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Found 7 results

  1. What kind of episodes and story-lines do you prefer; the ones centred on the Alicorns and Unicorns with their magical powers and artifacts or the episodes where the narrative is more down-to-earth, perhaps even paralleling our own world. An example of the former would be "A Canterlot Wedding" in which Shining Armour is under a spell. One might think it's going to be a realistic story about Twilight's jealousy over her brother's marriage to Cadence, who she imagines as two-faced and mean. But the conflict in this story arc comes from magical spells and the power of the changelings to impersonate ponies. An example of a more down-to-earth-pony episode would be "Look Before You Sleep". The conflict arises as two very different friends are forced to spend time together when they really need some space from each other (a problem us humans can relate to!). The solution also doesn't involve magic, Rarity and Applejack communicate and compromise to fix their relationship. I think I prefer the episodes which deal with real-world problems, as I think it gives the show a mature attitude and respects the kids enough to understand metaphors for stuff that happens here on earth. What say you?
  2. Howdy all, I've been working on a little project, and need a bit of help. I'm trying to figure out which cultures those in Equestria correlate to in the real world, as this will help me with expanding the canon and creating content that is consistent with the lore (or, at least, with itself). Because, you know, there are only so many horse puns that can be used as city names. At the moment, I'm mostly concerned with the three pony tribes as seen in the Hearthswarming Eve episode. The pegasi are the most obvious, with their Greco-Roman influences, but it's the unicorns I'm having the most trouble pinning down. I'm also curious about non-pony races like the griffons and diamond dogs. I have my own thoughts on the matter, but I'd be interested in hearing what other people think.
  3. You're watching an episode of MLP:FiM as it carries you along through adventure, friendship, and a world of magic, only to have your heart ripped out as the episode ends, and you look out the window and reenter the real world... "Why can't I go to Equestria?" you think, as you sit there with an empty feeling in your chest. Does anyone else feel melancholy when you finish watching an episode of MLP: FiM or something related? How do you deal with it?
  4. (I'm surpised this hasn't yet been posted) Calling all Pokémon bronies! The newest "evolution" in the Pokémon franchise is coming in 2016! UPDATE: Japan, Sept. 17th 2015 N. America, Nov 20th 2015 Europe, early 2016 I'm about as psyched as you can get. This is it folks, this feels like what Pokémon has been leading up too, the natural progression if you will. Let's discuss! Have any thoughts, feelings, or guesses?
  5. Ok, I have been thinking about this for years. Is the world we live in (by your definition) magical? Even the word technology might be construed to mean magic. (technos plus logy) We have the tools incorporated in to our very lives to translate text in real time (with the app using the same font!). We have a distribution system that works like magic (although there is a lot of real work needed for it to work.) I could spout out for days how awesome this world really is: how people past would have trouble grasping the very concept of what we do every day. We take this world for granted, but my question still remains: is this world magical?
  6. I am one of those people that has a very hard time making friends irl. I have a small circle of close friends, but we all live in different states now. I moved to my current location over five years ago, and the closest thing I have to a friend is the person who cuts my hair. I don't know anyone here, and just don't know how to meet people. I often feel like our whole culture is constructed to prevent friendship. Look at the way these forums work--I joined a couple months ago. I have made a bunch of friends, and actually feel a real sense of community here. On the internet, you can post anything you can imagine. You can write all about your thoughts and feelings and opinions. Other people read it and get a window into your personality. After being on these forums for awhile, I feel like I've gotten to know a lot of you a fair bit. And many people have gotten to know me. We can advertise so much about ourselves here, and others who share your viewpoints or just take a liking to you will gravitate towards you and extend offers of friendship. I have made several freinds here based on similar interests. I have also made several friends just because someone pm'd me and said something to the effect of "I've seen you around here a lot, and you just seem like a cool/nice guy." That's incredible to me. That just means the world. I came here, and within a couple of months, I made enough of an impression that someone wanted to be friends. That blows my mind. Compare that to the real world. It's just all retail businesses where people are paid to ask how you're doing even though they don't care. People keep to themselves. You can't just walk up to strangers and ask if they want to be friends. You can do that here, but in real life, that's a good way to get pepper sprayed. We're all so paranoid in real life. Everyone is a potential villain out to steal your identity. And I'm no better. I'm a hypocrite, too. I keep to myself because I'm afraid to talk to anyone, and no one looks like they want to be bothered anyway. Irl, you can't give people much of a window into your personality. We can't walk around with big signs over head with forum posts on them so people can read something about you, and say, "Hey, he sounds nice. I think I'll chat with him." The only way to connect with others is to be involved in the same thing as them, like a class, and then slowly approach them after they've seen you around enough that you hopefully won't be considered a creeper or a pervert. This process is so slow, with so little payoff. I haven't found anything that works for me. But online, we're all safely annonymous, so we can freely chat with anyone. I so wish that real life could work like these forums. Just ask someone if they want to be friends, and bam. Friends. That's all there is to it. Definitely can't just ask someone if they want to be friends irl. No siree. Unless you're five years old. Then it works. I know there are some ways to meet people., for example. Specifically designed for people to get out and meet new friends, but it's just so hard. I haven't found any meetup groups that would work for me, or that I feel comfortable going to. What do you all think? Do you feel like our society is often cold and discourages friendship? Do you wish life could work like the internet?
  7. Does anyone like fan fiction more like the real world? As in not depicting Equestria and Ponies as perfect? Because quite frankly I find these stories where Equestria is this place, where nothing ever bad happens and is perfect to be sooooooo super boring. A perfect place has no drama, no suspense, no conflict nor really anything interesting happening at all. You don't have to write an alternate universe to the show like post apocalyptic Fallout Equestria fan fiction, to have drama. I want to see a story that deals with racism, war and other real world stuff. Because writing a fan fiction where everything is perfect and everypony is a Mary Sue, is super boring. I want to see evil Ponies that would make some of most evil Humans proud, I want to see violence, the never ending war between good and evil, Humans and Ponies forming an alliance against a common enemy like the Reapers from Mass Effect, heroic sacrifices, Ponies that sympathize for Humanity fighting against other Ponies to save Humanity from The Conversion Bureau, heart breaking death scenes of one of the Mane Six dying and much more! Otherwise, you just get this! 'Equestria is a place where nothing ever bad happens, because things are just perfect here that's all.' And it being so perfect often happens in the fan fiction writer's where their fan fiction's world is even more perfect and has less drama than even the TV show's universe.