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Found 15 results

  1. So, I was on IMDB and looking at the upcoming film's content advisory page and under what the film has been classified in each country it says it's banned in South Korea Is there any truth to this? Why the hell would that be the case?!
  2. Is the movie good in anyway? I want to see if it's better then the Dark Knight trilogy movie combined.
  3. Let's give this a try. This is my first try at creating a forum game. This one is basically rating music from the show itself AND the fandom. Here's how it works. You'll say Good, Fair, or Bad about whatever song you are given. After you add your answer, you'll have to come up with a song for the next poster to answer, and so on and so forth. Also, if you know the artist or who created the song, please add that too. First song is... Rainbow Factory by Wooden Toaster
  4. I know we haven't had a lot of episodes so far, but I'm interested in what people's personal favourites are up to now. This is how I would order the episodes so far from best to worst: 1. Newbie Dash - Emotional, funny, and well written. Not to mention Dashie achieving her dream. By far my favourite episode so far. 2. Gauntlet of Fire - A Spike episode that actually had a good story and a nice way of developing his character. 3. No Second Prances - Made me like Starlight Glimmer more. Plus, a great way to bring Trixie back. 4. On Your Marks - One of the best CMC episodes to date. 5. The Crystalling - A solid two-parter but a bit of a weak start to the season. 6. Gift of Maud Pie - A little boring and predictable. Another weak way of kicking off the season. That's my opinion. But what's yours? P.S. Have some Wonderbolt Dashie.
  5. Okay, this will be an interesting topic. Often, films receive ratings that are appropriate for their content, but other times, a film might be rated a certain rating for the wrong reasons OR, more importantly, they were miss-rated simply because of the lack of the now common PG-13 rating, which result in some films in the 80's to get a rating that would definitely not be a case nowadays. Except for The Thing, that movie should be rated D for Disturbing. So what are some films that you think should not have gotten its PG rating or perhaps its R rating?
  6. I would really like an honest rating on my OC, like anything. I most appreciate constructive critic that helps me to actually improve but you may throw in anything you'd like to, things you like or simply things you don't like without reason or tips to improve. Feel free to say anything bearing in mind not to be insulting, not for my sake, but for the mods I am aware that the description is kind of sloppy sometimes and am open for any suggestions concerning this. Since this is my first OC, and to be frank I didn't put too much work into it as of now, so I have no idea what to expect or look out for. Link to the OC: Best regards Velcorn
  7. Guest

    Favorite comic arc

    Yep. Out of the following comic arcs, which is the best? 1) Chrysalis ARC 2) Nightmare Rarity ARC 3) Reflections ARC Don't forget t give out reason about why you like them!
  8. Post a song, while also rating the one posted above you out of 10 I'll start with my FAVORITE SONG (*cough cough*)
  9. notice there wasnt a thread like this over here (atleast not in the first 4 pages) so i decided to bring it from derpi. basically, one user rates the song in the most recent post, and then post a song to be rated, and on and on and on. anyway, ill put mine first
  10. Hello everypony. Before I post my OC as a character sheet, I wanted some feedback on her. Constructive criticism is welcome. Name: Skyla Midnight Starfall Age: Mare Gender: Female Species: Pegasus Appearance: Cutie Mark: A shooting star with a blue trail Personality: Skyla is outgoing, she isn't afraid to share what's on her mind but, she is reckless and never thinks before saying. She likes to help other ponies and tries to be kind to everyone. She is very curious, which tends to get her into trouble, and she is also soft-hearted. If she offends or hurts anyone, she'll do everything she can to make things right. Backstory: Skyla was born and raised in Ponyville by her two loving parents, Moonglow, a unicorn and her mom and Lunar Starfall, a pegasus and her dad. Her parents always supported her and helped her out. She was an only filly, so she was used to being alone. The other school ponies never really noticed her, except her 2 close friends. Skyla did pretty well in all of her classes. She was always curious and willing to learn something new. Her favorite subject was astronomy. She loved looking at the stars at night and studying different types of stars and finding constellations. Even with her good grades, she was very athletic. She was never the best, but she tried. She never cared about winning or losing, she just wanted to have fun. She loved flying the most of all. Skyla always pushed her limits and made herself fly faster. She always flies at night, that's when she can look at the stars and fly at the same time. Skyla earned her cutie mark one day when she was gazing at the stars. She couldn't fly at at the time, but she really wanted to. She ran back and got a running start, flapping her wings as fast as she could. She got two inches of the ground, and she was flying fast, at least for a filly. For the first time she flew, and she looked up at the stars and saw a shooting star for the first time. After a couple of seconds, she made a hard landing, landing on her stomach. Her parents went out to see what was wrong, and found her on her stomach, breathing hard and a big grin on her face. She looked at her flank and saw her cutie mark finally appeared. She got up and jumped for joy. It was one of the happiest moment of her life. To this day, she resides in Ponyville, working a job as an astronomer, studying the stars and and constellations. Every night, she takes a flight, remembering the time she got her cutie mark and reminding herself of how much she loves the stars and the night. Thanks! ~Midnight Starfall
  11. Here is a game like a lot of others you rate the art the person above you made and post art you made/ I have no art up^ there for me to rate but I will post a art I made of my depiction of grown up Applebloom.
  12. In the topics for new episodes, many forum members give ratings, usually out of 10, to the episodes, and I've been thinking about how meaningful those ratings actually are. First, what is the purpose of giving ratings to episodes? I would think that it's to provide a quick and easy way to convey your opinion of an episode without getting into the details, while also facilitating comparisons of your opinion of an episode with other people's opinions of that episode, and with your and others' opinions of other episodes. With this in mind, let's look at the ratings for new episodes that forum members have been giving. In terms of a rating scale out of 10, I consistently see lots of 8's, 9's, and 10's given out to new episodes, while, to my recollection, I've almost never seen ratings below 5 or so. I've also seen ratings above 10 in several posts, which I would think indicate that those posters should recalibrate their rating scales. If most people only use a few ratings on a scale, and the lower half of the rating scale is almost never used in practice, then doesn't that make that rating scale rather meaningless? Is that rating scale really serving its intended purpose? How much information is that rating scale really conveying? Of course, a larger problem here is that everyone's standards for rating episodes are subjective, and most people probably don't want to detail what their standards are, if it's even possible to describe them in an understandable way. Is the rating for a new episode a judgment of how enjoyable it was in comparison to all other episodes of MLP: FiM, or in comparison to any episode of any TV show? Or is it a judgment of how worthwhile it was to watch the episode in comparison to something else you might do with your time instead? If you're going to rate an episode on a scale of 10, what would an episode with a rating of 1/10 look like? How about 5/10? These last two questions in particular are ones that I would like to know from those forum members who consistently give new episodes high ratings (i.e. 8's, 9's, and 10's). My guess is that a lot of posters like MLP: FiM for general reasons that are more independent of any particular episode (e.g. it's cute and colorful, it has good animation, the world of Equestria is interesting, etc.), and because of those reasons, every new episode is almost guaranteed to be "good" at minimum. Therefore, they never use ratings in the lower half, since such ratings might indicate disliking the episode or thinking that an episode was "bad", when that's not what they think. And this is an issue that would arise if one were to try to redefine one's rating scale to be more meaningful. For example, a rating scale out of 10 might be more informative if a 5 is the "default" or "average" episode, where the default or average episode might still be considered worthwhile and a "good" use of time, and then there would be a greater range above and below that to utilize. But then other people just glancing at the ratings without context or explanation might see 3's, 4's, 5's, 6's, etc. and get the impression that the rater doesn't really like the episodes or the show in general. What do you think? Are forum members' ratings of new episodes meaningful to you? Do you have any ideas of how they might be made more useful and informative? If you regularly give ratings to new episodes, what are your standards for the different ratings? Do you think your ratings are meaningful? Thanks for reading!
  13. Hay Everypony! I was thinking about Cheese Sandwich earlier and how awesome Pinkie Pride was. I then looked back at all the Season's episodes, and I realized that I've actually really enjoyed this season! How do you guys feel about it?
  14. Hello there, you fine folks on the forums, today I'm going to be reviewing sleep. Graphics: Sleep's graphics have aged well, especially considering how old it really is. I mean, sleep does usually have blurry graphics, and for some reason, clocks and mirrors never seem to render properly, but other than that, it's very realistic graphic-wise. I'd say that if sleep were to come out today, it's graphics would receive much praise from critics and everyday people alike. Sometimes while moving fast during dreams, your surroundings become blurry. I hope this is something that sleep's developers look into fixing sometime in the future, as the motion blur can get kind of annoying. A major issue that might be related to graphics is that for some reason my dreams appear to be unable to be recorded with my capture card, however, this might be some kind of technical problem with my brain and not with sleep or the recording software. Gameplay: Sleep's gameplay can be confusing. Especially since sometimes, when entering sleep, the gameplay does not start at all. This usually indicates a sleep disorder, and sadly, most people have not bought sleep recently and thus cannot use their warranty. Once you are in gameplay, it becomes very confusing. Who the protagonist of sleep is is often unclear as they usually do not speak. In addition, enemies may vary (If there are any at all) depending on which level you are playing. Oddly enough, levels appear to play anachronistically, with some players being unable to reach certain levels, and others end up replaying the same levels over and over. One odd thing about sleep is that it's genre is quite unclear, while I'd guess it's some kind of platforming game, the jump function does not appear to always work and the game often appears to crash when you fall long distances. Some have reported that it is some kind of horror adventure game, and to some extent this appears accurate, however, not all levels are like this. When asking the programmers what they were going for, they had no comment. All we know is that whatever it is, it often succeeds in it's goal of either being scary, pleasant, or something in between. So kudos to the development team for developing something so entertaining for free. I would say that sleep has a high replay value, although it is rare to find somebody who has beaten it. For some reason, many people do not save their progress, Maybe they don't know how, so here's a guide. I did notice a glitch in sleep where Light switches do not usually work. Story: This is one area where sleep really appears to be lacking, sadly. Many people have reported inconsistencies in their dreams and the plot appears to be really incoherent. However, this unique and random style of story telling has it's upside, as the ending is not as predictable as those in some other examples of entertainment with a confusing story but obvious ending. Sound Effects: For some reason, many of the sound effects in sleep appear to be muffled or unpleasant. Very often during gameplay I experienced loud screams, and worse still, upon triggering these, the game usually crashes, returning me to my bed. The sound effects can, however, be very memorable, and for that, I am grateful. Sometimes the sound quality varies but for the most part the integrity of the sound effects in Sleep are solid. Summary: Sleep is quite an interesting thing, it's very exclusive. Some people can sit there for hours and hours trying to get it and just not get it all. Of course, once you do go to sleep, your mileage may vary, some people wake up feeling just as tired as when they fell asleep. However, some of the positive features of sleep include good dreams, the fact that it's a nice way to kill time, the relatively good graphics, nice varied gameplay, and the fact that it restores energy. These features combined make sleep for the most part an enjoyable experience. On the flip side, sleep can make you miss out on things, be late, you can have nightmares, sometimes it takes more effort than it is worth to sleep, the confusing storyline etc..these make sleeping into a very mixed experience. My personal experience with sleep is that while it's sometimes hard to attain, it is almost always worth it. I have had many positive dreams in my life and I really only have sleep to thank for that. Overall, I would say that sleep is one of those odd things that can be a mixed experience quality wise, but one that is enjoyed by almost all demographics. Sleep is a true classic. Sleep receives 8.2/10 stars.
  15. We've had topics for rating them individually, but here, you rate how the avatar and signature of the person above you work visually, as a single unit. Look at things like, do the color schemes compliment or mimic each other (are they both using 'warm' colors, or is one using warm and the other cool, for example), if they're from the same universe of fandom as opposed to being completely unrelated from one another, if the characters in the avatars go well together, etc. I could go on and on about things you could use, but they're simply examples of what one might use :3 Use what you like, be it as analytic or simple as you care to use.