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Found 40 results

  1. Ok, so this is really simple. Basically, someone posts a song. Then the next person gives it a score out of 10, briefly explains why, then posts another song for the next person to rate and so on. Example: User 1: Friday by Rebecca Black User 2: 10/10 Best song evaaar her voice is da bestest evaaaar!!!!lol Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley User 3: 5/10 meh, not my kind of music. But I do like his hair. A lot. Winter Wrap-up - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic You get the idea. The rules are that you MUST listen to to the whole song, or at least the first 5-6 minutes if it's longer than that. Whether you like the song or not! It can be anything as long as it's labeled music. Pony music, your favorite song, the song that you and your friend composed last night, a song from your favorite opera, a song you hate, ANYTHING GOES! Also, try to include a Youtube link to the song (or any other kind of link really, as long as we can listen to the song) to make it easier for others to listen to it. Also, try to stay classy and respectful. Not everypony has the same music tastes! ^^ Ok, so I guess I should start. Octopus - Syd Barrett http-~~-//
  2. I put all the characters I could think of. If your favorite isn't on the poll, feel free to tell me so I can put it on. :comeatus: Have fun.
  3. Just for fun! Post MLP fan art pics, rate it out of ten! Of course, credit if requested. I guess I should start.
  4. Remember the old argument that the original is usually better than any covers? Well, let's put it to the test! In this thread, I will be posting the original version of various songs, as well as cover versions, and then you get to vote for the best version, either the original or one (or multiple) of the covers. You may also leave comments on the various songs, if you wish. I will add new songs every now and then, though feel free to vote for and/or comment on previous songs at your leisure. I will attempt to avoid using live versions, and I will only use recorded versions (so no YouTube-only covers or such, and nothing before recording was invented, which rules out quite a bit of really old music, but so be it). I will attempt to cover songs from many different genres of music. I've made a list of a variety of different potential songs to “cover” (pun intended, apologies), yet I'm sure there are plenty of songs that I've overlooked. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send me a private message and I'll consider it. Now, let's kick this off with the first song! What about “Land of Confusion” by the English rock band Genesis, originally released in 1986. Original, by Genesis: AL1CE: Disturbed: Hidden Citizens: In Flames: Katzenjammer: Let the voting (and commenting, and discussion) commence!
  5. So far I haven’t seen this one so I want people to rate each other’s wallpaper.
  6. Time to get those iPhones, iPods and digital music players out! Start a shuffle and repeat the process 9 more times until you have shuffled 10 times. Then list all the songs that appeared during the shuffle and pick one. The user below you has to listen to that one song...and give his or her feelings about it! For example, if User1 highlights "If I Ain't Got You - Alicia Keys", User2 listens and rates it. Let's start! Here's my list of 10 songs 1. Warthog Rhapsody - Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella - Rhythm of the Pridelands 2. Arise My Love - Newsong 3. Suite from Mulan - Jerry Goldsmith 4. Maria Maria - Santana 5. Remind Me Who I Am - Jason Gray 6. Wonderful Christmastime - Paul McCartney 7. Faithful Is Our God - Hezekiah Walker 8. This Is Our Big Night [20% Cooler Keyboard Ensemble Remix] 9. Patrick Star - N.E.R.D 10. All The People Said Amen - Matt Maher You can use youtube to look up the song a person highlights.
  7. As the title says ^^ Since there is nobody above me, i won't rate Also, if this kind of thread is already existing, sorry for that ^^; There is only one rule: You have to rate between 0-10 number out of 10
  8. On a scale from one to ten, how delicious is the food named in the post above you? (It's early, and I didn't get enough sleep. This is what I thought of.) I'll begin (because I kind of have to): Tuna fish.
  9. 1. Rate the weirdness of the video or image above on a scale of... Whatever the heck you want. The rating system might as well be bizarre, too. Examples: 17.5 Nyan Cats / 40 Doges, 7 short-sighted koalas out of 8 hyperventilating gorillas; it doesn't matter. 2. After you've rated the previous post, make sure to post either a video or an image that you think the next poster might find weird. You have internet access; there's all kinds of nonsense out there. I'll start, obviously: I realize I just set the bar pretty high.
  10. For the sake of creating the greatest profiles in MLP Forums history, we shall rate the above user's profile background.
  11. hi! so me and my friend have these two oc's that are..well, with eachother in story. and he drew an adorable picture of it. and i was wondering..what do you guys think of his awesome art work? i would link you guys to one of his drawin sites, buut he does post some NSFW stuff, and i rather not put that on the forums, just in case theres any below 18 year olds here..hehe. anyway! First we got Starlet Light, a dark blue, nerdy wolf girl. And then we got The green Silver haired Dingo, Vladicarus ^W^
  12. Instead of having someone else rate your song, (see the Rate song, then post another! thread) post a song and rate it yourself! I will start: 9/10 The beginning is amazingly ethereal.
  13. Rule are simple. Post picture of one of your OC's. Then user below rates it from one to ten. And then he post picture one of his OC's. Late me begin with just posting my OC. Just kick things off.
  14. Now firstly I have no doubt that this issue has most likely been raised already but I suppose I want to bring more public attention to this issue, well thing I suppose. I've already had a chat to @Dark Horse about this but I'd like to get more input on this. So as of this time all commission stores (think all) work in USD$ Now this for a good portion of users is quite alright all lot of you live in the US, but I speak for those who do not as I write this here are some exchange rates for those who don't. 22/04/2016 rates: (all these fugues buy $1US) AUS 0.75 CAN 0.78 NZD 0.69 There as some rates of users who are, well paying more than everyone else for commissions though exchange rates, others are paying less which results in the artists getting less money for their work (the idea works both ways). Now I have not a clue about what is needed to make it happen but my suggestion is for users to buy a neutral site currency I.E something akin to like steam dollars which then can be used to buy art on the commissions sections or maybe even a points system like Deviantart then the artists being payed the equal value, then reversed on their end, a system like this would allow artists to be payed same rates and for those in, well lack of better word poorer countries to get more equal value for our money.
  15. Like other rate above yous, so rate the show posted above you (say you haven't watched it and can't rate if you haven't watched it) and post your favourite or just any of the ones you watch... I'll start... Penguins of Madagascar
  16. Alrighty, I just had this idea here last nightm and thought I'd go ahead and make it a reality Digitality. The rules are quite simple All posts must contain a rating given of the OC Pony posted by the previous poster. Post at least a picture of your OC Pony, if you have more than one, just stick with one pony per post Of course, all standard forum rules still apply. Have fun! Cause if you don't, a Klopp will cry (That's worse than a Fluttershy crying... not really, Klopp cries just about every new pony episode >.>) You can base your rating off of the ponies looks, personality, background story, or anything you want. So it is recommended that you post a link to the Character Database entry of your OC pony, if you have one that is. (You should make one, even if you do not RP, just for fun and to make showing your pony to others easier.) Alrighty then, let's get this thread going, shall we? Of course we'll start things off with Klopp, who is considered by many to be best pony
  17. I would really like an honest rating on my OC, like anything. I most appreciate constructive critic that helps me to actually improve but you may throw in anything you'd like to, things you like or simply things you don't like without reason or tips to improve. Feel free to say anything bearing in mind not to be insulting, not for my sake, but for the mods I am aware that the description is kind of sloppy sometimes and am open for any suggestions concerning this. Since this is my first OC, and to be frank I didn't put too much work into it as of now, so I have no idea what to expect or look out for. Link to the OC: Best regards Velcorn
  18. Hello, I'm ragestar, and I've been pretty bored lately and just love to inspect and rate OC'S, so I've decided to make this thread to rate anyponies OC, I'll be honest, but not mean, actually, the only things that induce groans from me are overpowered characters, perfectly flawless characters, and terribly gramnered backstories, plus, as a promise, I won't use the word mary sue/gary stue, on your OC's, I hate that word so bucking much...but anyway, let's get started, who would like to go first? (Looks blankly at the empty audience seats, with a sweatdrop while ignoring the cricket sounds) WARNING: I may use my OC crimson grinn for commentary on your OC for comedy reasons.
  19. Well, I have seen Silverwisp the Bard's thread and Fancy Ram's threads for rating OC's and it sounded fun to do. So I have decided to open up a thread for it. Just post a picture of your OC and their profile and I'll rate them the best I can. If you don't agree with something I say, don't get upset. It's your OC, not mine and this whole thing is just my opinions. Check here to see the order of the reviews, and if yours has been done yet.
  20. I am quite amazed this is not a thing. Post an image of your OC, and wait for someone to rate it from 0/10! I'll start with this little pony named Film Flick
  21. Hello everypony! Before I make a character sheet for my second OC, I'd like your thoughts on her! Name: Destiny Fighter Age: 19/Mare Gender: Female Species: Earth Pony Cutie Mark: A book with a sword in it. It symbolizes her fighting spirit and her special ability to see her friend's destinies when the time comes. Personality: Destiny is an introvert who doesn't talk to anypony unless they talk to her first and they're not in a large crowd. She dislikes talking to ponies in a large crowd. She is a hardy pony who won't cry for anything and won't sugarcoat what she says. She exerts confidence and tries to stay positive despite her hardy manner. She's a solemn pony and often takes things too seriously. Backstory: Destiny has a special ability to dream about the destinies of people close to her when the time comes. She still doesn't know and realize why she gets sudden feelings of deja vu when something happens to her or her friends. Destiny was born in Appaloosa but her family moved to Ponyville for a change of scenery and to work different jobs. Her two Earth pony parents, Freedom Fighter and Harmony Fighter, were caring parents but they were always busy running a small store in in the outskirts of Ponyville, selling weapons to travelers. It didn't matter to Destiny though, since she was a pretty independent pony. Destiny never cared about her schoolwork or her grades. The only thing she cared about was her self-defense classes she took after school. She trained hard, learning defensive and offensive moves in case she got into any trouble. Destiny was a popular pony in school but never even wanted to be. Everypony always said hi to her and always wanted to talk. She always walked in the shadows of the halls and sat in the back, hoping nopony would notice. The only pony she would talk to was Skyla Starfall, her best pony friend. She wasn't as hardy as Destiny, but Destiny loved her to pieces. Skyla was always so nice to her, despite Destiny being a hardy, solemn pony. Destiny earned her cutie mark one day in self-defense class. She was battling one of her classmates, for practice and for fun. She didn't realize she dreamt she was going to kick him in the face last night. She kicked him in the face and he fell over. She got the sudden feeling of deja vu and quit the practice match. She wondered why she got the feeling, since she had never kicked him in the face before. She quickly grabbed a notebook from her saddlebag nearby and scribbled down the feeling. She decided to write down the feeling whenever she experienced deja vu again. She has been experiencing it all her life, she had to figure out what it was. Her cutie mark appeared as she was writing, and she didn't notice until after class. She didn't really care it was there when she found out, it didn't concern her. Today, she carries around her notebook in her saddlebag everywhere she goes. She still records the deja vu feelings and wonders why they come and go, not realizing she dreams about events to come. Thanks in advance! Anypony have any thoughts on her?
  22. Well, this one I came up with when I saw the lack of disabled oc's, the only other blind pony I've ever seen is snow drop. Anyway, this is night shade (may change name if something comes along that sounds better) Backstory: He was a scientist, he worked in a small lab underneath his home. He brewed many things down there, much like zecora in her hut. His passion was for dark magic, and curses, he worked on curse potions, cures for common ailments, and he even worked on a few spells of his own. One day, his daughter had finally gotten her cutie mark, so his wife brought her down to show him. He was working on a very unstable potion, but he didn't realize how unstable it was at the time. After a Few seconds, there was a bubbling coming from the beaker he was working with. He had realized too late, the potion was going to explode. The potion had different effects on each of them. For the mother, she got the worst it had to offer, the potion killed her. For the daughter, she was put in a coma. And for him, he was blinded by the explosion. That was the day he vowed to find a cure for the potion he had made, and help anypony find a cure for whatever ails them. Well, let me know what you think Edit: major overhaul took place, feel free to tell me how you like this new him (still need to update pic)
  23. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I thought it would be an awesome idea for people to rate the cuteness of the other user's pet, using what I would like to call the CUTE-O-METER! Here is how the CUTE-O-METER works! You, the user, will rate the how freakin' adorable the owner's name for their pet, judging by how cute YOU think it is of course. It doesn't have to be something like "Honey Bunz" or "Tinkerbell" or something to get a 5 hearts! Five hearts? <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 The CUTE-O-METER will have a score from 1-5 hearts! Here is an example: ~ User: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 FIVE HEARTS! I have a St. Bernard named Pudgy! :3 Other User: <3 <3 <3 < I'll give this one 4 in a half hearts! Okay, so I have a bird named Peaches! ~ Then so on! You can have the option to share what kind of animal your pet is, though it is recommended if you really want people to decipher how FREAKING ADORABLE your pet really is! PS, you can have more pets on your list, by the way! If you so choose to put one on there, that is also very fine! Don't forget to use the CUTE-O-METER! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now that I have explained the rules, here is my pet's name: I have four pets! Their names are Miya the Chihuahua, Maggie the Yorkie, Daisy Mae the Macaw, and Sophia (Sophie) the Persian kitten. :3
  24. Due to a heated debate going on in another OC rating thread, i decided that i could rate people's OC's for them. I'll judge them by their Looks, Personality and back story. if you want to, you can rate one of mine's if you need to. F D M Shatterhoof
  25. Hey guys! I decided to put a pic of my baby brother and rate below how cute he is! Enjoy this game!