect Pear - 92 Amending Fences - 91 Crusaders of the Lost Mark - 90 Party of One - 90 The Cutie Map - 89 Rarity Takes Manehattan - 89 A Rockhoof and a Hard Place - 88 Sweet and Elite - 88 Sounds of Silence - 87 Twilight Time - 87 Where the Apple Lies - 87 The Cutie Re-Mark - 86 Sleepless in Ponyville - 86 Lesson Zero - 86 Winter Wrap Up - 86 Friendship University - 86 Road to Friendship - 86 The Mane Attraction - 85 Green Isn't Your Color - 85 The Cutie Mark Chronicles - 85 Flutter Brutter - 85 Dragonshy - 85 Suited for Success - 84 Trade Ya! - 84 Marks and Recreation - 84 The Break Up Break Down - 84 Pinkie Pride - 84 Rock Solid Friendship - 84 The Hearth's Warming Club - 83 Horse Play - 83 Scare Master - 83 Grannies Gone Wild - 83 What Lies Beneath - 82 Once Upon a Zeppelin - 82 Secret of My Excess - 82 The Washouts - 82 Top Bolt - 82 Maud Pie - 82 Shadow Play - 82 The Return of Harmony - 81 The Ticket Master - 81 Putting Your Hoof Down - 81 Forever Filly - 80 Hearth's Warming Eve - 80 Surf and/or Turf - 79 P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View) - 79 Call of the Cutie - 78 Stranger than Fan Fiction - 78 Discordant Harmony - 77 On Your Marks - 77 Simple Ways - 77 Applebuck Season - 77 Hurricane Fluttershy - 76 A Dog and Pony Show - 76 Fall Weather Friends - 75 Hearthbreakers - 75 Castle Mane-ia - 74 Look Before You Sleep - 74 Brotherhooves Social - 74 Dragon Quest - 74 Dungeons & Discords - 73 Twilight's Kingdom - 73 Sonic Rainboom - 73 The Gift of the Maud Pie - 73 A Health of Information - 72 Friendship is Magic - 71 Uncommon Bond - 71 The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone - 71 A Friend in Deed - 70 Appleoosa's Most Wanted - 70 Wonderbolts Academy - 70 Buckball Season - 70 The Parent Map - 70 Equestria Games - 70 Marks for Effort - 70 The End in Friend - 69 The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows - 69 Swarm of the Century - 69 Inspiration Manifestation - 69 Applejack's "Day" Off - 69 Molt Down - 69 Apple Family Reunion - 68 Griffon the Brush Off - 68 Over a Barrel - 68 To Change a Changeling - 68 Rarity Investigates! - 67 Parental Glideance - 66 Hearts and Hooves Day - 66 Castle Sweet Castle - 65 Rainbow Falls - 65 Father Knows Beast - 65 The Last Roundup - 64 Family Appreciation Day - 64 A Royal Problem - 63 It Isn't the Mane Thing About You - 63 Luna Eclipsed - 62 Flight to the Finish - 62 A Hearth's Warming Eve - 61 Somepony to Watch Over Me - 61 Filli Vanilli - 61 School Daze - 60 Campfire Tales - 60 A Flurry of Emotions - 60 The Fault in Our Cutie Marks - 60 Fluttershy Leans In - 60 The Saddle Row Review - 60 Made in Manehattan - 60 Canterlot Boutique - 60 Pinkie Apple Pie - 60 Bats! - 60 The Hoofields and the McColts - 60 Magical Mystery Cure - 59 All Bottled Up - 59 For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils - 59 Stare Master - 59 Make New Friends but Keep Discord - 59 Princess Spike - 59 No Second Prances - 58 A Bird in the Hoof - 58 The Maud Couple - 58 Bloom & Gloom - 57 Feeling Pinkie Keen - 57 Triple Threat - 57 Celestial Advice - 56 Viva Las Pegasus - 56 Hard to Say Anything - 56 Princess Twilight Sparkle - 56 The Crystalling - 55 Leap of Faith - 55 Not Asking for Trouble - 55 Spice Up Your Life - 54 A Canterlot Wedding - 53 28 Pranks Later - 52 Read It and Weep - 52 Games Ponies Play - 51 A Matter of Principals - 51 Bridle Gossip - 51 Yakity-Sax - 51 Keep Calm and Flutter On - 50 Fake It 'Til You Make It - 50 The Cart Before the Ponies - 50 Honest Apple - 50 MMMystery on the Friendship Express - 50 Secrets and Pies - 49 Ponyville Confidential - 49 The Times They Are a Changeling - 49 May the Best Pet Win! - 48 The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 - 47 Daring Done? - 47 It's About Time - 46 The Mean 6 - 46 The Cutie Pox - 45 Newbie Dash - 45 Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? - 45 Every Little Thing She Does - 44 Just for Sidekicks - 44 Party Pooped - 43 Gauntlet of Fire - 42 Owl's Well That Ends Well - 40 The Show Stoppers - 40 Magic Duel - 40 Too Many Pinkie Pies - 39 Non-Compete Clause - 39 Daring Don't - 38 Boast Busters - 37 The Crystal Empire - 37 Tanks for the Memories - 36 To Where and Back Again - 36 Three's a Crowd - 35 The Mysterious Mare Do Well - 35 Power Ponies - 35 One Bad Apple - 32 Baby Cakes - 30 Testing Testing 1,2,3 - 29 It Ain't Easy Being Breezies - 28 Spike at Your Service - 26 Fame and Misfortune - 23 Slice of Life - 18 What About Discord? - 16
  20. At what rank do you get a personalised Title underneath your username? ^__^;; that is the one thing I have wondered.
  21. Hello every-pony! My name is Stella Star and I joined MLP forums in 2016 and thrived on these forums for a solid 1-2 months until I stopped and abandoned this website. I am now back and better than ever, however... Since my return i've noticed an update on the profile design and i'm struggling to remember basic navigation around the forums. So here is what I can't exactly wrap my head around: How does the Rank system work? I am currently sitting on the peewee rank of the Muffin and I want to know how I can advance further but I can't for the life of me figure out how to view my progress and all other basic information on this system. If anyone could give me the rundown about how the Ranks work that would be extremely helpful! Thanks ponies!
  22. I always feel embarrassed when a person who hasn't been on very long bypasses me in post rank. But I also like posting a lot too... So, I present... the 50 post challenge. :/ Its pretty straightforward. Try your best to make 50 or more posts in 24 hours. O.o
  23. Recently, I've been acting sorta 'weird.' I am nearly everywhere, looking at most threads, posting lots of stuff. I've just been wanting to stay ahead of several newbies in post count and popularity, well, because I joined before them. And because of that I think I may or may not have pissed people off. I suck. I am a Twilight Sparkle and TLK fan, but I feel that theres so many fans already, and I'd never 'make it to the top.' I keep thinking about these things. Wonder if Twilight Sparkle the Pony Queen will become a thing. *glances at my own sig and profile* I became obsessed with counting every post and profile view and keeping track. Do these things make me a bad person?
  24. So did this thing, so I decided to try it too. Some, interesting rankings. I don't necessarily agree with all the rankings, but most of them are pretty much there. Strange that Cheese Sandwich wasn't on there or he'd probably be in at least the top 20.
  25. All right, that list sorter I took got it pretty accurate except for I'd switch Testing testing 123 and A Friend in Deed and maybe a few tweaks. So, here it is. 1. Pinkie Pride 2 Twilight's Kingdom 3. Maud Pie 4. Pinkie Apple Pie 5. Party of One 6. Too Many Pinkie Pies 7.Magic Duel 8. Flight to the Finish 9. A Friend in Deed 10. Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 11.Suited for Success 12. For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils 13. Princess Twilight Sparkle 14. Return of Harmon 15. Magical Mystery Cure 16. Lesson Zero 17. The Best Night Ever 18. Dragonshy 19. Bats! 20. A Canterlot Wedding 21. Hurricane Fluttershy 22. Sweet and Elite 23. Sisterhooves Social 24. Rarity Takes Manehattan 25. The Crystal Empire 26. Equestria Games 27. A Dog and Pony Show 28. Sleepless in Ponyville 29. Fall Weather Friends' 30. Inspiration Manifestation' 31. Wonderbolts Acadamy 32. Swarm of the Century 33. Three's a Crowd 34. Applebuck Season 35. Read it and Weep 36. Secret of my Excess 37. The Last Roundup 38. Green isn't your Color 39. The Cutie Mark Chronicles 40. Power Ponies 41. Twilight Time 42. Luna Eclipsed 43. MMMystery on the Friendship Express 44. Daring Don't 45. Castle Mane-ia 46. Hearts and Hooves Day 47. It's about Time 48. Filli Vanilli 49. Hearth's Warming Eve 50. Griffon the Brush off 51. Games Ponies Play 52. Feeling Pinkie Keen 53. Winter Wrap Up 54. Over a Barrel 55. Sonic Rainboom 56. Simple Ways 57. Equestria Girls-Movie 58. Keep Calm and Flutter on 59. The Ticket Master 60. Stare Master 61. Friendship is Magic 62. Trade Ya! 63. It Ain't Easy Being Breezies 64. Leap of Faith 65. Family Appreciation Day 66. The Mysterious Mare Do Well 67. Bridle Gossip 68. Call of the Cutie 69. Look Before you Sleep 70. The Cutie Pox 71. Ponyville Confidential 72. Apple Family Reunion 73. Putting your Hoof Down 74. Boast Busters 75. Owl's Well that Ends Well 76. May the Best Pet Win 77. A Bird in the Hoof 78. Spike at Your Service 79. Just for Sidekicks 80. Somepony to Watch Over Me 81. The Show Stoppers 82. One Bad Apple 83. Rainbow Falls 84. Dragon Quest 85. Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 86. Baby Cakes