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Found 20 results

  1. Anypony have some stories on when you told someone that you're a brony? What did they say? How did they react? For the 2 people that I’ve told there’s been a reaction and I’ve only told 1 of my more accepting friends another friend just found out. I guess I can chalk it up to myself. If you met me in real life and saw my bedroom, the only clue to being a brony is my computer home screen.
  2. MLPForums Reacts is way behind schedule. Creator FlightForce has left the fandom and the project for the foreseeable future. TranceBrony is now the only editor as it currently stands. With only a handful of active reacters, we're in danger. While the video for the season 8 premiere is finished up, we are looking to expand our team once again. If you want to join us and participate in the reaction of the season 8 finale video, leave a comment below so I can invite you to our Discord server. All of our collaboration is done through Discord, so a Discord account is a must. Additional video editors would also be more than welcome. The majority of the work has fallen to TranceBrony, and I'm sure he would appreciate the help. Gamer_KM put together a playlist of all episodes of MLPForums Reacts, which you can view here:
  3. Hi! New member here. I made a web app for filtering/sorting characters. If you have any suggestions on features, improvements, etc I'd appreciate it! fyi: This site is not responsive. It is best viewed on a computer. CREDITS: App structure: react lab from Images: Many talented artists on DeviantArt including DecPrincess, DashieSparkle, jayharr23, CloudyGlow, Abassad0r Tooltip:
  4. It's finally done! The 4th installment of everyone's favorite Bronies React ripoff with nothing but MLP Forums members! This time we had more participants, 10 not including myself to be exact, and everyone did a fantastic job! Thank you to all that participated, whether you're a veteran of the series or just joined for the first time! News on the next MLPF Reacts will come out shortly. If you're interested in participating next time, send me a DM and I'll jot you down for when the time comes! Oh, also, we have a Discord server going for all those who were involved, but if you're keen on joining in next time, drop into the server and get to know us! We don't bite! --><-- Anyways, enough chit chat, grab your favorite plushie and a big bowl of popcorn and enjoy! Critique is always welcomed!
  5. Hey, everyone! I have decided to do another episode of MLP Forums React, which if you are unfamiliar, is a YouTube series similar to Bronies React by ACRacebest where those who choose to participate show their face and "react" to a particular MLP episode/movie/fan-made video/etc. Except this series involves you guys! You don't have to be "horse famous" to participate in this series (though it would be pretty sweet if you were ). I have already put together a few episodes of MLPF Reacts, which I will provide links to down below if you'd like to get a taste of what being an MLPF Reactor is like. For this episode we will be reacting to the Season 6 Finale, which should be out fairly soon. I'd love to get at least 8 or 9 people to participate (including myself) but if we go over that number, I won't turn anyone down either! All you have to do is have a good sense of humor and camera presence. Speaking of cameras... try not to use any webcams or any other cameras that lack in video and/or audio quality. Not saying I'll turn you away if you use a camera with the video quality of a radish, but keep in mind: better recording quality = better video overall! Also, I'm looking for people who are comfortable behind the camera. Your voice needs to be loud enough for everyone to hear, and you need to have a fairly good sense of humor. If you've ever seen an episode of "Bronies React" by ACRacebest or "Brownies React" by JakeWhyman, you'll know the kind of humor I'm looking for. The previous MLP Forums Reacts episodes were meh in terms of humor (including my own performances), so I'd like for this one to be quite the step up in terms of comedy. Don't be afraid to include some of those memes of the dank variety as the kids say! Another important thing to know if you're new to the reaction scene, most of the time peoples' "reactions" are scripted, or well thought out and written down ahead of time and just performed on camera. Not only does this make your content generally funnier, but it also saves me the time of going through 40+ minutes of footage for every person and only using a few parts. If your footage is simply a compilation of all of your scripted "reactions", it saves me tons of editing time, which is already very limited for me since I'm a sophomore in college studying engineering, and work piles up like crazy. IMPORTANT: This time around I'd like to start a group conversation with anyone who would like to be involved. If you're familiar with the "GroupMe" app for smartphones, this could be a way for all of us to communicate and come up with some pretty great ideas for content between the group. If you have any other ideas of how we can all chat with each other easily, let me know by replying to this thread or throwing me a PM. Communication during the previous few react videos has been lacking, which is probably why I wasn't too happy with the final product. Let's do something epic this time around! That's about it in terms of things you need to know/be aware of if you're interested in participating! Oh, also, when you finish recording your reactions, please upload them to YouTube and make the privacy setting unlisted and PM me the link so I can download it. Of course, no one can start recording until the episode releases . Until then, I hope lots of you decide to join in on this super fun project! -ff Oh and here's those links to the previous videos! Grab some popcorn and enjoy!
  6. Yet another episode of the unofficial MLP Forums reaction series. This time we react to the Season 6 Premiere! Sorry for the lateness, usually I'm a lot quicker at editing this stuff, but I've been really busy and just haven't had much time, and to be honest, kind of lost interest in the series. But hey, it's done now and that's all that matters! If you are interested in being in the next one, please send me a private message and I'll add you to the list of potential react people! This time we were lacking in reactors, so I would like to see a bigger turnout next time
  7. Hi everyone! It's that time once again! I'll be coordinating a special forum member based reaction collab to the Season 6 Premiere! I previously made MLP Forums Reacts for the Season 5 Finale and more recently the Season 6 Preview. I'll put links to those down below if you're curious. A lot of people turned out to participate previously, and I'm hoping for another great turnout, if not better, this time around! However, I will put a few ruled and regulations in place this time. 1) If you've previously participated in Forums Reacts, you're welcome to join again! The only thing I ask of you this time around is to try and amp up the comedy aspect. While I was very pleased with the previous two react videos, I feel like we can step things up as a whole in terms of comedy. While the video is mainly about "reacting" to the Season 6 Premiere, try to do less of the unscripted reactions and write down a script beforehand so you know exactly what to say and how to say it, making the video more polished and easier for me to edit. 2) If you're new to this whole thing and want to participate, the first thing I'll say is welcome! There's a few things you need to know before filming your reactions. First off, before doing anything, make sure you have a decent camera and microphone... that means no web-cams! unless your webcam is some ultra high res meta-camera, then go ahead. But otherwise, keep your video as nice looking as possible. Next, know that while this is technically a "reaction" video, I'd prefer if you don't record your initial reactions to the premiere (if you've ever seen the YouTuber Jinx, who just sits in front of his camera the whole time and looks like he's having a Vietnam flashback and shows zero emotion to just about everything. Don't be like Jinx). Sometimes it's hard to think of things right on the spot, so I strongly suggest writing a script with timestamps on it that label the spot where you will perform each "reaction". Also, and I mean this in the nicest of ways, try to be funny. Some people just don't have it in them when it comes to being entertaining behind the camera. If you feel you've got what it takes to make viewers laugh, whether it's your sheer randomness, tone of voice, witty comments, dank memes, etc., go ahead and get started reacting! Thats about it everyone! Oh and also if you do end up submitting footage, share it with me on OneDrive or by email at for both options listed. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with! -Flight Here's the other MLP Forums Reacts!
  8. If we show the ponies from canon Equestria some human video games such as DotA 2, Battlefield 4, Far Cry 4, Company Heroes 2, etc. How would each of the ponies react being the mane 6 and princesses?
  9. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to present the first ever official (Ok not official official, but you get my point)! MLP Forums Reacts! After about a month of organizing, recording, and editing, the video is finally done, and I'm so proud of how it turned out! This is only the first of a series, and if you were in this video, missed out on being in this one, or just found out about this now and would like to be a part of it, our next reaction video will be to the Season 6 preview released not that long ago. Get reacting! I'm also sorry if you were going to be in this react but haven't submitted your footage yet. I simply couldn't wait any longer since we're already almost 3 months past the initial release of the finale. So sorry about that, but hey there's still plenty of time to record your reactions to the preview! It's only a 24 second video anyway, so it shouldn't be too hard to come up with stuff! Anyways, here it is! The finished product! Hope you all enjoy!
  10. ---STILL LOOKING FOR MORE PARTICIPANTS!--- This is a sneak peek of the MLP Forums edition of "Bronies React", where a few other forums members as well as myself recorded our reactions to the Season 5 finale! Yes, I realize this should have gone under the existing "Reaction Collab anyone?" thread I started back in late December, but it hasn't been seeing a lot of activity lately, so I decided to start this new thread to promote the preview and potentially get others involved as well. The preview is nothing like what the final product will look like. Obviously there will be a more content, and I just threw this preview together in about an hour, so it's not top notch in terms of visuals quite yet. So far, only two others, Gamer_KM and Midnight Chimes, have submitted their reactions to me, but a few others have said they were preparing their reactions as we speak. HOWEVER, like I said above, I'm still looking for other forums members to join in! I want this to be a big collaborative project that helps promote the forums and Poniverse in the process. So if this interests you, grab a camera, sit down in your favorite computer chair, couch, love seat, potato, etc., and film your reactions! Also, if you are considering being in this, please read through the earlier the earlier thread I started to find lots of important information regarding how I would like your reaction footage to be formatted and stuff. Happy reacting! -ff
  11. Short story is 2 reactors on YouTube that go by the names in the title of this post got their channels terminated and now I ask you guys on their behalf to help them get back on their feet with their back up channels. DYWTBA_Brony got his channel terminated because of three copy write strikes. I understand that since, y'now, if he did use peoples content without crediting them that's not the right thing to do but some say he did nothing wrong. (His new channel here: ) The second channel is RarityDash who got his channel terminated for "multiple or several violations against spam, gaming, misleading contend, or other terms of service" which can be triggered by using too many tags, which I personally think is kinda stupid. This is one I personally don't see anything wrong unless I'm missing something, in that case my apologies. (His new channel here: ) A lot of people have been complaining about things like dislike bots, false flag reports and things like that so if any of these are the case then please help these guys out, even if reactions aren't what you watch on YouTube both of these guys lost A LOT of followers between them and in tern lost everything they'd built up so it'd be much appreciated by them and me. SIDE NOTE Real sorry for rambling on and sorry if it came across as I was angry, I really wasn't, I'm disappointed that errors like this happen to seemingly nice people.
  12. React to the video above you, comment about it, and leave the most messed up video you can find on YouTube,simple as that. I got one
  13. How would the ponies react to our fandom? I got the idea after I read this fanfiction called "Bronies are Disgusting." (The author of the fanfiction is not a hater) The fanfiction was about Twilight Sparkle writing a letter to Princess Celestia after she found out about our fandom. Would they like us? Would they be offended or creeped out? If a brony/pegasister went to Equestria, how would the ponies treat them? What do you think? How do you think ponies would react to us?
  14. Are your reactions based on other peoples actions or reactions? Can you ignore what other people did and not to react that Is that possible? Is it true that negative reactions and actions spawn more negative reactions and actions? Is it true that positive reactions and actions spawn more positive reactions and actions? Can you choose how to react? Is it easier to react defensively or negatively when you feel attacked or insulted? Is it easier to react positively when you feel praised? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I try to react positively to everything and I try to be constructive. However that is hard when you feel that you are attacked or insulted the first reaction that comes to mind is always to defend or attack back and I don't want to accept those reactions. Sometimes they slip by my guard, but I always apologize if I notice that. I feel that many people show the first reaction that they get and that often leads to that endless vortex of negativity, because when you react negatively it's very likely that other people will react negatively to your negative reaction. So every time you see those negative reactions or actions you should try to react positive way to them. You should be kind and understanding. It is harder to react negatively to a positive reaction, because then the person who reacts must seek for negative aspects in your positive reaction. So that they could counter that reaction with their own. Often when you see the positive reactions they don't create such vortex that the negative ones. I think that because negative reactions tend to be stronger and they impact deeper into you. One option is ignore their reactions and try not to react them. This is hard because the stronger the reaction harder it comes to ignore and if you want to ignore all reactions it may become habit and when you see those kind and positive reactions you just ignore them too. That may be the case but not all times. I think that ignore isn't the best option to fight trolls and haters and negative people. Positiveness is always best choice, but it's the hardest. I try to do it but I fail sometimes, because I'm not perfect. What are your reactions based on? How do you react? Why do you think you react that way?
  15. Hello, I have been wondering 2 years ago (I don't remember) The Fine Bros make a video, Teens react to mlp, but now we can see our favorite youtubers tell their opinion on mlp, so when the ned video is up we will strike the comments and make youtubers react to mlp I need help... when is the new video release? Time?
  16. The game here is self explanatory. How would you react and what awesome stuff would you do?
  17. Well, if you watch , Adam, one of the teens on the show, is wearing a brony shirt. Not much to talk about, but wow.
  18. Guest

    The Last Brony

    "The majority have no other reason for their opinions than that they are in fashion." -Samuel Johnson I hold this quote to be true. Most of us wouldn't watch a kids show if it weren't for everyone flaunting the fandom around everywhere on the internet. And in some cases, real life... My question: What would you do if you were the last and only brony? How would you react if MLP was simply a fad but impacted your life to the point where, if the fandom died and everyone left, you would still carry on being a brony? Do you think people would accept you for being "that pony guy"? Would you really stay because of the show, or is it the community that makes being a brony so worth the judgement? Personally, I don't mind the show. I watch anime, so I was a geek to begin with. If MLP ended, I wouldn't care too much. However, I adore the MLP community. It's the first time I've ever seen people on the internet so in touch with one another. It's like a strange, distorted second family. (Almost) ... Cloppers are the silent uncle nobody likes to talk about. P.S. Grim Started it... not 4chan.
  19. By this I mean what do you ususally do when someone slanders MLP in a video comment, another forum, or a videogame. I usually avoid talking to haters/trolls and try not to get involved in flame wars. If someone does start directing insults at me becuase of my Xbox live bio, TF2 spray/Steam avatar, or something else, I usually just say, "I find the show interesting and fun. You are entitled to your opinion, and I mine. I have nothing more to say." If he happens to say I'm gay, then I'll throw in 'I have a girlfriend and wether you believe me or not is your choice.' somewhere in there.
  20. The asian dude needs to STFU