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Found 5 results

  1. So are you ready for the premier of S4 of MLP FiM? I know I am! Tell me, how are you going to prepare for this ever so awesome occasion?
  2. This time I actually got a piece of paper, and pencil to sketch Dashy, this is actually the first time I've drawn a MLP pony, so I hope it looks pretty good.Hope you all like it!! :-) /)
  3. Here's my ponification of "Ready to Die" by Andrew WK This is your time to shine, This is your day divine, I’m glad you came this far And now it’s time to raise the bar. You shoot for excellence, ‘Cause that is who you are, You just reach for the star, And take that sweet sweet victory! You better get ready to fly, You better get ready to soar, You better get ready to win, Cause it’s your chance, You better get ready to fly! This is your destiny To be the great elite, Now you will surely soon Become 20% cooler! It’s time to take that step, That fated giant leap Go forth young Pegasus, And Rainbow Dash to victory! You better get ready to fly, You better get ready to soar, You better get ready to win, Cause it’s your chance, You better get ready to fly Cause it’s your chance You better get ready to fly!
  4. So, am I the only one who is actually excited for school? I am going into my Junior year of highschool, and it seems like it is going to be quite an exciting year. Not only do I have very few classes, but most of them are electives. I am taking Art, Graphic Design, and Theater Pro. Does that not seem exciting? In addition to being in Theater, I am going to be in the play "Alice in Wonderland." I am playing a character who tries to go against the Queen of Hearts, but gets executed for his treason. That sounds amazing! As for the school year, it seems like it will be amazingly easy. At first I was going to be in Advanced English III, but decided to go to regular due to the fact that I want a job o3o So, down to the questions! Answer these in the comments please! Are you ready for School? Why/Why not? Do you think this year will be a good one? What grade are you heading into? Are you counting down the days until Summer yet? Thank you for reading you guys! Make sure you click that shiny "Follow Blog" button on the top right! Crona, out~ I'll just leave a picture here as well:
  5. So for the Season Finale, I got a big bag of Doritos, a tub of Haagen Das Ice cream, and a bottle of Root Beer. Plus I guaranteed that my parents will be out of the house and two of my brony-friends will be in. So what are the rest of you doing in preparation for the season Finale?