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Found 17 results

  1. When you read text off the internet do you hear a voice in your head reading it to you? If so who's?
  2. Since there was a scene in Scaremaster showing us cutouts of ponified versions of certain anime characters, I've been thinking, what anime/manga would Fluttershy check out and like? I think Fluttershy would like Love Live and Azumanga Daioh.
  3. So tell me, What's your favorite pixeled/blocky game? Mine is Minecraft and Mario!
  4. Generally, when I'm searching for some stories on FIMFiction, I tend to apply these filters: ~No fics involving background/minor ponies (Derpy being the exception ) ~Romance (read way too much of this ) ~Complete (my heart breaks when a perfectly good story doesn't end ) ~No OCs ~No Big Mac (not a fan of the shippings he's in :/) ~No crossover, AU, or tragedy What about for you ponies? Or, if you don't search for fanfics, how do you find out about and decide what stories to read?
  5. Since Romeo and Juliet doesn't really have a fandom, no one has really read this. Would you like to!? I've only done one chapter, but I'm working on chapter 2!! Reveiw, please!! If...if you want to...
  6. As the title says, Ask me anything! and ill answer it!
  7. So I have a FIMFiction account, and I have been writing for only 4 weeks and I come up with good ideas and stuff like that. But lately I have been having writer's block so I can't think of anything. I need some help fast! Also if you want to see my fanfics. Here is a link.
  8. You shouldn't read into things too much, it's bad for you. One time I thought there was a code hidden in the lyrics of a song that told me to kill Celestia. Ubiquitous, mysterious, and purely imaginary hidden messages surround us everywhere. Jumbled about, here and there. Utterly immersed in it, we don't always notice. Sages that see it chant incantations to it. Too many take it seriously...or maybe not seriously enough. Lost in a sea of chaos, it's nothing but a jumble of nonsense. Out of that chaos came order, though Some think that order is only perceived. There are those who think all is order, but chaos is a failure of perception. Though...that's getting a bit silly. Here's a thought. Endlessly through the eons, the universe has been in a flux of irony. Glorious puns, and coincidences abound. Abstract arrangements come into peculiar alignments. Meaning is derived from it. Everybody plays the game yet the outcome is the same. You'll shit bricks when you see it.
  9. Hi allponys! This is an idea for MLP Forums. admins and mods should be reading this. Ok so the idea is.. A forum chat. Every forum has a chat. I could make the chat with or not. Its up to the admins and mods to decide. But anyways, A chat would probably be a cool thing to add. If you like the idea Mods and Admins write in the comments below. If the Mods and Admins dont like it, Then thats totally fine. Some people might like the idea. But that was my idea! -Chris
  10. If anyone has heard of the radio station, 100.3 The Buzz, you might know that they've changed to playing mainstream music (Kill me!). This is ridiculous in my opinion, as they had a lot of listeners. Now the only radio station I have that plays rock n' roll is Rock 92, and they don't even play the good stuff! Now I'm relying on the internet for Staind, Seether, Three Days Grace, RATM, and other awesome bands like The Smashing Pumpkins! I know that a minority of beings listen to rock these days, but is it really that bad to where they shut down a really popular radio station for the idiots who are against rock? In my opinion, 100.3 The "Kiss" is dead music and the internet will be the new home of my kind so... Yeah. Any thoughts on the fact that mainstream society is ABSOLUTELY TAKING OVER? Tell me, please.
  11. My parents already know I'm a brony. They're pretty okay with it, they just said as long as I don't like get obsessed with it and like watch it every day (oooooooopppssss??? ). They know that there are other people watch it that are teens/grown-ups, they don't know the word "brony" though or what the fandom is called anyways. But I'm too young to go to any store by myself, I don't have a car, and I don't have a credit card (so I can't buy something myself). FYI I'm 13, if it helps though I could pass for 16. So how should I ask them to get like shirts and stuff? I don't want any toys (yet :I) though. Though I do have a plan: Next time I go to the mall with my mom (yay, 2 hours of pure fun. *sarcasm*) I bring money (for the shirt) and ask if I can go to gamestop (and bring my gamestop giftcard too, I have one) by myself and tell her that I'm responsible enough. If she says yes (there's a 60% chance this will happen), I'm pretty sure there is a Hot Topic in my local mall. I could go in there and get a pony shirt, run to gamestop, get a game that's like, not-rated M, my mom would freak -_-, put the shirt in the gamestop bag, and then walk back to my mom. Tell me if this is a good plan please? If it's not just remember I said I had A plan not A GOOD plan
  12. This is a thread where I will keep all my art. If you have any ideas not related to OC's, I'd be more then happy to draw them ALICORNS: UNICORNS: PEGASI: PONIES: PONYFIED: NON-PONY: Please tell me what you think, and which is your favorite
  13. Recently there has been quite a fervor over Disney acquiring Lucasfilms, and the natural direction to take such a conversation is towards speculations of Disney acquiring Hasbro (and MLP within that). For me personally, I don't believe Hasbro would sell out any time soon. Think about it; what's the draw for Hasbro? In all of the years that they've been in business, they've attained their most popular show ever just two years ago - they still have years of projected growth and earnings before things begin to level off. But follow me on a journey. I'd like to pose a theoretical ending to this story. The year is 2017. After seven years of growth, the MLP franchise has hit it's peak, and is slowly settling down. Hasbro is looking to sell. They have many options, and each one will be highly lucrative. In fact, even the "lesser" offers will be incredibly appealing. It's only a matter of time until the power shifts, the administration changes, and the fans suddenly become disconnected from the "powers at be" and must adjust to the new ones. Rules will change, and misunderstandings will occur. It's just part of the transition. But what if, say, we bought the MLP franchise? What if a fandom collective bought the rights to the very show they follow so closely? It would be incredible. Where would our limits end? We could create the show ourselves. If there's a new trend in the fandom, we could make it canon. If someone writes a fanfic that spreads like wildfire, we can throw in references to it. Best of all: as long as we own the rights to the show, restrictions on fanworks would disappear. Nobody has to worry about infringing on copyright laws, nobody has to censor their YouTube uploads, and the artists that create the epic paintings that sit on our walls and the adorable plushies that adorn our bedrooms could sell their works without fear of lawsuits. It would be the first open source story to grace screens across the globe. Will there be any restrictions? Of course. There must be. For example, we should leave the episode drafting to a select few, and simply give them influences - since the mystique and "newness" of every new episode is what gives the show it's "draw". If everyone knew what the episodes would contain, they wouldn't be nearly as fun to watch. And if someone suddenly starts making their millions off of a franchise that wasn't started by them, it wouldn't quite sit right with me. The solution? Well, we would need a way to continue funding the essentials of the franchise - so why not hire on the artist's creative genius? But aside from keeping the core show creation afloat, there would be little need to monitor the fandom's actions. It would spark unbounded imagination! If millions of dedicated fans suddenly received a sky with no limits, we'd see a creativity unparalleled by anything else. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade the current staff for anyone on planet Earth. In fact, I'd rather they keep MLP safely in their hands for right now. But when the time comes and they want to retire from the business, I believe that there are countless minds who have the talent to pick up their legacy where they left off. I would buy the MLP franchise. Would you? *EDIT: Apparently there's some misunderstandings as to what I said, so I'll break it down into very simple sentences. No, I don't think we could ever feasibly buy MLP. No, we shouldn't suddenly hand total writing control over to the fandom. I agree with you, it would quickly turn into the world's largest collection of shipping stories. Ownership would be an issue, although there are legal frameworks that one can set up before hand to level the playing field. I'm saying that we keep the old staff (if possible), and simply let them throw in little references here and there. (NOT shipping.) The only real difference in mechanics would be how fan works are handled. The show would be written the same way, animated the same way, etc., but perhaps we'd see more head nods from the dev team. This was only an idea I had for fun...that probably won't need to stress over it...
  14. no no no, this is not for arguing about the post count minimum or stuff. This is about that little badge below your avatar. THE GUIDE TO POSTS FOR DUMMIES Because apparently some people aren't mature enough to handle badges A huge thanks to those n00bs out there for giving me the idea of this thread THIS IS A [MOSTLY] SERIOUS POST Welcome to the guide to posting for dummies. If you are here, apparently you are a dummy, or are just here because you want to know why I would make a dummy thread. If it is none of the above...good for you. Alright, first off, have any of you seen THESE threads? If you haven't, read them. Like NOW. ... ... ... Alright, your done. So, what do they all have in common? They all have to do with character limit. And because you must of noticed that big sub-title, what does this have to do about badges? A lot, actually. Let me explain. People are always making dumb, short, noncontributing posts. The mods attempted to stop that with the character limit. But look, nothing is happening. The mods need help. And only you guys can help them. Still not getting what this has to do about badges? Let me explain a bit more. Alright, onto roleplaying. In roleplaying, most of us do short posts that are nice and short, like this; Now, do we want these posts? For some of us, they are fine. For the RP mods, they are not. Before I forget, but still on the subject of roleplaying, this is what i've seen too many people do; Yeah, just a heads up, this is BAD. No doing that Character Limit: j5u6jflgkcfjxlifjcglf thing. It's just horrible for me, the mods, and you. And you'll get banned/post deleted/warned for it. Also, it's not in the roleplay section, it's everywhere. And please no doing the invisible character to get out of it. The mods don't sleep. Well, if your out there saying "But I already made my point across. How can I match the character limit?". Well, for example, instead of 'I Like this' say 'I like this because...<Justifacation here>'. So, how can we make nice detailed posts? Well, here is the exact same 'Short Post Example', except more detailed. Yeah people, this is how you do it. Do that. If we all did that, then perhaps we wouldn't get such a massive flood of posts each day. Alright! Now, about badges. The reason why people are doing this is because of badges. What are badges? Little pieces of pixels splattered at the bottom of your avi. Why do people care so much? because the phoenix badge is bawss Because they are immature. I am not saying that we should get rid of badges, just not make such a big deal out of them. Feld0 privileged us with badges. Let us not get them taken away. On a similar note, Zoop put these charts on a thread. I thought these were worth enough to put on here...and it's not good. Make the mods lives easiler, and make these charts look better. The Charts are in the spoiler. Some useful topics you should read; A big thanks to Evilshy for showing us how to post like a cool person: So, do us a big favor and be a man/lady and actually make long, nice detailed posts, so we can make the mods life extreamly easier, and not surpass character minimum. Thank you. I will add more when I have time, as this is currently a WIP, but other then that, this is all I have to say. If this is in the wrong section, move it.
  16. Have any of you ever seen the forum/facebook game where someone posts as their topic/ status something like: "comment on this status and I'll tell you a truth."? This is a variation. You tell a truth about the person above you, whether it be something postive, negative, personality, or anything that you think about that person. Since no one's above me, I think the banner up there ^ should really lose a couple pounds (:
  17. Easy topic, what would happen to the brony above you if she/he will to get the Poison Joke... next poster starts......obviously