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Found 67 results

  1. I read a lot of MLP fanfiction. Notably romance. I like putting the Mane Six in awkward situations and seeing how well the fanfic writer knows the character's personalities. It also explores various different scenarios that reveal a lot of insight. Strangely enough, I don't like actual romance novels. Or romance in general. Do you read fanfiction? Favorite genre? Why?
  2. What languages do you know or learn except English and why are you learning them? I know French and I'm learning Russian and German. I'm learning Russian because a lot of people speak it and I also like the culture, food, language, music, etc. of Russia. As for German I just like the language and it's also a popular language. I also like learning new languages it's very interesting and fun to me.
  3. Salutations, I have not used MLP Forums in a while, but I'm writing this post in hopes that someone might be interested in auditioning for another upcoming project I'm working on. Just over a year ago, I began my work on my first the comic dub, 'Heart of the Draconequus', to get back into voice acting and start something new, ever since my first audio project flopped. Now that I've completed 'Heart of the Draconequus', I want to continue to create more content like this and just tell stories to anyone who cares to hear a tale or two. Which brings me to the main reason for this topic. I'm working on an upcoming reading of the fanfic, 'Mothers', written by KnightMysterio on FiMFiction. This is one of the first stories I've read when I first joined FiMFiction, and I had always wanted to do a reading of the story ever since I first discovered the story. Of course, just like with my last project, I need voice actors for the characters in this reading. I have gotten a decent amount of auditions for the reading, but truth be told, I could use a bit more auditions, especially for characters that haven't been getting enough auditions. Characters such as Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Mayor Mare, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle could use more auditions, but any character that is listed in the casting call is open to all. Down below, you will find the casting call video explaining how to audition and when the deadline for auditions is. Although I've stated that the deadline was on August 31st originally, I've moved the deadline to September 20th as I haven't been getting enough auditions. So, if anyone is interested in auditioning, I'll be more than grateful for your help. If you also know anyone who might be interested in taking part of the reading - a family or friend, tell them about this project and get them to audition. I'll take all the help I can get! Thank you for your time to read this topic. If you have any questions regarding the auditions, feel free to let me know. Link to casting call video: Link to casting call page:
  4. What I mean by that is this. My Dad was talking about an interview call for a position, and one of the things the interviewer commented on was how he talked. He was told that the words he used were 'too big', that talking so intellectually made him seem intimidating, that he wad trying to create an air of superiority by sounding sophisticated. Like speaking somewhere between a professor and an attorney. This came to the point that most work places try to use language equal to an 8th grade education. I heard it's even lower, up to 6th grade. Apparently from what I was told, newspapers are made to be readable at a 6th grade level. My dad was basically told that he sounded too smart, using either too many words or too big of words. That talking in monosyllabic Twitter posts is more approved of. Is language and vocabulary, not just in the work place, but in school, in discussion, in public forums being too dumbed down? Are most people really at the level of needing to read and speak on an 6th grade level? Is being verbose and articulate in speech something to be looked down upon?
  5. This game is simple you simply rate the book the User above you posts ready go. To kill a mocking bird
  6. Whether it was a youtube comment, reddit post, a fanfiction or something like a mix of those, what is the absolute worst thing you've read on the internet? There are a few really bad things I've read here on the webs. I once read a "creepypasta" called "Blood on the crotch of a fursuit"... it was just as bad as it sounds. One of the worst youtube comments I've read was someone telling a youtuber how they've been stalking them to try to get them to kill themselves for months. It was pretty disturbing... Also there was a reddit thread about hating animals.
  7. Do you have a voice you can use?! Do you have a microphone of any kind whatsoever?! Do you love, or at least tolerate fanfiction?! Can you imagine combining all three?! Then do I have an offer for you!! ...okay, toning it down some. In short, I'm looking for volunteers to help with the Golden Oaks fanfiction reading project. At this point I'm mostly looking for folks to lend additional voices to the fics I'm reading, but I imagine the whole project should also be able to grow on its own given interested contributors. So, if you are interested, drop a line here. I don't care about the quality of hardware you have to work with, and if you're worried you're not good enough, I care even less. The only question I care about is whether you think you'd enjoy it. Everything else is insignificant. I hope to hear from you, in more ways than one. Quinch
  8. until
    It would seem that I have been neglecting my reading duties lately, and with a day off tomorrow {Tuesday? I hope I set the calendar right this time}, it's a perfect time to rectify that. Except, right now, I don't have anything on my reading list, so if you have a fic you'd like to be read to you, just post it here - just no gore please, and romance isn't really my jam. If nopony comes forward, I'll just pick something from FimFiction that looks promising. See you there!
  9. Hi everybody! {I feel like there's a pop culture reference I could put here...} Since the Golden Oaks readings are starting to hit their stride and we have plenty of readers putting on fanfiction performances, it might be a good idea to know when our actual audience would be available - after all, there's little point to either one without the other, and while not everybody is going to be available for everybody, finding our mutual sweet spots probably wouldn't hurt. So, without further ado, a few questions - and if there's other useful things you wish to share, by all means do. 1} Are you interested in the Golden Oaks Library readings? If not, is there something we can do to pique your interest? 2} Are there any times that you'd like us to lean towards for readings, or lean away for that matter. Please include your timezone or, if you're not comfortable with giving that away, let us know in something like UTC. 3} As for the material, are there kinds of fanfiction that you would prefer we do, or steer away from? Do you like certain genres more than others? Do you prefer short stories to multi-chapter minibooks? Specific authors? Specific seasons? Specific stories, for that matter? Thanks for your time!
  10. Alrighty, so for the hell of it, and if anyone sees this and shows up, I'll be reading... something at 19:00 MDT. Yes, about half an hour from now. Generally unplanned, probably short, odds are I'll be spending most of the intervening time poking through FimFiction for something unchallenging. Be there, or, y'know, not. I don't expect you'll be missing much. Where? Poniverse Discord at , in the #storytime channel, or hang out in the #library lounge. Cheers!
  11. Quinch

    Death! a lonely business. For anyone interested, I'll be doing a reading of Ray Bradbury's novel of the same name this Sunday evening {or thereabouts, depending on where in this nonsensical world you are}. If it goes well, I might make a weekly event of it. Here's a convenient countdown. {edit: Apparently the countdown was being a stupid, so hopefully this should work?} I'm also very much open to suggestions of actual MLP fiction - short one-shots would be preferable to start off with, but I wouldn't be averse to gradually working into longer pieces. Personal preference includes light drama and slice of life kind of stuff - maybe a bit of adventure as well, but given the time I'll be reading at, stuff that requires... excitement to convey properly might be a bit inconvenient for my household. I'm not much into violent stories or romance, so it's pretty unlikely I'd accept those. See you soon, I hope!
  12. On a scale from 1 to 10..... Rules: You must Judge something about the pony above you. No mean things. Low rating is allowed, but don't make fun of them in anyway possible. You must put 4 things about you for them to judge you with. Have sprinkles fun!! Also, the judgement can be about anything. Like if they are a 10 because they love Derpy, or 1 because they hate muffins! I can't judge the forums, but I can put 4 things about me! I love chocolate cake I hate insects I love fantasy and sci-fi novels I have no girlfriend at the moment GO!!
  13. In time for Halloween i took the time to read the classic poem the raven, which everyone at this time of the year apparently does. Hope you like it and give me some feedback. Be cautious, i stutter at a few points, because ye olde english is kinda hard.
  14. This is my first grimdark reading, It's pretty cringy hearing me try to pull off a Sweetie Belle impression though.
  15. So does anyone have a summer reading list of your choosing? Books you've been wanting to read or will read this summer? If so, post and share! 1.Lord of the Rings Trilogy 2.Name of the Wind 3.The Grace of Kings 4.The Book of Five Rings 5.Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell 6.Freedom in Exile: The Autobiography of the Dalai Lama 7.Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth's Lost Civilization
  16. I am looking for voice actors to help me with dramatic readings. in case your are wondering what that is here is one my channel did a while ago reading
  17. So I finished the Inheritance Cycle (the Eragon series) the other day and my favorite character is Angela the Herbalist, who I'm absoutely certain is a Timelady (like from Doctor Who). I didn't suspect anything until I read to the part that it last says. All of the evidence is shown here (for some reason with a black background): There is also significant evidence to suggest that Angela is meant as an homage to the long-running science fiction series Doctor Who. After Brisingr, Christopher Paolini admits to including at least one Doctor Who reference in-story (specifically, the line about the 'Lonely God adrift upon the Sea of Time') and several more appear in connection to Angela. The main character of Doctor Who is the Doctor, a man whose real name is unknown and who belongs to a quasi-immortal race known as the Time Lords. Solembum mentions to Eragon that he has seen many strange things with Angela, including rooms that are "bigger on the inside" than the outside would suggest, a quality ascribed verbatim to the Doctor's TARDIS or space-time ship. Angela is also shown to have control over at least her own passage through time, a technique she uses against soldiers in Dras-Leona. Like the Doctor, she is exceedingly eccentric and effervescent and often makes seemingly random statements in a completely matter-of-fact way. She also has a youthful appearance despite an age on par with or exceeding that of the average elf, a quality shared with the Time Lords. She speaks nearly every language in Alagaesia, the Doctor himself being able to speak almost every language in the universe, is another quality they both share. In the battle to escape the priests of Helgrind, she says to the chief priest that he wouldn't have dared face her if he had known who she was. She leans in and whispers something (presumably her real name) in his ear. He is horrified. In Doctor Who, the fact that the Doctor's name is a secret is a recurring theme and it's implied that his name reveals him to be someone horrible. Finally, at the end of Inheritence, Angela is knitting a hat with the beginnings of a word on it, the letters "Raxacori". Raxacoricofallapatorius is the name of a planet in Doctor Who.
  18. A simple day and a simple tme, as i relax till i find a good, and interesting reading to listen to which I think some of you guys might enjoy
  19. AUDITIONS ARE NOW CLOSED I AM NO LONGER ACCEPTING ANYMORE AUDITIONS I KNOW NOBODY AUDITIONED AND THAT PROBABLY SOUNDS SILLY, BUT THAT'S OK, BUT ONCE AGAIN AUDITIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Hello everypony I am going to be doing a reading of Fluttershy's Lullaby and I need female voice actors only for Applebloom, Rarity and Sweetie belle I want the voices to be as close to the show as possible here is the lines Applebloom and Rarity's lines in the creepypasta says they are muttering the lines. Applebloom: "No please oh god no" (line should be said with sadness and desperation) Rarity: "Yes I'm finally rid of her forever" (line should be said with happiness and relief) Sweetie Belle: scream like your being tortured just try and sound like her* RULES 1:FEMALE AUDITIONS ONLY 2:ALL AUDITIONS MUST HAVE A GOOD MICROPHONE AND CLEAR AUDIO NO BACKGROUND NOISES 3:ALL AUDITIONS MUST BE SAVED AS A MP3 FILE 4: HAVE FUN AUDITIONING!!!
  20. Hiya Everypony =D Has anypony read these Daring Do books? I would like some opinions before i buy them. I am a fan of Daring Do as a character and I'm hoping these are cool action adventure books. I bet Rainbow Dash would get these books in a wing beat!
  21. Hey, guys. Been awhile since I posted here, but I need help with a project. I'm sure a lot of you have heard about the Rainbow Factory story. Well, the Pegasus Device is the sequel to it, and I'm trying to make a reading of it. Things are going good... but we need a few voice actors. Any help/critique would be appreciated. This is the Google doc with available characters, FAQ, etc. Let me know if you have any other questions. Note: Since I don't often check my feed on MLP forums, it may be easier to contact my email if you're interested in helping
  22. Greetings to whoever happens to stumble by into this topic. I'm Mr. Storyteller, but on FIMFiction, I'm known as the JimDavis23. First off, if you're reading this, then I'd like to thank you for your time. Second, what is this about you may ask? Well, I'm currently working on an audio book of a fanfic I found on FIMFiction about a year ago called 'The Youth in the Garden'. You can find the link below this paragraph. Link: Now, I've been planning to do a reading of this story ever since September of 2014. During that time, I was in contact with the author of the story in order to learn about some history from the story and get him to write a blog to ask for VAs. So far, I have no luck on getting any voice actors to send in their auditions yet. Perhaps it is because I have not set a deadline for the auditions yet. Still, his blog did help me get a few people who want to be involved in the voice acting. The only problem is that I haven't found someone who can do a Fluttershy impression. I've asked a few VAs on Youtube if they can help me out, but it seems they aren't able to. So, I came up with an idea to do a sort of teaser trailer of the reading to try and hopefully get more voice actors into joining up and set up a deadline for auditions. If you happen to have a good Fluttershy impression, along with a good mic, would you be so kind in helping me provide just a few voices for the teaser trailer I'm working on? Here is the link to the teaser (Fluttershy's lines are highlighted). Link: If you're also interested in auditioning for Fluttershy in the actual reading, feel free to page me either here or on my FIMFiction. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post.
  23. So guys, I want you to recommend me a genuinely scary book. I like to read. I don't read as much as I should but I do enjoy it. Growing up I enjoyed the 'Demonata' series by Darren Shan and recently delved into 'Call Of C'thulu and Other Weird Tales' followed by Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. The 'Demonata' series always came with a message on the back of the book saying 'Warning: Seriously Scary', H.P.Lovecraft is considered a forefather of modern horror and is the influence behind classic horror games like 'Eternal Darkness' and 'Amnesia' while Frankenstein is considered a landmark of the genre help along by the Universal film of the same name. The problem is, to me, none of these are actually scary. The Demonata basically describes a lot of gore and the actual scariness of anything described I just got used to while reading. Lovecraft's stories, while weird and well thought out with a rich back story, didn't illicit any actual fear from me. 'A Shadow Over Innsmouth' came close but still didn't do it while a lot of his stuff I found very underwhelming. Frankenstein I'm enjoying but so far it's not a horror story, it's a drama. Now, I'm aware I'm not especially well-read. My personal library is small and my list of finished books as an adult is thin. However, enough novels have had me feel sadness, intrigue, joy, wonder and excitement but yet have any made me feel genuine fear the way games and movies have. You can't jump-scare in a book but then even games like Silent Hill 2, which focus more on psychological aspects, make me feel more sadness than actual horror. So go on then bronies, have at you. Do your worst. Show me the most terrifying book you have ever read. Not spooky, HORRIFYING! Make me wince. Make me cry. No, I've never read any Stephen King. What's his most horrible? What's his scariest? How do I avoid his complete nonsense like 'The Langoliers'?
  24. I personally look forward to reading The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. It's an extraordinary story and it definitely stands out from the great majority of classic works of literature. Here is the synopsis: "One hot spring, the devil arrives in Moscow, accompanied by a retinue that includes a beautiful naked witch and an immense talking black cat with a fondness for chess and vodka. The visitors quickly wreak havoc in a city that refuses to believe in either God or Satan. But they also bring peace to two unhappy Muscovites: one is the Master, a writer pilloried for daring to write a novel about Christ and Pontius Pilate; the other is Margarita, who loves the Master so deeply that she is willing literally to go to hell for him ..." I would love to know how a story like this plays out. From what I've heard, it's considered mysterious, hilarious, contemplative, and poignant. What book or books do you look forward to reading?
  25. Looking for you, audio enthusiasts Our team consists of VA's, artists, programmers, writers, and all sorts of other talented and enthusiastic people. The one enthusiast we seem to be missing is someone who can help us edit and compile audio really well. Most of us can work with Audacity, but it's different from when someone is really into it and has a great time doing it. It's like how people know how to use paint or text processors. Knowing how to use the tools, does not mean you're able to make a great picture or write a great story. Knowing how to use audacity/etc simply doesn't equate to being able to produce quality audio. If you are someone who likes working with audio/voice work/music in a group on a to-do basis, you're very welcome to join us. If you aren't but maybe know someone who'd be interested, feel free to give them and/or us a heads up about this. About us In short, we're a very welcoming team of my little pony fans all around the world, striving to make great pony content. A lot of it is based off of fanfictions we've read over the past few years and they're pretty great. We have our own website with user profiles and portfolios based on what they've contributed, for all the world to see (if they so desire). It's something to show off to others and something our group shares around as well. We used to do live recordings and have over 700 stories in our archives. Over the past year we've switched to doing pre-recordings for higher quality which has worked fairly well for us. We now have higher quality audio in terms of voice, sfx and music. Feel free to read up on our profile/other pages.