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Found 55 results

  1. Blame Crispy and Viscra; their threads drove me to do this, because It's not all about guns, bitches, and bling. Have some POS to start out with. And yes, I fully expect this to be an unpopular thread.
  2. Ok i think I give this song a try here. it's a colab with a rapper guy, and I did the keyboards, cut samples and producing thing. All lyrics cred. goes to Mc Daddy'd pone. And of course Brenda for the Zecorian vocal lines. Hope you like it friends And oh yes, sorry, I'm a changeling so OC Princess Twibug and Shining Mane is aka. me.
  3. How's it goin' fellow pony folk? After watching the latest EQG movie "Forgotten Friendship" I decided to remix Daniel Ingram's latest track "Invisible." (Wallflower Blush's song in the movie.) This time, I've decided to go a tad bit "off-book" from my usual work, and I've created what can only be described as a 90's-esque electro-funk-hop track! Think Quincey Jones meets Junkie XL. Long story short, the instrumental is pretty much finished, and I'm looking for an experienced rapper, to provide vocals for a couple of short segments in the song! Requirements are as follows: 1.A good quality microphone/good recording abilities 2.Ability to rap with a decent amount of speed while maintaining the integrity of the individual words. If you fit the track, I'll send you the vocals, and instrumental, and we can discuss the collab details one-on-one! If interested, please send a sample of your work (current or prior) to! Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear from you soon! Keep on Pony-ing on! -BV- (PS. The rap sections are clean, with no questionable lyrics or anything remotely lewd or foul. Just in case anyone wondered! )
  4. Ok i was going to post this on the Unpopular opinions thread but i think this needs its own thread because i want people to see this and give some feedback as to why this is so common. My Input: SO many people...and i mean SOOOO many people dislike and or hate "rap" music, which in all honesty i don't get, BUT to each his own ya know? but the part that bothers me is when people say it isn't real music, or it takes no skill, that's bologna. Rap music indeed requires skill and just as much skill as any other form of vocal.....talent...usage..thingy, i would know, i write the stuff, and not the lame BS 1 word per 10 seconds kinda rap, when trying write rap with even a modest level of speed, having the words sound good, rhyme without sounding generic, sound catchy, deep at times, unusual etc etc, is not a walk in the park by any means. And not to flip the script on other forms and styles of music, but i don't see how any song writing for any other style, (Rock, ballads, R&b, Blues, even screamo) are any more skillful, they do take a different level of vocal skill to Sound good(sometimes), but not everyone sounds good rapping either, and alot of the skill in rap is like i said, writing it, writing songs is of course also a huge skill thing as well, but there is no discernible difference in skill needed when you compare writing both song songs and rap. I really don't see why people say it doesn't require skill, the beats for rap can SOMETIMES be Basic poop, and ALOT of rappers are also Poop, But the thing is, most people dislike -->Hip-hop<--, not rap, -->hip-hop<-- has changed and its subject has become dull, Repetitive and i will say to some degree skill-less. Shee rap itself is the entire style of how you put words together and say them. Not a subject or theme, its a very broad word and encompasses ALOT. Example: You may say you dislike haiku's or limericks, but you wouldn't say you dislike Poetry in general, because that is way to broad a thing to dislike. and there is always SOME piece of poetry someone likes. Another thing is i have heard rap IN non-rap songs, eg. a rock song or so with a small snippet of rap in it, yep people who supposedly dislike rap like those songs....da fuu?. SO peeps who read this, if yall really just don't like words said in a rhythmic fashion....then do what yall do, but yea that what be in my head, so please.....discuss.
  5. So I searched and couldn't find this thread, so I figured i would make it Here we post and debate about hip-hop and rap related stuff. Who's your favorite rapper or rap group? Favorite producer? Favorite song, album, discography etc... And if you haven't gotten into rap, allow me to provide you with some essentials Here is THE OFFICIAL MLP HIP-HOP CLASSICS LIST (feel free to add suggestions or comment) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010) - Kanye West Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor (2006) - Lupe Fiasco Late Registration (2005) - Kanye West Be (2005) - Common The College Dropout (2004) -Kanye West The Blueprint (2001) - Jay-Z The Chronic 2001 (1999) - Dr. Dre The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (1998) - Lauryn Hill Aquemini (1997) - OutKast Reasonable Doubt (1996) - Jay-Z All Eyez On Me (1996) - Tupac Shakur (2) Liquid Swords (1995) - GZA Resurrection (1994) - Common Ready to Die (1994) - Notorious B.I.G. Illmatic (1994) - Nas (2) Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... (1994) - Raekwon Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) [1993] - Wu-Tang Clan Midnight Marauders (1993) - A Tribe Called Quest Black Sunday (1993) - Cypress Hill The Chronic (1992) - Dr. Dre The Low End Theory (1991) - A Tribe Called Quest It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (1988) - Public Enemy Straight Outta Compton (1988) - NWA Paid In Full (1987) - Eric B. & Rakim Raising Hell (1986) - Run-D.M.C. Favorite Rappers/Producers: Eminem (2) Tupac Shakur (1) Cypress Hill (1) Favorite Songs (must have multiple mentions to count): Recommended Rappers/Albums/Songs etc Cypress Hill - Black Sunday
  6. Mainly for the few people who like hip-hop on this forum. Out of every rap song you've listened to, which one has your favorite beat? imo this one:
  7. Hamilton is a musical created by Lin-Manuel Miranda about Alexander Hamilton (a.k.a the greatest person that ever lived, dammit!) I'm creating this topic so others who have an obsession with it can discuss it/just gush about it if you'd like. Have fun! (If you haven't listened to Hamilton, first of all, what the heck have you been doing? Second, a full playlist is available on SoundCloud and YouTube, it's pretty easy to find) I haven't seen the show but I've listened to it all, and it's damn amazing.
  8. Hi! So i tried to make a rap and i made these lyrics. I got lied to and always sat alone. did everything on my own. Why is it fun to break others? every one does it from my mother to my brother. I never wanted to lie. Its just the feeling like i need to die. Im not crying. But on the inside im dying. Stay strong they said. They can all just drop dead. commiting suicide is not for show. It does not matter how long it was ago. Memories will follow you till you go. they will watch you grow. Stalk you. Hunt you down. Make you drown. And just as you think some thing is looking up for you EVERY thing will go back down. You hide behind a smile just like a clown. in the mind off a child. that never smiled. buckle down its just life. barly stabbed some one with a knife. Is this the life you stife? Sad,Depressed and angry. Thats everything i feel! Wait calm down dude thats no big deal. Are you for real? Its just a life you steal. Can't even eat a meal. Cause of marks in my mind that will never ever heal. But ill keep running. My hart starts gunnin. Thats when i feel alive. When everthing hates me and i want to survive. It feels like there is a drain in my vein thats making me feel pain. My tears start to rain. There must be a stain in my brain. When i tought about jumping infront of a train. Every one only wants to complain. I never tried to flee into the sea of my own tears. Made by all my fears. It has been going for years. All the hate in my ears. That never disappears. The scars on my arms are souvenirs from the death in my mind. That will never rewind. Why would i be kind? ill just be stabbed from behind. How could i ever been so blind? I was just assigned by humankind to be declined. Death in my eyes as i take my last breath. Never thought it would come down to this. writing about my life like its an endelss abyss. Gues this classify's as my goodbye. Sorry for the question why. I could not face reality. There is no way you could disagree or oversee. I was always a nobody. (sorry for the grammar!) Can any one give tips or even better... Try to rap it and or make a beat for it. that would be greatly appreciated. thank you for even reading till here! (just saying its a slow kind of rap and i know its short) Edit i will try to rap it myself but if some one else would try i would still be really happy and a beat would still be needed!
  9. Heyo! I recently got back into rapping after a year of hiatus, and I'm excited to get back into rapping. I'm also really excited to collab with the many fantastic artists/musicians in this fandom. Here's some of the songs that I've done: If you wanna collab, or ask me questions, feel free to PM me
  10. Hey everypony, I just tried my hoof at rapping and I think it turned out pretty good. If you could give it a listen and tell me what you think that'd be awesome! Thanks!
  11. Anyone who can name all three references in this will receive a shoutout in my next blog post Rap, What is rap exactly? Well the Wikipedia definition says it's "a music genre formed in the United States in the 1970s that consists of a stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted.[3] It developed as part of hip hop culture, a subculture defined by four key stylistic elements: MCing/rapping". For me Rap is a way to express yourself, a way have your voice be heard and having it stand out among the rest. Rap is a.......story, and whatever the subject is, it's bound to inspire a strong emotion toward it. Whether it be unbridled hate or unwavering love. No genre of music evokes passion quite like rap/hip hop. With this in my mind let us explore about the author's of these "stories", Rappers talents range from all over the country and even out of it. Today we pick out the best these Rappers and MC's to crown (in my opinion) The best rapper of all time. Before we start I would like name a few honorable mentions that I felt deserved recognition for there works as a artist but didn't quite make the list Chuck D Method Man Eazy E Snoop Dogg All three members of Run DMC Dr Dre Raekwon Ol Dirty Bastard MC Lyte Common Both members of The Roots LL Cool J Logic Big Boi Krs-one J Cole Mos Def (or Yassin) Lupe Fiasco Kanye West and finally Q-Tip Also a dishonorable mention Soulja Boy (seriously f**k him ) NOW let's get this list started You are about to witness the power of street knowledge. 10. Andre(Ice Cold)3000 Member of: OutKast Best Album: ATliens The better half of one of the best Hip Hop groups of all time, Outkast, I've always preferred Andre's fast and complex lyrical style to Big Boi's up in your face attitude (Although he can bring some great lyric's time and again). By himself, though there's not much to say, sadly he hasn't released a solo album unlike his southern counterpart (mostly due to his "acting career" Which included a lackluster Jimi Hendrix biography) But being the solid rapper he is Dre easily secures a spot on this list. 9. Busta Rhymes Member of: Flipmode Best Album: The Coming Keep in mind this list is my PERSONAL feelings on the best rappers, While Busta Rhymes wouldn't even be included in the 30 best MC's on most lists. His off the wall and crazy lyrics, the insane persona, the amazing video's and outfits, his break neck flow, and having the rhyming skill of a titian, makes this critic feel like he deserves a mention as one the best in the game. Sadly, without the accomplishment of a Classic Album and having his most recent works be average at best, many people have forgotten the greatness of this man. However, if you like a big persona married with some impressive flow and rhyming ability. Busta is the man. 8. Kendrick Lamar Member of: N/A Best Album: To Pimp A Butterfly ....What? A new-school rapper on a list of the best of all-time? How DARE you! Well, I'm sorry folks, when you get a rapper as excellent and constant as him, it's almost impossible to leave Lamar off the list. The next great artist from the west side, Kendrick is one of the few new rappers I would already consider an "all time great". He's still early in his career, however, he already has TWO, I'll repeat TWO Classic albums, with his wonderful lyrical and wordplay abilities. paired with some of the best instrumentals in rap. I'm fully confident that he'll be hailed as one of the best once his career is done. 7. Ice Cube Member of: NWA Best Album: AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted I included a reference to the NWA in open of this post (two actually). So naturally I had to include at least one member, And who better then The mastermind behind the lyrics of the brilliantly controversial group, Ice Cube is a great example of a rapper hated simply because the content of lyrics and songs (coughEminemcough) and is often not fairly judged on the substance and skill as an wordsmith. Perhaps it's the price you pay for penning one of the most hateful and rage-filled albums ever, Straight Outta Compton, as well writing a diss track that led to end of one the most impactful and dangerous rap groups in history in "No Vaseline". Whatever the reason Ice Cube is one of the most underrated artist in hip-hop and works his way to the 7 spot on this list. ​6. Lauryn Hill Member of: The Fugees Best album (and only album): The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill When the only solo album you release is included in the National Recording Registry. You're doing something right, the only female MC to be included in this list. An underrated lyricist as well as a talented singer. Lauryn Hill quickly found success as a part of The Fugees and their album "The Score". Lauryn's talent and passion shined threw from the rest of her group and eventually led to her to a solo career that led to the release of one of the most important albums period. She has since struggled with Tax problems and is not likely to return as an artist. However, she was flawless in her prime and takes the number 6 spot on this list. 5. Rakim Member of: Eric B and Rakim Best Album: Follow The Leader/Paid In Full Some of the most lyrical rappers in the history of the genre, would never have existed if not for the innovative style and sound of the legendary Rakim. With Eric B backing him up with some of the best beats in hip-hop history, Rakim revolutionized the lyrical game, creating what is now the modern style of mcing, With lines like, “They never grow old, techniques become antiques/Better than something brand new ‘cause it’s real/And in a while the style’ll have much more value” and “Thinking of a master plan” the world of rap without this blessed musician is a very scary prospect to think of. 4. Eminem Member of: D12 Best Album: The Slim Shady LP Likely the most obvious pick on this list (unless you have only heard the 2004 version of him) this Detroit based rapper has, over the years become easily the most controversial figure in rap history, almost nothing is out of bounds for him, whether it be gay-bashing or wife beating (which Flamestreak does not condone or endorse at all) He always seems to find his way into a storm of ridicule. But through all that, Eminem is a SUPREMELY talented lyricist, who's uber clever punchlines and mind spinning rap speed has made he and hip-hop as a whole, a mainstay in the mainstream (for better or for worst). Say what you will about him, there is no denying the greatness of this artist. (and oh, believe me many a critic have tried. remember the Source? or Ray Benzino? didn't think so) ​3. The Notorious B.I.G Member of: N/A Best Album: Ready to Die One of the most popular rappers of all-time, Biggie Smalls is a Lyrical Genius, who's flow and charisma is yet to be matched or eclipsed by anyone (Although Tupac comes DANGEROUSLY close to both of those) the biggest name from the East side during the 90's. His storytelling abilities has set him apart in the rap world, Constructing masterpieces such as "Juicy" and "Warning" (and the album Ready to Die as a whole. Seriously go check it if you can) This rapper's time in the Limelight was cut short due his tragic death in 1997. 2. Nas Member of: N/A Best Album: Illmatic (AKA Best rap Album of all-time) I was initially wondering if I should even include him in the list AT ALL, until I listened to Illmatic a few times, realized how silly I was being, and put him at number 2 on the list. A street poet if there ever was one, the best lyricist this side of the death of Tupac and biggie. Like seriously if you used Rakim's formula and then put it on steroids for about 2 years, then you would get Nas (and maybe slick rick but anyway) with songs like "One love" , "NY state of mind" , and "The World is yours" and NUMEROUS others (if you haven't listened to Illmatic then you're missing out on the best album of all-time period) there's no doubting his place in hip-hop as one the most critically acclaimed artists in the 21-century. 1. 2Pac Member of: N/A Best Album: Me Against The World You notice I didn't use the compliment of being constant for Nas, because as great as he is. He's suffered from lyrical imperfections throughout his impressive career (He also released Nastradamus, which is the exact opposite of Illmatic). In the case of Tupac however, Nobody was as constant, nobody was as polarizing, nobody was important (other the creator's of rap and hip-hop) quite like Tupac. A household name, Pac is the only artist to put out (in my opinion) 3, yes I said that right, THREE Classic albums (although Kendrick Lamar alright has two). The prototypical rapper , He is has the best range in topic's for his songs. Ranging from straight gangsta's only songs (Ambitionz az a ridah) State Anthem's (California love) Ruthless diss tracks (Hit em Up) And sympathetic ballads (Dear mama). Whatever the topic, tupac seem to effortlessly master them all. Sadly this amazing rapper's career was cut short due to drive by shooting in 1996. Still however, Tupac will never be forgot and he's takes the top spot on this list. Welp that's all he wrote! I hope you enjoyed the list and post in the comments who you feel should have been on it. And we outta here Yo, what happened to peace? Peace
  12. cruising down the street in my Mercedes/tipping my fedora to all m'ladies New non-pony related track. Dedicated to the kid at my school nonchalantly wearing 2 fedoras simultaneously; the future of our generation lies in your hands.
  13. Before I begin let me just say that there is nothing wrong with Eminem. I have major respect for him and his music, I completely understand what hardships he has faced in his past and uses rap to reflect on his past life and also as an outlet. All the props to him for becoming successful, he's earned it and damn well deserves it. Hell my favorite album by him is The Eminem Show. But for me I just feel he's a bit overrated, it seems like every little white kid born after the year 2000 thinks Eminem is the greatest rapper in the world. That's a pretty bold claim and I personally don't believe it. Compared to other rappers like; 2Pac, Eazy-E, Warren G, Biggie Smalls, Nate Dogg, Dr. Dre, Ant Banks, Westside Connection, Ice Cube, and even Ice-T. I just believe he pales in comparison to other rappers of this century. Tell me what you guys think, all criticism and opinions are welcome (just make sure they're constructive).
  14. Why don't you think Fetty Wap is the best rapper, Pony men forums? Pls dont ban it was just joke ;-;
  15. Yo yo yo, freestyle your word-spittin on this thread. Pony or not, you can freestyle whatever the hell you want. Whoever makes the sickest, most dopest, most dankest, most gangsta, most pimpin, freestyle gets 10,000 free pretzels!!! LET THE RAP $H!+ BEGIN!!!!!!!
  16. Again, I was not able to find a thread on this topic, so I feel safe in posting. I, for one, am a fan of music based on video games. Not all of it is good, but it opens up a lot of possibilities. Music that is indirectly inspired by videos games, reference video games, or even about video games. Being a huge gamer, I love listening to video game music, as well as songs based on video games. Some of my favorite artists are Screen Team and The Warp Zone, who mostly make parodies of other popular songs (but they do a lot more than music). Additionally, I quite like video game rappers such as JT Machinima, Dan Bull, and occasionally VideoGameRapBattles. TryHardNinja and TeamHeadKick have some good songs, as well. I Fight Dragons is by far my favorite chiptunes artist. What video game songs or artists do you enjoy the most, assuming that you are a fan?
  17. I've always enjoyed the notion and the idea of the songs we know and love to sing have a pony twist to it. A Pony Parody if you will. I got this idea from watching "Heartbreakers". And the idea of Maud rapping about her love for rocks in her deadpan state was hilarious to me. I thought the name Igneous Paradise would a perfect fit for the work. Feel free to give me any feed back. Hope you like Igneous Paradise by Maud Pie featuring Limestone Pie (In the style of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise, and Weird Al Yankovic’s Amish Paradise) (Maud) As I walk through the farm in which where I was raised I take a look at my rocks, and I truly am amazed Coz life’s just perfect for a pony like me Where the rock farm’s the pride of my family. We got Marble hitchin’ a wagon of slate And Limestone’s chippin’ fragments of conglomerate But I can only contain my excitement for so long, that Even Pinkamena thinks my mind is gone I’m a mare of sediment, it’s my discipline We got flint, marl, and even travertine… fool I’m the Pie-ist Pie the little fillies want to be like Rock farming day and night, scoring’ points in rocktorate (Limestone) Been spending most our lives Livin’ in Igneous Paradise We make quartzite walls and tiles Livin’ in Ingneous Paradise Its hard work and sacrifice Livin in Igneous Paradise We sell shale at discount price Livin’ In Igneous Paradise (Maud) They got the situation, the got me facin’ Can’t live a normal life, because rocks are my passion But I wouldn’t change a thing, because rocks are my love For me to turn my back, you know that’s unheard of Boulder is my homie, my sisters are my crew And my parents would agree that rocks are totally dope… fool If you come to our farm, you’ll be spoilt for choice We have rocks of all kinds to add to your invoice Would I choose chalk or chert, or even breccia too? With all the options here I don’t know? (Limestone) Tell me why are we, so blind to see? That the pony in charge, is the one you see. Been spending most our lives Livin’ in Igneous Paradise We’re just plain and simple Pies Livin’ in Igneous Paradise Holder’s Boulder’s the gleam in my eye Livin’ In Igneous Paradise But stay away unless you wanna fight Livin’ in Igneous Paradise (Maud) Diggin’ up the quarry, wagon on my shoulder Cuttin’ slabs of sandstone, getting’ food for Boulder You say that rocks are all the same, but I’ll be here to teach you That rocks are much more than what lies beneath you They so grey, they’re so round And your new pet rock will certainly astound… fool (Limestone) Been spending most our lives Livin In Igneous Paradise We’re all crazy geo-ites Livin In Igneous Pardise Our mine’s full of stalactites Livin In Igneous Paradise But don’t you ever think it bites Livin In Igneous Paradise
  18. For all you hip hop fans out there, I remixed Bats! and set it to Hypnotize. Hope y'all enjoy!
  19. I've been listening to a LOT of Wiz Khalifa this summer. At first I was like, who is this guy, but now I'm a pure fan. Even got Rolling Papers in the disc changer at work AnyPonies listening to Wiz Khalifa and loving him as much as I am? Have you seen his new shirt? I love it,Wiz_Khalifa/Wiz_Khalifa_T-Shirt_Work_Hard_Play_Hard I'm thinking about getting an XL and turning it into a dress, though I'm not very skilled using my sewing machine! Whats your favorite Wiz Khalifa song?
  20. Hey everypony i was wondering if anypony can give me some rap lyrics like somebody start it off and then you have to keep going with the flow like go off of what the other pony says and ill make a beat and video of me rapping to it with your forum names on screen i will wait till i have enough lyrics but i thought this could be a fun little project the lyrics can be about mlp and whatever you want it just has to flow!! Thanks -Bing
  21. Myself I would say lose yourself by : Its a VERY epic and inspirational song and it was the first rap song the win a Academy Award. Another one of my favorites is public enemy Shut em down :
  22. Musical bronies, I need you. So usually I just make instrumental stuff, but after episode 100 I wanted to make a song with Lyra singing to Bonbon. I can't sing, so it turned into a rap. This is the first time I've made a semi-ok rap. I read a lot of articles and did a lot of experimentation with mixing vocals, but I am still very new at it. So right now I've done all I can think to do. Any advice/constructive critique on my mixing/instrumentation/lyrics/pronunciation/etc... would be appreciated. Thank you so much! Link to soundcloud here I also put a crappy voice changer on it for experimentation. Link here Pros: I kind of sound like a girl. Cons: It sounds like a girl rapping into a can
  23. Ive decided to help out a little, if youve ever wanted to rap, well ill help you, now im not the best around, but i think i know enough to help some people at least get started, and if you're a girl, then thats even better, ive noticed a distinct lack of female rappers in this fandom, and if i can change that great! So heres how this will work, post here if your interested and your skype name and along with it, so i can judge your level and where you need help with make a single verse to this instrumental you can PM me your skype and your verse if youd like, i will set up a skype group to help the participants out
  24. This is my review of Death Grips' newest album: "Jenny Death". These songs, and this review contains Explicit material, as well as my own opinion. Track 1: I Break Mirrors with my Face in the United States The first song, "I Break Mirrors with my face in the United States", is a really up-tempo and fast song, Which isn't very common in Death Grips' songs. A lot of songs have fast sections, but this song is fast all the way through which you don't see a lot of. its a real head-banger and 'Fuck You' songs that gives off a lot of attitude and really prepares you for the album Track 2: Inanimate Sensation Being a Death Grips fan, I listened to this song a lot before the release, since it came out on their Youtube channel, and hearing this song again gave me a sense of familiarity before the rest of the album. Knowing that two good songs in a row sort of made me assume the rest were gonna be good, showing the awesome placement of songs made by the band to build hype. The album version also added new parts added as well, so it mildly surprised me. For the song itself, its weird, but surprisingly grows on you. Its very unique, and has that amazing Death Grips sound Track 3: Turned Off This song starts off with a killer sounding guitar, which is also pretty rare for Death Grips, most of the time its used to be part of the blaring noise, but the solo here is really awesome. It then jumps ahead into a massive fast beat, which slightly slows down afterwards. These beats sound really awesome put together, and most bands would change the tempo to always match, which would sacrifice a good portion of the song, but Death Grips really experiment with changing the tempo, and the output is really awesome. This is the definition of experimental Track 4: Why a Bitch Gotta Lie This song starts off with your average Death Grips weirdness, but slowly transitions into a somewhat aggressive beat. The surround sound is pretty cool too, and people are comparing the robot voices to Daft Punk, which is sorta silly for a one-time song. The Guitar is pretty fucking cool. Nothing too great about it though but it is a solid, great song that deserves a good place in this album Track 5: Pss Pss This song made me laugh the first few times I heard, mostly because it pokes at other rap songs and has some funny lyrics. "Have a sad cum baby", "my shits been retarded since beginning of time", and "I piss on your face like i'm pss pss pss" are funny and memorable. The airhorn is unexpected, but still comical. The breakdown is pretty Psychedelic too. Track 6: The Powers That B "What The Fuck Happened" Being the main song titled after the two-part album, you know it has to be good. Nice solid chords, sounds, and vocals, and the drums are really cool here. This is basically the average death grips song done right in every single way. Although it lacks the little extra each other song introduced, its a nice change to see Death Grips do what they're famous for. Track 7: Beyond Alive Yet Another unique song with more instramentals then expected. Awesome guitar and drums that are actually audible. Awesome breakdown and outro. Track 8: Centuries of Damn The chords sound really awesome, and go well with the drums. It feels like you just got a ton off your chest when they both combine, and then you go zero gravity when Stefan comes in with his signature vocals. The lyrics are pretty deep too. Never thought Id hear an awesome song like this on a Death Grips album. Track 9: On GP Another one of the songs that came out boefore the album. If I could give an award to this song, I would. This song is my favorite on the whole album. The Guitar and Drums are just so amazing together, and just listening to this song over and over again makes it better, not worse. Then an organ comes in and just beings you to tears with these chords. I must of listened to this over and over a few times, just to get to the psychedelic part that is extremely unique. If this song was without vocals, I wouldn't think it was death grips, but I would still love it. The lyrics are pretty saddening too. 11/10 If I could Track 10: Death Grips 2.0 The song takes the sense of closure that On GP gives, and completely destroys it. If you thought you had questions going into Jenny Death, you now have even more questions. The reason "Death Grips 2.0" was included is so that things feel incomplete, and that if you were looking for closure, you're not finding it here. An odd ending for the final Death Grips album Is it? I guess we will have to wait... --- Thanks for reading my review! If you want me to give my opinions of a certain recent track or album, send me a message and I'll give it a consider! -Rogue
  25. A song about happiness not trough things but by being a part of a community. Download the song here- Or if your feeling generous, why not buy the song here-