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Found 22 results

  1. Hey guys! I wasn't sure what y'all's process for getting reactions set up was, but just for fun I wanted to go looking for images that could be used for potential Daring Do reactions: Shocked Thanks Yay Smile Laugh (More of a "Yay" in universe, but Miss "2Cool4U" Do never laughs otherwise.) Sad Excited Pondering Hug (The HARDEST ONE... she hugs Rainbow Dash ONCE, but all the images of her by herself with her hooves out are her looking super intense. So I just ran with it. Daring WOULD be really awkward giving out hugs.) And there you go!! I considered throwing in a Ahuizotl or Caballeron in there (like the assorted Apple-fam reactions), but ultimately went with just Daring. I would love for this to be a thing. <3
  2. I was under the impression that brohoofs were the only reaction that would increase total community reputation, but apparently that's not the case. Currently, on my profile, the green box for Community Reputation says that I have "622 Brohoofs", but if I look at reputation activity, then under Reactions Received, I have 615 brohoofs and a scattering of other reactions that add up to 628 reactions in total. What accounts for this disparity? Do all reactions - not just brohoof, but also "yay", "thanks", "teacup", other temporary reactions, etc. - increase reputation? Do reactions to certain content not count toward increasing reputation? So, for example, do reactions to posts in certain subsections of the forums not count? Do reactions to status updates, status replies, blog entries, blog comments, etc. count or not count? I looked around a bit, but I wasn't able to find a topic or post that explains what exactly counts or doesn't count toward reputation, and I think this would be useful/interesting information to have. Also, would the rules for what counts or doesn't count toward reputation be liable to change in the future? I would appreciate any explanation that can be provided for how exactly these aspects of the reputation system work.
  3. Ok, memes are funny and great, and are used very frequently; however, I hate that some memes are being used in an area that should not have them. I hate to be the hater, but someone needs to address this issue before it becomes very problematic, and that person might as well be me. Remember, this post is just a suggestion that I have, nothing more. The problem: I have already seen plenty reactions of "I see", "Number one", and “teacup” and I can already tell that abuse is on its way if not already here. The reaction system already feels like a meme in and of itself when it's supposed to represent how someone feels. Seriously, how could one possibly feel like they are "teacup" about the post, or "I ‘I see’ this post". It's very odd, and I don't normally use those reactions because I don't take them seriously and they don't fit in most of the time, yet others do it anyways. It just makes the post less serious and more of a meme and funny than anything, unless you ignore the reaction system. Putting memes into the reaction system provides any forum user unrestricted access to memes and encourages them as well. Doing this makes the memes appear frequently and makes them more annoying. Who wouldn't press the "I see" button? It makes us laugh, so why not? My point is, it's too tempting to not consider pressing a meme reaction button, unless the topic is something very serious like something about death or pain. Problems that could arise and maybe are arising from this: Let me list the consequences of placing a meme in the reaction system. First, you eventually kill the meme due to abuse and constant exposure to it in most topics. Second, it's hard to express your feelings when the reaction system has memes and is becoming a meme itself because of it. Third, it's hard to understand how people feel about your post and what their reaction to it is when there are meme reactions. Fourth, it's annoying for memes to pop up everywhere, especially dead memes, not saying that any current reaction meme here is dead. Fifth, there are memes that some people dislike anyways, but having them on a forum reaction system is even more annoying. My solutions: Here are the solutions I propose. (1) One could make a forum section/subsection that holds all the meme topics and posts located and take out all the memes from the reaction system and place them there. (2) Move the reaction system memes into the emoji system instead, though I wouldn’t prefer this solution since the memes are still there. (3) Erase the memes from every system altogether. Posts and comments can have memes, just not the reaction system and emoji system, or so forth. One last thing I wanted to say. I actually don’t care about there being memes in the reaction system, and I personally find them to be somewhat funny. To be honest, if they left I just might miss them a slight bit. Also, I'm fine with temporary meme reactions, the ones I'm referring throughout to this post are those that are permanent. The reason I posted this is because I speculated that these permanent meme reactions could become annoying and could lead to a few problems, since meme abuse is a common crime on the internet these days. Apologies if I offended anyone. Disclaimers: I know the “Number one” reaction is temporary, and I also know there are other reactions in the reaction system that aren’t memes and that actually show how one feels about a post.
  4. after some extensive research and deep contemplation,on top of some some experiments of questionable nature one of which you're now part of I concluded that the only thing that could potentially compete with the teacup would be a muffin reaction, i'd still go for the teacup though Which would you chose?(i know its a hard choice, but do it for science)
  5. Okay, so Trotteur Sauvage have made a public status update toward me. We go back and forth, all is well. But then, whenever I go to see the reactions I was notified about him giving me, the bottom of my posts are blank as if I was never given a reaction. What seems to be the cause?
  6. In the wake of the latest update, a most peculiar issue has popped up. I can still brohoof/react to people's posts, and I see their brohoof count. But for some bizarre reason, I cannot see any brohoofs or other reactions to my own posts/status updates (I get notified when they happen, I simply can't see them). Any advice or solutions for rectifying this?
  7. What did you shout when the Cmc got their cutie marks for me it was "YES THEY GOT THEIR MARKS" (and I liked Diamond Tiara now but thats beside the point)
  8. Bloody hell, the film is released in 4 days and I can't find a single critic review of it on the net
  9. So I've been thinking lately about how MLP reaches out to a very wide audience (Indonesia and Malaysia made up the bulk of Hasbro's net revenue in the last two years from the MLP franchise), and wondered: If a pony wore a hijab (headscarf) on the show, either as a main character for an episode or just a background character (like Derpy), how would the fandom and the world react? Would they be fine with such a cultural or religious reference? We've already seen two characters from Saddle Arabia, and both wore traditional Arab bedouin apparel. In Saudi Arabia and throughout desert countries, many women wear the hijab along with their traditional garments, so it makes somewhat sense. Besides, we've been promised more locations and adventure for seasons 7 and 8. No mean or racism comments please, my finger's hovering over the "report user" button you know...
  10. So, just the title says. After you reacted, you must do something. Please, no doing anything to hurt another user. Lemme start! *Eats A Sundae*
  11. I DO UNDERSTAND NOT EVERYBODY HAS YOUTUBE SO IF YOU DON'T HAVE YOUTUBE THEN YOU MAY LEAVE IT IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW IN THIS THREAD IF YOU DO HAVE YOUTUBE PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO GO TO YOUTUBE AND LEAVE YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE THANK YOU. Hello everypony I made a video that requires your suggestions I AM NOT LOOKING FOR CRITICISM ON THE VIDEO ITS JUST ASKING FOR SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT KIND OF CONTENT I SHOULD MAKE which Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy kindly shouted it out for me please read the annotations at the beginning of the video it informs you of what not to recommend and some other fun things you can recommend here is the video looking forward to your recommendations. here is the video
  12. You wake up with [insert best pony here]. Who is it and how do you react? GO! Me: *looks at mint green pony* Lyra: *looks at me* Me: So.... Lyra: HUMAN!!! Me: Uh oh
  13. Lets say you go to Equestria with a laptop, a giant projector screen, loud speaker and a solar generator to power it. In Canterlot, you ask the ponies what are the worst things they have faced in Equestria? Rainbow Dash excitingly says they have faced Changeling, Discord, Tirek, and sombra and the way how they defeated them except for Discord since he's been turn to good. Discord arrogantly says that there is no way human can be more chaotic than humans. You chuckle since they have never experienced the horror humans have endured. Then you turn on your laptop, set up the speaker and the projector that fills the entire wall of the castle. The mane 6, Discord, princesses, and other ponies from ponyville, canterlot, and crystal empire watch the screen with full of curiosity. You play the WW2 documentary video which include the Nazi Holocaust, Russian Gulag, Great Purge, Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, total casualties and deaths and everything that happened during the war. how would they react? especially the mane 6, princesses and discord.
  14. ---STILL LOOKING FOR MORE PARTICIPANTS!--- This is a sneak peek of the MLP Forums edition of "Bronies React", where a few other forums members as well as myself recorded our reactions to the Season 5 finale! Yes, I realize this should have gone under the existing "Reaction Collab anyone?" thread I started back in late December, but it hasn't been seeing a lot of activity lately, so I decided to start this new thread to promote the preview and potentially get others involved as well. The preview is nothing like what the final product will look like. Obviously there will be a more content, and I just threw this preview together in about an hour, so it's not top notch in terms of visuals quite yet. So far, only two others, Gamer_KM and Midnight Chimes, have submitted their reactions to me, but a few others have said they were preparing their reactions as we speak. HOWEVER, like I said above, I'm still looking for other forums members to join in! I want this to be a big collaborative project that helps promote the forums and Poniverse in the process. So if this interests you, grab a camera, sit down in your favorite computer chair, couch, love seat, potato, etc., and film your reactions! Also, if you are considering being in this, please read through the earlier the earlier thread I started to find lots of important information regarding how I would like your reaction footage to be formatted and stuff. Happy reacting! -ff
  15. All I saw for public reactions was pony-related clothing, so here's one for non-pony shirts/clothing in general. Personally, I've had two experiences. -I went to an aquarium with my sister and when getting on the elevator, a girl around my age stopped me and said "oh my god, I love your Nightmare Before Christmas shirt!", it was fairly awkward but awesome just the same. -And back in August when at the fair, I was wearing a (Heath Ledger) Joker shirt. And when passing by one of the game booths, the person running it grabbed a microphone and said aloud "why so serious?" in a joker-sounding voice. And when I turned and smiled, he said "Now there's a smile", I thought it was kind of awesome. (But everyone in the area turned towards me which was kind of awkward) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, any experiences from any of you? They don't necessarily have to be a graphic shirt, it could be a tank top or scarves, or jeans, or anything along those lines.
  16. Are your reactions based on other peoples actions or reactions? Can you ignore what other people did and not to react that Is that possible? Is it true that negative reactions and actions spawn more negative reactions and actions? Is it true that positive reactions and actions spawn more positive reactions and actions? Can you choose how to react? Is it easier to react defensively or negatively when you feel attacked or insulted? Is it easier to react positively when you feel praised? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I try to react positively to everything and I try to be constructive. However that is hard when you feel that you are attacked or insulted the first reaction that comes to mind is always to defend or attack back and I don't want to accept those reactions. Sometimes they slip by my guard, but I always apologize if I notice that. I feel that many people show the first reaction that they get and that often leads to that endless vortex of negativity, because when you react negatively it's very likely that other people will react negatively to your negative reaction. So every time you see those negative reactions or actions you should try to react positive way to them. You should be kind and understanding. It is harder to react negatively to a positive reaction, because then the person who reacts must seek for negative aspects in your positive reaction. So that they could counter that reaction with their own. Often when you see the positive reactions they don't create such vortex that the negative ones. I think that because negative reactions tend to be stronger and they impact deeper into you. One option is ignore their reactions and try not to react them. This is hard because the stronger the reaction harder it comes to ignore and if you want to ignore all reactions it may become habit and when you see those kind and positive reactions you just ignore them too. That may be the case but not all times. I think that ignore isn't the best option to fight trolls and haters and negative people. Positiveness is always best choice, but it's the hardest. I try to do it but I fail sometimes, because I'm not perfect. What are your reactions based on? How do you react? Why do you think you react that way?
  17. I've had this on my drive before the review of Dusk's Dawn even started production Take a gander if you wish.
  18. I might sound spammy, but can you find any reactions by any SJWs on the Equestria Girls movies?
  19. I am researching about the psychology of an average Equestrian pony. I then threw four socks at him/her, one for each leg, and studied the reactions. What do these ponies normally do after they wear the socks?
  20. (there are so many reaction pics of Pinkie to the fanfic; why not a work in which she reacts to the very author itself?) THIS IS SERGEANTSPRINKLES: The author of "Cupcakes" was walking down the street. Suddenly, Pinkie appears in front of him, and she KNEW that the man she is facing is the very author of the murderous fanfic. What happens next?
  21. Hello everyone it is me derpflutterbrony and I've been trying to make commentaries lately but I've been having a really hard time especially with syncing the audio and video. I would try to record, and the audio would get all scratchy and wouldn't turn out right. Do you have any recommendations for software or anything I can do to fix this? If you make commentaries what software and program do you use? Is there any free programs that will work well? I also want to make blind commentaries and I don't want this to affect it. I don't want to not have to not be able to do a video like an episode reaction because I can't make a blind commentary.
  22. Okay worlds collide scenerio. And yes I suppose you can cheat and point out twilight already has met up with humans. which pony would react the best to running into a human? Which would totally handle it poorly? No you don't have to use the main six (I mean if you wanna use the C.C. lol or someone with enough back ground,). I think flutter shy could qualify for both. just on how she handles most animals and kids, but there's also the high chance she might spaz and freak out.