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Found 74 results

  1. If the internet has given us one thing, it's given us the power of anonymity: the ability to be lying deadbeats amd brain-dead morons without fear of consequence. But I know that not everyone is like that: there are intelligent people one the internet, you just have to be hard-pressed to find them. But how honest are you truly on the internet? And however honest you are the internet, does that reflect how honest you are in real life? For myself, I feel like on here specifically, I feel more honest than in real life. Slightly. If I ever get asked a personal question, I try to answer as honestly as I can. I won't give out exactly where I live for reasons. I have been more open since joining this site, but if I meet some random stranger, I'm not going to give him my life story. Even on here, there's some stuff I've rather not say about myself unless if it's necessary or if I've known the person a good amount of time.
  2. The title says it all: If you could meet anybody from MLP Forums in real life, who would it be? I'm not sure for me, but how about you?
  3. Ever seen big horses like drafts, Clydesdale, Shires, Percherons etc..? I don't see them commonly, but in the city I saw 2 draft horses pulling a carriage, and they where big indeed.
  4. I don't know if anyone is near the Raleigh, NC area but I'm going to Animazement 2016 this year. It will be my first convention.
  5. What was the most embarrassing moment you had in your life?? I don't really have much experience in my life, But maybe...I was at a Nickelodeon event, and my friend was introducing me to some directors and important people. I was talking to a guy who created one of my favorite nicktoons from the 90's and I spat in his eye and he tried to make me feel better about it. It was pretty embarrassing but now, we're good friends!!
  6. The finger of God strikes the finger of God? The irony! I think we all know who's to blame... "I just don't know what went wrong!" Source:
  7. This has likely been done before but what the hay, if this is taken down it's taken down. Anyhoof, if you were given one legal name change for your real one what would it be? It can be AAAANYTHING you like, a name you prefer, an item, your OC name, anything. I would change my name from Keenan Green to Leon Green, reason? Because my original birth name was Leon but it was changed when I was about 5 months old.
  8. i was wondering, how many disabled bronies are out there. i know there are a few of us but how many? i am disabled my self and would like to see how many others are there
  9. I personally think it's weird and wrong too. I mean no one has a right to decide who a person should or should be with.
  10. So I'm sure not too many of you know this, but I am a fanfiction writer. Actually, just a writer/author in general *insert shameless plug to my book* Getting off topic here, my bad. So I've been writing this 7-part MLP fanfic series for quite a while now and I've finished the first book. (don't have direct link at the moment but use this if you wanna look: It's the 5th result) Now though, I have writers block for the second book! I mean, I have the whole plot planned and whatnot, I just don't have any clue how to put it down on paper. Bleh, rant-ish-thing over I guess.
  11. What the title says, simply guess how the avatar above you looks like. For example, I’d guess. “I think he has green eyes and spiky brown hair” Enjoyand have a happy new year!
  12. This was a bit of a while ago, back in July, but I was at Supercon in Raleigh, NC cause my friend wanted to meet up there. So I'm in the "basement" area where all the merchandise vendors are and I run across the celebrity autograph section. Most of them are empty but I saw the header "Tara Strong" and a crowd behind it and I'm like "no way" and try to find the line. I end up in the line for the guy who voices Steven Universe behind this massive crowd of fan girls until a con staff member asks me what line I'm looking for. So the line for Tara Strong is considerably smaller and I find out that I'm the only brony in a line full of parents with their kids. So I'm a bit embarrassed but I shuffle through the line and it turns out there's a separate line for people with VIP passes. So this one guy with a VIP pass starts coming up and shouting "Bubblelicious!" and telling Tara Strong that she is his childhood hero and I'm just standing there cringing. And then I find out that autographs are $30 bucks a pop (at Animazement I got a free voice actor autograph) and I'm a little miffed. But I shell out the 30 bucks (for another 20 I could've gotten my pic taken with her but I passed). So I get an autographed pic of Twilight Sparkle (her handwriting reads "Tara Sty" almost) and I'm pretty chill. To be fair, Tara Strong is a real good sport with the little kids, making them feel special. Also, she's a real sport about dealing with creepers, etc. (sorry but there are some toxic elements to the fandom). Anyways, rant over, here's a video with the proof showing of my MLP collection.
  13. A few days ago I was driving with my cousin and were were talking about something to do with cars. Then he said, "hey, remember when you had that rainbow dash?" I almost started laughing because I never thought I would hear those two words together anywhere other than in a conversation with something to do with MLP. Now about this "rainbow dash" he was talking about. Back when I had my first car, one of the bulbs in the gauge cluster burned out. When I had it out I was surprised that it used very common sized automotive bulbs. This gave me the bright idea to put color changing LED bulbs in place of all of them. All I can say is that "20% cooler" is an understatement in this case. It was fricken awesome and one of the trippiest things ever!!! The needles would all change color while the numbers were also changing color, all independently of each other. Everyone LOVED it. I don't have any pics or video because I sold the car not too long after because I found a better car for a deal I couldn't pass up. I also didn't even think too at the time. Funny thing is my cousin has the same type of car- a couple years newer than mine was. I saved the bulbs before I sold mine and I think I'll put them in his car. I'll put pictures if I do! Have any of you guys heard any pony names out of context anywhere before? I'm betting this is going to be a hard question since a lot of the names are pretty hokey, LOL!
  14. Have you had any interactions with bronies or pegasisters in real life that were particularly crazy? If so you can tell me either the long version or the short version ha ha I may say A few on this forum myself
  15. Well, so much for preparing to watch S7 ponies on Discovery Family. Just before the season began, Spectrum moved Discovery Family to the gold package (I had silver). On top of that, Canada is way more forward with the season, airing the 8th and 9th episodes this weekend
  16. Hello. This time I have a special thing. With a girl-friend, we have decided to make a french version of My Cadence by M.Mosier. I have made a new instrumental and I have tried to put some quality in it. It was not easy but I hope that the result will sound correct; So, here is the link : I hope you'll enjoy the sound even if it's not the same langage than the original . Have a good evening . Dam
  17. so i have pondered this question for a while. How big do you think the ponies are compaired to humans? I've thought about it for a while, and i want to know what y'all think.
  18. So here my OC. Its basically styled after me, Without my glasses I gotta add those in tomorrow. Parted hair, boring color, PC cutie mark, Striped sweater, and green eyes which are my real color. Basically what I think I would look like if I somehow was thrown into Equestria. Again, gotta add my glasses tomorrow. And yhea, it looks like garbage, but hey, I suck at drawing, at least an outline was availiable. Honesly, this is probably the best drawing Iv'e ever done, even if it didn't have the outline. Also here's me without my glasses on. Classic 15 year old, pretty fat, and a WHOLE lotta facial anomalies. Pretty much the perfect brony steriotype XD. Hope I don't completely humiliate myself on this one. Be sure to check out my youtube, ill be trying my hand at some simple SFM and 2D animations there soon. Thanks, every... "pony" (That's one thing I gotta get used to around here, its so awkward for me!)
  19. I think Rainbow Dash is sleeping on the job or she let Discord help her! I mean, just a few days ago it was 77 degrees here now it's snowing?! This is just crazy!
  20. If real life humans were in canon Equestria, would their appearance become cartoonist or remain realistic?
  21. About two and a half years ago now, I was not in a good place. I'd been hurt in a relationship, not for the first time. In fact, I was sure it was the last time. My broken heart and I ate ourself into a depression, and I felt like life had lost all meaning. I wasn't suicidal or anything, but I wasn't alive anymore. I was living dead. Going through the motions, and bracing, waiting for things to get worse. I hated my ex, I hated all the ex's before her who broke my heart... I hated the world, and spread all my dark feelings into it, wanting everyone to suffer the way I was suffering. Then, around March/April (I believe. I have a tricky memory problem...), I was in a very unhealthy relationship with someone, a relationship with no emotional attachment or support, because I felt none of these things in my zombified state. We never grew close, but there was something she wanted from me beyond what we had. She nagged, begged, pleaded... and eventually I agreed, to watch a show about ponies. I have a simply rule for shows. Three episodes, or ninety minutes. If it doesn't wow me, I wash my hands of it. For whatever reason, I absolutely fell in love with this ridiculous little show about ponies. At first, it was some sort of guilty pleasure. I thought for sure all MLPFiM fans were little girls, or the [creepers] that wanted them. That's when I happened upon a documentary on Netflix, Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony. By dumb luck or serendipity, only the fates know. It helped me get over my initial feelings about the fandom, and look into a community where I might be alright with talking about my adoration of the show. That led me here, to MLP forums, in late August, 2014. I spent two or three days, poking around the forums, and the reason I ended up signing up was a string deep, thought provoking posts. There were several members, but among the lights in the sky, ooBrony shone the brightest, and eventually swayed me, albeit unintentionally, into joining. I thoroughly enjoyed my time among the members, and quickly felt the desire to protect this place, so I submitted a moderation application, and it was total trash. Both Matron and Jeric wanted to defer it, and give me a second chance in the future. But fate said "Nah, screw you guys, this kid is cool," and I filed a support ticket, because my subscription to MLPF stopped charging, even though the subscription was active. I submitted a ticket, and had my first interactions with @Feld0, who offered me a free month for bringing up the issue, to which I basically said "Y U NO TAKE MY BITS?" Because of this turn of events, when they wanted to defer me, the Almighty Feldic0rn said "Neigh. This stallion has integrity like few before him." And with that, I'd earned a second look, and eventually, an interview. I received word of their intentions on November 28th, and an official interview was scheduled on November 30th. I still have those invitations to this day. During my interview, I believe only Jeric spoke to me, though there were about a dozen staffers in the chat to observe me. I was asked about a certain group mentality that rang a bell, but I couldn't quite pinpoint the exact definition with my partially-broken brain... So I told them "It sounds familiar, but no." Then, I impressed the mighty Feld0 once more, by Googling it, and telling the chat "Now I do." (Rumor has it that the mighty Feld0 actually said "Did he just Google that while you were responding? Impressive.") After that, some time passed, and I fought to protect this forum with all my heart, as I am still doing, and will continue to do well into the foreseeable future. I was convinced to go to BABS 2015 by @Simon, and , not knowing that Simon was actually working for BABS at the time. I decided to dive in head first, split a room with my abductors-- I mean, fellow staff members, and was off to meet them in person. All the while, this Love & Tolerance was slowly changing me, restoring my youthful hope and happiness that age, heartbreak, and a negative outlook on the real world had crushed in under 25 years. Meeting up with strangers I barely knew, staff members on a forum I was still like a child on... I was becoming outgoing, mildly extroverted. It was restoring my faith in the nickname my brother had given me in my school days. The Most Extroverted Introvert. Then I was given a difficult choice. Roam the world as a pink summer-child for the rest of my days, or take The Purple, and defend the wall from the trolls and web-walkers. I made the heroic choice, and took The Purple with pride. Throughout all this, I became close with Jeric. He is my confidant, my friend, and my brother, a title few have earned from me. He helped me become a stronger staff member, and had a helping hand in guiding me to where I am today. I simply must offer a special thanks to him, because he has had the most influence on me in my time here, and he will always be my kin. In addition to his influence and help, the rest of the staff, and a multitude of members, helped me become a more outgoing person. I'm going to BABS yet again, and even added my local ComiCon to the roster this year. I've taken the hope and happiness this glorious community has restored in me, and channeled it into meeting an amazing, beautiful, intelligent woman, as well as going out with friends, and getting wild at karaoke. I'm at a peak of happiness I've not stood upon for a long time. This community, these people, YOU people... You are ALL amazing. I want all of you to know, be you staff, subscriber, or member... You are all part of a wonderful home that can help heal the broken people of the world. Every interaction you have will leave an impact on the rest of the world. Every post you make has a chance to make someone else' say. Every interaction could snowball, helping someone else become a better, happier person. Be the best you you can be, to help others become the best them. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you find some inspiration, or at least joy, in my story.
  22. do you use everypony instead of everybody in real life?
  23. So that zebra in the avatar box is supposed to be my ponysona. Me as if I was born to Equestria rather than Earth, as I interpret a ponysona to be. The thing is though, Zecora, the only representative of who zebra are in Equestria draws much of her character traits from African shaman culture and her voice actress, Brenda Crichlow is African American (or maybe she's Canadian? Info about her surprisingly scarce.) Whereas my heritage is German and Irish. I chose this mainly because, in real life, I would call myself very spiritual and aside from Tree Hugger who didn't exist when I first created Ezekiel, we've not seen much overt spirituality from the ponies of Equestria. Whereas Zecora shows much in the way of introspective understanding ("Magic Duel") and a commanding knowledge of the more ephemeral happenings in Equestria. ("The Cutie-Pox" "Secret of my Excess.") As well as meditating poses including one where she balances atop her staff while on her head, not too different from certain feats of physical discipline attributed to the Shaolin Buddhist monks. Which brings me to another connection in that I study Kung Fu. So all in all, the Zebra, at least as seen through Zecora seemed a natural fit to me as far as species in Equestria goes. It only occurred to me that this might be wrong because it might seem like I'm trying to "pretend to be black." Which is not my intention in the least, I'm pretending to be a zebra. However, I put it to you, my friends, given what I've said thus far, is my ponysona racially insensitive?
  24. Y'know, it's crazy just how many types of people there are. Even if two people are related, they usually are still very different. I know everyone is different, but I've been pondering the reason behind this. If anyone has the answer, please let me know
  25. Would our horses freak out the MLP FIM ponies? In a nutshell I'll try summarize Rarity's thoughts on our horses. Rarity: Ugh! Those horses from the human world are so hideous and oversized! Look at those creepy tiny eyes! Do they even bathe?! They smell foul! Their overly long faces are creepy and ugly! They don't even speak and are stupider than Pinkie Pie.